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Issue # 068

Date:  Tuesday November 17th, 1998  1:10 pm 

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Nitro Report for November 16th, 1998
By Steve Appy

Juventud Guerrera Jr. pinned Kidman to win his third WCW Cruiserweight
Amazingly, the show opened with this match in progress. You take two
of the best workers in the promotion, give them time to put together a
great match, and then you don't show the whole thing. Kidman kicked
out of a Juvi Driver. I'm not sure how much of this match we missed,
but it appears to have been a great one. Kidman went for the Shooting
Star Press, but was shaken off the ropes by Juvi. Juvi then hit
Kidman with a Shooting Star Press of his own and scored the victory
and the championship. After the match they shook hands and showed
true sportsmanship.

Kanyon pinned Glacier
Once again the match was joined in progress.  Kanyon pinned hit old
nemesis Glacier after a Flatliner.

Hollywood Hogan, flanked by Eric Bischoff, Scott Steiner, and Buff
Bagwell, presented a check to Don Imus on behalf of Ted Turner. He
actually came off as halfway sincere; scary.

Sonny Onno pinned "El Gringo" Kaz Hayashi in 1:32
Hayashi was originally under a mask and Onno freaked out when he saw
Kaz. Ernest Miller snuck up behind Kaz and nailed him with a kick to
the head. Onno then covered the prone Hayashi for the victory. While
these victories are tainted it still diminishes Hayashi, since he's
now lost twice to a non-wrestler.

Stevie Ray & Horace Hogan (w/Vincent) defeated Dean Malenko & Steve
McMichael (w/Arn Anderson) via disqualification
Even against two stiffs like Horace & Stevie Ray, its still a
pleasure to see Malenko wrestle. After a brawl Arn nailed both
Stevie Ray and Horace with a tire iron. While Doug Dillinger escorted poor Arn out of the building, it was great to see Arn brawling once again.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Ric Flair. Flair announced that Arn was
arrested, & then introduced Barry Windham.
Windham was announced as
a Horseman (is Mongo gone? I hope so!!). Eric Bischoff confronted Flair & Windham, and Flair announced that
Windham would tear up Elizabeth. That part I really didn't get. Bischoff bragged about firing Windham in 1994 and threatened to do so again. The announcers really sold us that Bischoff is deathly scared of Windham.

Eddie Guerreropinned Rey Mysterio Jr in
I have no idea why Rey would agree to these stipulations: if Eddie pins Rey, Rey must join the LwO. If Rey pins Eddie , the LwO must leave Mysterio alone. Mysterio hit a terrific Asai Moonsault on Guerrero. When the referee was distracted, Juvi tried to leg drop Guerrero and accidentally hit Mysterio. A stunned Rey was then victim to a Frog Splash and a loss. This loss forced Mysterio to join the LwO; Juvi was full of regret. This set's up an interesting twist for the Juvi VS. Rey match at World War 3.

Judy Bagwell was in the hospital and she claimed that Scott Steiner put
her there. She won't be at World War 3. This is too far out even for WCW. Judy must be turning heel and this is all a setup to destroy Rick Steiner.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. fought Scott Putski to a No Contest in 3:18
Bam Bam Bigelow stormed the arena searching for Goldberg. Eventually
he stormed the ring and beat up both Cruiserweights. Both Bischoff
and JJ Dillon confronted Bigelow and Bischoff seemed to fear Bigelow.
Goldberg responded and stormed the ring. A million security guys
separated the two monsters as the crowd chanted Gold-berg over and

An angry Eric Bischoff fired JJ Dillon, who responded by quitting.
Bigelow is being sold as a monster, which is the way to promote Bam
Bam. WCW seems to really be intent on promoting Bigelow correctly.

Konnan fought Saturn to a No Contest in 7:03
Saturn is angry with Konnan for interrupting his match against Eddie
Guerrero two weeks ago. The LwO surrounded the ring, almost like a
Lumberjack match. An angry Goldberg confronted Bischoff and demanded
a chance to meet Bigelow later in the evening. The match was ended
when The LwO attacked Saturn.  Instead of helping the LwO, Konnan
helped Saturn fight off the LwO. After the LwO was repulsed, Konnan
and Saturn resumed brawling with each other.

The Juvi/Kidman match that started the show was shown in its
entirety. While this a great match and I was glad to see it, it
almost seemed like a technical error. Great match, though.

Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell brought their own referee to the ring, and
the ref was doing a bad Bill Alphonso imitation. Scott gloated about destroying Mrs. Bagwell and then destroyed a jobber dressed as Mrs.
Steiner. Rick was enraged but was eventually destroyed by Scott, Buff, and Scott Norton. The fake ref "counted" Rick down.

Bobby Duncam Jr. defeated WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho by
Jericho faced off against the All Japan and ECW alumni. Duncan's look
probably won't get over; while he's not the worst big man, he's far
from the best.
Jericho sold his moves pretty well, though. After
Duncam grabbed his bull rope,
Jericho left the ring content with
being counted out.

Hollywood Hogan introduced his personal intern, a Monica Lewinsky
look-a-like. Tacky. She even handed him a cigar. Scott Hall
confronted Bischoff and Hogan and he eventually punched Bischoff.
Hogan blindsided Hall and pounded on him until Kevin Nash made the
save. Nothing was resolved between The Outsiders, though. Nash
reminded Hall that he would see him Sunday. This looks to be step one
in the return of The Outsiders.

Chris Benoit defeated Bret Hart via disqualification in 6:36
A grudge match after Hart's attack two weeks ago. These guys are two
of the best in the world. Benoit was prepared to hit Hart with a
chair but he was stopped by referee Mickey Jay. Hart then low-blowed
Benoit and worked over Benoit with a chair. Dean Malenko made the
save and ended up being blindsided by Hart as well.


Finally, to a thunderous reaction, DDP made the save and ran Hart off.
DDP grouped Randy Savage with Hogan; interesting. DDP announced his
match against Bret Hart at World War 3.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg fought Bam Bam Bigelow to
a No Contest
As Goldberg walked down the aisle, Bigelow jumped Goldberg and they
brawled all over the arena. Will they wrestle at World War 3? So
far Bigelow is being pushed properly. With any luck, he won't job to
Goldberg too soon.
By SamJerry
The Learning Channel (TLC) program last night, The Secret World of
Wrestling, actually was quite entertaining. Unlike the piece of trash
that NBC showed a few weeks ago, there was no attempt to "uncover the
secrets." It covered a bit about wrestling’s progress from straight
matches to what we have to day. It looked at a wrestling school,
people trying to learn the art, small town promotions, and at WCW and
the WWF.

It had short clips of many current WCW, WWF, Mexican Promotion and
local wrestlers. It was quite current as it showed a lot of active
gimmicks and angles. They had a few words from small time Promoters,
as well as McMahon and Bischoff.

Naturally it talked about McMahon's expansion in the early '80's, and
how WCW lost millions at first, and now how they are such fierce

If it is ever repeated, I recommend it. It was an entertaining hour.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Dan Cruickshank (
You said that it is sad that McMahon is still obsessed with last years
SS. I believe its quite the opposite and a perfect slap in the face
to Bret Hart. I'm not sure about in the US (I presume that’s where you
are), but up here in Canada, Bret Hart is going around talk shows
plugging his new video, and HE is the one still ridiculously obsessed
with the incident. He just won't let it go and its obvious McMahon
has. I've seen 3 TV interviews conducted with Vinnie Mac and he is
clearly passed it.


I feel Hitman deserved this. All he does is insult the WWF and linger
on the fact that he's been screwed. What a better way then for the
same thing to happen. Now Bret Hart can't complain because its
happened to Mankind too :)

Maybe now Hart has a shoulder to cry on. Good for him. I feel this
is McMahon's final way of telling Hart to just f**k off. McMahon won,
and Hart will have to face it. When Hart left the WWF rose to new
heights, without him, in spite of him. Bret may also be bitter over
this. All Bret Hart is now is an upper mid-carded if that IMHO. No
longer a main event. For that he is also resentful. He's not as big
of a star as he used to be, and he still blames it all on McMahon.


For his non-stop whining, I feel its the perfect medicine, and should close the book, and meanwhile, Bret Hart should close this chapter of his life and focus on WCW. Anyways...
- Dan Cruickshank
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: FF8SquallX
Not many things truly make me ecstatic in life. Not many at all. But
tonight, I was absolutely, positively downright giddy. Why? Because The
Rock is now The Rock again.

All the people that chanted Rocky Sucks for oh so long.  I had to put
up with it. I had to put up with your chants of Rocky Sucks overriding
my chants of Rocky Rules. And then, when the Rock suddenly became
face, it was all you idiots chanting for the Rock, goading on the
Peoples Elbow, a move I used to go nuts for. But not anymore. In fact,
every time The Rock did the People's Elbow, and the fans cheered, it
was like a needle in my heart. And BOY am I glad to see that I can
cheer The Rock once more.

All the Austin lovers, all the former Rock lovers. You all got duped. You are TRAILOR PARK TRASH!! And now, as strange as this may sound, I will enjoy yelling my lungs out screaming for The Rock, screaming for the entire McMahon family. He climbed the Peoples Ladder, stepping over each and every one of you RUNG BY DAMN RUNG. He reached out, and snatched the WWF Title from under your eyes! And then what? He turned to the dark side once more, where he can flourish under the guidance of Mr. McMahon.


In conclusion, let me say this- The Rock may not be your champ, hell he may not even be the Peoples Champ. But one things for sure, HE IS MY CHAMP, AND THE ROCK WILL LAY THE SMACK DOWN ON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR CANDY ASSES, THAT IS, IF YA SMELL WHAT THE CORPORATE ROCK IS COOKING!!!!!!!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Nitro0324
Raw 11/16/98--Mankind walks out scheduled to be in a handicap match
but Stone Cold comes out and says "Seeing as how Vince McMahon screwed
both of us, I'm going to team up with you."


Stone Cold & Mankind defeat Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown. Vince walks out and says "Since you two get along so well let's see how you fair in our Tag Team Royal Rumble. This will happen next week."

Heat 11/22/98--HBK makes a very successful return. He faces The Undertaker and defeats him when Kane and a mystery man distract him.

Raw 11/23/98--Kane vs. Undertaker is the main event, but before we get
to that let's get to the Tag Team Royal Rumble. Mankind and Stone Cold
win despite McMahon's devious attempts to eliminate them.


Kane vs. Undertaker-- Kane wins when the mystery man delivers the tombstone while HBK is arguing with the ref.

Heat 11/29/98--The Mystery Man is revealed to be Owen Hart. HBK
introduces the Kliq, and the members are himself, Kane, and Owen Hart. The Blue Blazer walks out and says that Owen turned his back on him. The Blue Blazer gets jumped by the Kliq.

Raw 11/30/98--Nothing big happens. December's IYH Winter Warfare is
announced to happen 12/20/98.

Heat 12/6/98--The Kliq guarantees 2 new members. Mankind and Stone
Cold vs. New Age Outlaws for the tag team titles. Mankind & Stone Cold defeat the NAO when HBK hits Road Dogg with a chair. Mankind & Stone Cold are revealed to be the new members of the Kliq.

Raw 12/7/98--One of the matches for IYH is announced to be for the
stable title. The Kliq vs. DX in an elimination style cage match. Kliq
members--HBK,Kane,Owen Hart, Mankind, & Stone Cold vs. DX members--Triple H, X-Pac, BA Billy Gunn, Road Dogg.


It is announced that if DX does not introduce a new member on Heat that they automatically lose.

Heat 12/13/98--DX announces the member to be KEVIN NASH

Raw 12/14/98--Nothing happens.
Heat 12/20/98--Nothing Happens.

IYH 12/20/98--DX wins the Stable Title 5 falls to 0.

Triple H eliminated HBK via Pedigree.
BA Billy Gunn eliminated Kane via Piledriver
X-Pac eliminated Hart via a Moonsault
Nash eliminated Stone Cold via Jackknife Powerbomb
Nash eliminated Mankind via Jackknife Powerbomb

Raw 12/21/98--After being viciously attacked at IYH and earlier in the
night, Vince McMahon comes out and announces that he is handing the WWF
over to Shane McMahon.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: RPGMETAL
There are alot of good Luchadors out there in WCW. Juvi, Rey,
Eddie & Chavo and other names like the LwO, Silver King, Super Calo,
and K-Dawg.

There are so many. I remember WCW about a year back talking about
making a karate title. My opinion on that was sure but there aren't
enough contenders for it. The Cat, Glacier, and Ultimo Dragon. They'd
just switched belts every month.

But I think they should make a Luchador belt. There's alot of talent
behind those closed doors that Bischoff never let them open. Juvi with
mask was a regular Luchador. He's even got a catchy motto. He's been
a cruiserweight champ a couple of times.

We all love a Luchador; you can't actually hate one. The way they jump
up in the air and do quadruple reverses. And their speed. Notice how quick a spinning back-breaker is. Then imagine someone like Luger, Nash, or The Giant receiving a back-breaker at such speeds. Does anyone agree that there should be a Luchador belt? They really do deserve it.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BossBlues1
I'd just like to say that Survivor Series was a prime example of the
fact that many wrestling fans will accept ANYTHING the WWF puts out as
a product. That card was beyond bad. The Tournament itself featured
various cop-outs and screwjobs, with the exception of Regal vs. X-Pac.
The non-tournament matches on the card practically put me to sleep,
and overall this card was WAY overbooked.

Answer me this. How come when WCW does anything even remotely stupid or
nonsensical, it gets ragged on by at least a dozen sheet writers, yet when the WWF has a Pay Per View, mind you, not just free weekly television as lame as Survivor Series, it gets heralded for originality? The fact of the matter is that partisan WCW and WWF fans
will accept just about anything from their respective promotions.

Believe me, I'll give applause to good professional wrestling. That means I'm able to give props to Rey Mysterio Jr, The Undertaker, and Tommy Dreamer in the same sentence. They all, in their own way, put on
a good show.


What I don't like is when professional wrestling is reduced to 6 or 7 screwjobs on the same card and two heel turns in the same breath, one of which made no sense at all. I like to be surprised but The Rock turning heel was ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the last Buff Bagwell heel turn. Wasn't the last time we saw The Rock before Survivor Series when he gave Vince McMahon The Rock Bottom and The People's Elbow?


The main event booking last night showed some serious signs of desperation for a heel character with heat. They may have achieved that, but the fans had to suffer by seeing a sub-par, sloppy card. I'm not saying that when WCW or the WWF makes a mistake that we should boycott them, or even necessarily complain. I just think the criticism should be given out in fair proportions.
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