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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 074

Date:  Sunday, November 22nd, 1998  10:32 am 

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

By SamJerry

12. Santa wont be the only one shouting "Ho, Ho, Ho" in the mall.

13. You would be able to shop at a new Superstore, "Ho's 'R' Us."

Las Vegas would be declared a National Shrine.

Fantasy Island would be a new theme park in Las Vegas.

16. The Big Valbowski would be enshrined in The Smithsonian.

17. Next time Saddam gets out of line, he would get B*tch Slapped.

18. Jerry Springer would be appointed to a new cabinet post, Secretary
of Culture.

19. The mission of the "Peace" Corps would change.

20. HSN will change from the Home Shopping Network to the Ho Shopping Network.
ECW Arena Results for November 21st, 1998
Shane Douglas asked Taz to team with him later against Sabu & RVD
Spike Dudley pinned Mr. Hughes
Chris Chetti, Super Nova, & The Blue Meanie defeated Amish Roadkill,
Danny Doring, & Skull Von Crush
TV Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Rod Price
Little Guido pinned Mike Lozansky
Lance Storm pinned Jerry Lynn
Lance Storm then pinned Mikey Whipwreck
New Jack brawled with John Kronus
Justin Credible, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley defeated Tommy Dreamer,
Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney when Credible pinned Dreamer
Sabu & Rob Van Dam defeated Shane Douglas & Taz when Sabu pinned Douglas
(Results Reported by Dave Scherer of )
WCW Saturday Night Report for November 21st, 1998
By Steve Appy

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera Jr. pinned Super Calo in
Super Calo is one of the most underpushed wrestlers in the business,
ranking right up there after Psycosis. After a solid high flying
affair, Juvi scored the victory after The Juvi Driver.

Kenny Kaos pinned Johnny Swinger in
Despite receiving a little push, Kaos just doesn't have it. Kaos won
the match after a Springboard into a Lariat.

Horace (w/Stevie Ray) pinned Steve Armstrong in
At one point Armstrong was one of the more promising young workers in
the country. While his skills are still decent his whole look is
stale. Horace got the three count after a suplex (what a finisher!).

Ernest Miller & Sonny Onno did their usual routine, challenging
anybody from the back to a match. Poor Kaz Hayashi responded and got
double teamed by Onno & Miller. Saturn eventually made the save.

Scott Steiner defeated
Lenny Lane via submission in 2:45
The Bill Alphonso look-a-like from Monday Night was Steiner's
appointed referee. Steiner got the submission after The Steiner

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho. He
insulted Bobby Duncam Jr. and threw in some good rips on Gene Okerlund.

Announced for Nitro this week- Goldberg, and the possible appearance
of Bam Bam Bigelow....

Wrath pinned Villano 5 in 4:28
Wrath squashed the talented Luchador with the Meltdown.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Kidman. After a quick word to Juvi, Kidman
started talking about how the Cruiserweight belt brought him chicks.
While I like Kidman alot this may not be the best way to make him
look “cool”.

WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho defeated Kendall Windham via
submission in 5:16
It diminishes Barry Windham even further to have his brother job to
everyone in the promotion. After hitting
Windham with the belt
Jericho locked on the Lion Tamer for the submission.

Kidman defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. via disqualification in 5:34
After an even exchange, Kidman looked primed for the victory after
delivering a spinning Powerbomb. At this point the LwO attacked,
beating the hell out of Kidman. Mysterio wanted no part in the
attack, which didn't deter his LwO teammates.

Konnan defeated Vincent via submission in 3:22
K-Dawg hooked the Tequilla Sunrise for a quick victory over the nWo

United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated Stevie Ray
(w/Vincent) via disqualification in 5:03
DDP is actually better than people give him credit for, but not nearly good enough to make Stevie Ray look good. DDP was ready to score the pinfall after The Diamond Cutter, which brought Bret Hart to the ring for the DQ.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Joe J Benzon (
ECW Fantasy Booking
Last Card before Guilty as Charged:
Sabu agrees to wrestle Taz if he puts the FTW Belt on the line and Taz
agrees. Taz destroys Sabu in this match. At the end he brings a
chair into the ring and brutally beats him. Sabu rolls out of the
ring and Candido, Sytch, Douglas and Francine come to the ring, and
they all give the Triple Threat sign. Taz has joined the Triple Threat!

Guilty as Charged:
Sabu is wooped by
Douglas because Sabu is severely injured. Taz is
announced to get a title shot at the March pay-per view. The Triple
Threat celebrates in the ring, and Taz leaves by himself.

ECW Arena Show:
Shane Douglas does an interview and says his plan worked. He says him
and Taz will throw this match. He says Taz will lay down and let him
pin him. Taz comes out and
Douglas says “tell the fans what we will
do”. Taz throws the mic down.
Douglas gives the Triple Threat sign.
Taz puts up his hands for the Triple Threat sign. Then he turns his
hand down and makes an upside-down Triple Threat sign. He leaves the
ring as
Douglas is confused.

One Week later:
Taz comes out and brutally attacks Triple Threat member Chris Candido.

ECW Arena Show:
Taz says he will not throw the match.
Douglas says he has a surprise
for Taz at the March PPV.

Week before March PPV:
Tommy Dreamer defeats Sabu and a match is announced at the March PPV
that Tommy will take on Rob Van Dam in a number one contenders match
for the World Title.

March PPV
Tommy Dreamer defeats Rob Van Dam as Dreamer is accompanied by Terry
Funk. Taz destroys Shane Douglas in three minutes, leaving twenty
minutes left in the pay-per view. Terry Funk comes out with a
contract as Shane Douglas takes a seat at the color commentators
table. Funk calls out Dreamer and he joins them.


Funk says he has a contract signed by Dreamer that says if he beat Van Dam, he must also go through Funk to be the number one contender. Dreamer is puzzled, and he turns around to the fans as they boo. Tommy turns around and gets a handful of salt in his eyes. Shane then slides a lead pipe into the ring and climbs into the ring. Funk hits Dreamer with the pipe on his head about 15 times and then pins him. Funk takes off his shirt and it is a Triple Threat shirt. Funk is the number one
contender against Taz at Wrestlepalooza.

2 days before Wrestlepalooza:
Douglas attacks Taz in the parking lot and breaks his neck when he
piledrives him on concrete.

Taz is forced to forfeit and Funk wins the title. Funk and Douglas
take a seat in the ring. They stand up and give the Triple Threat
sign. Funk folds up his chair and gives the upside down Triple Threat
sign and nails
Douglas with a chair. He is out and Taz's music blasts
through the arena. Taz is wheeled out in a wheelchair by a masked man
in a t-shirt with the upside down Triple Threat symbol on it. The
masked man climbs up to the top rope with
Douglas. He superbombs him

from the top rope. He takes off his mask and it is Chris Candido!  They all give the upside down Triple Threat symbol.
Submitted by: Joe Benzon
Submitted by reader: JAmner6778
Still trying to make some sense of the whole WWF situation, i.e. The
Rock as a heel champion, Michaels as a heel assistant to Vince,
Mankind possibly joining the J.O.B. Squad, Davey Boy Smith apparently
returning to the WWF, Kane completely losing the plot and, most
bizarrely, Dwayne Gill a champion (at the expense of the likes of Taka
Michinoku, Dick Togo and Brian Christopher), here is what I think may
happen at In Your House: Rock Bottom.

It contains most WWF superstars so obviously not all matches could
happen, importantly The Oddities, Marc Mero, Dwayne Gill, Bradshaw & Faarooq can stay stuck on Superstars.

Triple Threat Tag-Match.
The Hardy Boyz .vs. Taka Michinoku & Dick Togo vs. Too Much
Val Venis (w/The Godfather) .vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu)
Hunter Hearst Helmsley interview
The J.O.B. Squad's Bob Holly & Scorpio vs. The Brood's Edge & Gangrel
European Title Match: Steven Regal vs. D-Lo Brown
Steve Blackman vs. The Blue Blazer

Winners Get Title Shot @ Royal Rumble.
LOD 2000's Animal & Darren Drosdoz vs. The Headbangers

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Christian vs. X-Pac
Kane vs. Mark Henry (the thinking behind this one was that Henry said
he'd do anything for Chyna, and she proposed the match)

Triple Threat match with the winner receiving an I/C title shot.
Al Snow vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Goldust

Tag Team Title Match:
The New Age Outlaws vs. Ken Shamrock & The Big Boss Man

Buried Alive Match: Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker

World Title Match: The Rock vs. Mankind

I would be very surprised if nothing is seen of Vince & Shane McMahon
and Shawn Michaels. Does anyone think this is feasible?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Alberto Rizzi (
Bringing back credibility to the WCW Tag Team division:


WCW STARRCADE: Rick Steiner is one half of the WCW Tag team champions.
Every week he has defended the title with a different partner: tonight
he has chosen V.K Wallstreet to go against Stevie Ray and The Giant.
Rick and V.K. win the match but Bischoff comes out and says: "Rick, I
appreciate your effort, but I'm sick and tired of having the tag
titles defended by all the WCW rooster.  Now that you have V.K., you
must keep him and never change again, and by the way on, Nitro
(tomorrow night) you will defend the title against NWO Hollywood, The Giant and Scott Hall".

WCW MONDAY NITRO: During the first hour, a masked man attacks V.K.
Wallstreet.  Rick asks Bischoff to choose a new partner for the upcoming match, but Eric refuses: "Since you are not able to defend the titles with your partner you must forfeit them". The angle seems finished, but (before the end of the program) Bischoff is seen backstage talking with the masked man that attacked V.K. Wallstreet and giving money to him"

WCW THUNDER: An 8 team elimination tournament is announced to crown new
champs. Using the already existing feuds we will see:
Curt Hennig & Scott Steiner vs. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
Juventud Guerrera Jr. & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero& Psychosis
Rick Steiner (alone) vs. a mystery team
A surprise regarding a new N.W.O. Team

WCW NITRO: Nash, Booker T, Hall and Stevie Ray are shown entering the
office of Bischoff in different moments. In other matches: Guerrero and
Psychosis beat Juvi and Rey, Benoit and Malenko beat Henning and
Steiner in two really good matches (if you don't believe it, look at
the names involved).

NEXT NITRO: When NWO Hollywood music plays, Nash entered, followed by
Hall!!!  The Outsiders are back and Bischoff announces that they will
receive a first round BYE. In the other match, Rick Steiner comes out alone (as a punishment for changing too much partners): the mystery team is Harlem Heat and of course they destroy poor Rick Steiner.

NEXT NITRO: Benoit makes Eddie Guerrerosubmit to the Crippler
Crossface. In the other semifinal, the same masked man that attacked
V.K Wallstreet two weeks ago, helps The Outsiders to beat Harlem Heat.

WCW SOULED OUT: The Outsiders beat Malenko/Benoit with the help of
Bischoff.  Eric is in the ring, celebrating with Hall and Nash when the masked man we saw on Nitro enters the ring. When he removes his mask, RANDY SAVAGE is revealed !!!  After a bit, Nash & Hall and Savage beat the hell out of Bischoff, reforming the Wolfpack with Konnan, Lex Luger and Sting.

In this way WCW. will have a lot of possibilities:


1) The Horsemen feel they have been robbed of the titles
2) The Harlem Heat are in the same mood.
3) Rick Steiner is frustrated for being used to set up the tournament
4) Bischoff is looking for revenge as well.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: JlBt911
What the WWF is setting up now is probably the greatest PPV main event
since the Hogan-Warrior epic of W6.
Austin vs Rock.  Let's just hang
out for a second and think about some others who fit into the puzzle
quite nicely:

1) Steve Austin: The natural choice. The Fans WANT this match. And
they want it in a cage!

2) The Undertaker: This man didn't turn heel just to fade away behind
the Rock story. If the WWF keeps him on this Kane thing, its all over.

3) Shawn Michaels: Has anyone stopped to explore this one? What will
be more likely, Michaels vs. Shamrock or Michaels vs. Rock? With Triple H coming back, it'll be interesting to see which one goes for the IC title and which goes for the WWF World Championship. It seems as if a Triple H-Shamrock rivalry is more likely, but Michaels vs. Shamrock in a good old ladder match would give hard core fans orgasms!

4) Triple H: see Shawn Michaels

5) Mankind: He's been the fun jobber of the past year- its high time
he got a strap. Is the WWF killing that hardcore rivalry between
Shamrock and Foley? I hope not!

6) Kane: He's getting a push with this whole "wrecking crew" thing.
Can he carry the load of a huge rivalry with someone OTHER than the

7) Psycho Sid: Since he didn't return at the Series, is a December
return in the card, and if so, on which side? I could see him with
McMahon, starting a feud with Kane. It would give the Undertaker-Kane
thing a rest.

8) The Giant: Prevalent rumors say that the Giant is coming to the
WWF. Does anyone expect him to just show up and be a jobber? I could see him with Kane fighting Sid and the Undertaker! Wow!

In closing, I've heard things about the Brood hooking up with the
Undertaker. Why not? It would give the Undertaker the most talented
lackeys in WWF history (don't get me wrong...I love the Brood).


Now as I've written before, the WWF just needs a tag team war now. Well, take the Outlaws against Edge & Gangrel for a rivalry! WOW! Until
next time, children!
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