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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 087

Date:  Saturday December 5th, 1998  4:45 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The Giant, real name Paul Wight, was released without charge on Friday, after
being arrested in
Memphis on Thursday night.

Wight had been arrested after Thunder, based on allegations made by a hotel desk
clerk. The clerk alleged that Wight exposed himself to her prior to the Thunder
show on Thursday.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Wight was released without charge
Memphis police determined the accusations of sexual misconduct were

Wight was released in time to participate in the WCW house show in
Tupelo, MS on

Friday night.

Wight, a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, is near the end of his current
contract with WCW, and is weighing his options for the future.
(Reported by

- WCW Thunder Ratings for Thursday, 12/3
- Hour 1 (8:05 PM - 9:00 PM EST): 3.4
- Hour 2 (9:01 PM - 10:05 PM EST): 3.9
- Composite: 3.7
(Reported by Bob Ryder & David Taylor of The Big 3 Newsboard)

Shane Douglas succesfully defended his ECW World Championship against Masato
Tanaka in Pittsburg on Friday, December 4th, when he pinned Tanaka after a
(Reported by Scoops at:

Davey Boy Smith was recently interviewed by Slam sports writer Greg Oliver.
Davey Boy Smith says that he is still under contract with World Championsip
Wrestling and that he never had contact with the World Wrestling Federation. He
is currently out of action with a back injury, that could be career threatening.
Thanks to Joe De Leon
(Reported by Michael Patrick of The Big 3 Newsboard)

Scott Norton pinned Manabu Nakanishi to retain IWGP heavyweight title on 12/4.
Jushin Liger pinned Tatsuhito Takaiwa to retain IWGP Junior Heavyweight title.
(Reported by Koji & Dave Scherer)
VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with a Six Man Tag Team Match in progress. Spike
Dudley hit
Big Sal E. Graziano in the head with a chair; Poked The One Man Gang (
OMG) in
the eyes with his fingers; and Hit Rod Price and Justin Credible both with The
Acid Drop. Tommy Dreamer hit Credible with a DDT. Spike nailed Big Sal E. with
The Acid Drop and covered him.
OMG went for a 747 Splash on Spike, but Spike
moved and Big Sal E. took it. Tommy covered
OMG and Big Sal E.; New Jack covered
Tommy; Spike sat on top of the pile and the referee counted the pin.

Winners - Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer and New Jack

We sat a clip of Tammy Lynn Sytch (
TLS) on the beach nearly wearing a string
bikini. "They say
Florida is the hottest vacation spot on the planet, but this
is extreme."

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers position and
introduced the next match. It was for the ECW TV Title, pitting Rob "Mr. Monday
Night / The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam (C) v. Mike Lozansky. Manager Bill "Fonzie"
Alfonso accompanied RVD to the ring, as RVD played to the crowd. Styles said
Mike has held titles in several promotions and countries, but not in ECW. Mike
started very fast and it looked like RVD may have taken him too lightly. He hit
a series of Kicks and a Brainbuster that stunned the Champ. They went outside
and Mike crotched RVD on the guard rail, but RVD fought back and Back Dropped
him onto the stage that is at the Arena. Back in the ring and Mike resumed
control of the match with a Suflex, but got caught on the top turn buckle with a
Kick that knocked him to the floor, where RVD took over. He repaid Mike for the
crotch job and then climbed onto the stage and nailed a tremendous Van Daminator
from a very long distance. Styles said it was too far even for Van Dam to fly,
it wasn't. He called it "the most extreme version of the Van Daminator we have
ever seen." This got our first, "Oh, my G-d" from Joey Baby. Mike called it
pain. RVD followed with a leap off the guard rail onto Mike who was way back in
the crowd as a result of the Van Daminator, but landed awkwardly and appeared to
hurt his ankle. Next up: A Corkscrew Guillotine Leg Drop off the ring apron onto
Mike's neck, as he was draped over the guard rail. Ouch! The French should have
seen this, it would have saved on blade sharpening. Back in the ring, Fonzie
threw RVD a chair and he went for another Van Daminator, but Mike moved and it
missed, allowing Mike to hit a Face Buster onto the chair. At this point, both
men appeared to be hurting. Mike went for a cover, but RVD kicked out. RVD
blocked an attempt at a Suflex and countered with a Back Body Drop and a
Tumbling Senton Splash. He tried for a cover, but Mike kicked out. Mike blocked
a Suflex and hit a Pile Driver, but again RVD kicked out. Action went to the
floor again, where Mike hit a Piscado and hurled RVD into the stage. RVD
Suflexed Mike onto the stage and hit a Guillotine Leg Drop as Mike's head was
draped off the stage. He rolled Mike back into the ring and hit a very high Frog
Splash. Mike got his foot over the bottom rope to avoid the pin. That's the
first time I've seen anyone survive RVD's Frog Splash. RVD crotched Mike on the
top rope, Fonzie held a chair in place, RVD came off the top turn buckle and hit
a Van Daminator that sent Mike into the next Area Code. He followed with a
Leg Moonsault and the Fat Lady went into her act. Mike put up a great match, but
he was facing the man I (and many others) feel is the best wrestler in the
world. After the match, RVD again played to the crowd and they ate it up. Fonzie
looked into the camera and warned Taz about paybacks being a bitch. The match
was classic RVD. The man is unreal. He has to be seen to be believed.

Winner - Rob Van Dam and the fans that got to see him perform

Styles had a few things to say: We would hear more about the Taz/Sabu/Shane "The
Franchise" Douglas situation; Sabu plans to wrestle tonight, despite being sent
to the hospital by Taz last week; ran a short clip of Terry Funk making another
unscheduled appearance at a House Show in Tampa, FL; more T&A from
TLS later;
and "Pulp Fiction" has returned to ECW.

We saw a clip from last weeks show of the incident in which Taz hurt Sabu's neck
with The TazMissionPlex. See my ECW TV Report,
November 27, 1998, on my Web Page
for complete details.

We saw Dangerous Danny Doring with Amish Road Kill (RK). Doring said that if
Sabu wanted to wrestle tonight, RK would be glad to oblige him. He said RK grew
up on an Amish farm and played by biting the necks off of live chickens. Sounds
like a new Olympic Event to me.

Styles talked about ECW's next PPV, Guilty As Charged,
January 10, 1999, in
Orlando, FL (THE place to live). He said there are four TV tapings between now
and then.

We saw a clip of Terry Funk's appearance in
Tampa. He again beat the crap out of
Tommy Dreamer, who still refused to fight back against the man he considers his
"Father Figure" and mentor. Styles said Dreamer showed a lot of class by this,
but "enough is enough."

More gratuitous T&A by
TLS, who had this to say, "With a body like this, I'm
Guilty As Charged." Styles need a hosing down.

The next match was picked up in progress. It was a Six Man Tag Team Event
pitting The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray (
BBR), D-Von and Big Dick, with Sign Guy at
ringside, v. Balls Mahoney, Masato Tanaka and the returning Hack "The Shah"
Myers. The match was shown in a speedy highlight mode. We saw many big moves by
both teams. There was the expected six man brawling and simultaneous action in
and out of the ring. Tanaka hit his patented Tornado DDT on
BBR; BBR hit a
Senton Drop off the middle turn buckle on Tanaka; Tanaka hit a Power Bomb on
BBR a Power Bomb off the middle turn buckle on Tanaka and Myers a Leaping
DDT on
D-Von. The match ended when
BBR and D-Von nailed Myers with a 3-D (Dudley Death
Drop) and pinned him. Balls took a 3-D for good measure and nailed him in the
face with a chair as he got up. Axl Rotten came to the ring carrying a barb wire
wrapped baseball bat. He avoided a chair shot by
BBR, hit the chair with the bat
smashing it into
BBR's face. He then massaged BBR's face with the barb wire,
turning it in a bloody mess and getting us another "Oh, my G-d" from little
Joey. D-Von tried to stop Axl and he did, but took a facial massage also.

Winners - The Dudley Boyz - Losers - Bubba Ray and D-Von's faces.
Winner - The ER doctor who got to stitch their faces back together.

We saw a clip from the November To Remember (N2R) PPV. It was the ending of The
Battle Of The Triple Threats. Taz had
Douglas in the TazMission, when Sabu came
off the top turn buckle and nailed
Douglas with The Arabian Face Buster and
pinned him. This gave Sabu the title shot at Guilty As Charged instead of Taz,
and cheated Taz out of the chance to make
Douglas tap out. That is why Taz
injured Sabu last week. This was followed by the clip of Taz injuring Sabu

The next match was Sabu v. Amish Road Kill (RK). Sabu was accompanied by Fonzie
and wearing a neck brace. Styles said he was hardly able to walk to the ring. RK
jumped him as soon as he got into the ring and went right after his neck with a
Reverse Neck Breaker and stomped on Sabu's neck. He followed up with a Power
Slam. Douglas and Francine made their way thru the crowd and watched the match
among the fans. Taz did the same in a nearby section. Sabu hit a Huricanrana and
a Triple Jump Moonsault off a chair in the ring. Sabu nailed RK with a chair
shot, followed by a leap off the chair, knocking him to the floor. Sabu threw a
chair at RK and scored a direct hit. Fonzie grabbed Doring who had come to ring
side and Sabu launched another chair bomb and scored another direct hit. If we
have to go after Saddam again, Sabu would make an excellent bombardier. Sabu
clutched his neck in pain and Taz laughed. RK got back in and hit a
Belly-To-Back Suflex, but was unable to pin Sabu. He followed with a Power Slam
and dropped The Amish Bomb (it is a move where he walks the top rope and drops
an Elbow). Sabu wisely rolled out to the floor. RK came out and was set to nail
a chair to Sabu's head, but Sabu hit him with a Drop Kick to his Ankles. Sabu
set RK up on a table at ringside and put him thru it with a Tumbling Senton
Splash over the top rope. Styles said Sabu must be out of his mind to try that
in his condition. I agree. Douglas looked very concerned. Back in the ring and
Sabu set up a table in the center. He put RK on it and put him thru it with a
Flying Leg Drop off the top turn buck. Yup, another "Oh, my G-d" from our boy.
End of the Road for Road Kill (ouch). Douglas looked very worried as he seemed
to be asking Taz what was going on.

Winner - Sabu and Stock Holders in the Acme Table Company

Kronus was in the ring and challenged Douglas. I smell a rat, or is that Taz. Oh
well, no difference. Douglas came in with Francine, who was looking as fine as
ever. He laid the ECW Championship Belt on the floor and dared Kronus to take
it. Kronus started for it, but wait, who's that coming up from behind? Surprise,
its Taz. He nailed Kronus with a HardWay TazPlex, dropping him on his neck. Taz
is getting good at that sort of thing. He grabbed the mic and taunted Kronus who
was writhing in pain. He told him to try and take the FTW Title Belt. He then
stomped Kronus after a short confab with Douglas. This was followed by another
TazPlex and more taunting. Even Douglas seemed a bit taken back by the level of
violence Taz was showing. The ring filled with ECW officials trying to care for
Knonus who didn't have a clue where he was. Taz kept trying to get at Kronus.
Douglas tried to calm him down. Francine looked concerned. Taz broke threw the
maze of humanity and attacked Kronus again. He applied The TazMission as the
crowd went into a chant of "Sabu." The ECW officials were finally able to
restrain Taz.

Styles talked about Guilty As Charged: Douglas v. Sabu for the ECW Championship,
if Sabu can make it. He went over the Sabu/Taz/Douglas situation again,
reminding us of what Taz said last week about not being finished with Sabu.

The program closed with clips of various ECW wrestlers giving their opinion
about what Taz did to Sabu:

Justin Credible, with Jason and Bimbette Chastity: Taz should be shot, and maybe
even caned.

Chris Chetti: Taz was wrong.

Lance Storm, with Tammy Lynn Bytch: It doesn't affect me.
TLB gave us some T&A

action and when asked her view on the subject, was ordered to follow Storm out.

Tammy Lynn Sytch: Still on the beach, still almost in a bikini and more T&A. Her
comment: My body is hot. She's right!! But, not much in the way of caring.

Mikey Whipwreck: its good if you like it, bad if you don't.

Tommy Rogers: ECW is Hardcore, but Taz is wrong hurting people intentionally and
taking their livelihood away. He's violating the wrestling code. He compared Taz
to The Dudley Boyz hurting people. Bad move Tommy. its not nice to fool with
The Dudley Boys. Bubba Ray charged Tommy and put him thru the exit door he was
standing by. D-Von came on and said, "Thou shall not take The Dudley Boyz name
in vain."
Imagine that, D-Von a Bible Student! Tommy is lucky that Thanksgiving is over,
otherwise he might have ended up as dinner at The Dudley's. Or, maybe not,
Christmas is just around the corner.

The program ended on that note.

Another very solid hour by ECW. It is amazing how much action they are able to
cram in a one hour program. If only the WWF and WCW could do that. It never
hurts to dream.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Lodi6
In the past two newsletters I've read several letters about Chris Jericho, and
in the last one a reader wrote in that it would be better for Jericho to go to
the WWF. My question is about the sanity of the writer. Why is it that
everyone on the net likes Jericho so much? Because he's funny and he's a great
worker. Why is it that everyone knows this? Because WCW has given him a chance
to shine, they've given him a strong push and they've yet to do anything to hurt
his character. When he gets beat he turns it into a plus, he becomes even
funnier. Jericho has never been this popular before, not in Smokey Mountain,
not in ECW. Not too long ago most people on the net hated Jericho, he ran out
and hung over the guard rail with the fans, he was a babyface, and while he got
some cheers from the crowd and did great work in the ring, most people on the
net hated the guy. Enter the heel turn,
first he becomes a crybaby, and then he starts making fun of everyone who he
faces. He collected prizes from his victims. Malenko, Juventud, Iaukea, Rey,
Jo Jo, and even Goldberg has feuded with him, and none of them have been able to
top him. Why is that? Because WCW is booking him the right way. Now that he's
dropped the TV belt he can reach the next level by getting the US belt, after
that comes the world title. Sure if Jericho went to the WWF he'd be over, but
he'd be over because of the investment WCW has made in him, not the "genius" of
Vince McMahon.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Marq Piocos (flair_dog)
IYH: Corporate Take-Over
(The name is totally ironic, as you'll see.)
The show opens in the backstage garage with McMahon telling his goons that an
important person will soon be showing up. He say they better kiss his ass. A
limo pulls up and the chauffer opens the door. its Donald Trump! Vince and
company kiss up to him, and offers to take him to McMahon's private skybox.
Trump refuses, saying he wants to be front and center to be with the "people".
He also wants to see how his federation is doing. Huh?

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler start the show and ask the perverbial questions, "Why
is Trump here?' and "What does he mean by 'His Federation?'" Donald is
introduced by the Fink and sits ringside. Jim promises they will talk to Donald
after the first match. Kevin Kelly goes over to Trump for an interview. He asks
what he's doing here. Donald simple states that he's here to watch wrestling and
is going to make a major announcement after the next match. He requests Vince's
presence as well.

The Oddities defeat the Headbangers (no need for details.)

Trump gets into the ring, escorted by a fine looking babe. Vince comes down soon
and Donald makes his announcement.

Trump: Your silent partner is no longer silent anymore, Vince. I want control of
the WWF.

(The fans pop!)

Vince: What are you talking about Mr. Trump?

Trump: I own 35 percent of the company since you were brought up on federal
charges, remember. But, I'm a gamling man, Vince. I'll tell you what. Ken
Shamrock doesn't have a title defense tonight, so I want to give him one. I have
a wrestler named the Masked Executioner in the back. If he wins, you give me
booking power as commisioner of the WWF. If he loses, I'll give you 10 percent
of your stocks back at a reasonable price. Do we have a deal?

Trump extends his hand. Vince shakes it, confident that Trump doesn't know what
he's doing.

Trump leaves back to his seat with his lady friend and the matches continue.

Kurt Angle, in his WWF debute, defeats Mark Mero. Trump shakes Kurt's hand

Ken Shamrock vs. The Masked Executioner (I-C title match)
Ken takes the upperhand right away, with the Executioner having little offense.
We cut to McMahon, calling Trump a fool for making the bet. Then Trump gives the
thumbs down, and suddenly, Shamrock gets the crap beat out of him by the
Executioner. Quick snap suplexes and fast stomps in the corner are soon laid
down by the unknown masked man. The Executioner goes to the top and delievers a
diving headbutt. The crippler crossface is applied.

Jim: I think McMahon has just been duped!

Ken soon taps out. The executioner wins the I-C belt. He goes to the second
turnbuckle and takes off his mask. its CHRIS BENOIT!!! Trump stands and
appludes him as McMahon throws a big fit in his skybox.

The Rock comes out for an interview. He does his usual talk as Trump interupts.

Trump: Hey Rock, I have some friends that want to talk to you.

The Nation of Domination music comes up as all of the black wrestlers in the
WWF come out. Faarooq has the mic.

Faarooq: Rocky, its time to get the facts straight here. I remember a time when
you wanted to be the first black WWF champion. I was a black champion before you
were ever in wrestling. But I remember how I had that desire to be the first to
cross the color barrier in wrestling. But look at you now. You've sold out,
Rock. McMahon has made you forget your heritage. You've lost your identity. I
think I speak for all the
black wrestlers here when I tell you we are disappointed in you. You are the
first black WWF champion. Be proud.

The Nation of Domination theme starts as the wrestlers do the NoD salute. The
Rock is in the ring in doubt.

The Big Bossman vs. Catus Jack--Hardcore title

The Bossman heads for the ring, but Donald gets the stick and tells the Bossman
to get over there.

Trump: I need a good, relible bodyguard. Whatever McMahon is paying you, I'll
double it. (Trump slides a roll full of hundreds in the Bossman's pocket.) All
you have to do is stand here in front of me at all times.

The Bossman shakes Trump's hand and stands there. The bell rings and the referee
counts the Bossman out. The Bossman loses by forfeit and Mankind becomes the WWF
hardcore champion.

Trump gets into the ring and asks Dwane Gill to come down to ringside. Trump
takes off his jacket.

Trump: I know that its a great honor Dwane to be a champion. But let's make a
deal. I will give you $100,000 to lay on your back and let me pin you for the
light heavyweight title. Do we have a deal?

Dwane, having got his biggest payday in his whole life, shakes his hand and lays
down. Trump gets on top of him and the referee counts to three. TRUMP IS THE

The Rock vs. SCSA--WWF tile match

The two fight it out as SCSA gets the upperhand. Shamrock attempts to interfere,
but Trump tells the Bossman to intercept him. The two battle it out towards the
back. Stone Cold gets the stunner on the Rock and wins the WWF title. Trump
offers SCSA a beer and offers him a head postion in his corporation.

SCSA: Stone Cold works for nobody, Mr. Trump. Thanks for the beer but I'm here
to kick ass on my own.

Vince confronts the Rock backstage. He states how disappointed he is in the
Rock. The Rock simply flips McMahon off as him and Faarooq leave.
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