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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 086

Date:  Friday December 4th, 1998  8:34 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Guess what is coming to the pages of Playboy magazine? From what a source in the mag tells me, Sable! Word I get is that she has agreed to do the shoot after all (no doubt with a big check coming her way). It will be "tastefully done" from
what I was told. (Reported by Dave Scherer of

The Giant, real name Paul Wight, was arrested by
Memphis police following the

Thunder show held on Thursday night.

Details are sketchy, but the charges are apparently related to his having
allegedly exposed himself to a female at some point prior to the show.

WCW officials were aware of the arrest, but declined comment.

Giant is a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and is currently a member of
the NWO Black & White. He is near the end of his WCW contract, and has been
considering his options for the last several weeks.
(Reported by

Mitsuharu Misawa announced that he wants the next two contenders for his Triple
Crown to be Bart Gunn and Vader.
(Reported by Micasa at: )

The report I got, and didn't mean to post, here yesterday from Rob Z. was
bogus. The Blue Meanie has not signed a new three year deal with the WWF. A deal
is on the table, and my feeling is he most probably will sign it, but he has not
done so
yet. (Reported by Dave Scherer)

Giant Baba will be going to the WWF Rock Bottom on 12/13 to get a look at the
various talent and see if there are any wrestlers he's unfamiliar with who he'd
be able to bring in next year after Vader & Bart Gunn both got over so well.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

After the current New Japan tour ends, Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) will be
returning to the
United States, going to Minnesota for shots and treatment for
his chronically bad knees. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Masato Tanaka is leaving after this coming weekend. There is still a
possibility of his returning from January through June, but he's talked like
he's now expecting to return to
Japan permanently and that he would feud with
Hayabusa in FMW as the headline feud. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Johnny Smith, who has been asked by ECW to come in, has been delayed until after
the New Year because his wife is expecting. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

The current idea is for DDP VS. The Giant at Starrcade, with Page going over
clean, unless The Giant signs a new contract. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

Although it isn't officially settled, for all practical purposes, the legal
actions between WCW and Ric Flair are settled. (Reported by Dave Meltzer)

January 29th in
San Diego is the tentative date of Buff Bagwell's return to the
ring, teaming with Scott Steiner VS. Lex Luger & Konnan (Reported by Dave

Nash Bridges is interested in having Steve Austin do an episode
(Reported by Dave Meltzer)

To subscribe to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer, THE best wrestling source
around, send $10 for four issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
PO Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

Mikey Whipwreck was recently asked in his message folder at
AOL Keyword Sport

Guy who his top five picks would be if he could pick any five wrestlers to join
His picks were: Cactus Jack, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Hayabusa, & Billy KIdman.
VISIT my Home Page:

1. There would be an immediate recount, and all votes cast at State
would be voided (Expected to be 99+% of her total).

2. Biggest selling toy at Christmas would be Mrs. Bates' Family Funhouse,
followed closely by Jason And His Dead Playmates.

3. Playboy would have "The Butt Ugly Playmate Of The Month" Centerfold.

4. IQ's above 55 would be banned. Those found to have a higher one would be
banished to the recently created Third World Country,
Atlanta, GA.

5. Golga would be appointed Ambassador to the United Nations.

6. The Weegie Bird would replace The Eagle as National Symbol.
For those unfamiliar with the Weegie Bird: It flies in ever diminishing
circles until it
disappears up its own behind.

7. Gangrel would be appointed National Blood Bank Director.

8. All women would have their voice boxes surgically altered until they sound
like a
freight train running on gravel. Additionally, they would be required to
have their
heads shaved on one side.

9. The official residence would be the Freak Show at Ringling Brothers Circus.

10. "Up The Odd and Ugly" would be printed on every dollar bill.

11. If Saddam acts up, she would settle it by threatening to go to
Iraq and

12. Supermodels would be declared "Subversive and Enemies of the State."

13. The National Motto would be: "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is

14. Important decisions would be made by the toss of the coin, or of Kurggan, if
coin is available.

15. The Insane Clown Posse would replace The National Philharmonic.
Below is a report on Vince McMahon's appearance at
Oxford. This report was

found at: , and we all owe Scoops a debt of
gratitude for posting such a detailed report. Although I'm skeptical about some
of Vince's answers, it is still an interesting peek into McMahon's persona.

Vince McMahon spoke at the Oxford Union Society to hype the
CARNAGE show, and we've got your details!

The Oxford Union has hosted a wide variety of speakers from Prime Ministers to
American Statesmen to actors to athletes. And now, according to the president of
the union, its first professional wrestling personality.

Vince spoke to a full house and was accompanied by his wife, his son (Shane) and
his daughter (Stephanie -- who, according to our correspondent, is one fine
lookin' woman!). He started off by playing the heel. He said, "I'm proud to be
here at
CAMBRIDGE" (which is a true insult to Oxford folks) and said, "I'm going
to talk about my favorite subject -- me!"

He then gave a speech detailing his rise from living in a trailer and being
beaten mercilessly by his stepfather to his current status as owner and
president of the World Wrestling Federation. He spoke about his difficult
childhood -- his middle school years in which he "majored in being a bad ass",
his years in military school (where he was court-martialed and then
re-instated), and his difficult family life.

He then went into his pre-WWF life, working in a rock quarry and then as a
salesman for an ice cream cup and cone company.

He then went on and talked about getting a break from his father and becoming
the promoter for the
Bangor, Maine region. He said it was his big break, and he
had no intention of blowing. "Of course," he noted, "I was a huge success
because I loved what I was doing."

He spoke about the events leading up to his becoming an announcer for the WWF.
Apparently, Ray Morgan, the previous announcer, threatened to walk if he didn't
get more money, and Vince Sr. said "There's the door." From there, Vince Jr.
had his break as an announcer, teamed with Arnold Skaaland (who, Vince noted,
still works for the WWF and is now "older than dirt").

From there, he spoke, at length, about his purchase of the WWF from his father
and his efforts to go national with the business. He commented on the importance
of acknowledging that its not a sport -- its a hybrid of sports and
entertainment. He maintained that the decision to focus on the showbiz aspects
-- the entertainment -- led to the WWF's success.

He talked about the growth of the WWF -- its movement into PPV, publications,
home video, merchandising, its upcoming hotel and casino in Vegas, and a theme
restaurant which he said would open next year in
Times Square (as well as one
that might open on this side of the

He wrapped up by talking a bit about the business and why he thinks he excels at
it. He said his upbringing helps him to understand the masses. He said, "I know
what its like to live on a budget."

From there, it went to the Q & A session, which was probably the most
interesting part of the night. Here's a quick run through (paraphrased)

Q: Was the Bret Hart thing set up in advance?
A: That was quite extemporaneous. His salary was too high, he wouldn't take a
pay cut. Bret wouldn't do the job, and Vince feared that he'd leave with the
belt. Vince said, "And since I have testes the size of grapefruit, I'd do
anything for my company. I couldn't let Bret do that." Vince took some pride in
the fact that he didn't hide from the responsibility -- he went to the ring
himself to orchestrate the screw job, he didn't leave the building but rather
stayed to give Bret an explanation. He said he knew it would get physical and
figured he'd give Bret "one free shot."

He mentioned that the idea for the MR. McMAHON character came within the next
couple of days. The crowd -- for the first time -- was booing him, so he figured
"if that's what they want, I'd give it to them."

Q: Asked about the steroid scandal?
A: Vince basically said that the WWF was found not guilty of anything and had
endured terrible scrutiny from the government.

Q: Asked about
Lawrence Taylor?
A: Vince said that LT is a great athlete. Said he caught on incredibly fast.
Said that PPV did especially well in the Northeast. Bemoaned the fact that LT's
aggressiveness on the field carried over into real life.

Q: Asked if Stone Cold Steve Austin was expected to be so successful?
A: Vince was very humble about this one and gave full credit to
Austin. Said
"you can't plan for that sort of success". Noted that
Austin is now more
successful than Hogan ever was.

Q: Asked which stars haven't been able to get over?
A: At first, Vince dodged this one. He said that he was surprised that Val Venis
was so popular since he was intended to be a heel.

Later, he admitted that they've had a hard time marketing Jeff Jarrett. He said
Jarrett was a great mechanic in the ring, but the organization had failed to
develop a character for him that worked. (He also regretted that Jarrett left
the WWF and gave up his Double-J character for atime). Said Jarrett was willing
to try anything, but the organization had failed so far. He said he expects that
the Double-J character will eventually get over.

Q: Asked if Vince wanted Hall and Nash back?
A: Vince said that both of them had re-signed with WCW, and he said "good for
them." He noted that Hall had personal problems and Nash had terrible knees. He
figured that they both knew that they couldn't compete athletically in the WWF.

Q: Asked if it was hard to get respect from business people when he literally
pissed his pants on TV?
A: Vince said he gets MORE respect because he did that. It shows he'll do
anything for his company.

Q: Some girl asked "Why are you so mean to Mankind?"
A: Vince said, "Because I can be." He then spoke very positively about Mick
Foley and predicted that Mr. McMahon would "eventually get his comeuppance."

Q: Asked about Jesse the Body?
A: Said he thought the WWF's popularity probably helped but figured that he won
Minnesota was tired of partisanship.

Q: Asked what character you're proudest of?
A: He said the Undertaker was the most enduring character in terms of longevity.
Said that the WWF still had a ways to go with that character. Said he was also
proud of SCSA's character and again applauded
Austin for doing such a good job
with it. Also, talked highly about Foley's many characters.

Q: Was asked about WCW?
A: Said that it was difficult to compete against a billionaire. Said Ted
basically copies what everyone else does and just throws more money at it. Said
the WWF's best response is to develop new talent and fresh stories.

Q: Was asked about the violence?
A: Said that there are some injuries (which they call "potatoes" in the
business). Said that the stuff they show on WWF is tame compared to some of the
things you see in the movies.

Q: Asked why they don't have Sable get together with the Undertaker?
A: Vince said that he had thought about having the Undertaker have a love
interest. He had invented a character called Scarlet which was supposed to play
Undertaker's love interest. Unfortunately, he said, the Undertaker has a family
in real life, and his wife wasn't to keen on the idea of her husband having a
love interest. Vince said that personal lives often come into play in making
decisions on character, storylines, etc.

At that point, the event ended. Vince and his family left the room to a huge
amount of applause.
The following message was posted by The Blue Meanie on his
AOL Sportsguy Message
AOL members can find it at keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:334386

This has been a hectic 2 weeks as you could expect. For all my
TRUE fans who are

happy and are behind me. THANK YOU!! I've been flooded with the e-mails and
tried to answer as many as I could. For all of you who wanna stick to your
cliche' "you sold out" rants, then you were never a true fan to begin with. I've
said this before and I'll say it agan, that if you have ever taken a new job
opportunity, asked for a raise, or even bought a lottery ticket, in the hopes of
better yourself and/or you way of life. Then you are no different. As for the
folder, I dont know how long I can post here or not. My Web Site will always be
Take Care,
Proud member of the
"Fairuza Balk Warm & Tingly Infatuation Fan Club"
The following message was posted by Super Nova on his
AOL Sportsguy Message
AOL members can find it at keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:304927
This message is his reaction to The Blue Meanie leaving ECW for the WWF.

Well here it goes....

You guys can post this wherever you want, so I dont care where it goes.

First off let me say that Brian Heffron, The Blue Meanie, is , was, and always
will be my best friend in wrestling. I finally realized that on Tuesday November
21, when he called me to tell me about his offer from the WWF. I support Meanies
decision 100% and wish him the best of luck no matter what. He has worked very
hard in the past year, including losing about 75 lbs. I think we had a great run
in ECW, doing some memorable stuff, including the time we did KISS and of
course, THE BWO. Meanie is quite simply, the most entertaining guy in wrestling,
period. Over the last year we decided to make our team the best it could be, by
being innovative in our spots, and entertaining in our matches. I hope all the
fans in ECW realize that we did it for them and ourselves, because we both
deserved it. WrestlePalooza 98 and the Novemeber to Remember were the 2 best
nights of my life, because we had done it, we got to the big show, together , as
a team.

Well, as for me, who knows. I am looking forward to my new single career in ECW,
mainly cause I dont think I could ever find, or want, another partner but
Meanie. There are alot of people I can't wait to go against, like Rob, Jerry ,
Sabu, Mikey, Spike, Chetti, the list goes on. I think 99 can be my year, but we
will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure though, I will continue to hang
with Meanie as much as I can, and team with him whenever I can, at like indy
shows or whatever. I will miss him though, more than anyone else that has ever
left. So let me wish him the best of luck, and who knows, in this business ,
someday you guys might see us back together somewhere raising the roof and
kicking ass all over the country....

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: ODOG15146

If The Sandman was President.....

1.) Instead of "My fellow Americans" presidential speeches would start with

2.) Instead of shaking hands and kissing babys...he would drink beer and spit
it all over you

3.) Metallica would be the offical band of the United States and the National
Anthem would change to "Enter Sandman"

4.) Tommy Dreamer would be the new Vice President, New Jack the Secretary of
Defense, and the new Speaker of the House would be Spike Dudley

5.) Instead of fighting wars, Sandman would just challenge the leader of the
opposing country to a "Stairway to Hell" match

6.) The country would not have been founded on our forefather's Blood Sweat and
Tears, it would be on their Blood Sweat and Beers

7.) The new salute would be to raise a Singapore cane high abover your head

8.) Justin Credible, Eric Bitchoff, Sabu and Sadam Hussain vs Sandman, New Jack,
Tommy Dreamer, and Spike Dudley...can you say caining match?

9.) Insted of a podium to stand behind when making the State of the Union
address, he would just stand on a Ladder

10.)When he said something the House liked at the State of the Union address,
instead of applauding, they would just chant "ECW, ECW, ECW..."
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Reaper0519
I am writing in response to a leter from the last edition relating to Chris
Jericho. The leter talked about how Jericho dose not get proper respect in the
WCW. For quite some time now, I have felt the same way. Jericho's character is
in need of an even bigger push. With his WCW contract running out, I firmly
believe that it would be in the interest of both parties if Jericho was to sign
with the WWF. Vince McMahon has helped to sky-rocket the careers of wrestlers
like Val Venis, The NAO, and the Godfather, because of cheap little gimmicks
that get a few laughs. This would be the same if Jericho and his bodyguard
Ralphus went WWF. The pair would be an instant hit with the fans after a small
push from Vince.
Thanks, Alfred (Ralphus for Prez!)
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