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Issue # 085

Date:  Friday December 4th, 1998  10:11 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Ratings for Monday, November 30th
5.0 Composite
4.8 First Hour
5.2 Second Hour

4.2 Composite
5.0 First Hour
3.8 Second Hour
4.0 Third Hour

The 11/29 edition of Heat did a very strong 4.5 rating.
(Ratings were courtesy of Dave Scherer of )

Rob Z. sent word that he heard Blue Meanie signed a three year deal with the WWF. He went with Paul Heyman's blessing since Paul was paying him very little
and the WWF offered a lot more. (Reported by Dave Scherer of )

When All Japan ran their 12/2 show, outside the building was a note stating that Giant Baba had taken ill due to a bad fever and influenza (flu.) Baba caught the bad cold 11/6 at the Yamanashi Kofu rally and his health has been weakening.  This is a big deal in
Japan due to attendance records (and so forth for Baba.)  Baba will more than likely miss the last 3 shows of the tour and return for the Giant Series tour in January. (Reported by Micasa at: )

The reason Buff Bagwell wasn't on Nitro Monday is that he married his longtime girlfriend Erika Walker in
Hawaii. Buff should return next week. (DDW)
(Reported by Sister
Midnight at The Big 3 Newsboard)

Meanwhile, more rumblings that Sandman is getting increasingly unhappy with his situation regarding WCW. You've probably heard about company requests that he shave his head, and something about a possible gimmick as a bowler? Well, add to that the instant monster push that Bam Bam Bigelow has received from the get go, and you can understand why the man could be getting fidgety standing at the sidelines watching all of this happen.
(Reported by Scoops at:

Public Enemy to the J.O.B. Squad rather than ECW? Maybe. Still, its just a rumor.....(Reported by Scoops)

Carlos Colon did an awesome angle on the WWC 11/29 TV in Puerto Rico setting up the return of Abdullah the Butcher. Colon is out with an injury blamed on Rey Gonzalez and Victor (who turned heel and joined with Gonzalez, mostly because they were out of good heels), and they’ve been doing segments on the television over the past few weeks with Colon talking about the surgery (which took place on 10/20) and rehab. During the segments, he keeps saying that he doesn’t know when he’ll be back in action, but he will return. Anyway, they did a great angle
Colon and a camerman flew to Atlanta and went to Abdullah’s restaurant.


Colon talked to a guy at the front of the place who was said to be Abby’s son, saying he wanted the guy to tell Abby that Colon was there. They showed the guy telling Abby, and Abby acted like it was a joke. Colon then showed up and asked Abby for help against Victor and Gonzalez. Abby attacked him but the kitchen staff did a pull-apart. Colon again explained what the heels did to him, including showing
him the scars from his operation. Abdullah then did agree to help. Gonzalez and Victor reacted to the segment by saying they were going to go to the commission to keep Abby from wrestling, since
Colon beat Abdullah in a retirement match at the 1997 anniversary show. But since when have stips been enforced in Puerto Rico?

(Reported by Jess McGrath of MOONSAULTS ONLINE at
by Mark George (attkdonkey)
With "Joe Wrestling Fan" out of action and preparing for his triumphant return, I have introduced a new segment to the Wrestling Booking Sheet called The Good, Bad and the Ugly. Hope you enjoy and if you don't, well, I got 2 words for
you...uh, nevermind.

THE GOOD............
1) The Rock turning Corporate. Genius idea!!!! Rock is a better heel and has got the mike work that really gets him over.

2) Hollywood Hogan's retirement. I don't want to pile on him, but I will anyway. Hogan obviously had no wrestling skill. He did do a lot for the sport, but watching this piece of crap run around with a painted beard was too much.  Have fun making The Nanny 2.

3) Large Breasted Women in WWF. Call me a male pig and I will just say "Thank you". Hot, big breasted women in revealing clothes are nice. WWF is obviously more adult oriented which is just fine by me.

4) Billy Kidman. I love watching this guy wrestle. No nonsense, quiet and hard working.

1) Bret Hart's character. I am not a big Bret Hart fan, but he is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business and he seems to be lost in WCW. WCW has gone too far with the "Hitman" image. Let him beat wrestlers straight up without the use of a foreign object every time.

2) The Oddities w/ICP. These guys suck!!!!! That includes you too, Luna, since you are closer to a male than any other species. Watching these
Sesame Street rejects run around is enough to give a grown man gas!!!!!

THE UGLY............
1) WCW Nitro parties. Oh good lord!!!! This is truly the most pathetic thing I've seen. Memo to all the freaks out there who actually dress up and pretend to be WCW Superstars. Stop!!!!! Chanting "Goldberg" over and over while some fat ass rolls out in a black Speedo is not fresh. Letting your 240 lb. girlfriend pretend to be a Nitro Girl should be against the law. It is astonishing that some of these ingrates actually know how to work a video camera.
VISIT my Home Page:

1. Next time Saddam acts up, he would get a kick to the stomach, followed by a Stone Cold Stunner and double one-finger salutes.

2. "Hell Yeah" will be printed on every dollar bill.

3. The Cabinet would be eliminated, since Stone Cold doesn't need any friends or advisors.

4. The Rattlesnake would replace The Eagle as National Symbol.

5. Steveweiser would become the Official National Drink. Why? Because Stone Cold said so.

6. The McMahon Family and The Stooges would be exiled to that new created Third World Country -
Atlanta, GA.

7. Eric Bischoff would be required to shave his head and wear black trunks and black boots.

8. The biggest toys for Christmas would be One Finger Salute Barbi, My
Cellmate's Bitch Rocky Doll and Gay Undertaker - Paul Bearer Ballet Dancing Twins Dolls.

9. The Army's new uniform would be Stone Cold 3:16 T-shirts and shorts, and pick-up trucks their vehicles.

10. The National's Capital would be wherever SCSA says it is.
WCW Thunder Report for
November 3rd, 1998
By Steve Appy
A highlight video aired spotlighting Hulk Hogan. The video portrayed Hogan as a big babyface, and gave him far too much credit.

The nWo Black & White's new leader, Scott Steiner, was interviewed. Although his interviews have improved 100%, he does get pretty crude. Then again, that's the name of the game these days. He threatened to hurt Scott Hall tonight; after the commercial break, the match was made official between the two.

Ciclope defeated Eddie Guerrerovia forfeit in 2:38
Eddie faced off against a non LwO Luchador, which was a situation he quickly remedied. Eddie quickly forfeited the match, and along with the LwO, he accepted Ciclope into the Latino World Order. Psychosis gave his first WCW interview, which was mostly in Spanish, while offering Ciclope the spot. No sign of Mysterio or Juvi.

The Giant pinned The Renegade in 0:58
The Giant destroyed The Ultimate Jobber with a Chokeslam. The Giant challenged DDP, gloating about the Chokeslam he delivered on Page Monday night. Of course, DDP was given the chance to respond and he nailed The Giant with a chair. The Giant has joined Hogan & Hart in being labeled as scum by DDP; is this an honor?

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Mike Enos in
The MUCH larger Enos dominated the bout. The announcers almost sold Chavo as secondary to Pepe. After throwning Chavo around the whole match, Enos attempted to Powerbomb Chavo onto Pepe. Chavo reversed the move, and rolled him up for the pinfall victory.

Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Villano 5 in 4:35
Rey took Villano down with a flying head scissors off the top rope. No
intervention by the LwO, thankfully.

Tony Shiavonie interviewed Rey Mysterio Jr. The LwO interrupted and Eddie told the world that Juvi is the designated LwO member for the Cruiserweight Championship.  Shiavonie interrupted and informed Eddie that Rey VS Juvi will take place on next week's program, with the # 1 contender status for Kidman's belt at stake.  Eddie was enraged, since it went against his own plans.

Wrath pinned Chip Minton in
Although Wrath took the victory, the announcers actually did a good job of building Minton, acknowledging his Olympic background. Minton was presented as a winner simply because he lasted so long with Wrath, a strategy that builds both men. Wrath finally put Minton away with The Meltdown.

Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Raven & Kanyon via countout in 9:08
Kanyon spent the whole match in the ring for his team, since Raven did his usual act and refused to tag in. Kanyon was built up very well, since he was competitive with both Horseman and they failed to put him away. After finally tagging Raven, Raven just walked away from the ring and was counted out. Logic would dictate Kanyon would be really pissed off at Kanyon right now; logic would also dictate that Kanyon would refuse to team with Raven yet again.

WCW Television Champion Konnan defeated The Disco Inferno via submission in 5:22
Disco announced that he will have a blockbuster announcement this Monday at Nitro. He then asked Konnan if he could be a part of his next video, and K-Dawg made a couple of gay references. It was announced that Konnan's next video will be released in January. Konnan took the victory after The Tequila Sunrise.

Scott Steiner fought Scott Hall to a No Contest in

The bogus nWo referee was the official. Hall went for The Outsiders Edge on Steiner, and the referee helped Steiner out of the move. An angry Hall performed the edge on the Bill Alphonso wannabe. This distracted Hall enough for Steiner to place Hall in the Steiner Recliner, where he was locked in tight as Thunder ended.
THIS ISSUE'S FOCUS: Big Boss Man Trivia!!!!!
1. Who did BOSSMAN beat at SummerSlam 88?
2. Who did BOSSMAN and AKEEM beat at WrestleMania 5?
3. Who were BOSSMAN's partners at SummerSlam 89?
4. Who did BOSSMAN bodyguard in the NWA in the mid-80's?
5. Who did BOSSMAN face on Saturday Night's Main Event in Nov. 1991?
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Relyt316
I've come to a basic conclusion, and that is for 3 hours every Monday, 40-50 wrestlers put their body, mind, and soul into a couple of TV shows so that we, the fans, can be entertained.


I don't care what anyone says, wrestlers wrestle because they love what they do, not for money. After a recent WWF house show, me and a couple friends were waiting outside in hope we would see a couple superstars.


One of them we did see was Mark Henry. He had done his usual heel routine that day, so as he walked to his car, he was pelted with not only harsh words but objects. I found this very disturbing. He was a guy who was just doing his job, and he was being put down for it. I say, do all the stuff you want inside the arena but once a wrestler is outside, he shouldn't be harassed for the things he says and/or does in the ring.
Point....Respect the wrestlers, they deserve it.
The NWA NY returns to
NEW YORK on Saturday night, December 12th at 7:05 PM for a show at Colony Hall on the grounds of Seaview Hospital, 460 Brielle Ave. Call 718-967-6342 for information.


See The Reckless Youth & Twiggy Ramirez VS. Ace Darling & Super Nova in the main event! In addition, see several title defenses and Devon Storm live! The show is a benefit for the Seaview Hospital Auxiliary and is also a canned food drive for Staten Island's Project Hospitality. Email
SIWRCW03for further information.
Saturday Jan. 9th 1999 with a special bell time of 3:00 pm.


Main Event: Timber (WWF Funking Dojo) vs. Toad (WCW Power Plant). Special appearance by Doink the Clown. For more info e-mail

To subscribe to an all WCW newsletter with News, rumors, results, polls, trivia, and much much more E-Mail StingWCW92

Join the WWF E-Fed, WWF wrestlers only. If you are Interested in signing up then go to
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ICHIBAN729
I can't believe Eric Bischoff. He has so much talent on his roster and yet he doesn't see/use it. One man in particular I believe can be a superstar. He has the talent, wrestling ability, and most importantly the charisma to succeed.  But alas, in WCW he is a full blown jobber. Who am I talking about? None other than
Lenny Lane!


To top it off, he has a great finishing move I wish I could see more often. its called the Memory Lane, a deadly full nelson faceslam. It connects as perfectly as Brian Christoper's Tennesse Jam top rope legdrop. I don’t know why Lenny is still a jobber. But I see a minor push currently. He does a parody of the ROCK with "the people's legdrop/kneedrop".


I'm not sure if this is a sign of a push or just mocking the WWF, but
nonetheless... I sure hope he gets to become a star in WCW and SOON... not when he's 38.
P.S. AOL sn is WCWLenny... ? perhaps....
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Ginasdaddy
Starcade- Ric Flair beats Eric Bischoff to become reinstated to WCW. Goldberg loses the belt and streak after Bam Bam Bigelow interferes.

Nitro-the Black and White nWo is in the ring arguing over who should be the new leader. Bret Hart gets on the mic and says "I'm the leader and if you have a problem I'll end your career." The first thing Bret does as leader is attack Vincent. Then Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell say they have a problem, and they both get destroyed. The Giant comes out and challenges Bret for later in the evening.

2nd hour- Nash is doing an interview. Bret comes out and says he wants a title shot at Souled Out.

Later On- Flair says he wants a match. Bischoff comes out and says "you can wrestle but I say who you wrestle. Here's your opponent: STEVE ARMSTRONG".  A squash match. This trend continues over the next few weeks

3rd hour- Bret Hart cleanly beats The Giant. The next week he appears in the WWF while the nwo goes on as usual

Souled Out- Triple main event. Goldberg beats Bigelow, Nash beats Hart by disqualification, and Flair beats Barry Windham to get revenge and higher quality opponents

Nitro- Scotty Riggs is wrestling former partner Sickboy. Buff Bagwell comes out and says he wants to reform the American Males, and they reunite. Rick Steiner is still in between partners, Scott comes out and says he wants them to reform but Rick says no. V.K. Wall$street comes out and says he'll be Rick's partner.  He is actually loyal to Rick this time, but Scott still wants to be his partner.

A few weeks later on Nitro-The American Males win the tag team belts. V.K. and Rick prove to be a great team, but Scott won't leave them alone. Rick says "you both want to be my partner, fine you have to fight for it."

Next week- Scott Steiner beats Wallstreet to become Rick's full time partner.

Superbrawl- The Steiners win the tag belts from the American Males. Riggs rejoins the new flock. Bagwell forms the new Stars n' Stripes, him and the flag waving Lex Luger with manager Jim Duggan. The flag and Luger to be explained later.

Nitro- V.K. Wallstreet and Vincent attack the Steiners. Ted DiBiase comes out and says this team will destoy his old team of Rick and Scott.

Uncensored- The Steiners do their new feud for a little bit. The nWo feud continues until the Wolfpack finally splits as Nash rejoins the black and white.  Luger goes on to be the All American again, K-Dawg joins the lwo, and Sting and Savage just go WCW when they return.

Nitro- Goldberg says he's making up for lost time and making a new streak.  Goldberg wrestles from 1 to 3 times a night building up a streak of 2000 wins

Spring Stampede- Goldberg gets the belt from Nash

Nitros, Thunders, house shows- Goldberg keeps up the streak. its announced that at the new wcw/nwo ppv, AUGUST ARMAGEDDON (they drop Road Wild because it doesn't do that great w/ buy rates) Goldberg will face a mystery opponent.

August Armageddon- The mystery opponent turns out to be HULK HOGAN, not
Hollywood but Hulk Hogan. He beats Goldberg to win the belt and the 2 shake hands.

Nitro- Hogan, Savage, Sting, Goldberg, The Steiners, and the Warrior (if he's still around) unite to finally destroy the nWo, including DiBiase again and whoever his $$$ buys, at Starcade 1999.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: FXRA97A@xxxxc...
Hello, I am an avid fan of both WCW and WWF. I like both for different reasons. But just recently on Nitro, when I saw one of the worst wrestlers in WCW (Konnan) defeat the best, I was sick. Then, to see all the stupid fans who don't know anything about wrestling cheer on the babyface. If Jericho isn’t in contention for the World Title, and a serious contender, or doesn't have a belt within the next couple months, I'm never watching WCW again.


Jericho is the biggest entertainer by far in WCW, but still losers like Goldberg get the big titles. I mean seriously, who do you have more fun watching, Goldberg or Jericho? What are neater moves, a punch (Goldberg) or a lionsault? A tackle or the Liontamer? Get the point?


That was for all those "hardcore" fans of Goldberg who are only fans because he wins. That's all he does: win, no fun.  When I talk about wrestling at school my friends are like, "Jericho is a crybaby f*g!" And I just get so mad, I love watching Jericho, and I crack up whenever he talks about how he is involved in a conspiracy. To top it off, Jericho doesn't get enough credit from the fans who just don't understand what a good wrestler he is! It’s all just not fair! Down with Goldberg, up with Jericho!
Thanks, Clayton (extreme Jerichoholic)
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