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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 081

Date:  Sunday November 29th, 1998  12:56 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Wrestler accused of threatening DOT road worker
By Mark Bixler -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Saturday, November 28, 1998

Big Poppa Pump is on the ropes.

The pro wrestler known for bulging biceps and a Fu Manchu mustache has
attracted attention of another sort in
Cherokee County. Deputies there
have arrested Big Poppa Pump on charges that could send him to the Big
House for threatening a state Department of Transportation worker,
then hitting the man with a Ford F-250 pickup in April.

Scott Rechsteiner of Acworth, who wrestles as Big Poppa Pump or Scott
Steiner, tried to plead guilty last week. But when the judge was not
satisfied with his story, the prosecutor backed out of an agreement to
let Rechsteiner, 36, plead guilty.

Rechsteiner goes back to court in a few weeks and may try again to
plead guilty. Or he might go to trial charged with aggravated assault
and making terroristic threats in the incident in south Cherokee on
April 21. The charges against Rechsteiner carry a maximum sentence of
26 years in prison.

Paul Kaspereen was directing traffic that day for the Georgia DOT. He
told a sheriff's deputy that about
1:40 p.m. a white pickup with
tinted windows and chrome running boards and wheels pulled up. The
driver wore a black T-shirt with cut-off sleeves that left little
doubt that he was a body builder. Kaspereen told the driver the lane
was closed. The driver climbed out of the pickup.

The driver threatened Kaspereen and said, "Move out of the way,"
Kaspereen said.

He got back into the truck.

"Move or I will run you over," he said. Then the driver pulled forward
and struck Kaspereen.

"Sir, the lane is closed," Kaspereen said.

The "driver then stated, 'Move or I will run over" (you),' " Kaspereen
said. Then, he said, the driver pulled up and hit him a second time.
The police report says Kaspereen was not seriously hurt.

Kaspereen would not comment on the case during a phone conversation.
Rechsteiner did not return a call.

When Rechsteiner appeared before Judge C. Michael Roach last week to
plead guilty to terroristic threats, his attorney, Alan C. Manheim,
told the judge that Rechsteiner does not believe he committed a crime.
He said Rechsteiner only pleaded guilty because he was concerned that
a jury would convict him because of his "public persona."

A home page on the World Wide Web ( says Rechsteiner
wrestles under the name Scott Steiner in the New World Order wrestling
organization. It includes pictures of Rechsteiner with titles such as
"Talking Trash," "Scotty Gloating" and "Scotty Wailing on Benoit."

Court papers say prosecutors agreed to recommend that Roach put
Rechsteiner on probation for five years and order him to pay
restitution of $2,676. The judge was to sentence him as a "first
offender," meaning Rechsteiner would not have a criminal record if he
successfully completed probation.

The judge explained the charges against Rechsteiner, then questioned
him.. After the judge heard his answers, he said Rechsteiner was "not
guilty of terroristic threats if that's all you did."

Prosecutor David Gafnea also was not satisfied with Rechsteiner's
answers. He withdrew the plea agreement.

Manheim said Friday that a new court date has not yet been set.
(Reported by Joe De Leon, The Flying Scotsman, & The Big 3 Newsboard)
The "man hating" gimmick of Jacqueline & Terri Runnels may include
teases of lesbianism (Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling

The WWF is advertising Cactus Jack, as opposed to Mankind, for
upcoming events.
(Reported by Wade Keller)

From Bob Barnett: Accelerated perhaps by the recent Hogan-less
turmoil, JJ Dillon and Paco Alonso have set the WCW vs EMLL feud to
start Fri, Dec 4 at Arena Mex. The first match will be Vampiro, Hector
Garza, and Dandy, against Rayo de Nabisco and 2 stooges. This will be
the angle where Vamp kills Rayo leading to the title on the year end
show, Dec 18. Except now Vamp may kill his teammates too. Konnan
called Paco Alonso today and said he would be coming by his office
Friday afternoon. Paco no showed.
(Reported by Bob Barnett & Dave Scherer of )
WCW Saturday Night Report for November 28th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson opened the show by reviewing Hogan's
”retirement” announcement from Thursday. Tenay billed the retirement news as one of the biggest announcements in wrestling history.

Eddie Guerreropinned WCW Cruiserweight Champion Kidman in a non-title
After constant interference by the LwO, Kidman finally had Eddie prone
for a Shooting Star Press. As he prepared to leap from the top rope,
Hector Garza pulled Eddie from the ring, which caused Kidman to miss
his target. An injured Kidman was then easy prey for a Frog Splash. Rey
Mysterio Jr. saved Kidman from a Luchador beating, much to the chagrin
of Eddie Guerrero.

Lodi defeated Barry Darsow via disqualification
Lodi made this segment much more entertaining than most of Darsow's
Lodi was prepared to golf against Darsow and Darsow cheated
the rookie. Before the match even started Darsow ended up being
disqualified when he broke his golf club over
Lodi's back.

Kanyon pinned Scott Armstrong
Kanyon defeated Armstrong after The Flatliner. The curse of The
Armstrongs continues...

Perry Saturn defeated Silver King via submission
Saturn is STILL wearing his vest. Silver King carried Saturn to a
pretty good match which ended when Saturn locked on The Rings of

Glacier defeated Bobby Blaze via submission
Glacier defeated Blaze after using The Asiatic Spike (The Icepick) to
choke out Blaze.

Scott Putski pinned Ciclope
Putski used "The Putski Bomb" to put Ciclope away, a combination of
The Gordbuster and a Powerbomb.

Alex Wright pinned
Chad Fortune
Wright put Fortune away after a Neckbreaker, called "The Hangman"

Chris Benoit (w/Arn
Anderson) defeated Prince Iaukea via submission
Although Benoit sells as well as anybody, I hate to see him give so
much offense to Iaukea. Benoit finally put Iaukea away with The
Crippler Crossface.

Vincent defeated Tokyo Magnum via submission with an Armbreaker
Magnum submitted after around 10 seconds. its disgraceful for an up
and coming star like Magnum to lose to someone like Vincent that

Announced for Nitro- Diamond
Dallas Page VS. Bret Hart in a US Title

Booker T defeated Bret Hart via disqualification
After a relatively slow paced match, Hart was disqualified after hitting Booker T with a chair. Stevie Ray argued with Hart and made the save for his injured brother. Given the proper build up, this could be a marquee match...
The following message was found on Chris Candido's and Tammy Sytch's
message board, found at
AOL Keyword Sport Guy. This message is from
Tammy Sytch, and it addresses some of the rumors circulating around the two of them:
Just so you know, we have NO SUBSTANCE ABUSE problems. The rumor
started with the WWF because I was on a prescription medication for
female problems. The WWF does not drug test anymore, therefore, they
thought I had a problem. They didn't even ask to see my bottle with
my doctor's name--they just blew it out of proportion and know I have
this bad rep. Also, I didn't get fired, I quit because of their

Thanks again for all the helpful posts regarding our family problem.
We are vacationing in
Aruba right now, but will be back home soon, and
will address our career direction that has become such big news.
Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido”

By SamJerry

1. Mandatory work clothes would be smelly, raggy and torn jeans or
second-hand blue clown pants. Note: 1970's style Disco Pants are an
acceptable substitute.

2. Everyone not wasn't liked by DDP would have "Scum" added to their
name (i.e., Barbi "Scum" Doll, Bambi "Scum" Deer", and Mickey "Scum"

3. Men would be forbidden from marrying anyone less that 25 years
younger then they are. After 60, this would increase to 35 years.

4. Smiling would be banned in public.

5. Official title would be "The People's President," though loathed
by most.

6. Acceptable meeting places for potential spouses would be
restricted to strip clubs and topless bars.

7. Bathing more than monthly would be banned.

8. Appointment of all positions would be to friends, regardless of
their talent or ability, since he got where he is that way.

9. The First Lady would be given her own segment on any TV Program
she wanted.

10. The National Symbol would change from an Eagle to a Dodo Bird.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Justin9608
When the Undertaker was going to "Embalm" Stone Cold he was speaking in
tongues, I believe he was speaking Egyptian. What he was saying was
from "The Book of the Dead".


In Egyptian times, when they still mummified people, a man (Kind of like a Undertaker) would come into the room, and would come over the body, and say lines from the Book of the Dead (what the Undertaker


He would say this, and then, I believe, he would pull the dead man's insides out, and stuff him with flowers. They would pull the intestines out so the body would not smell as bad. Then, they would continue to mummify the man.


Then, the man who pulled his guts out would come outside, and they'd throw rocks at him, because they thought he was the lowest human on earth. Just thought I'd let you know.

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: WStudios3
WCW is headed in totally the wrong direction as of late. If WCW keeps
going down, Bischoff will be fired, cold turkey. Here's what I'd do to
spice things up in the World title division.

NITRO 11/30:
At the beginning of the show they would announce that Bill Goldberg
will defend his World title against Lex Luger tonight.

Later that night, about
10:40, ring introductions, and they start the
match at about
10:45. The match goes about a good ten minutes. Then
Luger runs at Goldberg and misses his Forearm and hits the referee.
From there Goldberg turns around and Spears him. It takes awhile for
Goldberg to get up he then calls for the JackHammer but Luger nails a
Low Blow. Then a masked man makes his way down to ringside. He pulls
out a Theft Club and goes to the top and he aims for Goldberg but
Goldberg ducks and he ends up hitting Luger.


The masked man then hits Goldberg with his club, rolls Luger onto Goldberg and then unmasks to be revealed as Bret Hart. He then takes off his sweatshirt to reveal a nWo t-shirt, he then takes that shirt off and puts it on Luger and then leaves.


Luger comes to and sees the nWo t-shirt on him and gets up and goes to the turnbuckle to rest his head. Goldberg then gets up and when Luger turns around he spears him and pins him for the 1-2-3.

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by: Rich Parker (clerkrats) (Rich Parker)
NOTE-Even though it was a surprise invasion, the wrestlers who
received title shots were under WCW contract and were entitled to hold
WCW belts. Whether they followed the angles Bischoff makes is another

In the second hour Scott Hall easily disposes of nWo
Hollywood member
Buff Bagwell following an Outsider's Edge.

During the third hour, as the Sandman FINALLY makes his debut against
Raven, the lights suddenly go out. Tony Schiavone is wondering what's
going on. Suddenly the lights turn back on...
HITS THE RING!!! Raven attacks the Sandman and he and Kanyon hold him
up. Credible, with the cane, beats the crap out of the Sandman.
Schiavone is saying... who is this person who attacked the Sandman.
Credible keeps caning the Sandman until the Sandman passes out!
Credible then stands on the middle rope and extends his fist to the
crowd. Credible, Raven, and Kanyon walk off before a commercial break.

During the second hour, Scott Hall goes through Lex Luger after an
Outsider's Edge. Hall walks off saying something about Nash.

Credible, Raven, and Kanyon come out again during Saturn's match
against Horace. As Saturn sets up the Death Valley Driver, Credible's
crew attacks Saturn in the ring. Again, Schiavone is confused because
Credible does not have a contract in any way with WCW. The Sandman
tries making the save, but gets beat down for his efforts.

Scott Hall is interviewed and talks about how he will always be a lone
wolf in WCW and that he doesn't need the nWo to get ahead.

Saturn calls out the Sandman and asks him to team with him tonight
against Raven and Kanyon. Sandman agrees. During the match, Saturn
intercepts Credible's cane and sets up a shot on Raven.... BUT HE
THE SANDMAN!  Credible, Saturn, Raven, and Kanyon stand in the
ring...but then turn on Kanyon!!! Credible grabs the mike and says
"HEY BISCHOFF!!! This is me and Paul Heyman's way of saying 'F**K
OFF!'. We are the @$$hole World Order!!!". Security gets rid of the

Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko defeat Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner to
win a title shot next week on Nitro.

Scott Hall is taking on K-Dawg. For what seems like no valid reason,
Justin Credible attacks K-Dawg with the cane. Raven lifts K-Dawg up
and gives him the Evenflow. Saturn just stands around and Credible
gives the mic to Hall. Hall says "Yo PJ, man. its great to see you
again in WCW. You see Nash, I told my best friend a long time ago...
when you're Justin Credible... you're Justin Credible 4 Life!". So
Hall joins the aWo.

In an unannounced match The Sandman takes on Chris Benoit. But
once again, the aWo attacks the Sandman. Credible gives Benoit an aWo
shirt, which has not actually been marketed by WCW yet. As a matter
of fact, the ECW logo in the back is VERY visible. Credible says that
Uncle Paul sent him to WCW to free the Crippler's ASS!!! Benoit says
its great to be back in the ECW family.

Cameras catch Justin Credible's aWo attacking Kevin Nash in the
locker room. Justin hits That's Incredible on the concrete floor, and
Hall stomps away on him. JJ Dillon says that Nash has been
incapacitated and cannot compete. Raven is named as the replacement.
With big assists from the aWo, Raven goes on to win the WCW World
Title! The aWo splits as fast as possible.

As promised, Malenko and Benoit receive a tag title shot. When the
aWo interferes for Benoit they win the titles. Benoit offers Maenko
an aWo shirt and Malenko takes it. Malenko joins the aWo. The
Sandman attacks the aWo with his cane and is wearing his old ECW
clothes. The aWo splits!!!

Meanwhile, Scott Hall gets a shot at the U.S. Title, being held by
DDP. With big assists, once again a title is secured. Also, Saturn
Jericho in controversial fashion for the TV Title.

ECW ARENA- 1/2/99
As "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" plays, the @$$hole World
Order returns from their brief stint in WCW. This includes EVERYBODY!
Raven, Benoit, Malenko, Credible, Saturn, and Hall come out to a
unique ovation with the four titles they secured. Credible then
challenges Hall to a friendly match for the aWo U.S. Title. Hall lays
down on his back, and Credible covers for the easy three. "Enter
Sandman" plays and the Sandman makes an unannounced return to ECW. He
hits the ring, and attacks Scott Hall. The aWo looks confused, and
then beat on Hall as well.


Credible tells Hall that they have all the ECW alumni they need and that Hall isn't wanted in the ECW Arena.  Paul Heyman comes to the ring and shakes Credible's hands for a job well done!


It is revealed that Heymann sent Credible over to "let his people go", meaning the WCW-signed members of the aWo, and that only one ECW star had the balls to send that message... Credible. Credible gives Heyman the new titles, and Heyman says that we now have new belts in ECW.


They are spray painted ECW on the belts and Guilty As Charged is named to "ECW /aWo:Bagging All The Gold". And since WCW is so chicken s**t and actually take Schiavone's advice that its probably just a "work", they do nothing about it. Furthermore, WCW never has new titles made, believing that they will hand them back in the near future, and most WCW viewers watch ECW instead.
Do you like The Rock? Well if you do or if you don't go to The
Corporate Page at: go there
You jabroni!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

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