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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 089

Date:  Sunday December 6th, 1998  5:30 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Latest word is that Dusty Rhodes will be the special guest ref for the Ric Flair
vs. Eric Bischoff match, where if Flair wins he will allegedly be the new WCW
commissioner, at Starrcade. This is such a great plot twist I can't even do it
justice . Anyone who was a fan in the 80s, even if they weren't smart, knows
that Flair and
Rhodes were huge rivals. If the fans know their history, they

realize how big of rivals they really were and it just makes it all the better.
With Dusty's "turn" this past Monday, a myriad of questions are now set up for the PPV bout. Did he really turn or is it an NWO plot? Can he be fair with Flair in the ring? Good booking.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Some new matches for Starrcade will probably be announced soon as they have
added Kidman, Juvi and Rey Jr. in a triangle match for the Cruiser title and a
TV Title rematch between Konnan and Chris Jericho. There is talk that if Bret
Hart can go, due to his bad groin, he will defend the
US title against Scott
(Reported by Dave Scherer of )

Rick Rude was backstage Nitro on Monday, but he probably won't be on TV until
Hennig recovers from his knee injury. Hennig may miss his bookings for the rest
of the year. (Reported by Micasa at: )

Giant Baba re-entered All Japan rings at the 12/4 AJ show, but looked in bad
shape and announced that he will take a long vacation starting on 12/7 to go to
Honolulu, Hawaii. Baba announced that he would go to the WWF Vancouver PPV and
talk with WWF officials about a co-promotional Tokyo Dome show in 1999. Baba
also announced that Vader would most likely fight Mitsuharu Misawa, the Triple
Crown champion, the next tour (Reported by Micasa at: )
by Mark George (attkdonkey)
Time for another installment of the Good, Bad and the Ugly. But first, let me
update you all on our Superhero, "Joe Wrestling Fan". It seems "Joe" was at a
recent house show and is about to report about his experience. Stay tuned for

THE GOOD.............
1) The return of "HBK" Shawn Michaels. It may be only as the Commissioner, but
it is great to see Sexy Boy in action. In my opinion, one of the best wrestlers

2) Babu. What!!??!! That's right, Babu. He may be weak and dimwitted, but
there is nothing more satisfying than watching that poor little monkey spank get
tossed around the ring like a rag doll.

3) Booker T. One of my personal favorites. Good worker and athletic for a big
I'd love to see him get a big push.

THE BAD...........
1) Vincent. A b**ch in every sense of the word. Why does he exist?? Now that
Hogan has retired, Vincent's days are numbered in WCW. Maybe he can go back to
the WWF and become one of the Godfather's hoes. Don't let the door hit you in
the ass on the way out, loser!!!!!

2) Mongo. What a fantasy this guy is. Your wife is a bigger star than you'll
ever be. What a disgrace to the Horsemen to have that sack of crap throwing up
the "4 Fingers". Do us all a favor Slappy, and go away!!!!!

1) The Giant exposing himself, "allegedly". What a sight that must of been!!!
Nice going, pig!!!! I can see it now, good ole Paul prancing around the lobby
flashing his "little nWoite" to all his loyal fans while he puts it in a Choke
Slam. UgTriple H!!! Hey Paul, maybe if you do the same routine for Pat Patterson,
you'll get a mega deal with the WWF.

VISIT my Home Page:

1. The capital would move to Billy Bob Joe Ray's Luxury Double Wide Trailer
Park and Hog Gutting Emporium, South Dudleyville.

2. Marrying your 14 year old sister would be against the law. Heck, if ya
hadn't a
hitched up with her and had 3 young 'uns by then, she's probably a pig
and bound ta be an ole maid.

3. Every family would be encouraged to have "A brother from another mother."
This would be enacted under what will become known as the "D-Von Clause."

4. Top Christmas toys would be Trailer Trash Barbi and Hog Calling Ken.

5. If Saddam gets out of line, he'd be thrown in the cement pond and used as
gator bait. If that don't work, Momma Dudley would a marry up with 'im.

6. The National Symbol would be an Empty Six Pack floating on a pristine lake.

7. The army would swap their tanks for Pickups with Gun Racks. The Pickups
would be required to have their bumpers at least 4 feet off the ground.

8. The Country's new flag would be a Skinned Coon on a White Background, with
50 Stars in the upper right corner (one for each of Bubba Ray's known
and Sisters).

9. Spike Dudley would be deported to the new Third World Country, Atlanta, GA.

10. "Deliverance" would be required reading in the 1st Grade, the 2nd Grade, the
3rd Grade,........the 12th Grade. Requirement for graduation from High
would be the ability to identify the Letter "R" in the Title. These
standards will
not be lowered fer anyone, no matter their upbringin'.
Here's Chris Jericho's latest message, found @

Well Jerichoholics, is celebrating its birthday weekend! 
One year ago on Dec 4, 1997, myself and Webmaster Lee put together this little
site and one year later as of 9:45 pm EST we have had 515,645 hits!!!!  Can you
believe it!!  I am so happy and proud of all you guys for checkin' out the site
and stickin' by me through the past year.  Whether you love what I do or can't
stand it, I hope I've been able to entertain you in some way!  Anyway, enough
mushiness, let me just say that if we were an album, we'd be gold.  Let's set
our sights for platinum...One Million hits! Alot of you guys have asked what
happened to the Jerichoholic Ninja. He was maliciously murdered by Greenburg in
Rochester, New York, after a spear to the groin.  I told you Greenburg was

The movie of the week is the trailer for Star Wars 1-The Phantom Menace.  This
is going to be the movie of the upcoming millenium!  I can't wait until May when
it arrives! Stay tuned to this page for news of a real life conspiracy going on
as we speak.  Once again WCW is banding together to try to make me succumb and I
ain't backing down.  For everyone who knows what I'm talking about, bear with
me.  If you don't, keep checking this site to find out more as the plot sickens

I'm still really diggin the new Metallica release and I'm still trying to put
together next year's tour.  its hard to get it all started, but I'm trying,
believe me! Well, thanks again for the site's tremendous success, be good to
each other and God Bless you guys! -CJ
Below we have some more of The Honky Tonk Man's posts, found on his
Sportsguy Message Board. To check them out yourself, go to
AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:356735

How did you like refereeing their (Sunny & Sable) arm-wrestling matches? Is
there anybody in the current WWF you enjoy watching?......
I enjoyed the arm wrestling thing, I got to go out and sing the song and then be
part of a good little thing they were using as a filler in the cards that were
some what weak. It was better to do that than mess with the Billy angle.

I read once that the driver that bought you guys to the ring at WM-5 to sing
"Hunk-a hunk-a Honky Love" was Diamond Dallas Page. True or not?......
That is true.

Did you ever lose a match to the Snake and have to have Damian get thrown on
you? What was that like? Did the guys in the locker room ever want to steal
Damian and make him into a pair of boots?......
I have had Damian on me a few times and the guys always kicked the snake while
it was in the bag to make it mad.

How come you left the WWF in 1990. You were currently in Rhythm & Blues, and
was even listed as a scheduled particiapnt in the 1991 Royal Rumble, but you
disappeared afterwards. How come?......
They had fired Valentine at the time and I was doing commentary with Daffy Duck
Piper and McMahon. For some reason after 4 yrs. and 1500 shows with out any
plane ticket problems, Bruce Pritchard couldn't get me the tickets to be on time
for the things they had me doing. No one else had that problem, Pritchard only
booked 6 commentators at the time. I felt there was someone conspiring to get me
to crack and leave, because they knew if they messed with the travel that's what
I would do, and I did it. Played right into their hand and did it again this
time, but I felt better about it this time. I used them for some exposure, then

Since you competed in both WWF and WCW, which one did you enjoy more? Do you
particularly dislike any of the promoters like Bischoff?......
At that level, they are all a bunch of liars.

Honky, I thought I would throw a couple of names out there and see what your
feelings are on them. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Randy Hales, Jerry
Jarrett, Terry Funk, Bill Watts, Mick Foley, Gene Okerlund, Eric Bischoff, Eddie
Gilbert, Pat Patterson, & Dave Meltzer......
Austin-Finally got over
Funk-Good politician
Heyman-Don't know the guy
Jerry Jarrett-Just another thief
Watts-Don't know him either
Hales-Lawler's suck up front man
Foley-A good guy
Okerlund-A good guy
Bischoff-Power hungry "little man'
Gilbert-A good guy
Patterson-Knows how to play the game
Meltzer-Sold out to WWF on Donahue show

I dont remember who, but I know a wrestler said the Damien was the worst thing
in the WWF. It always "did its business" under benches and in lockers, leaving
behind nice piles of sh*t and bones. I also heard that Jake brought it into the
showers with him and would stick its head up against the stream of water on high
and punch it as hard as he could to mkae it mad, which always led to Damien,
um....urinating on the
wrestlers after the match - ALWAYS. Any truth to any of these myths, I know
that you said Damien would get kicked, but truth to anything else. And do you
think that Damien was the worst thing in the WWF? Or did Jeff Jarret steal that
spot, lol......
Jake never did any harm to the snake. He would put him in the warm shower before
the matches to warm him up in the winter. Virgil was so afraid of the snake. The
snake would urinate, so do wrestlers.

We all know you hated the Rockabilly angle but do you got anything against
Rockabilly himself?......
No, not at all.

Who do you think was in the wrong at Survivor Series 97: Bret for not dropping
the belt to Michaels or Vince for double crossing Hart?......
I tend to pass the most blame to Brett as far as creating what happened to him,
but who am I to pass judgment, I did it too with Savage. They can screw anybody
at any time, no one is exempt.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: mike paige (paigem69@xxxxc...)
Well both Scott Putski and Chris Adams works for us at Superstars of Wrestling,
SSOW. . I am head of security for them, do their website and do
squashes when needed. I was at Adams house last week doing work with him. It
is indeed an angle they are working on. Adams is in the middle of getting a new
contract with more money. I know he is a jobber, but remember the late 80's.
He had a great battle with Terry Taylor in World Class and the UWF. They became
very good friends and that's how Adams even made it to WCW. To quote Adams "I
was a good boy in WCW for the first year, now they know I have a good attitude
and will get a small push. Some guys don't have a good attitude and will
probably not be around much longer. The Giant has a bad attitude but the young
guys like Jericho have great
attitudes" The gimmick will have something to do with his Judo background.
He wouldn't tell me too much about it because he hates the internet. He said he
might be involved with Sonny Onno and Earnest I hate him
but he is funny sometimes. -Mike
Be sure and check out my web pageat:
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Philip Barnett (FXRA97A@xxxxc...)
Ok, is it just me, or is the LWO getting way too large?!? How many members are
there now, 11? That is getting out of hand. I liked seeing highflying luchadores
against high flying luchadores. But now, they are all together in a stable, and
now we won't be seeing the hardcore high flying, luchadore vs luchadore, as much
as we used to.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Hallsweeti
I agree with Rely...........I hate Bret hart, I swear to God, but I know that
he's doing his job and I don't act like a fool to him. After, Wrestlemania 11, I
hate that man, but I still held the door open for him to come through, lol, and
he was smiling, like for one, it can be expected, but another was that I COULD
have let it slam. That just reminded me of what one girl did at Mania 12, that
dumbass girl, lol, she hated Diesel and she was telling me how she couldn't stop
laughing, because as she was leaving the hotel and here is Diesel coming out
behind her and she let the damn door
slam behind her or even maybe on his face. He caught it and goes 'Um hello' and
she rolled, and I was like "Geez H Christ, Diesel is one of the men that MANY
love, wherever he is and that was pretty rude. If you ask me, its his job at
the time to be bad, and she didn't have to be an ass to him, esp since he's a
sweetie in person!!"

That's what she told me, she did it because he was being so mean not to give
autographs and i think at the time he wasn't supposed to because he was bad,
lol!! But he gave me one, hehe, heheh!!!:) Besides, he was leaving as well,
from WWF!! But I could've let the damn door slam on Bret, but he is a star after
all and it is rather rude!!! I don't think I would act like that to Mark Henry.
I saw him once in person
and was in awe, lol, but he was busy!!! :) O and another rude one, lol, was for
and I died, because I was sitting in the restaurant and its a side thing so
that you see all the people walking to the elevators and get this one, lol,
Lawler is coming down with his G/F and this woman stands UP and points her
finger and GOES "YOUUUUUUUU, I HATE YOU" and he goes "Thanks"!!!! LOLOLOL, too
funny!!!:) See ya!!
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