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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 077

Date:  Tuesday, November 24th, 1998  12:27 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet


WCW is talking to Karl Malone about making another PPV appearance,
possibly at Starrcade.

If the NBA "lockout" continues, there is a good chance that Malone
would appear at Starrcade, teaming with Diamond Dallas Page to take on
Bret Hart and a partner that has not been determined. (Reported by

After his SG Tag League match on 11/23 in
Tokyo, Shinya Hashimoto
announced that he wants Atsushi Onita at the
1/4/99 Tokyo Dome show in

a 600-volt (3 "timeses") amperage (exploding) death match. Hashimoto
says that Onita "would be scared of the firecrackers."
(Reported by Micasa at:

Masa Chono arrived earlier than expected, as he flew into
Japan today.
He said that the German alternative treatment (rumored to be
administered by Alex Wright's father, Steven Wright) did not work and
that he was told that his only option left was surgery. Chono said,
"The German treatment didn't work. I have now welcomed a retirement
from a dangerous and important situation. If I take surgery, I retire
effectively." Chono immediately cancelled his appearance for the 1/4
Tokyo Dome show.

(Reported by Micasa at:

The Flair v. Goldberg matches that were scheduled for December have
been changed to Goldberg vs. Bam Bam Bigelow. Flair may still work
before Starrcade in matches with Scott Hall

(Reported by Micasa at:
A few quick comments regarding the Hogan announcement

Anyone up for a hearty chorus of "Ding, dong, the witch is dead"?

There is a God.

VISIT my Home Page: or

The program began with a series of clips reviewing The Rock winning
the WWF Championship and the events that followed, including SCSA's
Title shot last week on RAW, and his being hit with a shovel by The
Undertaker, costing him the Title.

Jim Ross said that he would have more info on SCSA's blackout after a
match yesterday in
San Jose, CA. Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler were
at the desk.

Emperor and Prince McMahon came to the ring, along with The (Three)
Stooges, Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson and Jerry Briscoe. The Emperor
denied any involvement in what The 'Taker did to SCSA. He said he
"never lies," and "when I guarantee something, it happens." He went
on to say that everything he does, he does for the fans. That got him
a rousing round of boos. He then said that the Sgt. "graciously"
stepped down as Commissioner (Yeah, right. Like he had a choice) so we
could have an "Independent Commissioner" (believe that and I want to
know if you are interested in some 'slightly moist' land in the middle
of the
Everglades)? He added that the only exception to the rule is

that all decisions related to SCSA would be made by him.

The Emperor introduced the new Commissioner. It is Shawn "The
Heartbreak Kid 'HBK'" Michaels. I hate to say I told you, but I told
you. The crowd went wild as HBK came to the ring. He thanked The
Emperor for the appointment, called himself "The New Sheriff" in town
and guaranteed that things will be different. He then booked his first
match, a WWF Championship Match, pitting The Rock v. DX's X-Pac, for
later tonight. The Emperor didn't look too happy. HBK gave him a crotch
chop and left. The Corporate Team huddled.

Ross said there would be a Triple Threat Match for The Hardcore
Championship later, pitting Mankind (C) v. Ken Shamrock v. The Big
Bossman (BM).

Kevin Kelly was backstage and talked to The Oddities, Princess Luna,
Golga, Kurggan and Giant Silva, and The Insane Clown Posse (ICP),
Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dopp. The ICP said they weren't prepared for
their scheduled match v The Headbangers and said The Oddities would
have to replace them. The Oddities weren't real pleased.

The first match was a tag team event pitting The Oddities, Kurggan and
Golga, v. The Headbangers, Mosh and Thrasher. The rest of The Oddities
and ICP were at ringside. Prior to the match, Ross gave some more info
on SCSA, saying he refused medical attention all week after the shovel
shot. Early in the match Violent J got up on the apron and Golga
bumped him off accidentally. When Golga turned to see what happened,
The Headbangers double teamed him and pinned him. The referee had been
distracted by action on the floor. Shaggy 2 Dopp was spraying a can of
paint in the eyes of The Oddities. Violent J got into the ring and
joined The Headbangers in stomping Golga. They next assaulted Giant
Silva and then cut Luna's long blonde hair off. ICP and The
Headbangers left arm-in-arm.

Winners - The Headbangers

We saw a series of clips of Kane's recent actions. Included were: his
nearly setting The Brood on fire, assaulting technicians and burning

The next match was The Blue Blazer (BB) v. Steve Blackman. Throughout
the match, Ross kept saying the BB was Owen Hart, and The King kept
denying it. His outfit is the absolute worse ever. It has to be a
Luchadore reject, made by some drunken tailor. Prior to the match, we
saw clips of various BB appearances. Blackman was kicking the BB's @$$
at first, but BB came back with a Reverse Neck Breaker (shades of
Shane Douglas) and a Sharpshooter. Blackman made it to the ropes to
break the hold. Ross said The Sharpshooter proves BB is Owen. Blackman
came back to win the match, but was attacked by Owen, as he attempted
to unmask BB. The crowd chanted "Nugget" as Owen left. Ross agreed
that Owen could not be the BB. Amazing deduction Jim.

Winner - Steve Blackman - Loser - Jim Ross

Ross played a clip of SCSA's collapse yesterday. He was taken to a
hospital and Ross will talk with him later.

We saw HBK talking to The Royal Family, who were not looking happy.
HBK was.

The next match was a tag team event pitting The Brood, Gangrel and
Edge, accompanied by Christian, v. Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown.
Christian is now doing The Goblet thing. Question: Is D'Lo's neck on a
swivel or a gyro? Prior to the match, we saw a clip from last week of
Henry asking Chyna for a dinner date. Ah, young love. Edge displayed
some excellent moves and he and Gangel make a good team. D'Lo showed
why he has a great future and Henry showed his awesome power. Chyna
came out and when Henry spotted her, he lit up like a Christmas Tree.
He was distracted and that allowed Gangrel to roll him up and pin him.
He couldn't care less. He got up and Chyna said, "OK Mark, I'll do
it." He was like a kid on Christmas morning. D'Lo was happy about the
date, unhappy about the match. Henry raced out of the ring after
Chyna. A true Hallmark Moment.

Winner - The Brood and True Love - The Loser - Where ever The Young
Lovers go to eat.

We saw SCSA in his hospital room. His doctor told him he had to take
it easy, that he could go home tomorrow but had to take a couple of
weeks off. Ross asked him how he felt and got a ration of crap about
being stupid if he had to ask. SCSA said The 'Taker and Paul Bearer
would pay. The nurse gave him a sedative.

We saw another clip of the shovel shot that caused SCSA's concussion.

We then saw HBK talking to DX, X-Pac and NAO (Road Dogg and Bad @$$).
They were all smiles.

The next match was Goldust v. Marvelous Mark Mero (MMM). Prior to the
match, we saw a clip from Heat last night of Jacqueline tripping MMM
by accident (?), costing him his match v. The Big Bossman (BM), and
his subsequent firing of her. During the match, Terri Runnels (almost
wearing a skirt[?] and jacket) came to ringside, followed soon by
Jacqueline. They stood on opposite sides of the ring. The crowd
chanted "Sable." Terri looked happy as Goldust was in control of the
match and set MMM up for Shattered Dreams. She got up on the apron
distracting the referee (mad the first three rows of fans). Jacqueline
got into the ring and came up behind Goldust and shattered his dreams
(ouch). Terri then stomped her estranged husband. She went over to MMM
and hit him with a pointed high heel version of Shattered Dreams. His
"privates" may be in orbit at this time (double ouch). It hurts just
to think about it.  She and Jacqueline high-fived each other and left. The Ladies smiles, The Men cried.

Winner - None (Well, maybe The Ladies) - Losers - Goldust and MMM

Back to SCSA's room where a nurse was talking to him. Ross asked about
his "Buried Alive" match v. The 'Taker at Rock Bottom. SCSA went off
on what he planned to do to The 'Taker and his fat friend. The nurse
told him he had to calm down. He called them "stupid SOB's" and said
they cost him the Title and would pay. The nurse turned the lights out
and told him to go to sleep.

We saw a hearse pull up in front of the hospital. Wonder who could be
in it?

The next match was the Triple Threat Match for The Hardcore
Championship, pitting Mankind (C) v. Shamrock v. BM, or should I say
v. Shamrock and BM. This was a No DQ, No Count Out, Falls Count
Anywhere Match. Prior to the match, we saw a clip from last week of
Mankind coming to ringside during the SCSA v. The 'Taker match and
getting nailed by Shamrock and BM. The match was 2-On-1 as expected.
They took Mankind to the floor and he fought valiantly in and out of
the ring. The Royal Family came out to watch the slaughter and smiled
as Mankind was beaten for the better part of the match. BM used his
night stick, the microphone on the Spanish Announcers table and
Shamrock nailed Mankind with a can of soda between the eyes. Mankind
was able to fight back with a broom he found under the ring. He hit BM
with it and broke it over Shamrock's back. They brought a steel chair
into the ring. Shamrock held Mankind as BM swung it at him. Mankind
ducked and Shamrock ate the chair. Mankind DDT'd BM onto the chair,
but hit his head on it also. Mankind was the first to get up and Head
Butted Shamrock to the floor, where he whipped him into the steel ring
steps. He put Mr. Socko on and applied The Mandible Claw, but BM broke
it up. Back in the ring, Mankind put The Claw on BM, but Shamrock
broke it up. He then hit Mankind with a Belly-To-Belly Suflex onto the
chair and applied his Ankle Submission Hold. The Job Squad, Al Snow
and Head, Scorpio and Bob Holly came to the ring. As Scorpio and Holly
distracted the referee from the floor, Snow came in and gave Shamrock
some Head and broke the Ankle Lock. Mankind pinned Shamrock to win the
match. He raced up the ramp after The Royal Family, but Shamrock and
BM nailed him and kept pounding him all the way to the back.

Winner And Still WWF Hardcore Champion - Mankind

We saw the hearse parked in front of the hospital. We then saw The
'Taker in SCSA's room assaulting him. Paul Bear put something over his
face to anesthetize him. The 'Taker told the unconscious SCSA that he
was going for his last ride. They took him to the hearse and drove off.

The next match was for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, pitting
Christian (C) v. Dwayne Gill. Gill is the Jobber who Mankind beat in
the first round of the Survivor Series - Deadly Game. He has spent
more time on the canvas than paint has on a picture by Van Gogh.
Christian was tearing Gill a new @$$hole when The Job Squad showed up
again. Christian had just nailed Gill and had him covered. Their
arrival distracted the referee (again) allowing Scorpio to come off
the top turnbuckle onto Christian. He then rolled Gill on top of
Christian. Game, Set, Match. New Champion, Dwayne Gill. This is a
bigger embarrassment than UnFit Finlay winning a Title in WCW. Gill
left with The Job Squad. Michael Cole met him on the ramp and told him
this was the biggest upset in WWF history (How about in the history of
the world!). Gill said it was the biggest moment in his life.

Winner And New WWF Light Heavyweight Champion (choke) - Dwayne Gill.
Loser - Reality - Ripley will be making a house call.

We saw the hearse put up to an empty grave in a desolate area. The
'Taker dumped SCSA out and decided the grave wasn't deep enough. He
went to dig and SCSA awoke and grabbed The Fat Man by the throat. The
'Taker stopped him and decided burying him alive was too good for him.
He told Fatty that he had a better idea, he would Embalm Him Alive.
They loaded SCSA back into the hearse and left.

The Godfather came to the ring accompanied by three Ho's for his match
v. Tiger Ali Singh, who was accompanied by his Faithful Indian
Companion, Babu. The Godfather offered Singh his choice of one of the
Ho's for the entire night, for a fee. Before Singh could answer, Steve
Regal came out and told Singh he got screwed by The Godfather last
week and not to take him up on his offer. He came into the ring and
jumped The Godfather. Singh joined in and they mugged him. Val Venis
pole-vaulted in and made the save. He blasted Singh and The Godfather
blasted Regal. It took several WWF officials to break the party up.
Singh and Regal departed. Venis left with a Ho on each arm, and The
Godfather with the third. Can this be the start of a new Tag Team? How
about Supply and Demand?

We saw HBK arguing with The Royal Family, and then talking with the
referee for the upcoming WWF Title match.

The next match was a Non-Title affair, pitting NAO (C) v. The Job Squad. Snow, Head and Gill, wearing his new Belt (Arghh), accompanied The Job Squad. Gill was wearing a Job Squad T-Shirt. Most fitting. The NAO did their intro bit to the usual major pop. This was another good tag team match, with a bunch of solid maneuvers and several power moves. Mankind came to h ring carrying the Leaf Blower he had on Heat last night. He nailed Bad @$$ in the face with it, knocking him out and allowing Scorpio to pin him. Shamrock and BM hit the ring and nailed all of The Job Squad and Mankind. NAO, Shamrock and BM working together? The Stooges came out and met NAO on the ramp. They whispered
sweet nothings in their ears. Recruiting? Beware Geeks bearing gifts.

Winners - The Job Squad, Scorpio and Bob Holly . I will be violently ill.

We saw the hearse arrive at a Funeral Parlor and The 'Taker carry SCSA
in. He put him on an Embalming Table. The 'Taker told a still
unconscious SCSA "it was his own fault" and that "he had crossed the
line to darkness and would suffer the worst pain possible." He began
chanting in tongues. Fatty cut SCSA's "beer smelling" T-Shirt off and
prepared him for embalming. The 'Taker held an Embalming Rod over
SCSA's chest and prepared to plunge it in. Kane came into the room and
stopped him. As they fought, Fatso picked up a pair of scissors and
was about to plunge it into SCSA's chest. SCSA awoke and shoved Bearer
away and made his escape.

The Main Event was for the WWF Championship and pitted The Rock (C) V.
X-Pac was accompanied by NAO, and The Rock by Shamrock and BM. HBK
came to the ring and chased them all to the back. He sat by the
announcers table to watch the match. The Rock dominated, although
X-Pac scored several moves, including his Bronco Ride. The Royal
Family came out on the ramp to watch. The Rock concentrated on X-Pac's
oft injured neck. He hit a Somoan Drop, X-Pac kicked out and hit a
Face Buster. The Rock hit a Power Slam and brought a steel chair into
the ring. HBK went into the ring and took it away as he was set to hit
X-Pac with it. HBK turned and he nailed X-Pac with the chair! The Rock
hit The Corporate Elbow, raised The Corporate Eyebrow and pinned
X-Pac. NAO came to the ring and chased The Rock and protected X-Pac
from further damage. Shamrock and BM attacked NAO. HBK, The Rock, The
Emperor and Prince walked away smiled. The stopped, turned, and all
gave X-Pac and NAO crotch chops as the program ended. HBK a sellout,
The Corporate Commissioner.

Winner - Retains WWF Championship - The Rock
Winners - Emperor McMahon and Prince McMahon
Another great show!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Foleyfan
Had to reply to a recent comment made by SkipKEE a few weeks
ago.  Although I agreed with his points that WCW does have its own quality style of entertainment, I felt the next few lines were, quite simply, unsatisfactory:

"Take a look at some names in WCW that were not made in the WWF. Guys
like Chris Jericho, Bill Goldberg (while most internet fans don't like him, myself included, this guy is over), Sting, The Nature Boy (Still the best worker I've ever watched to this day. Maybe not anymore, but for those who don't get it, truly are blind to what wrestling is all
about), Booker T, Chris Benoit (maybe an international star before,
but WCW has given him the big stage), along with Cruiserwieghts like Kidman, Juvi, La Parka, ect. No longer can you tell me this is the dinosaur league."

Hmmm ... well, this is pretty much wrong. I think the main point to
remember here, is that Vince gives wrestlers angles and room to
breathe and develop, while Bischoff could really care less about
angles and development for characters. And I'll go through the names
to defend my point.

Chris Jericho - Given nothing in WCW, and he had the attitude without
Bischoff giving it to him. Where he is now is a compliment to
himself, not Eric or anyone else. The push was almost FORCED to
happen due to the fan involvement.

Goldberg - Your only legit point, and that's only because he was the
recipient of the biggest push in the history of wrestling. Bischoff
didn't "make" Goldberg's persona or anything about his success except
for giving him wins. Anyone can do that. Hell, give me 200 wins and
a belt and I'll be pretty popular, too. On another note: Don't hate
Goldberg, people of the net. its not his fault he was pushed to the
hilt, and unlike others, he is at least trying to make the push look

Sting/Ric Flair - This is one in the same. WCW didn't even make these
guys, kid. The NWA is responsible for this. And don't go and tell me
that Bischoff made the Sting we see today. The Sting we see today is
the equivalent of taking a piece of crap and sticking "Hulk Hogan" on
it; in essence, using a popular name to disguise true image.

Booker T - Could go on forever on this one. Sure, he's an 8-time
champ, but that's only because WCW had no tag teams back then (not
now, either). Booker T is a phenomenal athlete and great person, but
if you think Bischoff made him, try to explain exactly what he made.
Booker is just himself...nothing more.

Chris Benoit - BISCHOFF MADE CHRIS BENOIT? Yah, and Paul Heyman's
scared of a bump.

Cruiserweights - No comment here either.  All these guys do is wrestle to get over. There is no "making" involved here.

Bottom line: You can't equate a push with "promoter making". While
one isn't possible without the other, the two aren't related in logical sense. I could give Goldberg 200 wins, but I couldn't have made Kane an
acceptable heel, I couldn't have made the New Age Outlaws out of Billy
Gunn/Jesse James, and heaven forbid if the idea of Goldust ever comes
into my mind.
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