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Issue # 088

Date:  Saturday December 5th, 1998  4:45 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Apparently WCW is seriously thinking about having Kevin Nash win the title from
Goldberg at Starrcade, and then go on to hand the belt over to Hollywood Hogan,
with Hogan, Nash, Hall and Bischoff then forming a revised nWo. There was
speculation that there may be bad blood between Hogan and WCW, but Hogan
represented the company at a big trade show in LA this week.
(Reported by Micasa at: )

According to WWF's Byte This Report, The Insane Clown Posse have finally been
released from the World Wrestling Federation. ICP expected a lot more extras to
be give to them, but never received much. There was a rumor a few weeks ago
that they had been in fact released. That rumor was proven false with ICP's
appearance on RAW. But now it appears that they are really gone.
(Reported by David Taylor of The Big 3 Newsboard)

In All
Japan, Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama won the All Japan tag league
tournament when they defeated the team of Vader & Stan Hansen. Kobashi pinned
Stan Hansen with a Lariat at
19:30. Vader & Hansen were undefeated going into

the finals. (Reported by Dave Scherer of
The Honky Tonk Man has been actively posting on his message board at
AOL Keyword
Sport Guy. Below I have pieced many of these posts together, since there are
some pretty interesting comments. The Honky Tonk Man's folder can be found at
AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:356735
HTM is full of opinions; some I disagree with, although I do appreciate his
to share his views with the world. He definitely doesn't pull his punches.

Regarding Jeff Jarrett and the use of his guitar.......
Jarrett is not very creative or he would have found a way to get over the first
time he was in WWF. He should have more respect and professionalism not to copy
someone who was over because it will not get him over in the least. What if I or
someone else was doing the Hogan, Pipier Bag pipes, Warrior, Snake and so on
gimmick. It is WWF's way of trying to get under my skin.

Two words for Jarrett--- He sucks, he will never get over much like Mero.

Regarding the Vince McMahon/Bret Hart shoot situation last year......
It was not a work. I just happened to be in the limo, I was taking Owen's place
at the
TSN interview. Bret and I are friends as far as friends in this sport is
concerned. The screw job was just another way of McMahon showing his
TRUE colors
as a complete A.H.

Honky Tonk Man, what do you think of this wrestler. "Sweet Music Man" Billy Joe
Travis another wrestler that stole your gimmick?......
Everyone takes from someone else in this business. Travis will never be big time
no matter what gimmick he takes, same as Jarrett. You need to read McMahon's
comments from
Cambridge about Jarrett.

How come Rockabilly didnt work?......
It was drug out too long. Over 4 months and then they use a jobber like Gunn
only because he threatened to go to WCW. The original plan was to use, of all
people, Savio Vega. The whole thing stunk.

What do you think of BA Billy Gunn?......
I think he is a talented bump taker and flops around like a fish out of water.
He has NO mic skills, but Ross loves him. You can't get over as a single when
you fly everytime a guy throws a punch.

Honky, why did you leave WCW right before Starrcade 1994? You were scheduled to
take on Johnny B. Badd for the WCW TV Title......
I was promised a contract and it never came. When they asked me to lay down for
Mero, who after 5 yrs. was not over and was making $350,000.00 a yr. I said,
"not without a contract I won't, and Bishoff said "we can't use you then" and
out the door I went. End of story.

Hey, is it true that your suing different feds for using guitars?......
I am trying to find out if we can on the grounds of infringement of the gimmick.

What are yout thoughts on Goldberg? Do you watch ECW? What do you think about
the whole WWF Attitude stuff? Who do you respect the most is the business?
Who sucks the most in the business?......
Goldberg is the future for WCW if Nash will keep his BIG EGO out of it. I don't
watch ECW, in fact I don't watch any wrestling. The new attitude will run its
course and there will be something else. Hogan sucks the most because he stabbed
me in the back and he didn't have too. The guys I respect most are gone now,
they were the guys who stood up for principles.

What was the deal with you proposed shoot on the WWF when you were threatening
to jump to the NWA with the IC title? What was Savage's demeanor and other guys
in the locker room?......
He was fine, all the guys back then were mostly stand up guys too. No one wanted
to job on national TV as long as there was another company that would use you.
Same goes with Brett Hart, Piper, and so on.

Do you still keep in touch with the "King"? Also, what do you think of every
wrestling federation using the smashing Ge-Tar gimmick you always used? Do you
live in
I live in
Phoenix, and I don't talk to the "Child Molester" Lawler.
WCW Saturday Night Report for
December 5th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Glacier defeated Barry Horowitz via submission in 4:15
Glacier had his way with my favorite jobber, Horowitz. Mike Tenay & Scott
Hudson speculated about Glacier's relationship with Ernest Miller & Sonny Onno.
After Glacier hit Horowitz with The Cryonic Kick, he applied The Asiatic Spike
for the submission victory. Saturn stormed the ring, and beat on Glacier until
he bailed out of the ring.

Chip Minton pinned Chris Adams in 3:45
Minton, the former Olympic bobsledder, still looks green in the ring.
nailed a Piledriver on Minton, but it wasn't enough to put Minton away. Minton
made a comeback, and hit a Splash for a victory. Tenay & Hudson really ran
Adams down; either they genuinely don't like him, or there is some sort of angle
Adams in the future.

The Disco Inferno pinned Silver King in 4:33
Silver King, after Psychosis & La Parka, may be the most underated wrestler in
the business. These two are the heaviest Cruiserweights in the world. Disco
finally put Silver King away with The Chartbuster (The Stone Cold Stunner).
With Hogan gone, I guess Disco is allowed to use that move again, and it won't
be reserved for The Disciple. The LwO surrounded the ring, and inducted Silver
King into the LwO as their newsest member.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Stevie Ray, and called Booker T a sellout. He also
insulted Shiavonie & Tenay because they don't give him the respect he feels he's
due. Okay, Stevie Ray is the worst pushed wrestler in WCW, and he doesn't get
ENOUGH respect.

Tokyo Magnum defeated Barry Darsow via disqualification
The announcers claimed that
Tokyo doesn't speak English, and Darsow belittled
him and made a fool of him. After Darsow convinced
Tokyo to try a golf shot,
Darsow blindsided him and choked him with his golf club for the

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong in 4:14
its always a treat to see Benoit & Malenko in the ring. Given a little ring
time, they will easily be considered the best tag team in the world (although
there's not much competition these days). Malenko forced Scott Armstrong to
submit to The Texas Cloverleaf.

Scott Putski pinned Bobby Blaze in 4:39
Putski is still wearing his pirate outfit. Putski beat Blaze after a

Lee Marshall interviewed Chip Minton. Minton played a strong (though not
effective) heel,and he blamed his partners for their fourth place Olympic
finish. He also bragged about his conditioning, since he looks like he comes
from a gym run by Scott Steiner.

Meng pinned Buddy Lee Parker in
its nice to see Parker again, the instructor over at the Power Plant. Meng
made short work of Parker with The Tongan Death Grip.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. He claimed that he helped The
Giant early in his career, and he was surprised that The Giant would betray him
DDP does give a decent intense interview.

Kanyon pinned Tokyo Magnum in 2:43
Kanyon is still allied with Raven, and he asked the fans to feel sorry for him.
Although Kanyon was distracted, he still put the talented Hayashi away with The

Scott Steiner defeated Lash Laroue via submission in
The referee was the bogus nWo referee, the Bill Alphonso look-a-like. Steiner's
"character" keeps exhibiting signs of Roid' Rage, and he put Laroue away with
The Steiner Recliner.

Scott Hall pinned Booker T in

Instead of Booker T entering the ring, the nWo music played and Stevie Ray
walked on the ramp. Stevie warned Hall that there is a bounty on Hall's head,
and the nWo plans to collect it. Stevie Ray also told Hall that he had an easy
opponent tonight (Booker T), Booker T saw his brother in the aisle, and looked
displeased by Stevie Ray's comments. After Booker was thrown to the outside,
Stevie Ray dumped his
brother back into the ring. A distracted Booker T was rolled up by Hall for the
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