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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 092

Date:  Tuesday December 8th, 1998  5:46 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

First Hour: 4.8
First Hour: 5.1 Second Hour: 3.8
Second Hour 5.2 Third Hour: 3.9
Composite: 5.2 Composite: 4.2

The Sunday Night Heat on 12/6 did a strong 4.1 rating.
(Reported by by Dave Scherer of )

Chris Candido responded to Wade Keller's report that blamed him for Bigelow's
departure from ECW. My thanks to Tree for sending me the report. His comments,
found below, can also be found at
AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:346527

I dont know where Wade Keller got the idea that I had something to do with BBB
leaving, I actually got him to stay through the PPV. That is why I don't read
that crap (The Pro Wrestling Torch), they mostly print untrue rumors, and have
some class to
not take shots at Tammy because there were rumors. That is very rude!

Up in
Canada on TSN, the crucifixion (or "Symbol") angle was edited off of RAW
last night. My thanks go to several readers who found this out the hard way.
While the angle didn't bother me, we'll see the general reaction over time.

The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet sends their regrets to Jim Ross on the
loss of his mother. Jim, we wish you and your family all the best.
DECEMBER 7, 1998

VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with clips showing the recent history between Stone Cold Steve
Austin (SCSA) and The Undertaker, and Mankind losing The Hardcore Championship
last week to The Big Bossman (BM),

After the regular RAW opening, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler were at
the announcers desk, with Cole saying that SCSA and Mankind would meet The Rock
and The Taker in a Tag Team Match tonight. We found out later that Jim Ross
wasn't there due to the passing of his mother a few days ago. Our condolences go
out to him and his family.

DX members Triple H, X-Pac and Chyna came to the ring. Chyna was wearing a real short
pair of (leather) hot pants (?) and a halter top, obviously going for a newer,
more "femine" look (If you like the type female that can kick you @$$). Triple H took
the mic and said that both he and X-Pac needed to know whose side the New Age
Outlaws (NAO), Road Dog and Bad @$$ were on. He wanted to know if they were with
DX, or had they joined The Corporate Team. Road Dog and Bad @$$ came out and
made their appearance dressed in Monkey Suits. Doggie did his intro bit somewhat
different from usual. He said "Vincent K. McMahon presents The Tag Team
Champions Of The World," calling them "Road Dog Esquire and Bad @xxxxcS, Inc." He
then introduced Shawn (HBK) Michaels, "The Corporate Commissioner." The crowd
was not to pleased, nor were Triple H, X-Pac and Chyna. HBK came out and he and Triple H
bad mouthed each other, with each saying the other didn't have any testes. They
each said they carried the other. HBK said that he "made Triple H, and he could break
him." Triple H said he "carried HBK's @$$, when it was clear he had no business being

As Commissioner, HBK ordered Triple H and X-Pac to face Ken "The World's Most
Dangerous Man" Shamrock and BM in a Tag Team Match tonight, under "Anything
Goes" rules. He added that if NAO got involved, those were the breaks. He left
with the NAO. The Royal Family, Emperor Vince, Prince Shane, The (Three)
Stooges, Sgt. Slaughter, Pat Patterson, and Jerry Briscoe, were at the top of
the ramp to greet them. Triple H had the crowd join in with two words for The
Corporation. Let me see, were they, "Happy Birthday?" No, that wasn't it. Were
they "Merry Christmas?" No. Wait, I remember now, they were, "Suck it!"

After a commercial, Triple H was in the locker room telling X-Pac not to sweat it,
they had been up against it before. He told Chyna she is going to have to watch
his back and X-Pac's also, in case NAO gets involved in their match later.

The first match was Double J, accompanied by The Queen Bitch, Debra McMichael v.
D'Lo Brown, accompanied by Mark Henry. Sweet Debra was showing a bit of cleavage
to say the least. Prior to the match, we saw a clip from Heat last night of
Goldust challenging Double J to a "Strip Tease Match" at Rock Bottom. If Goldie
loses, he has to strip naked, If Goldie wins, Sweet Debra has to "show her tasty
cakes" (Is that the same as going Au Natural?). I will bet that 99.9% of the
world will be rooting for Goldie, like him or not. We also saw a clip from the
Henry / Double J match on Heat last night. In it, Debra tried to distract Henry
so Double J could do his Guitar Playing Routine on him, however, it backfired.
D'Lo nailed Double J with the Guitar. As this excellently worked match between
two good wrestlers progressed, Debra attempted to interfere, but as she did,
Goldust came down the ramp wearing only a long trench coat (the type seen at Val
Venis movies, or so I hear). He tapped Debra on her leg, and then opened his
coat and flashed her. This distracted Debra and Double J, allowing D-Lo wins to
roll him up amidst and get the win. Question: Was Debra distracted by or
interested in, Goldie's "Tasty Wares?
Winner - D'Lo Brown, and depending on your point of view, Goldust &/or Sweet

We saw SCSA backstage talking to Tony Garea, ex-wrestler and a now WWF official.
He was talking about his problems with The Taker.

We saw a clip of Emperor McMahon last Thursday addressing the class at
University, in Great Britain. He played it to the hilt and they ate it up.

The next match was The Headbangers, Mosh and Thrasher v. Brood Members, Gangrel
and Edge, accompanied by Christian. Gangrel did his usual entrance thru a circle
of fire and carrying his Goblet with red stuff. Both teams displayed great Tag
Team moves, with The Brood nailing a Double DDT off the turn buckle. During the
match, Luna stormed to the ring and attacked Mosh. She was followed by Tiger Ali
Singh and his Faithful Spanked Monkey, Babu. Being the gentlemen they both are,
they attacked Luna. Luna gave Babu an @$$ kicking the likes of which he will
never forget. She hit him with a DDT on the floor that may have split the
concrete. Question: Would you go after Luna? I thought not. They were soon
followed by The Oddities, Golga, Kurggan and Giant Silva for a mass meeting of
the minds. With this load of brain power in the ring at once, they could have
settled of the world's problems, or at least decided what kind of pizza to
Winner - None, DQ's for everyone, along with one Large Pepperoni and Sausage
Pizza for all to share, and fourty Large Anchovy Pizzas for Golga.

We saw Mankind somewhere in the bowels of the Arena talking to only he knows who
(The G-ds of Wrestling?), as he caressed a pile of chairs.

We saw Emperor McMahon, along with Prince McMahon and The Rock, as he was giving
a pep talk to The Fat Man, Paul Bearer. The Emperor wanted Fatso to guarantee
that The Taker could function as a Tag Team partner with The Rock against SCSA
and Mankind. Fatso said he could. The Rock warned him that if The Taker
couldn't, he would "lay the smack down on his candy ass."

The next match pitted Owen Hart v. Goldust. Prior to the match, we saw a clip of
Owen on Heat last night announcing that he was coming out of retirement to face
Steve Blackman at Rock Bottom. This had to be one of the shortest "retirements"
in history. Speaking of retirements, do you think Hogan..nah, just a thought.
You just knew what was coming during this match. Double J and Sweet Debra came
down the ramp. Queenie was wearing a short trench coat (I don't think she has
anything in her wardrobe that isn't at least 15' above her knees). Debra
returned the favor and flashed Goldust. Lawler was going insane at the sight.
Goldie enjoyed the view but was a bit smarter than Double J. He spotted Owen
coming up behind him, nailed him and got the pin. The best laid plans of mice
and men, and in this case Double J and Sweet Debra were blown. Curses, foiled
Winner - Goldust, in more ways than one. The crowd getting a view of Sweet Debra
didn't do too badly either.

We saw a split screen shot of SCSA and Mankind getting pumped up for their match
against The Rock and The Taker.

We saw a clip of the WWF in
London last week for Capital Carnage. D'Lo was seen
talking to people on the street about being The European Champion. They wanted
to know how he could be that since he was an American. We also saw some of the
competitors that performed, including Sable who was featured in the
Tabloids. We also saw several shots of the fans, many who imitated WWF
wrestlers. "Suck It" appears to be big in
England too.

The Godfather, along with two of his Ho's, and Val Venis came to the ring. Venis
started to do his "Hello, Ladies" bit, but The Godfather took the mic and being
a caring and giving man, with the Pimping Business going so well, and with
Christmas just around the corner, decided to play Santa Pimp. Breaking the
Pimp's Code Of Ethics (Boy is that an Oxymoron), decided to make a fan happy and
do a first time - one time only thing. He would give one of his Ho's to a lucky
fan, at no charge for the whole night. There was almost a stampede for the
present. A rather corpulent guy was called into the ring, because he had cash in
hand and The Godfather speaks Money. He looked like it had been a long dry spell
for him. The Godfather, feeling sorry for the guy, went overboard and gave him
both Ho's. We may never see the guy again, but if he goes tonight, he'll die
with a smile on his face. Papa Shango was never loved like this.

The next match was to have pitted The Godfather and Venis v The Acolytes, Farooq
and Bradshaw, who were accompanied by The Jackyl. The match never even made it
to the ring. It was a bar room brawl on the floor. It took several referees to
separate the four of them. I smell a feud, if you know what I'm cooking.
Winner - Match was a No Contest - The Corpulent fan was a definite winner.

We saw SCSA walking in the locker room area, apparently on his way to the ring.

SCSA came to the ring to a major pop. He said he was going to kick The Taker's
@$$. He said that he realizes that the deck is stacked against him as never
before. As he did his, "and that's the bottom line..." bit, the lights went out,
and The Taker's voice was heard. We saw a "cross" at the top of the ramp. It
looked more like a large "T" atop an "X" than a "cross." This is The Taker's
symbol. He told SCSA that his Ministry Of Darkness will take care of SCSA at the
WWF's next PPV, Rock Bottom. He told SCSA he could take his "rotting soul"
anytime he wants to, and he would be "Buried Alive" at Rock Bottom. At this
point the "cross" was set afire, apparently by a bolt out of the Darkness. SCSA
seemed a bit taken back by this. This is the "cross" that disturbed a lot of
fans, with some calling for a boycott of RAW. It didn't look anything like the
religious cross that people were concerned about.

We saw Mankind walking around the locker room area questioning SCSA saying they
weren't friends. He said SCSA had to be a "stupid SOB" because of that.

The next match pitted Steve "The Lethal Weapon" Blackman v. Tiger Ali Singh
accompanied by his Very Spanked Monkey Babu. Prior to the match, we saw a clip
from last weeks RAW of Blackman wearing The Blazer's outfit and nailing Owen
Hart. Blackman scored a clean pin after dominating most of the match. Hearken,
who's that stranger heading to the ring? Why its none other than The Blue
Blazer. Blackman was ready, as our hero stumbled coming down the ramp, and
Blackman nailed him. Here comes our other hero Owen, who blasted Blackman, and
then applied The Dragon Sleeper on him on the floor. Owen left saying he is The
Lethal Weapon.
Winner - Steve Blackman - Loser - Steve Blackman

We saw Mankind carrying a plastic trash bag, looking for SCSA's locker room. He
found it. Mankind must never have heard the old expresssion, "Be careful what
you look for, you might just find it."

Lawler showed the cover of the year-end issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. It
contains a story about SCSA.

We saw a shot of SCSA's locker room door. What's going on behind closed doors?

The next match was Mark Henry v.
LOD Member Droz, who was accompanied by Animal.
Prior to the match, we saw a clip of Henry dancing on his date with Chyna last
week as she looked on. Droz controlled most of the match. Chyna came down to the
ring and got on the apron. Droz held Henry, thinking Chyna was going to show him
how much she appreciated their date with a shot to the mouth. Wrong! Henry
broke free while Chyna just stood there. Inquiring Minds Want To Know. Droz has
one, so he went over to Chyna to get the scoop. It must be true love, as Chyna
nailed Droz. For hurting Sexual Chocolate? Henry showed his elation with a Power
Slam and Splash for the victory, as his true loved walked away. Henry was as
happy a Junior High School nerd that just had the Prom Queen kiss him in front
of the whole school.

Winner - Mark Henry, and possibly true love.

We saw HBK talking with Shamrock, BM and The Corporate NAO, who were both still
drinking bottled water (?) as they did at the start of the program. What's wrong
with this picture?

The next match was the Triple H / X-Pac, accompanied by Chyna, v. Shamrock / Boss Man
Tag Team Match set up by HBK at the beginning of the program. Triple H did his "Are
you ready?" bit to a big pop. As expected, the match turned into a brawl.
Considering he just returned to action, Triple H looked surprisingly good. He
exchanged Slams on the ramp with Shamrock. The BM and X-Pac spent a lot of time
on the floor during the match. The match was a good one and went on for
sometime. The crowd was solidly behind Triple H and X-Pac. HBK and The Corporate NAO,
still dressed in Suit and Tie, came to ringside. HBK pulled the top rope down
just as X-Pac was coming off it. This caused X-Pac to drop to the floor.
Meanwhile, in the ring, BM was holding Triple H and Shamrock was set to deliver a
chair shot. Mr. @$$ got into the ring and asked Shamrock to let do the honors.
Mr. @$$ took the chair and nailed Shamrock with it instead. The crowd went
insane. Doggie blasted BM. NAO stripped off their Monkey Suits, revealing their
DX shirts underneath. They went into a frenzy of Crotch Chops. HBK was not a
happy camper as he watched from the floor. Bad @$$ threw his tie at HBK. The
entire DX crew was going ape in the ring. Fan-F'N-tastic. NAO is back, after a
very short stint (would you believe less than two hours) as Corporate YoYo's.
Mr. @$$ grabbed the mic and summed it up, "McMahon, we've got two words for
you..." The pop from the crowd was unreal.
Winner - The Fans - NAO stiffed The Royal Family, who were the Losers.

We saw Mankind leaving SCSA's locker room.

We saw all of DX in their locker room laughing about what they just pulled off.

We saw SCSA going into his locker room. Apparently he was never in there when
Mankind was. He found a note atop Mankind's trash bag. It said, "Have a cold one
on me, I'm headed to the
Rockies." SCSA took a cold one out, opened and drank it
as he said, "The stupid bastard." If that's how he talks about a "friend," what
do you think he'd have to say about an enemy?

The next match was the Main Event and was a Tag Team Match, pitting SCSA and
Mankind v. The Rock, WWF Champion and The Taker, accompanied by Paul Bearer.
After The Rock and Taker came to the ring, Mankind followed and was double
teamed by them. SCSA charged down and jumped The Rock and Taker. Action went on
all over the floor, as SCSA and The Rock battled on the ramp, while Mankind and
The Taker dueled with chairs and the ring steps. After a while, the match went
into the ring. As usual, Mankind spent most of the match getting his @$$ ass
kicked. He took a Choke Slam from The Taker, The Corporate Elbow and The Rock
Bottom from the Rock. SCSA saved him a few times. Shamrock and BM charged into
the ring and handcuffed Mankind to the ropes. This allowed The Rock to work him
over with The BM's Night Stick. While this was going on, SCSA and The Taker
battled out into the crowd. They came back over the guard rail and SCSA tried to
choke The Taker with TV cables. The Taker blasted SCSA with the ring bell and
then a chair that knocked him into next Thursday. The Taker picked SCSA up and
carried him to the top of the ramp. A bunch of The Taker's Druids were there
waiting. They tied SCSA to the "cross" that we had seen set afire earlier in the
program. They hoisted SCSA up onto it. The Taker and Fatboy Paul Bearer mocked
him. Mankind wasn't able to help, as he was still handcuffed to the ropes. The
program closed with The Taker doing his eyes rolling into his head bit and
promising to bury SCSA alive at Rock Bottom.
Winners - The fans and I guess The Taker, Fatboy and The Druids.
Loser - SCSA

Cole reminded us that: "We're only six days away! Will
Austin be buried alive?

Can he stop the Ministry of Darkness at Rock Bottom? Can the Evil be stopped?
Will Chyna and Henry have a second date? If so, will he get lucky? Will She?
Will the lucky fan be able to handle the two Ho's? If not, there are plenty of
volunteers to help him.

Another great program, with the double turn by NAO a winner. As far as the
"cross," I don't see it as being any big thing.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

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