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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 079

Date:  Friday November 27th, 1998  4:23 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

To the surprise of nobody in the online world Hulk Hogan announced
his retirement from professional wrestling last night on The Tonight
Show. He played the role of the sincere reformer, and claimed that
his wrestling career is truly over.

Few believe that Hogan will never again lace up the boots;
nonetheless, it does appear to end his domination of WCW storylines
and booking placement. When/If Hogan does return, he would be a
special attraction, which is how Hogan should have been promoted over
the last several years.

Most of you watched the Tonight Show so I won't bother summarizing
it. The true story will be if Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and DDP are ready
to fill his shoes (with assists from Flair, Hart, Hall, and hopefully
Benoit & Jericho). Will Starrcade have a monster or mediocre buyrate?
This will be the first indication of the future of WCW and whether
they will lure Hogan back into ring. Hogan is hoping WCW will fail;
time will tell.
It appears that Davey Boy Smith is officially back with the World
Wrestling Federation. In weeks past with Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
under the Blue Blazer's mask, Dr. Tom Pritchard also took a turn in
the cape when all three were spotted together. Given the similarity
between Pritchard and Smith's builds, I'd say its a fair bet you'll
be seeing the Bulldog's face when the Blazer is finally unmasked.
(Reported by Scoops at: )

Rumor has Triple H returning on Heat this Sunday to confront Shawn
Michaels. Triple H will not be wrestling, though..... (Reported by Scoops)

Dave Scherer reports that the Steiner Brothers have re-signed
contracts with WCW this past week, for over 1.5 million dollars
(total) over the next three years.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of )

Caesar Cubillos and Heath Santo both sent along news reports to Dave
Scherer that say that Scott Hall was driving a rented Cadillac
yesterday in Orlando and fell asleep at the wheel. The car crossed the
center line and then rolled three times. The news reports said that
Hall walked away from the accident, is OK, was wearing his seat belt,
and that neither alcohol nor any other contraband were a cause in the
accident and that there were no signs of them in the car.

(Reported by Dave Scherer)
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By SamJerry

This is not one of my best, but Dwayne wanted it that way. He told me
that he had
never been best before, so why start now. He very words to me were:
"Winning isn't everything, its the only thing....I've never
experienced." However, he felt that the man
who said, "It isn't if you win, its how you play the game that
counts," was thinking of him when he wrote it. Asked about the first
thought he had upon winning the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, he
responded, "Damn, there goes my streak, ruined by a win, whatever that

1. We would be asking Saddam to ease the sanctions on us.

2. Barry Horriblewitz would be asking "Who's next."

3. Congress would be investigating LunaGate.

4. Gill 0 - 7,789 Means "I just got beat again. its also my record."

5. Pat Patterson would be Vice-president, just one Kneepad from the

6. The capital of the country would be relocated to Dudleyville.

7. Bubba Ray Dudley would be our United Nations Representative.

8. The new National Anthem would be "A Loss is a loss, of course, of
sung to the tune of the Mr. Ed theme.

9. "Vidi, Vini, ViJobbi, " (I came, I saw, I Jobbed) would be printed
on every dollar

10. The numbering system would start with 4, because Dwayne has heard
1, 2, 3
a million times and is tired of it.
The following message is Chris Jericho's message to his fans, found at:

NP:Metallica-Garage Inc.
Hello Jerichoholics!
Well, I'm off for two days so I'm gonna rip this out and I must return
to the road very quickly!   Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone.  Did
you know that in Canada, Thanksgiving is in Oct?  Just a little trivia
for those who care!

Well I really dig the new Metallica cover album.  I've always dug
their covers, so I was eagerly anticipating this set.  Tons of total
METAL on this album and they even brought back the old logo! 
Metallica still rules!!

Well the movie of the week has got to be American History X.  What a
disturbing, engrossing movie!   I haven't seen one like this in a long

Don't forget to pick up a shirt if you don't have one.  The number is
1-800-WCW-8661.  Ask for the Jerichoholic T-shirt.  They're selling
real well, despite WCW's attempts to bury them, by not promoting
them.  We shall prevail!

I'm going to see Stuck Mojo in Orlando tonight, I'm looking forward to
it cos they rock!  My friend Rich Ward is also a huge wrestling fan,
so it'll be cool exchanging war stories.

Congrats to the Calgary Stampeders for winning a thrilling Grey
Cup!!!!!!  I was able to check it out in Detroit and it was a nail
biter!  I contend  (this was the proof) that year in and year out, the
Grey Cup is more exciting than the Super Bowl.  Go Stamps!!!!!!

Be careful and God bless you!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BartAlIen
Did anyone notice that before Hogan came out on the Tonight Show they
had turkey callers?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Oz316
I thought this up while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which if
you think about it is pretty much the same thing as the WWF. Not that
I'm complaining. I could've gone on forever with this, but I think
this is enough.

RAW 11/30/98
The Brood is in the ring after defeating LOD 2000. They continue to
beat on them until from the crowd comes everyone's favorite vampire
slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar. She jumps into the ring and stakes
Gangrel through the heart, and he disintegrates on the spot. Edge and
Christian begin to beat on Buffy, when who should come to her rescue
but her former boyfriend Angel. Together they fight off Edge and
Christian, and then Angel challenges them to a match at ROCK BOTTOM.
The remaining members of the Brood accept the match.

After a hard fought match, Buffy and Angel prevail after Buffy hits
her finishing move on both men, the stake through the heart. Buffy
and Angel are named number one contenders for the Tag Titles.

The pace goes back and forth, with the Outlaws isolating Buffy in
their half of the ring. Buff eventually makes the hot tag to Angel,
who wins the match by biting the necks of Bad Ass and Road Dog and
killing both of them in the middle of the ring. Your winners, and new
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Foleyfan
In response to a recent reader's mailbag, I had to correspond here in
my feelings regarding the Mickster:
"Yes, I have this same feeling! I'm very disappointed how Terry Funk,
Mick Foley, and Scorpio have been treated in WWF... I think I can
sleep better knowing Mankind/ Mick has a belt... although I bet it
won't last he should definitely get his name in the spotlight for
winning rather than getting his ass pounded like no one else... He's a
helluva guy, I wish him the best of luck and health."

Let me ask you this: Can you actually see Mick getting his name in
the spotlight by, as you say, "winning"? If Mick Foley wrestled every
one of his matches and won, or maybe if he had the I-C or World title,
that would be just plain great ... BUT ... there's a simple fact that
you're missing here.

If Mick Foley won all the time ... he wouldn't be Mick Foley.
If Mick Foley won all the time ... he wouldn't be the hardcore icon he
is today.

Wake up and smell the tea, kid, Mick Foley IS in the spotlight! Not
only did he make the finals of the Survivor Series, he is involved in
a very prominent angle every week on RAW, not to mention being one of
the top 5 names in the company. Mick doesn't know how to wrestle any
way else, and when he gets his butt kicked, we like it, because he's
the best at it.

Mick Foley's legacy is getting beat up, and I think he's rather proud
of it. Is Mick in the spotlight? You said why he's great yourself:
" ... rather than getting his ass pounded like no one else". If he
wasn't getting his ass pounded, you wouldn't care a cent about Mick
Foley, and nobody else would, either.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Scott Levison (z800525a)
If I'm not mistaken, didn't Tully Blanchard retire from the sport for several years and is now a minister? I know he's wrestling in the NWA and that is a significantly easier schedule than if he was in WCW. I doubt that given Tully's beliefs that he will chuck that to hopscotch around the country. Wasn't Bam Bam Bigelow mentioned as a possible Horseman?

Actually, this is a scenario that could be possible. Let Barry Windham
bring Kendall in. its about time he stopped being a jobber and be
given a push of sorts. Go back to '85 when a skinny-as-all-hell
Kendall got a HELL of a push here in Florida and had the Florida belt.
These days he looks bigger and stronger but is reduced to jobbing.
And don't forget that crack he said to Malenko about him not being
good enough to be a Horseman. Just replay that little bit of dialogue
and this could prove to be interesting.

Or they can rework a previous angle...Curt Hennig. Hey, he was a
Horseman (of sorts) before! Hennig can say that he is now part of the
REAL Horsemen (I started my sub with issue #44...where have Hennig &
Rude been?). Good way to generate more heat between the WCW Horsemen
and NWO Horsemen. I also see JJ Dillon hooking up with Ric and the

If Ole is involved, he'll probably be the NWO's version of Arn. Let's
face it...Flair is 50...Ole has to be at 5-10 years older. I doubt
he'll get in the ring as a active participant. Just my .02 on this
Scott Levison
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ECWTaz6935
Ok since I dislike the Wolfpac so much I decided to make them heels in
this one...Hope you all like it......

Nitro 11/30
Wolfpac comes out with Big Kevin Nash, Luger, and K-Dawg. Kevin has
the mike saying that Sting and Savage will be out for a while. And he wants the Wolfpac to get new members in the meantime. Kevin says he wants DDP to join since he never gave them an answer before Hogan and Rodman attacked him.

Later on....
DDP comes out to a huge pop from the fans. He first goes off saying
that he doesn't trust Kevin Nash. He says he remembers when Nash was
with the old Black and White NWO. He remembers when Nash said he
would take over and destroy WCW. DDP says that he doesn't trust the
Wolfpac and neither should the fans. Of course the fans boo DDP for
dissin’ the Wolfpac.

12/7 Nitro
Wolfpac comes out ordering DDP to come out from the back. DDP comes
out to some boos. Kevin has a t-shirt with him and offers it to DDP. DDP smacks Kevin Nash and says that the day he becomes a Wolfpac member is the day that Nash beats Goldberg for the title. DDP then goes on to
say that he is disappointed in Luger for selling out. Kevin Nash says
that DDP will regret his choice.


DDP turns his back and Nash nails him from behind. Luger, K-Dawg, and Nash beat up on DDP. Goldberg comes out but they beat up on him as well. Then Sting comes down wearing black sunglasses and regular street clothes. Sting backs the Wolfpac away from Goldberg and DDP. Sting then helps both men up to their feet. Sting gets the microphone saying that Goldberg and DDP are his friends and that the Wolfpac should respect DDP's decision.  The Wolfpac then leaves the ring together.

It’s announced that Goldberg and DDP will fight Kevin Nash and Lex Luger. During the match Goldberg spears Nash and is about to
Jackhammer him when K-Dawg interferes, causing the DQ. Nash, Luger,
K-Dawg all beat up on DDP and Goldberg. Sting is at ringside watching
it. Finally, he can't take it any more as he goes into the ring with a chair, nailing the Wolfpac members including his friend Luger.


The segment ends with a heel Wolfpac and a new alliance babyface feuding.
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Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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