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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 076

Date:  Monday, November 23rd, 1998  11:12 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet


By Bob Ryder at

Hollywood" Hulk Hogan will announce his retirement from wrestling on
the Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno on Thursday, November 26.

Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, is arguably the most popular and
recognizable wrestler in history, and is widely credited with sparking
the resurgence of wrestling's popularity in the early 1980's.

Sources close to WCW report that Hogan and his wife have recently
moved to
Los Angeles, and that Hogan believes the time is right for
him to step away from wrestling.

Hogan has been removed from any future WCW booking plans, and no
further appearances are expected on WCW programming at the present time.

Hogan remains contracted to WCW for the next two years under an
arrangement that would prevent him from working elsewhere during the
terms of the contract.

WCW sources point to the recent lackluster buyrate for Halloween Havoc
as a factor in Hogan's decision to retire. The much anticipated
rematch between Hogan and the Warrior failed to translate into a big
buyrate, and was considered a disappointment.

The same WCW sources point to a shift in booking philosophy in recent
weeks that will involve a more significant behind the scenes role for
Kevin Nash as being another major factor in Hogan's decision to leave.

Hogan, a former world champion in both the WWF and in WCW, was
involved in the "Rock N Wrestling Connection" angle in the WWF that
prompted the explosion of wrestling's popularity in the 80's. Hogan,
defended the honor of pop singer Cindy Lauper, in a match against
Roddy Piper that was televised live on MTV, and wrestling suddenly
became "hip".

The popularity of Hogan, and the WWF, skyrocketed with the advent of
PPV's, and continued until a steroid scandal received national

Hogan stepped out of the spotlight following the steroid scandal, but
resurfaced in WCW and quickly made an impact by defeating Ric Flair
for the WCW World Title.

Hogan shocked fans by turning heel and emerging as leader of the NWO,
a move that many observers think extended his career at least two years.

Hogan has recently announced his plans to run for President, and
appears serious about continuing the campaign.

The Tonight Show appearance had been scheduled several weeks ago, and
after a meeting last week with WCW management, Hogan decided to use
the appearance to announce his retirement. The Tonight Show airs on
NBC at
11:30pm ET.

(Reported by Bob Ryder of )
WCW Nitro Report for
November 23rd, 1998
By Steve Appy
Live from
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tony Shiavonie mentioned that Hollywood Hogan would have an
announcement regarding his future on Thursday night on The Tonight
Show. If the rumors are true, we all know what the announcement will

Lex Luger defeated Mike Enos via submission
Luger gave Enos a little offense but to no avail. The former Beverly
Brother fell victim to The Torture Rack.  Enos really is a decent
worker and he made Luger look a little better than usual.

Goldberg arrived at the arena in a limo, followed by the limousine carrying Kevin Nash & Konnan. Good segment. Nash & Konnan made jokes that Nash would be "next", with Goldberg responding that "next" isn't always a safe place to be, ask your girlfriend (Konnan). All three men came out of it looking cool.

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW Cruiserweight Champion Kidman. Kidman
offered Rey Mysterio Jr. a title shot, and Rey complemented Kidman for
his match last night. Eddie Guerrerointerrupted, and told Rey that he
was still contractually bound to the LwO. Of course, last night he
offered Rey a chance to leave. Isn't that a verbal contract? Eddie
then forced Rey to wear a LwO shirt that was WAY to big.

Chris Benoit defeated Norman Smiley via submission
Benoit hit three really cool Rolling German Suplex's on Smiley. A
Crippler Crossface forced the submission.

Kevin Nash, Konnan, and Lex Luger were interviewed. Nash challenged
Goldberg and actually looks inspired. With Hogan's absence Nash will be handed the ball to carry all the way. Okerlund asked Nash about Hall and he said that Hall would have to prove his sincerity before taking him back as a friend. Goldberg briefly interrupted, and Nash said Goldberg needs to get off the caffeine.

Kanyon pinned
Tokyo Magnum
Kanyon tried to encourage Raven backstage, while Raven was whining
about his mother and refused to come to ringside. Kanyon was distracted and Tokyo Magnum almost got the victory with a quick roll
up. Kanyon recovered and he defeated Magnum after a Flatliner.

Bobby Duncum Jr. pinned Glacier
Duncum won the match after a face first full nelson.  Neither one of
these guys should be getting too many television victories, though.

The Giant gave what may have been the best interview of his career.
He mocked Kevin Nash and called Nash a coward. He then challenged
Goldberg to a World Title match later in the evening, with no confirmation if the challenge was accepted.

Perry Saturn pinned Silver King
Silver King may be the most talented “jobber” in the sport.  Miller & Onno challenged Saturn from the ramp. Saturn ended the match after delivering the Death Valley Driver.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Kidman pinned Rey Mysterio Jr.
After some great action (my play by play calls can't do these two
justice), Eddie Guerrero& Juvi snuck to ringside. While Eddie
distracted Kidman & the referee, Juvi gave Mysterio a Juvi Driver.
Kidman had no idea what had taken place and he hit a Shooting Star
Press for the victory.

Eric Bischoff asked Ric Flair to join him in the ring. Bischoff did a
halfway sincere act and emphasized to Flair that he does run WCW.
Bischoff called Flair's "good friend" Barry Windham to the ring.
Bischoff ended up slapping Flair and Flair started nailing Bischoff.

At this point,
Windham made the save for Bischoff. He took the
advantage and beat the hell out of The Nature Boy. As Windham &
Bischoff double teamed Flair, the Horseman tried to make the save. As
they ran towards the ring the nWo Black & White blindsided the
Horseman and destroyed them on the ramp.

WCW is sending the message that the Horseman really don't mean much at
this point. First Curt Hennig, now Barry Windham. Bischoff is telling the world that being nWo is more prestigious than being a Horseman.  No matter how hard he tries, he's wrong. Even with Mongo, the Horseman are far more effective than nWo
Hollywood could ever be.
  Booked properly, they could once again be the franchise stable.

Konnan defeated Booker T via disqualification
Stevie Ray snuck up behind Konnan and hit him with the Slapjack. The
referee DQed Booker T, who was confused as to why Stevie Ray interfered. Stevie Ray warned Booker to get with the game & Stevie Ray
sure looks like an idiot these days. As impressed as I am with Booker T, a match between these two will be truly awful.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Bret Hart. He was angry about his defeat
last night and gloated that he would face an injured Dean Malenko
later in the evening.

Poor Tony Shiavonie had to tell us that Hogan really has a shot at
being elected President. Way to kill any credibility you have left.

Kevin Nash pinned Wrath
Nash handed Wrath his first defeat since his return. After an equal
exchange of offense, Wrath weakened Wrath enough to deliver The
Jacknife Powerbomb. Although it was about time for Wrath to lose,
this was an anticlimactic way for it to happen.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Television Champion Chris Jericho. After
insulting Bobby Duncum Jr., Duncum walked to the rampway with a hog
tied Ralphus. While I figured this feud ended at World War 3 there
appears to be no such luck.

Scott Hall pinned Alex Wright
Hall conducted his final survey, and declared his independence to both
nWo factions.  While he wasn't outright hostile to Nash he also didn't kiss his ass.  Good.  If the fans still view Hall as a bad ass tough guy he has a chance of really getting over. Hall scored the victory after The Outsiders Edge.

Dean Malenko defeated Bret Hart via disqualification
Malenko limped to the ring selling his left knee from the earlier nWo
attack. This was announced as the first meeting between the two. Although these two can do better, it was still an enjoyable, methodical scientific showdown. Both men attempted to lock on their respective submission finishers. As the referee and Hart wrestled over a chair, Malenko hit Hart with a missle dropkick. Hart regained control of the chair and was disqualified for using the chair against Malenko. DDP made the save and dueled with Page for the chair.  After a short brawl Hart retreated to the dressing room. At least Malenko didn't do the job. DDP challenged Hart to a match on next weeks Nitro.

WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg pinned The Giant
Goldberg kicked out of a Giant Chokeslam. He quickly recovered and
speared and jackhammered The Giant for the victory. After the match
Bam Bam Bigelow charged the ring, only to be held back by a million
security guys. Kevin Nash joined the fray and eventually started
brawling with Goldberg. Security separated the giants, this feud may
have legs.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: OuTkAsTcjb
I attended World War Three last night, and I have some snippets of
things missing from your report, in case you wanted to hear.

After the Guerrera/Kidman match, Juvy looked very upset. He pushed
(more of a nudge) Eddie away, staring down at the mat. Eddie pleaded
with him to settle down and reminded him that the LWO would do
anything possible to get Juvy his belt back.

A quick look at the energy of the arena revealed that Chris Jericho is
gaining popularity. He was known for receiving boos, as most heels
do, but Detroit seemed to take a liking to this great wrestler/mic
worker (I, too, am a fan, I commentated his match to the discretion
of the man sitting next to me).


Also, Goldberg chants seem to be real.  The arena was in great support of, naturally, the faces, but my section seemed to be pro-heel. The match of the night had to be Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman, who also received much applause. The crowd, however, was not into this match as much as even the Wrath/Glacier contest. Too bad, as both these men deserve much more.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Marq Piocos (

Top Ten Matches at the "IYH: No Way in Hell" pay-per-view card:

10) Loser Must Shave Goattee and Lose His laugh:
Jim Neidhart vs. Hugh Morris

9) Superfly Pimp Daddy match
"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka vs. The Godfather

8) Most irritating Undertaker manager
Brother love vs. Paul Bearer (With special guest referee Brian "Underfaker" Lee

7) The Ultimate Dog Fight
"Dog Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner vs. The British Bulldog vs. the Road

6)Karate Free For All
The Cat Earnest Miller vs. Glacier vs. Steve Blackman with special
referee Jackie Chan

5)Lions and Tigers, and Bears Oh My triple threat
Lionheart Chris Jericho vs. Tiger Ali Singh vs. Paul “The Polar Bear”

4) Royal Rumble
King Mable, Jerry “The King” Lawler, King Harley Race, King Haku,
Macho King Randy Savage, King of Harts Owen Hart, King of Pancrease
Ken Shamrock

Special guest referee Larry King with special guest time keeper B.B.

3) Most irritating boss
Vince McMahon vs. Eric Bishoff with special guest referee Paul E.

2) Triple threat hardcore match
Mankind vs. Cactus Jack vs. Dude Love

Special guest referee Mick Foley

and the Main event:

1) Hair vs. Hair match
Steve Austin vs. Goldberg
Special guest referee Brutis “The Barber” Beefcake
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: STNC0L316
This whole LOD 2000 act is just awful! its going nowhere fast, but I think it can be salvaged.

Heat - Droz shows up with the Headbangers and tells the crowd that
Animal and Hawk were a couple of losers that were holding him back, and they are too old to be in this business. Animal comes out with his old Road Warrior face paint (without the hockey mask and football pads).
Animal says that Droz and the Headbangers will regret this.

RAW - The show opens with the Headbangers 2000 (Mosh, Thrasher, and
Droz) scheduled to fight The Brood. its a boring match and the fans aren't really into it at all. Then, "What a rush!!!!!!!!"  The old LOD's music is pumping and HAWK and Animal are dressed in their original attire (the old face paint, the old haircuts, the old spikes), and standing behind LOD is Paul Ellering and the DOA. Hawk grabs the mic and says, "WELLLLLLLLL, we challenge you six men (the Brood and
Headbangers 2000) to a 12 man tag match tonight on RAW!” The six men
in the ring accept the challenge.

Later on RAW - The Brood and Headbangers come to the ring to resounding boos. Then LOD'S music hits and Hawk, Animal, 8-Ball, and Skull come out to the ring. Then their mystery teammates music hits.  its a popular rap song titled “Pimpin' Ain't Easy but it sure is
fun!". The crowd explodes as the new tag team named Supply and Demand
consisting of Val Venis & The Godfather hit the ring. LOD's team dismantles the Brood and company after Droz is knocked out cold with
the Doomsday Device.

Heat - LOD and their Posse come out but this time also have D'lo and
Mark Henry with them. All of the men get into the ring and are
chugging Steveweisers! The crowd is loving it! Out comes the Brood's
group along with the Headbangers 2000, and they brought along two new
people as well, The Undertaker and Chyna! The two groups despise
each other, plus LOD's group is endorsed by Steve Austin for drinking
beer. There are many personal rivalries such as Chyna and Mark Henry,
Hawk and Droz.

Summary this would really heat up the tag teams of the WWF. There
would be many good possibilities such as the Broods group goes corporate and gains the titles so, the Rock, HBK, Shamrock are on their side, the LOD is being backed my Kane, Austin and DX!
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