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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 069

Date:  Tuesday, November 17th, 1998  11:28 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for RAW & Nitro for November 16th, 1998

Composite- 5.5 Rating
First Hour- 5.4 Rating
Second Hour- 5.6 Rating

Composite- 4.3 Rating
First Hour- 5.0 Rating
Second Hour- 3.9 Rating
Third Hour- 3.9 Rating

Sunday Night Heat
3.9 Rating

(Reported by Dave Scherer & Unk of
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In yet another sign that Pro-Wrestling is enjoying wider acceptance,
this weeks TV guide lists RAW on its Noteworthy Viewing... page. This
is a half-page wide listing that TV Guide uses to highlight what it
considers the best programming each day.

Tonight's program was the day after Survivor Series (SS), where we saw
The Rock win The Deadly Game Tournament, and become new WWF Champion.
Among the things that took place at SS was The Rock winning the Title
with the assistance of Prince Shane and Emperor Vince. For those of
you that have been asleep for the past 24 hours, you heard me right.
The Rock is The Corporate Champion. Prince Shane eliminated Stone Cold
Steve Austin (SCSA) with a quick count in his match against Mankind,
and gave him the One Finger Salute. Mankind in turn was betrayed by
the Royal Family and The Rock won the Title. Other happenings
included: The New Age Outlaws (NAO), Road Doggie and Mr. @$$, retained
their Tag Team Championship by winning a Triple Threat Match v. The
Headbangers and the team of D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Sable (every
man's fantasy) [if she's not yours, send her to me] defeated
Jacqueline to become the new WWF Ladies Champion.

The program began with a clip of the slow count by Prince Shane and
the one finger salute he gave SCSA. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King"
Lawler were at the announcers desk.

WWF Owners, Mr. McMahon and Shane, along with The Boss Man, and The
Stooges, Sgt. Slaughter, Jerry Briscoe and Pat Patterson, came to the
ring, amid a sea of boos from the fans. The crowd began a chant of
"@$$hole" directed at Mr. McMahon. Mr. McMahon said he and Shane
proved that you could fool all of the people, all of the time, and
talked about who a damn fool is, saying that you are one if you don't
kiss the boss' @$$. He introduced The Rock, calling him "The WWF
Champion, not The People's Champion, The Corporate Champion."

The Rock came to the ring as the crowd chanted "Rocky Sucks," and
embraced both McMahon's. He said he had gotten calls all day asking
why he sold out. He said he didn't sell out, he "just got ahead." He
called the fans pieces of trash, reverting to his old persona, adding
they were "candy @$$es," and that he did what he had to do to get to
the top of the world and become WWF Champion. He called SCSA "the
biggest piece of trailer park trash," as the crowd chanted "
He went on to say that he will never forget the chants of "Die, Rocky,
Die" and "Rocky Sucks," and now the fans wont forget him. He plans on
"raising The Corporate Eyebrow, Planting The Rock Bottom and Laying
The Smack Down on the fans with The Corporate Elbow." He added "he
would rather kiss McMahon's @$$ than the fans, if you know what The
Rock is cooking." McMahon asked what kissing the boss @$$ was like and
Shane said it was great.

McMahon directed the fans attention to the TitanTron to see how he had
hatched the conspiracy, but we saw SCSA arriving in the Arena. McMahon
demanded that be removed and ran a video tape of the events that took
place the past three weeks, leading up to what took place at Survivor
Series. It showed how he sucked SCSA in, and included The Rock's
attack on McMahon and how Mankind had been fooled. Shane then ran the
clip of the slow count and his giving the finger to SCSA again. He
called it "The Screwing of SCSA." The Stooges looked like they had
just relieved a bad case of constipation, as they were smiles from ear
to ear. Lawler spent the entire time sucking up to Emperor Vince. If
Vince doesn't signal for right turns from now on, he'll break Lawler's

SCSA came to the ring, as Ross said he should be the WWF Champion. He
gave the entire bunch the one finger salute. McMahon asked how he
liked being beaten up at Survivor Series, to which SCSA replied, he
wasn't the least bit bothered. SCSA asked the crowd for a "Hell, Yeah"
if "they think The Rock is a sorry SOB," and he got it.

McMahon, concerned that SCSA was going to nail him, cited a clause in
the contract that Shane had signed him to saying he could only do that
if provoked, and he was not going to provoke him. SCSA then ran a clip
of Shane promising him a Title shot on RAW, the night after Survivor
Series. McMahon said he had over ruled that and that SCSA had his shot
last night. SCSA pulled out a piece of paper that he called a "binding
contract" giving him the shot tonight. McMahon said that it wasn't
valid. SCSA shoved it up his poop chute by telling him he had a signed
order by Judge Horn in
Lexington saying it was. He then ran a clip of
Judge Mills Lane, who said it was indeed valid. McMahon had a S**T
fit. SCSA left the ring. As he headed up the ramp, SCSA told The Rock
he was going to take the Title tonight, and "that's the bottom line,
'cause Stone Cold said so."

The first match was a 6-Man Tag Team Match pitting DX, The New Age
Outlaws, Road Doggie and Mr. @$$, along with European Champion X-Pac,
v. The Oddities, Giant Silva, Golga and Kurggan, who were accompanied
by Princess Luna and The Insane Clown Posse (ICP). Prior to the match
Doggie did intro bit and Mr. @$$ his "Suck It" one to major pops. The
match was what you would expect, DX speed v. The Oddities size. It
ended when, with the referee distracted (a referees normal mode), ICP
member Shaggy 2 Dope went to the top turn buckle intending to come off
on Mr. @$$, but hit Golga instead (after all they look alike, don't
they)? This allowed Mr. @$$ to pin Golga. The Oddities were none too
pleased at ICP costing them the match. Trouble in Weirdo
Paradise? On
his way up the ramp, The Headbangers jumped Doggie. Me thinks their
vile act shall not go unpunished

Winners - Degeneration-X

We saw Mankind arriving in the Arena. He is not a happy camper after
what Emperor Vince did to him. He said he is "coming home." Note to
Emperor Vince: Better hire another WCW cast off as a bodyguard. Rumor
has it that The British Bulldog may be looking for work.

We saw Emperor Vince and his Legion in his office talking about the
Title match tonight. McMahon said he didn't want to have to worry
about Mankind. He told Patterson to handle him, adding that Mankind
was "gullible" and shouldn't be a problem.

Ken "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Shamrock, the WWF
Intercontinental Champion, came to the ring and bitched about being
screwed last night at Survivor Series. (Note to The Canadian Crybaby.
Do you see what you started at last years Survivor Series? Now
everyone says they are being screwed). Shamrock said The Boss Man
screwed him twice and he wasn't happy. He wants The Boss Man in a
match tonight and offered to put the title up as an inducement.

The next match pitted Val Venis against Mark Henry, who was
accompanied by D'Lo Brown. Prior to the match, Venis did his "Hello,
Ladies" bit to a big pop. Looks like The Big Valbowski is in demand.
Henry used his power to dominate much of the match, and Venis fought
back utilizing speed. Chyna "The Ninth Wonder Of The World," came to
the top of the ramp (with about three inches of chin removed) and
looked on. When Henry saw her, his heart fluttered, Venis rolled it
and the rest of him up and pinned him. Henry couldn't care less, he's
in love. He addressed Chyna and told her he wasn't concerned about his
Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against her, he just "wants to take her to
dinner, no sex." Chyna turned her back and left. D'Lo comforted the
big lug. Awww.

Winner - Val Venis

Back to McMahon's office. Patterson reported that he couldn't find the
boiler room. McMahon told him he couldn't find his own @$$, a fact
well known to many others. Briscoe said he knew where it was and
offered to go look for Mankind.

The next match was a Tag Team event pitting Goldust and Steve "The
Lethal Weapon" Blackman v. The Blue Blazer and Double J, who was
accompanied by Debra McMichael. Debra is setting a trend in style,
with the outline of her nipples showing thru her clothing. Ross kept
insisting that Owen Hart was The Blue Blazer. Lawler kept denying it.
With Goldust and Double J fighting on the floor, Blackman scored an
easy victory over The Blazer. As he prepared to remove The Blazer's
mask, Owen hit the ring along with Double J. They blasted Blackman and
The Blazer joined in to make it 3-On-1. The Blazer hit Blackman with a
Low Blow, the first of the night. They all took off as Goldust came in
to make the save. Ross said he must be wrong about Owen being The Blue
Blazer. The King was gracious in accepting Ross' recantation. Yeah,
sure he was.

Winners - Goldust and Steve Blackman, Loser - Blackman's Privates

Back to McMahon's office. Briscoe reported that he found the boiler
room, but there were weird noises coming from it so didn't go in. The
Emperor wasn't pleased. Slaughter called Briscoe a "wuss," and said he
would go look. Briscoe and Patterson scoffed at him as he left.
McMahon called The Rock off to the side to talk about his upcoming
Title match with SCSA.

McMahon's office again. This time Slaughter said that Mankind is out
of his mind (Yo Sgt., what gave you the first clue?). He said he needs help. The Stooges were ordered by McMahon to get the job done.

The next match was WCW Reject, Steve Regal v. The Godfather, who came
to the ring with three of the sleaziest Ho's he has ever brought.
Pimping may not be easy, but it has its rewards. The Godfather asked
the crowd for their approval of his Ho's and got it big time. He said
that Lexington has some of the best Ho's ever born, which the crowd popped to that also. Looks like the man has found his niche in life.


The Ho's displayed their wares and the crowd ate it up. Lawler had to be beaten down with a stick. The Godfather offered all three Ho's to Regal if he didn't fight him and also save himself an @$$ kicking. Regal showed that he is not a complete fool and took the offer of the Ho's. Regal said he is from England, but his name is Steve Regal, not Elton John.  He left the ring with the Ho's and headed up the ramp. The Godfather told him that he didn't expect him to take the offer, quoting Archie Bunker, "England ain't nothing but a place for fags."  Regal took exception and rushed back to ringside. They fought out on the floor.  Several referees tried to separate them.

Winner - None, Match never took place

As Regal and The Godfather were fighting, Ross said that Kane was
involved in something out back. The cameras went out to the parking
lot, where we saw Kane throw one technician into one of the production
trucks and Choke Slam another.

Back to McMahon's office (isn't this getting a bit old)? where he was
giving The Boss Man a pep talk about his match with Shamrock. The Boss
Man said he can be just as much of an animal as Shamrock.

The next match was for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, pitting
Ken Shamrock (C) v. The Boss Man. Prior to the match, we saw a clip
from last weeks program of The Boss Man hitting Shamrock with his
night stick during Shamrock's match v. Mankind. The match quickly
turned into a street fight, in and out of the ring. The Boss Man used
his size and power, Shamrock his speed and skill. When they started
exchanging punches, the referee tried to break them up and both men
decked him. They continued fighting as the referee had the bell rung
stopping the match. They continued fighting and were finally pulled
apart by several referees and WWF officials. They kept trying get at
each other. Finally, The Emperor and Prince came to the ring and asked
them why they were fighting. He told them to stop. Addressing
Shamrock, he said he had a Corporate Champion, a Corporate Enforcer
and that every company needs a "
Dangerous Man." He compared his

childhood with Shamrocks, saying they were much alike. He offered
Shamrock a spot n his team and Shamrock accepted, shaking his hand.
McMahon had Shamrock and The Boss Man shake also.

Winner - None - Referee stopped the match, apparently a Double DQ

We saw Animal, along with Droz and several WWF officials, alongside
the TitanTron. Animal was trying to talk Hawk down from the top of it.
He was apparently thinking about jumping off. Paul Ellering came out
and tried to persuade Hawk to come down, going into their long close
relationship. Droz started to climb up the TitanTron and Hawk said he
was the last one that he wanted near him. Droz got to the top and it
looked like he pushed Hawk off the back of it (he did). After a
commercial, we saw an ambulance leaving with Hawk inside.

Sable, new WWF Women's Champion, CO-Winner of The First (And Last)
RTSC Queen Of Wrestling Pageant, came to the ring to talk with Michael
Cole. She got a major pop. Cole gave her the Belt. Sable said winning
the Championship was the highlight of her career and dedicated the
Title to the fans. Prince Shane came out and questioned her dedicating
the Title to the fans, saying that Emperor Vince made her what she is.
It was his skill and marketing genius that she should be thankful for.
Sable said she got where she is because of her own hard work, just
like women like her usually do. She said the only thing Prince Shane
knows real women is what he can buy and she wasn't for sale. The crowd
popped big time as she put the little turd down.

Ross said Hawk had been taken to a local hospital and was "breathing
somewhat normally."

We saw The Corporate Champion in his locker room getting ready to meet

The Emperor, Prince, The Boss Man and Shamrock came to the ring. The
Emperor said he was not happy about the Title Match, and that SCSA had
"stooped so low as to call in legal eagles." The crowd began the
"@$$hole" chant and McMahon thanked them for their Southern
Hospitality. He said that as far as he was concerned, last night was
the last time SCSA would get close to the WWF Championship. He said
the match tonight was the last time.

The next match was the Main Event, for the WWF Championship. McMahon
introduced The Rock, who came out to boos and a chant of "Rocky
Sucks." SCSA came out to a tremendous pop. The match started as soon
as he hit the ring. SCSA started fast and The Rock quickly bailed out.
He headed up the ramp, but SCSA chased him and nailed him. Back in the
ring, SCSA kept up his assault and came close to a pin. The Rock
fought back and took control. They went to the floor again and fought
out into the crowd. The Rock bounced SCSA's head off the Spanish
Announcer's Table. The crowd chanted "Austin" and he fought back,
pounding The Rock's head on the Announcers Table. The Rock blocked an
attempt at a Pile Driver on the floor with a Back Body Drop, and
followed with a major Clothesline. The crowd kept up the chant of
"Austin" as they got back into the ring and continued their non-stop
fighting. The Rock hit The Corporate Elbow, as The Emperor looked on
with a smile. Mankind raced down and tried to get at McMahon. We knew
this was coming. The Boss Man cut him off and pounded the crap out of
him. Shamrock joined in and they took Mankind apart. Meanwhile, SCSA
and The Rock kept at each other. SCSA went for The Stunner, but The
Rock blocked it. The Rock tried for Rock Bottom, but SCSA blocked
that. SCSA finally hit The Stunner and covered The Rock. As the
referee started to count, Shamrock pulled him out of the ring. SCSA
went out and clocked Shamrock. The Undertaker and Paul "Buffet Boy"
Bearer, came to the ring. The Undertaker was carrying a shovel.
Shamrock got up on the apron and SCSA went after him. The Undertaker
blasted SCSA in the head with the shovel, knocking him out. The
referee called for the bell. Paul Bearer stopped The Undertaker from
hitting SCSA with the shovel a second time. Compassion by The Fat Man?
Will wonders never cease? Meanwhile, The Rock left with the Belt. The
Undertaker and Paul Bearer left. SCSA recovered and gave them all the
one finger salute as the program ended.

Winner - None announced. Obviously a DQ. Loser - SCSA's Head.

This was another solid show.
The Continental Wrestling Federation-- Brand New Fed. Must be able to
RP at least 20 lines. FAKE WRESTLERS ONLY. E-Mail me Nitro0324
for an app.
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