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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 090

Date:  Monday December 7th, 1998  4:19 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Last night, Sunday, December 6th, the WWF ran a
UK only PPV. My personal thanks
to Simon Moult for writing this exclusive report about the event.....

By Simon A. Moult
A capacity crowd was on hand in the London Arena to see the WWF's biggest stars
on their British Pay-Per View event, which incidentally smashed the viewing
record held for the Lennox Lewis fight earlier this year.

Gangrel pinned Al Snow (w / Head) in 5.02
These two worked well together and it proved a good match to open the event
with. Gangrel entered minus The Brood and the special fire FX. Neither guy held
the upper hand until Christian and Edge made their appearance, Christian
distracted the official and Edge delivered a misile dropkick on Al Snow.

Mankind was then shown in the boiler room of the arena, and this was hilarious
just served to cement Mick Foley's mic skills, "This is the coldest damn boiler
room I have ever been in!" He then went on to say "You remember the
Tower Of
London, where people were hanged and beheaded, you will remember the London
Arena, where Mankind conquered all."

The Headbangers defeated
LOD 2000 in 3.11
LOD and H/BANGERS shared advantages throughout the short match but the flash
point came as Animal was getting beat on and Droz came in and rolled him out
of the way, in order to take his place. This never materialized as Droz rolled
Animal out of the ring and was then rolled into a small package by Mosh for the
win. Animal and Droz then proceeded to fight and Animal walked off on his own.

Val Venis pinned Goldust in 4:32
VV did his usual mic work before Goldust's entrance and talked of both London's
bridge and the big Valbowski going "up and down" and how both "house the crown
jewels." Venis defeated Goldust via small package but Goldust then beat on
Venis. He grabbed the mic and worked the crowd well before delivering the
Shattered Dreams to Val.

The funniest segment of the whole show then came. Mr. McMahon was flanked by
Briscoe, Patterson, Shane and the Boss Man. They all worked the crowd really
well. Patterson announced "for the crowd The Rock will face X-Pac tonight while
Triple H faces Jeff Jarrett." Then it was Shane's turn to talk. He said that he
struggled to understand why Vinnie Jones was called a "hard man", and then
referred to the interview with George Michael (shown Saturday) and said "George
didn't actually say who his boyfriend was. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be
funny if his boyfriend was Vinnie Jones? Maybe that is what he means by hard
man. This was hilarious. Shane finished by asking Vinnie Jones "Who was locked,
who was stocked and who was smokin'?" Vinnie McMahon then took the mic and
spouted all this stuff about the
British Empire being non existant and how
America always took from Britian. This was a funny interlude, and I hope I have
done it justice.

Tiger Ali Singh pinned Edge in 3.17

Vinnie Jones was then interviewed by Michael Cole. Jonesie just had a laugh with
the whole thing and came out like he was a super hero. He possesed the mic
skills of a monkey on ganga and finished by saying the main event was "going to
be emotional!??????"

Sable & Christian defeated Jacqueline & Marc Mero in
4:02 via TKO from Sable.

IC Champion Ken Shamrock (w/Big Boss Man) defeated Steve Blackman via submission
BBM carried a retractable baton instead of his nightstick. This was
their lame effort to make the audience identify with his character a little
more. We did
with the nightstick! The baton just didn't work on him but it did allow him to
crack Blackman's ankle for Shamrock's ankle lock.

The Rock did a really good interview, this was quite funny as at the end he was
stealing everyone's tag lines. "I am the best that's not it. That's
the bottom line that's not it either. To be the man you have to beat
the man WHOOO! no, that's it....smell what the Rock is cookin'"

Triple H pinned Jeff Jarrett in 6.53 via the Pedigree.

The New Age Outlaws defeated D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry in 10:09
James was bounced on by Henry and would have submitted if not for BA pulling him
to the corner and allowing him to tag out; the injury maybe something they'll
persue later. BA delivered a great piledriver for the win.

WWF World Champion The Rock defeated X PAC in 12.37 via DQ
This was a good match, X Pac was given a fair chance when Rock tried to walk out
and was stopped by Triple H. X Pac had some close pins, especially following Chyna's
low blow to the Rock. In the end the Rock prevailed and as Rock attacked Chyna,
Triple H attacked the Rock and earned X PAC the DQ.

The stooges entered and announced changes the following changes:
OSCAR AWARD WINNING Shane McMahon = Ring Announcer
Pat Patterson = Special Guest Time Keeper
Gerald Briscoe = Special Guest Referee,
Big Boss Man & Vinnie Jones = Enforcers
& "WWF personified" Vincent K McMahon = Special commentator.
Vinny Jones entered and got into BBM's face, he shoved Boss Man and was
therefore no longer the enforcer. This was unfair on Vinnie and bad acting on
the part of the Boss Man. To cut a long story short, Brisco was slow at making
the count and was KO'd by
Austin. Earl Hebner then ran to the ring, Austin
delivered the
Stunner and claimed the win, and he was then joined by Earl Hebner and Vinnie
Jones for a few cold ones. I say a few but it was loads because the guys
wouldn't stop throwing them to him. Hebner looked funny on the ropes as he
sensibly sipped
his "non-specific" brand of beer. Steve and Vinnie just guzzled theirs. The
Enforcer and Hebner made their way back to the locker rooms allowing a few more
finger salutes from
Austin as the show ended.
Japan "officially" announced their 1/4/99 Tokyo Dome line-up. its the same

one as the unofficial line-up. For the IWGP Heavyweight Title, Scott Norton
defends against Keiji Mutoh. For the IWGP Tag Team Titles, Gen'ichiro Tenryu and
Shiro Koshinaka defend against Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima. For the IWGP
Jr. Title, Jushin Liger defends against Koji Kanemoto. For the IWGP Jr. Tag
Titles, Shinjiro Ohtani and Tatsuhito Takaiwa defend against Kendo Ka Shin and
Dr. Wagner Jr. Kensuke Sasaki fights Atsushi Onita and in a 3 vs. 3 singles
Shin'ya Hashimoto/Kazuo Yamazaki/Yuji Nagata will fight Naoya Ogawa/Don
Frye/Murakami. (Reported by )

On Chris Candido's
AOL Sports Guy Message Board, Chris was asked the following
As an assistant booker for ECW, I have a question for you. If ECW could acquire
any one wrestler in the world, who would you choose as that one "franchise"
pick? This is a dream question, and budgets and contractural situations don't
apply (really a dream, I guess).
Candido's Response: "BENOIT,BENOIT,BENOIT,

Not a big surprise; ECW would know how to use Benoit correctly. While this
isn't news, it is an opinion straight from the ECW front office. With all the
speculation about Benoits future plans, many of us dream of an ECW return.
While the odds are stacked against it, its still a pleasant idea. The message
board for Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch (Sunny) can be found at:
AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:346527

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be making an appearance as a guest presenter on
tonights (Monday's) Billboard Music Awards show on the
FOX Network @ 8pm.

VISIT my Home Page:

One of The Dudley Boyz passed away and left his entire estate in trust for his
beloved widow?
She can't touch it till she's fourteen.

What's the difference between a Redneck and a Dudley Boy?
The Redneck raises livestock. A Dudley Boy gets emotionally involved.

What's the most popular pick up line in Dudleyville?
Nice tooth!
WWF Sunday Night Heat Report for December 6th, 1998
By Steve Appy
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Duane Gill pinned Taka Michinoku (w/Yamaguchi San
& Kaientai) in 2:16
Kaientai now wears matching blue uniforms, and carry Japanese flags. While I
still feel that they are wasted, I guess its better than nothing. While
attempting a Michinoku Driver, Gill reversed it into a pin. Taka really
shouldn't be jobbing to Gill.
The Acolytes stormed the ring and destroyed all five Japanese competitors; I
guess the idea is that The Acolytes are monsters. They looked more lame than
anything, destroying the Light Heavyweights.

Austin arrives at the arena. Who's ass will he kick tonight?

LOD Animal & Droz defeated Too Much in 1:32
Droz worked over
Taylor's left knee, eventually forcing a submission. Brian
Christopher cried because his little pal was injured.

Michael Cole interviewed Stone Cold, who claimed to be at the arena simply to
watch the matches. Do I see a Stunner in the future......

Owen Hart, dressed in a bizarre
Orange turtleneck, challenged Steve Blackman to
a match at Rock Bottom. Apparently he's angry because Blackman masqueraded as
The Blazer on RAW.

X-Pac, Triple H & Chyna were shown entering the arena; where are the Outlaws?

WWF World Champion Rocky Maivia, Hardcore Champion The Big Bossman, &
Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock fought The Brrod to a No Contest in 3:51
The Brood were the strong babyfaces here. The match was ruled a no contest
when all four members of DX stormed the ring and cleaned house; The Outlaws
seemed to favor The Corporation, while Triple H & X-Pac favored The Brood. There was
noticable tension in DX.

Mark Henry pinned Jeff Jarrett(w/Debra McMichael) in 1:12
Henry pinned Jarrett after D'Lo hit Jarrett with his own guitar. Big surprise,
Jarrett looks ineffectual once again.

Goldust challenged Jarrett to a match at Rock Bottom with special stipulations:
If Goldust loses, he get's naked. If he wins, Debra get's naked. I know who
I'm rooting for....

Luna & Kurrigan fought Tiger Ali Singh & Babu to a No Contest
Luna immediatly brawled with Babu, bringing him into the crowd. Due to the
brawl, the match never really started, and was ruled a no contest.

A bunch of clips were shown of Undertaker & Mankind beating the hell out of each
other; these two really have had a memorable run over the years.

Mankind defeated The Undertaker via DQ in 3:54
Steve Austin was sitting in the front row, and quickly threw his drink in UT's
face. Before The Undertaker could respond, Mankind started brawling with UT at
As Mankind applied Mr. Socko (and the Mandable Claw) on The Undertaker, The Rock
stormed the ring, causing the DQ. As the Rock & Mankind brawled,
Austin hit the

ring and brawled with Undertaker, as Heat ended......
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Rich Parker (clerkrats)
Regarding wrestlers and their behavior to the fans, you shouldn't be harassing
wrestlers after you see a card or at an autograph session. I live in
Queens and
go to many ECW cards and signings. At the Big ASS Extreme Bash, I helped take
the ring down immediately after the show. While "on the job", I met Paul E.,
John Kronus, New Jack, Mikey Whipwreck, Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, Beulah, Al
Snow (who does NOT carry the Head around all the time... but does wear J.O.B.
Squad shirts in public), Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, Joel Gertner, the Dudleys,
Danny Doring, Roadkill, 2 Cold Scorpio, Chris Chetti, and others. They were all
EXTREMELY thankful for our help and signed autographs. I also met Francine and
Chastity, who were talking after the show behind the entrance, and she called
security on us. Spike
Dudley called her a stupid b**ch. It was funny. I also

met Justin Credible after the July show. Now this has to be the biggest dick in
ECW. OR SO YOU WOULD THINK! Credible took pics with little kids, answered
numerous questions, and signed autographs. Jerry Lynn and Lance Storm drove out
of the parking lot in a pick-up, and on the way out, I slapped Storm's hand. I
also shook Lance Wright's hand (I told him how I used him in an e-fed, and he
said he hopes he's a better manager there than in ECW), and got Jason to sign my
sign. So you're thinking that only ECW underpaid stars are nice? Well, I also
met the Rock and D'Lo Brown at FAO Schwartz the day before SummerSlam. A little
kid with a D-X shirt told the Rock to S*CK IT (this was during the Triple H-Rock
feud). Rock smiled and gave the kid the people's eyebrow before entering the
store to sit at his table.
So for those who don't know what I'm talking about, wrestlers don't even take
their characters seriously, so neither should you. If you see Steve Austin
walking down the street don't tell him how the Undertaker is going to make him
rest in peace. He doesn't care. He's thinking to himself "Mark (Calloway)
should see this kid approaching me on the street". its all a show and nothing
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Km4416

IF HOGAN WAS PRESIDENT (It may happen)......

10. Instead of a cat or dog for a White House pet, he'll have Vincent.

9. Instead of "Vote Hogan" Bumper stickers on the back of every car, every man,
woman, and child will be wearing a "Vote Hogan" weightlifting belt

8. The "NWO Black and White" music will replace the National Anthem

7. Top selling toys would be "Buttkiss Eric" Doll, "Trailor Trash DDP" Doll, and
"Create a beard President Hogan" Doll

6. A bottle of "Instant Beard" Spray would be in every bathroom.

5. "When you NWO, your NWO 4 Life" would be on every dollar bill.

4. Hogan would frequently challenge Goldberg, Nash, DDP, Hall, Warrior, and
Sting for the Presidency of the
United States.

3. When Hogan had a problem with Suddam Hussain he'll confront him and have
the Giant attack him from behind.

2. Scott Steiner would be Vice President, the Giant would be The Secretary of
Defense, and Eric Bischoff would be the first male "First Lady"

1. The White House would have "NWO" spraypainted on the front of it.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Bringing in
Rhodes to participate in the Flair-Bischoff angle? Looks to be a
good move by the powers that be at WCW. Reason: just as you said, tradition.
Flair is one of the undisputed kings of the internet; the more posts I see, the
more understanding I have that the Flair/Horsemen angle has to be used and used
wisely by WCW, particularly since there seems to be some unrest with Benoits
contract and a lot of folks who would rather see Debra McMichael than Steve
McMichael. What better way then to bring in Rhodes, who spilled gallons of
blood with Flair in the WCW/Crockett rings in the 1980's? While I am not sure
about many more Flair-Rhodes matches in 1999, it would be interesting to see a
Horsemen group with Dusty Rhodes involved. And (before the NWO angle of his) he
was used as a leading WCW spokesman when the NWO came to being in 1996. As
Flair continues to get as much pop as Steve Austin in a Texas saloon whenever he
struts onto a WCW program, it is wise to make his feud with Bischoff a good one-
he still seems to bring people into the arenas, and WCW again must make sure to
do whatever it takes to put people in the seats, especially with the Raw-Nitro
wars at a fever pitch....
Join The Fantasy World Wrestling League! This is totally free and we are
working on the possibilty of some small prizes for the winner and runners-up.
You can choose two singles and one tag team. Before matches they would have
"interviews" and the
results of the matches would be based on the quality of the interview. We plan
on doing at least two groups of matches a week. Everyone is going to get two
singles wrestlers, one tag team, and one manager. Participants can E-mail me
(Jon1616) or Hammerly99 with your top five choices for each
category (in order). REMEMBER: its first come, first serve, and WCW and WWF

I know a lot of e-feds are sprouting up, but APE-Wrestling is the e-fed for
beginners, and its here and working right now! So Check Us Out! We are always
wanting more members so come join in the action at:

To check out an E-Fed, do it now. Spots are limited so send a sample RP and
hurry. Thank you and good day. Go to The Killer Wrestling Federation at:
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