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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 080

Date:  Saturday November 28th, 1998  9:42 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

It is rumored that the explanation that the WWF will use to explain
The Undertaker's latest turn is that he is under some sort of hypnosis.
Naturally this will have been caused by Paul Bearer. This is why The
Taker was speaking in tongues (or whatever you want to call it) on Raw
when he tried to 'embalm' Steve Austin. I guess that after trying to
kill another wrestler, a subsequent face turn becomes difficult. This
will allow another face turn in the Undertaker's career should it be
necessary. Will this happen for sure? Who knows? I'd say its too
far out, but this is the WWF.
(Reported by Mike Green of The Big 3 Newsboard)

Tentative matches for ECW's January 10th PPV:
Shane Douglas VS. Sabu
Tommy Dreamer VS. Justin Credible
Rob Van Dam VS. Masato Tanaka
The Dudleys VS. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Masato Tanaka will be returning to Japan on 12/3. Meltzer reports
that he is home sick and has talked of not returning full time,
although the plan originally was for him to stay as a regular until
June. If Tanaka leaves the states, ECW will be losing their best
worker. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Matches that appear likely for Starrcade:
Goldberg VS. Kevin Nash
Ric Flair VS. Eric Bischoff
Bret Hart VS. Diamond Dallas Page
Rey Mysterio Jr. VS. Juventud Guerrera Jr.
Perry Saturn VS. Ernest Miller
(Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Rick Steiner has been pulled from all shows for the reast of the year
due to his recent shoulder surgery. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

An idea (not definite) being batted around: Combining the nWo back
into one group as heels, with Kevin Nash as the new leader. Sting and
possibly Konnan would remain babyfaces and possibly feud with them
(Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Sandman will likely be involved in a program with Raven's group
(whnever he actually debuts, of course) (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Bob Emanuel Jr. over at the MIAMI HERALD reported to Scoops that ECW
star Blue Meanie will be rejoining Al Snow in the WWF and The Job
(Reported by Scoops at: )

Wade Keller reports that WCW wanted to hotshot a Goldberg v. Nash
match last Monday on Nitro, but Kevin Nash vetoed it, and suggested
that they try to do a proper build up for the Starrcade main event
instead (Reported by Micasa)

The WWF may tease that Terri Runnels and Jacky are romantically
(Reported by Micasa at: )

There is now a "contract" angle going on in New Japan in which Onita
is claiming that Kensuke Sasaki signed a contract stating that if he
lost to Onita that Choshu would come out of retirement to fight Onita.
Choshu categorically denied the contract and its existence, but Onita
presented it at a press conference.
(Reported by Micasa)
VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with a shot of an ambulance in the ECW Arena. No
reason given for it being there. This would serve as a "teaser" for
the entire show.

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers
position and said there was a major incident at the Arena tonight. We
would hear about it during the program.

Shane "The Franchise" Douglas, ECW Champion was in the ring along with
The Head Cheerleader Francine, who was not looking too shabby. He said
he has a "plan," adding that he is one step ahead of Sabu, Rob "Mr.
Monday Night" / "The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam, and their Manager, Bill
"Fonzie" Alfonso, The Man who Calls Them Right Down The Middle. He
said Bam Bam (Bigelow) is gone and Chris Candido isn't in the house,
but he had someone else there. He introduced Taz, who came to the
ring. He said that in his five years in ECW, Taz was "on his
shoulder," and was the only man who faced who he had any respect for.
Douglas went on to say they were very much alike. He also said when he
lost the Title last time, he told WWF Owner Vince McMahon to shove his
job offer and stayed in ECW, unlike others (he mentioned Terry Funk
and The Sandman). He stayed and won the Title back. He called Taz the
only man other than himself 'qualified' to hold the Title, adding that
sometime down the road Taz will hold it. The crowd had been taunting
him the whole time and now began a chant of "Sabu," much to Douglas'
disgust. He said that Sabu didn't deserve a Title shot as the crowd
kept after him. Douglas then said that Van Dam and other, including
Justin Credible, are also after him and the Title. In the background,
Styles kept talking about Douglas' asking Taz to take Sabu out for him
recently. Douglas then asked Taz to be his partner in a Tag Team Match
tonight v. Sabu and Van Dam, calling it the match that everyone wants
to see.

We saw Justin Credible, with his Manager, The World's Sexiest Man,
Jason (yeah, and Luna is The World's Sexiest Female), and The Blonde
Bimbo's Bimbo, Chastity. He was ranting about his match coming up
Sunday Night, which if course he was going to win.

The first match was for the ECW TV Championship and was being taped
for Japanese TV, but we were going to see highlights. It pitted Van
Dam (C) v. Rugged Rod Price, Member of the AWO (@$$hole World Order).
Van Dam will be defending the Title in Japan in December, however, if
he loses (and that will be when the Arctic Ice Cap melts), he will get
a rematch there. Van Dam was accompanied to the ring by Fonzie. The
match was shown highlight style. I know ECW only has one hour a week
to showcase their product, but in my opinion, showing their matches
this way
hurts their presentation. We saw Van Dam at his best in this match,
hitting moves others only dream about. He hit several aerial moves,
various types of Kicks, including a Spinning Heel Kick, a version of
The VanDaminator off the guard rail, which got the first "Oh, my G-d"
of the show from Joey, a Tumbling Senton Splash, and a Tumbling Cork
Screw. Price had nothing to challenge him with. Van ended it with a
major VanDaminator, followed by one of the highest Frog Splashes I
have ever seen. This match was pure Van Dam. He is everything he says
he is. It ain't bragging if you can do it and he can. The man is The
Whole F'N Show. In this writers opinion, he is by far the best
wrestler in the world today, and its a long way down to second place.

Winner - Still ECW TV Champion - Rob Van Dam

Styles teased some more about the "Breaking News" is and the

We saw the very end of a Six Man Tag Team Match (in fact, just the
pin). It was won by The Blue Meanie, Super Nova and Chris Chetti over
three unidentified opponents.

More teasing by Joey Baby.

The next match was Lance Storm v. Jerry Lynn. Storm was accompanied to
the ring by Tammy Lynn Bytch (TLB), who is becoming real good at
playing to the crowd. She gave them a little T&A show and they ate it
up. Storm took the mic and told the crowd the should show TLB "some
respect." They wanted her to show them some skin. He then asked Lynn
how many times he had to beat him, and said he had an idea. He said
that Mikey Whipwreck should meet Lynn instead of him because they both
needed a win and maybe that way one of them might actually get one. He
called Mikey out. Mikey came to ringside and told Storm "to shut the F
up." He said the only way Storm beat him was with Lynn's help, and the
only way Storm beat Lynn was with his (Mikey's) help. Storm mouth got
in gear before his brain. He said he could beat both of them the same
night. The referee thought that was a neat idea and said Storm would
face them in back-to-back matches. Storm wasn't real happy. He wanted
the matches spaced. He lost the argument and will face Mikey
immediately after Lynn. This match was also shown highlight style. We
saw Storm hit a Plancha; Lynn apply a Single Leg Boston Crab; Storm a
Spinning Heel Kick, followed by a Power Bomb. Storm hit two Irish
Whips, followed by a Cart Wheel Hand Spring into Lynn in the corner.
It looks like Storm has been watching Van Dam.
They fought on the floor for a while and then back in the ring. Storm
was caught on the top turn buckle and Suflexed off. Storm went for a
Superflex, but Lynn countered it with a Face Buster. Storm went for a
Tombstone Pile Driver and had that reversed into a DDT by Lynn. TLB
got up on the apron. Mikey came up also to stop her from getting
involved. He was knocked off by Lynn, who was shoved into him by
Storm. TLB passed Storm her "loaded" purse. You know what's coming
next. Loaded Purse meets Lynn's head, Lynn goes bEddie bye. Storm
hands purse back to innocent young lady before referee turns around,
Storm covers Lynn, Storm wins.

Winner - Lance Storm and Tammy Lynn Bytch's Purse. Crowd didn't do
too badly either as TLB gave them a show.

The next match started immediately as Mikey Whipwreck came right in
after Storm. He quickly hit a FrankenMikey and a Tornado DDT. Mikey
was a house on fire as he followed with a Whippersnapper, and went for
a cover. TLB reached in and put Storm's foot over the bottom rope to
save him. He was fast asleep at this point. Lynn came in from behind
and nailed Mikey, apparently in retaliation for his bump into Mikey.
Lynn seemed to think Mikey somehow caused him to lose. With both Mikey
and Storm in lala land, TLB came into the ring and rolled Storm onto
Mikey. The referee awoke from his nap and counted the pin.

Winner - Lance Storm

Can you spell Triple Threat Match at the next ECW PPV?

The next match was the Tag Team Match pitting Douglas and Taz v. Sabu
and Van Dam. Douglas was in the ring waiting to see if Taz accepted
his own to be his partner. Francine was there also, resplendent in her
trendy Trailer Park afternoon tea outfit. Taz came to the ring, but
didn't say a word to Douglas. He waited for Sabu and Van Dam to come
to the ring. They came out accompanied by Fonzie. The match began Van
Dam and Taz. Van Dam hit a Spinning Heel Kick and then pounded Taz in
the corner. He went to the top turn buckle, but Taz caught him and
dropped him off, following with a TazPlex. Sabu came in and he and Taz
mauled each other. If there were ever two wrestlers that really seemed
to dislike each other, these are the ones. A TazPlex sent Sabu to the
floor. Taz went out after him, but Sabu threw him into the crowd. We
next saw Air Sabu; off a chair in the ring, off the top rope, and a
dive onto Taz in the crowd. Francine and Fonzie (Beauty and the Beast)
got into it on the floor. Francine bitch slapped Fonzie. He went after
her, but was stopped by Douglas, who clocked him. Van Dam charged to
his Managers aid and clobbered Douglas. He hit Douglas with a
VanDaminator sending him into the crowd. Van Dam went after Douglas
and rolled him into the ring where Sabu proceeded to stomp the crap
out of him. Sabu and Van Dam nailed Douglas with Rolling Thunder. Sabu
applied a Camel Clutch as Van Dam hit him with a Drop Kick. It was a
2-On-1 to be remembered. They were tearing Douglas a new @$$hole. They
continued the double team with a Slingshot Somersault and Kick. Sabu
didn't want Taz to feel left out, so he set a table up from the apron
to the guard rail, retrieved Taz who was still out of it in the crowd.
He put Taz on the table and hit a Slingshot Flying Drop onto Taz,
putting him into the sub basement. Sabu went back after Douglas and as
Van Dam held him, pulled a Spike out of his trousers and jammed it
repeatedly into Douglas' face and head, turning him into a bloody
mess. Call the ambulance? Nope, this isn't it yet, although Douglas
looked like he could use Mark Green and the rest of the ER Staff. This
mauling got our second "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. Van Dam kept Taz away,
allowing Sabu to continue his restructure of Douglas' face. Douglas
finally broke free and fought back as he nailed Sabu with a chair. Van
Dam came in and ate a chair shot also. Sabu Drop Kicked Douglas in the
knee and Van Dam nailed him with a Leg drop. Sabu then really put it
to Douglas with an Arabian Face Buster.
Douglas was out cold and Sabu pinned him for the victory. He then
applied a Camel Clutch and refused to break it. Taz came up from
behind and put The TazMission on Sabu and followed with a TazPlex,
that caused Sabu to land on his head and jam his neck. This got the
third "Oh, my G-d" from Joey, who called this devastating move "A
TazMissionPlex." Sabu was obviously hurt and hurt bad. He has had his
neck jammed before. The ring filled with ECW officials, including
Owner Paul Heymann (Paul E.), and medical personnel. I think I know
what the ambulance was for now. Duh. Paul E. kept Taz away from Sabu
as he was attended to. Van Dam and Fonzie tried to get at Taz, but
were held off. Taz broke away and stomped Sabu as he was being loaded
onto a stretcher, knocking him off. It took an army to get him away.
We saw an instant replay of the move. That was followed by a stop
action shot of it. Styles said Taz had deliberately injured Sabu by
not releasing the move. He said that Taz had to be trying to break
Sabu's neck, and called it despicable. The replay seemed to confirm
what Styles was saying. We saw Sabu being put into the ambulance.

Winners - Sabu and Rob Van Dam - Loser - Sabu's Neck

After a break, Styles recapped what had just taken place. He reviewed
the possible motives that may have driven Taz to do it. Had he taken
Douglas up on his offer of Francine if he took Sabu out before their
scheduled Title Match at the next ECW PV, Guilty As Charged, January
10, 1999, in Orlando (THE CITY), FL? Was he getting even with Sabu for
upstaging him at he last PPV?

Styles had Taz on the phone as Taz was driving home. Taz said the ring
filled with people thinking he had killed Sabu. He showed no remorse
for what he did. He said he was proud of what he did and was paying
Sabu back for the past. He went on to say that when he was hurt and
left laying in the ring in Florida, no one cared, and he doesn't now.
He called Sabu a "dumb bastard," adding he picked his spot to get even
and still owed Sabu two more. He promised to get those, if and when
Sabu is able to come back. The program ended on that note.

Another solid hour, marred by the way the matches were shown. If Taz'
hit on Sabu was a work, it was the best ever. It looked real. The
replays showed Sabu coming down on his head and jamming his neck.
By SamJerry

1. The "Capitalist American Pig" would replace the Eagle as the
Nation's Symbol.

2. Sanitation men could earn extra income by licking the streets

3. Babu would be the next Secretary of the Treasury.

4. Every foreigner living here would have his own flunky to kick

5. Rotten Sardines would be served on Thanksgiving instead of Turkey.

6. The Iron Shiek would named Secretary of State.

7. Saddam would be get the Country's highest award, the National
Medal Of Honor.

8. Singh 3:16 means "America Sucks."

9. We would be required to wear shoes with turned up points, ala
Arabian Nights.

10. Girls would play with "Fat, Sweaty American Barbi," boys with "GI
Joe Sucks"
action figures.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: bighurt
Here's one for you. I called the WCW 800# to see if they were going
to sell LWO t-shirts as I have a few Latina/Latina friends who it
would make an ideal X-Mas gift for. I was told that aren't selling
those and have no plans to sell them....Go figure!
Check out my lil web page 3 pages o fun and links be sure to sign the
(be nice)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: GoGiants31
11/30/98 Raw
Mr. Vince McMahon states that there are men that really know the power
of a
corporation and the value of a dollar. Vince mentions that these men
will make an appearence on Raw. He says they will come out later in
the show.

9:45 Hardcore Title Match
Mankind refuses to come out and defend his title, and he says that he
quits the WWF because there are many men that are more hardcore than
he. He is seen walking out of the building. Mankind's challenger was
a mystery opponent, who is
revealed to be none other than Sabu! Sabu is stunned at the fact that
he is the winner by default, but to his surprise, out comes Cactus
Jack! Jack destroys Sabu instantly by wrapping barbed wire against
the man's face. Jack grabs the mic and says, "like in so many things
in life, Mankind has failed, but in so many things as well, Jack
prevails! Bang bang!" Sabu is embarassed and leaves the WWF to go
back to ECW.

10:30 Intercontinental Title Match
Shamrock comes down the the ring by himself to meet an opponent of
choice. Shamrock thinks he has an easy night ahead of him, but then,
starts. The opponent is the Big Boss Man! The Boss Man beats
unconcious, but the match is declared a no contest. McMahon says
Shamrock is out of the corporation, for there are people far more
deserving than him.

10:50 McMahon's Announcement
"Without further adeu, I would like to bring out our three newest
members of our happy family..." Blaring over the loudspeaker is the
Million Dollar Man, as Ted
DiBiase's music is played. He is followed by Tatanka and Irwin R.
Schyster, two members of the former Million Dollar Corporation.
DiBiase's trademark laugh comes on the mic as the Rock, Boss Man, HBK,
Tatanka, I.R.S., DiBiase, Shane and Vince stand proud in the middle of
the ring. All of a sudden, Steve Austin is showed on the Titan-Tron.
"Well, well, well, your fat asses just got bigger. But I'm not here
to talk about you, I'm here to talk about Stone Cold, because he is
the only one that matters anyway. So, I know I preach don't trust
anybody, but at some point in time, even the best break away from
their creed. So without adeu, to quote that big peacock jackass in
the middle of the ring, here are my new friends, MY new family, the
Tough SOB's!"

Austin walks out, and behind him are Ken Shamrock, Cactus Jack, Billy
Gunn, and
"Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam! The two groups run at each other,
brawl and are
left with Austin on Rocky, Shamrock on Boss Man, Cactus on Tatanka,
Gunn on
HBK, and RVD on IRS, the McMahon's and DiBiase run away, as the show
goes off
the air.
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