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Issue # 075

Date:  Sunday, November 22nd, 1998  10:16 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW World War 3 PPV Results
By Steve Appy
Here's a very quick rundown of what proved to be a mediocre show.

Wrath pinned Glacier with The Meltdown

A video interview with Bret Hart aired where he really tried to get
over The Hitman aspect of his character.

Stevie Ray (w/Vincent) defeated Konnan via disqualification
Konnan was disqualified when he pushed the referee and he began beating on Stevie Ray. Booker T made the save and pulled the enraged K-Dawg off
his brother. When Stevie Ray recovered he was angry at Booker T for
sticking his nose in his business.

Ernest Miller & Sonny Onno defeated Saturn & Kaz Hayashi
This is pathetic. I know Onno is one of Bischoff's best friends but who would guess that this entitles him to victories over credible wrestlers.  Miller blindsided Saturn, enabling Onno to pin Saturn. An embarrassing day for the former Eliminator.

Lee Marshall interviewed TV Champion Chris Jericho about his match
later in the evening against Bobby Duncam Jr.

Kidman pinned Juventud Guerrera Jr. to win his second WCW Cruiserweight Championship.
Right before the match Juvi was revealed to have joined the LwO. Rey
Mysterio Jr. was angry, since he felt duped by Eddie Guerrero.


Although Juvi was the heel most of the match was fairly non partisan.
As Juvi prepared to Frankensteiner Kidman off the top rope, Mysterio
held Kidman's tights, blocking the move. Kidman then nailed Juvi with
The Shooting Star Press for the victory. Rey then quit the LwO and
Eddie Guerreroordered the LwO to attack Mysterio. Rey took off to the
locker room at top speed with the LwO in hot pursuit.

Rick Steiner fought Scott Steiner to a No Contest
The nWo worked over Rick's right shoulder in the locker room. The
Giant dragged Rick to the ring, where he was double teamed by Scott &
Buff Bagwell. The bogus nWo referee was the official. Bill Goldberg
made the save for Rick and destroyed the offending nWo members.

Bischoff ordered the nWo to attack Scott Hall and they destroyed the
poor guy. Kevin Nash made the save and Hall tried to reunite with
his former partner. Nash simply walked away and their match was

This is pay per view and there was no ethical reason to cancel this
match. In fact, it was advertised as the main event. Someone should
sic Ralph Nader on WCW!

WCW Television Champion Chris Jericho pinned Bobby Duncum Jr.
After bodyguard Ralphus distracted Duncum,
Jericho nailed Duncum with
the TV belt and scored the pinfall.

Kevin Nash won World War 3 and the WCW World Title shot.
So much and yet so little took place. I'll give a VERY quick recap. The
last three men in the ring were Nash, Lex Luger, and Scott Hall. All
three brawled amongst themselves.  Hall & Luger were tied up in the
ropes and Nash eliminated both men for the victory. Luger hugged Nash after his victory. Earlier, during the battle royal, Bam Bam Bigelow stormed the ring and attacked the wrestlers. The remaining nine men teamed together and threw Bigelow out of the ring. Goldberg attacked Bigelow and a pull apart brawl ensued.

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Bret Hart
Hart hit DDP with a foreign object and also knocked out the referee.
Hart locked on the Sharpshooter and the nWo referee ended the match
in Hart's favor. WCW referee Mickey Jay reversed the decision and
restarted the match. DDP hit a quick Diamond Cutter for the pinfall
Sunday Night Heat Report for
November 22nd, 1998
By Steve Appy
WWF World Champion Rocky Maivia was interviewed, joined by Vince
McMahon, Shane McMahon, The Big Boss Man, Sgt. Slaughter, Jerry
Brisco, Pat Patterson, and Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock.
Vince announced that The Rock would defend the World Title at Rock
Bottom against Mankind.

McMahon announced that Stone Cold would be in The Royal Rumble but
only if he can defeat The Undertaker in a Buried Alive match at Rock
Bottom. He also announced that Sgt. Slaughter would retire as Commissioner on RAW, and his replacement would be introduced.

Too Much fought Matt & Jeff Hardy to a No Contest in 0:55
Too Much is still doing their "lovers" routine. Jackal introduced his
new team, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq). The two men destroyed
both teams and poor Brian Christopher was concerned about his pal
Scott Taylor.

WWF road agent Blackjack Lanza announced that Stone Cold suffered a
concussion at a house show in
San Jose earlier in the afternoon. The
stooges informed Vince McMahon of
Austin's injury and Vince actually
looked upset.

Al Snow fought Gangrel to a No Contest in
The referee ended the match after a brawl broke out between The Brood
and The J.O.B. Squad.

Kevin Kelly asked Animal & Droz about their feelings regarding Hawk.
Animal looked halfway concerned, while Droz couldn't care less if Hawk
lived or died.

The Big Boss Man pinned Marc Mero (w/Jacqueline) in 0:55
Jacqueline tried to trip The Boss Man, but accidentally tripped Mero,
which led to a side slam and Boss Man victory. Mero then fired

Mankind looked for Vince McMahon, carrying a leaf blower he planned to
give/attack Vince with. Foley is really acting like he considered
Vince his father. He said that he would never forgive Vince for
making a fool of him. Mankind is once again wearing Mr. Socko and
said his final resting place would be down Vince's throat. Vince and
Shane interrupted, and announced that Mankind would face The Big Boss
Man and Ken Shamrock in a Triple Threat Match on RAW.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) pinned Kurrigan (w/The ICP & The
Oddities) in 1:45
WWF Women's Champion Sable provided commentary. There seemed to be
alot of friction between The ICP and The Oddities. Debra distracted
the big goof, which enabled Jarrett to nail Kurrigan with his guitar.
An enraged Sable confronted Debra, who was pulled away by Jarrett.

Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock defeated Val Venis via
disqualification in

As Shamrock locked Venis into The Ankle Lock Submission, Mankind
stormed the ring and hit Shamrock with The Leaf Blower. The Big Boss
Man made the save, and The Boss Man & Shamrock destroyed Mankind as
Heat ended...

1. You have your teeth sharpened, not cleaned by your dentist.
2. You find out your parents are graduates of the
University of
3. Your fathers heart speciatist is Dr. Frank N. Stein.
4. You spend summers with your uncle Bela in his medieval castle.
5. Your action figures sleep all day long in the wooden boxes they
came in.
6. Your stuffed animals are looking very pale and listless since your
cousin Alucard came to live with you.
7. Your Chichuhua attacked and killed the neighbors Pit Bull.
8. You tell your mother that raw meat is 'too well done for you.'
9. Your baby sisters Ken doll started wearing all black, and lately
her Barbie is afraid to be in the same room with him.
10. Your new finishing hold is a bite to the neck.
11. You are no-showing all your schools daytime wrestling team matches.
12. You want your baby brothers Little League team to change its name
to The Creatures Of The Night.
13. You are ruining all your white shirts by getting red stains on them.
14. Your favorite wrestler is The Undertaker, however, you are jealous
because he has a nicer coffin than you do.
15. You are starting to look at Luna in a whole new light.
16. Worse yet, Luna is starting to look back.
17. You duck each time you see Reverend Runnels coming.
18. All the mirrors in your house are covered.
19. Your favorite movie is Batman.
20. You are upset because your baby brother got a nicer cape for his
birthday than you got for yours.
21. Your blood type is A+, ...A-, B+ and O, and....
22. You are really upset that the recent change of government is
Africa was via a bloodless coup.

23. You carry a goblet, with a red liquid in it, with you wherever you
24. You can vanish in a puff of smoke anytime you want.
25. Jim Ross looks like the Blue Plate Special to you.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ALowden869
I know that Bret Hart is a real heel right now, but a heel with real
class. I was at the Nitro event in
Wichita Kansas. I was standing
outside the fence when he came out. Most fans booed and called him
names, he just went on about his business putting his bag in the trunk
of the car. As he unlocked the door of the car one fan yelled out his
opinion of Hart, and Hart only looked up at the fans and waved. No
rude gestures, no foul language, he just got in the car and left. He
was then what most fans don't get, just a guy that got off work. I
thought that he did a great job with alot of class.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ChrzPC
At the ECW arena next week:
Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, and Masato Tanaka comes out, and they say
that at next months ECW show, Axl Rotten and a mystery partner will challenge the Dudleyz for the Tag Titles.

Taz comes out, and accepts Shane Douglas' offer. He becomes the newest
Triple Threat member. Shane pays him 50 thousand dollars. Taz, however, has other things on his mind. He grabs Francine and they head to the
locker room.

2 weeks later:
The Dudleyz come out and tell Axl Rotten to bring it on next month.
The Triple Threat comes out, followed by Francine, who is very quiet
and to herself.

Rob Van Dam comes out and challenges anyone for his TV title.
"Highway To Hell" plays as Spike Dudley comes out. A couple of minutes
into the match, Spike blocks the Van Daminator and hits RVD with 3
Acid Drops, becoming the new TV champ.

Next Month:
The match between the Dudleyz and Axl Rotten and the mystery partner
begins.  The Dudleyz come out with Big Dick, Sign Guy and Gertner. "Balls" plays as Tanaka, Mahoney and Axl Rotten come out, followed by....Axl Rotten's grandmother!


As the match progresses, Axl Rotten's grandma hits D-Von and Buh Buh
Ray both through tables and scores the pin, therefore becoming the new Tag Team champions.

Francine and the Triple Threat come out as Francine reveals to
everyone that she is pregnant with either Taz or The Franchise's baby.
They get into an argument and Taz beats
Douglas up and leaves.

Guilty As Charged
Dudleyz vs. Axl Rotten and his grandma
After successful title defenses with rotating partners, Axl Rotten
says that his grandma can’t be here tonight, so he going to team with
Tanaka. The Dudleyz take it to the champs, as Buh Buh Ray nails Axl
with a Buh Buh Cutter. The Dudleyz hit Tanaka with 3-D, and score the
pin. Axl turns around and hits Tanaka with a chair, calling him weak
and pathetic. TV champ Spike Dudley comes out, helps Tanaka, and they
form a new tag team, the New Outsiders.

Sabu vs. Shane Douglas
Sabu was brutally attacked backstage so Taz comes out, knocks out
Douglas and puts him in the kata hajime. Douglas taps out and chokes

to death,& Taz becomes the new champ.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Donald K. Byrnes (

Nitro: The LwO music hits and Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out. Rey sadly heads to the ring holding his shirt. Kidman is already in the ring. Eddie Guerrero comes from back stage and says: "Rey, since you are a little "under the weather I will take this match."

Eddie wrestles Kidman. After a low blow, Eddie goes up for the frog
splash and Rey grabs Kidman and moves him out of the way. This enables
Kidman to hit the Shooting Star for the win.

WW3 Battle Royal:
Rey eliminates all of the LwO but Eddie . Kidman has been eliminated by
Nash. Eddie and Rey somehow are the final two. Rey grabs a mic and says:
"Eddie , since we are both LwO. I will let you have this match. I'm just going to eliminate myself."

Eddie replies: "That is what the LwO is about!!" All of a sudden Rey
Decks Eddie with a DDT and tosses him over the rope for the win.

Next Nitro................
Rey comes to the ring with his old music. Psychosis comes to the ring
with the whole LwO and Eddie grabs the mic and says: "Rey, I thought
you are LwO? I thought you would show sacrifice?".

Rey Says: "Eddie I run by myself!". The LwO attacks Rey, and Kidman &
Juvi charge the ring and they clear the ring of the LwO members and
challenges 3 LwO members to take on three of them.

Bishoff comes out and says: "Rey, you have to fight GOLDBERG!  Remember? You won World War 3!"

Rey: "I will not fight Goldberg, Nash can have him!!!!!"

The three members are: La Parka Psychosis & Eddie ! It is a good match,
in the end Kevin Nash charges the ring and jack knifes all of the LwO
members and says:  "Rey, Juvi and Kidman, we want you to run with the pack". He tosses them shirts and leaves. Rey and Kidman and Juvi leave with confused faces.

Nash and Goldberg are fighting and Nash sets Goldberg up for the Jackknife and he hits it.
1-2-3! GOLDBERG LOSES! Juvi, Kidman & Rey come to the ring with Wolf Pac T-Shirts on. They celebrate with Nash. The LwO charges the ring and they start a huge brawl and Nash Jackknifes Eddie Guerrerooff the top rope. The LwO is out and the Wolf Pac go back to the locker room.
A Great Role Playing Fed! Strictly Real Hardcore Wrestling

No fantasy wrestling federation is comparable to the Global Wrestling
Alliance. Yes, this is the same GWA that you've been hearing rumors
about all your life. This is the same GWA that's dominated the
fantasy wrestling scene since 1984. This is the one and only GWA, and
there's nothing that even comes close to it.

In the GWA, your fate isn't determined by bookers. In the GWA, your
fate isn't determined by some half-baked simulator. In the GWA, YOU
determine your own fate.

For more information on the Global Wrestling Alliance, see keyword:
GWA on
America Online, or e-mail Rockshade3.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
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Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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