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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 093

Date:  Wednesday December 9th, 1998  10:40 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Jesse James Armstrong (Road Dog) sustained injuries in the UK at Capital Carnage
off of a solid splash from the WWF's "world's strongest man", which may
result in him having to sit out of this Sunday's
ROCK BOTTOM PPV. A number one

contender's match between Shamrock/Bossman and Brown/Henry would most likely be
the replacement. (Reported by Scoops at:

The following report was taken directly from
By Lou Gianfriddo
Late Tuesday afternoon, WWF.COM received troubling news concerning Pablo
Marquez, who is better known as Babu, Tiger Ali Singh’s manservant. Apparently,
Babu was apprehended and is awaiting extradition to
Ecuador where is wanted for
undisclosed criminal charges. His status in the World Wrestling Federation
remains questionable at the moment.

In all fairness, it should be emphasized that Babu has only been charged. He is
still, in the eyes of the Federation and the
United States, innocent until
proven guilty. We at WWF.COM and the World Wrestling Federation can only hope
that justice is carried out in the most expedient and fairest way possible.
WWF.COM will update you as soon as possible should anything change in his legal
status i.e., conviction,
absolution, or acquittal.

TNM, The Wrestling Simulator, is holding their year end poll to determine the

best wrestling newsletter on the internet. The Wrestling Booking Sheet is
nominated, and for any of you who feel its deserved, I'd appreciate it if you
would vote for us. To vote, go to:

Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch briefly commented on their future plans, via their
AOL Sports Guy Message Board, found at AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:346527
There has been alot of speculation regarding their plans of late, and this post
almost brings up more questions than it answers.

Posted by Chris Candido (w/Tammy Sytch of course)
We are taking the month of December to contemplate many offers. We are leaving
for the
Canary Islands (off of Spain) and then to Tahiti (since the house we
bought won't have furniture until Jan). When we return we have meeting with the
"big two", we will either take them up on their offers or return to ECW as the
full time assistant booker (and of course, after nearly nine years we basically
think the same, and I consult Tammy with everything, and she is
usually.....ok...ok..always, right). Thanks for all the birthday wishes for
Tammy and your well wishes for my grandmother; we will speak to all of you soon,
and you'll see us soon somewhere.

WWF.Com is reporting that the Sable/Playboy photo shoot will take place in
sometime in 1999, possibly in January. It is expected the issue will hit

newsstands sometime in the spring. No other details have been provided other
than the rumors that Sable may appear on the cover of the magazine when it is
finally released. (Reported by

Rumors are circulating that the WWF has released Steven Regal from his contract.
This is still unconfirmed, but several reliable sources (Scoops among them),
have received reports indicating this. When this rumor is confirmed one way or
another, you'll be the first to know. Regal, one of the more talented wrestlers
in the business, will hopefully one day recieve that break......

ECW fans can expect to still be seeing Blue Meanie. Despite his new Titan deal,
the WWF people are allowing him to fill dates with Paul E. until they come up
with an angle for him to enter with. (Reported by Scoops)


VISIT my Home Page:

As I expected, my Article about watching RAW and judging the "hanging" of Stone
Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) for yourself touched a nerve. I have already received
twenty-four (24) responses to it. There were eighteen (18) (78.3%) that were in
agreement with me, and five (5) (21.7%) that disagreed. I want to thank everyone
who took the time to write to me. As is my policy, I respond to every E-mail I
receive in a timely manner, whether the writer agrees with me or not. As an
aside, based on the ratings, it appears that just as many people watched RAW as
normally do.

The other (24th) one just wanted tell me that I called Dustin Runnels, Dustin
Rhodes, a fact that will probably bring on Armageddon. He did so in a way that I
am sure would make his parents proud of how much he has learned in school. In
fact, I responded in kind and he was nice enough to
TOS me. Enough said about

Of the five that took exception, three didn't really address the issue. Instead
they took the opportunity to blame the WWF for every ill in the world from their
grandfathers bunions to El Nino to Monica. From their words, it appeared that
they were WCW fans and unhappy with anything the WWF does. Another thought I was
infringing on the Rights of the Boycott Supporters by suggesting each person
make up their own minds as to whether it was offensive or not. I guess speaking
out and taking an opposing view is un-American??? This writer questioned my
understanding of Free Speech. I guess Free Speech is fine, as long as you want
to exercise it but not if someone else does. Go figure. The final negative
response looked like it may have been written by a real religious zealot. This
writer felt that anything that had the least religious connotation was wrong. I
respect what he had to say, just as I respect every other persons religious

The positive respondents all had a common thread. They were glad to see that I
took a stand, knowing that it might not be popular. The following is one of
those responses. I am doing something I don't normally do, but am including this
one not because it speaks kindly of me, but because it states the issue so well,
and is representative of all the others. It is from TBear0807:
Dear SamJerry,
I just wanted to say that I respect you a great deal. Not only for your very
well thought, and at times humoring column that I read tentatively when I get
this newsletter, but also for you column about the religion issue. I just
wanted to say that you know what you are talking about and I wish there were
more writers out there who took your side. I agree completely. I think that
society is too contradictory, "Let me think what I want, but you have to think
the same." its a self-centered egotistical society that we have to put up with
and are sometimes afraid to speak out against. I respect anyone that does.
Again, just wanted to say thank you, for being a righteous human being, a
devoted wrestling fan, and above all, a true American.
Christopher M. Steele
I want to thank Christopher for his comments. They mean a lot to me, as did all
the others, both pro and con. It shows people are reading what I write, and
that's all any
writer could ask for.

As far as what happened on RAW this past Monday (
12/07/98), and now having seen
what bothered some, I can say I don't think it was either sacrilegious or
degrading to any faith. SCSA was "hung" from The Undertaker's Symbol (the best
description I can give you is it looks like a capital "T" above and "X"). It is
a Symbol The Undertaker has used as part of his angle as long as I can recall.

As I said in my original Article, if I feel the line is being crossed, I'll be
the first to speak out. I said it, I meant it. Some of you may recall that I was
among the first to speak out when the issue of Goldberg wearing a Star Of David
on his trunks was raised. WCW was against it. I felt he should be allowed to
wear it, citing all the wrestlers that appear wearing a Cross.
Last weeks poll:
Will Kevin Nash beat Goldberg at Starrcade?
A. Yes - 58 Votes 54.2%
B. No - 10 Votes 9.4%
C. El Dandy - 37 Votes 34.6%
D. Dwayne Gill - 1 Vote .9%
E. RodGoodDam -1 Vote .9%
Total # of votes: 107
"B. No, Goldberg will Jackhammer Nash and become 3 million and 0."

"You read my mind!!!! El Dandy was screwed out of World War 3, but he will have
his revenge at Starrcade. And maybe a taco supreme. ARRIBA!!!!!!"

This weeks poll:
Which wrestler(s) should retire (Based on age and/or wrestling abilities)?
A. Ric Flair
B. Macho Man Randy Savage
C. Goldberg
D. Farooq
E. Other (specify)
You may vote for more than one person if you like. All polls should be sent
here: nwo4life4ever Answers sent to any other address will be
deleted. Thanks
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: bighurt
I'll tell you why the cross angle is offensive to me and alot of people... you
have to remember for those of us who do believe in Christ (and no I am not
saying you don't) the idea or the image of someone who isn't Christ on a cross
is extremely disturbing and some will feel offended by the "suggestion" that
Austin (it could have been any one of us on a cross) is Christ-like is very
strong and disturbing. It also seems mocking of a significant religious event
that is extremely emotional to many. Also,
with the amount of children watching the WWF and I think the numbers bear out
that more kids watch the WWF than WCW you have to wonder what they are doing.
I understand that the WWF's product is to be more adult themed and that would
work if they had more of the WCW audience; in that I mean geezers my age (lol!).
I had a friend who was bothered as for the 3rd or 4th time this year he had to
explain to his child why this image of Austin on the cross was offensive- that
along with the DX blackface promo from earlier this year were the 2 most
offensive things I've seen and made me not watch Raw. The constant breast
flashing (accidental or planned as they have done both), I like see tits but
we're also talking 9 year olds here. I would not let a child watch it because
as much as Vince McMahon claims that this for adults (and his off target remarks
comparing Raw to NYPD Blue), remember nobody lets their 9 year old watch NYPD
Blue or so they say, the reality is his audience is still overwhelmingly
children 14 and under.....
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BriskDanPE
Nitro--Eric Bischoff comes out at the beginning of the show and announces that
in the main event later in the night, Goldberg will face Ric Flair in a loser
leaves town match for the World Title .......LATER IN THE NIGHT.......Ric Flair
has Goldberg right where he wants him, in the clutches of the figure four
leglock. Goldberg reaches the ropes so Ric has to break the hold. Goldberg
slides out of the ring to gain some energy, but Ric Flair goes right out after
him, the ref starts the count.....they are exchanging punches....1....Goldberg
whips Flair into the safety rail...and Flair hits shoulder first.....2.....Ric
Flair hits a low blow on Goldberg, but to no avail ( guess he has no nuts!! )

Goldturd lays punch after punch to the gut....3.....Greenturd picks him up by
his snow white hair and lays a European uppercut on him....4....Flair is on the
ground ....but Goldberg does not capitalize, he is just fending off fans who
want to touch his plastic muscles.....5..... Eric Bischoff comes out and is
tellling the ref to keep up his count, Goldberg tries coming after Bischoff, but
Giant and Norton come in to save the day...6... they just tell Goldberg to turn
around and Ric Flair charges and hits him with the prune juice spear ( LOL
)...7...Flair not knowing where the count is at,
puts Greenturd in the figure 4....8....9....10!!!! The bell rings!!!

Bischoff picks up his mic and announces that since they both lost...they both
have to leave...the Giant and Norton beat up both up...and they are still tied
in the figure 4.

Raw the next week......McMahon announces that two former champs in other feds
are coming to the WWF in the coming weeks. Mr. Vin Man says that they have
stated that they both want a shot at the Rock. VKMgoes on and on about how the
rock is too good for them..blah..blah..blah. Then he says that 6 other
individuals have equally earned a shot at the title, so for the new Main Event
at Rock Bottom that there be a 9 man battle royal between Stone Cold,
Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, Bossman, Shamrock, The Rock, and two mystery

Heat....McMahon announces that the mystery people are Goldberg and Ric Flair.
So that completes the gamma for the battle royal....or is it? McMahon says that
there will be a triple threat match the next night to determine the last
competitor. The triple threat match is between Al Snow, X-Pac, and
D-Lo Brown

Raw...Triple threat match.. Al Snow and X-pac are double teaming D-lo. Then X-
Pac hits Al with a spinning heel kick and does the bronco buster on D-lo. But
D-lo holds on to X-pac's legs and delivers the sky high. Snow gets up and hits
D-lo with head...then Snow tries to hit the now standing X-Pac with head but
X-Pac ducks and delivers the X-Factor to snow....1...2...3!! X-Pac wins!!!

Rock Bottom Goldberg comes out and expects pyro but WWF don't play like that!!
Austin comes out to the loudest applause ever! Ric Flair, The Rock, BossMan and
Shamrock get the smae amount of cheers, none! X-Pac gets a mad load of cheers,
along with Taker and Kane. The match starts..with no Mankind, VKM is at the top
of the stage. Taker and Flair are paired, Kane and Goldberg, Austin and Bossman,
Shamrock and the Rock, and X-Pac is just standing and waiting. UT delivers a
chokeslam to Flair, and without mercy, he picks him up and throws him over the
top rope all the way to the floor...I think Flair is dead.

Goldberg tries to spear Kane but Kane sticks his foot up and Goldberg falls
X-Pac goes after the lone Taker with kick after kick, and batters him down in
the corner..he tries a bronco buster, but Austin trips him during his run, and
UT capitalizes. Shamrock is killin' the Rock and Bossman comes over to help
Shamrock beat on the battered Maivia, but Austin turns him
around..kick....stunner!! Boss Man is out, and Austin throws him over onto the
unconcious 95 year old Flair. Before Austin threw out BossMan, he managed to get
his nightstick, which he was using to beat on Shamrock. Austin turns around to
beat up some other people and the Rock gets up and delivers the Corporate Elbow
to Shamrock. Kane goes after X-Pac, Goldberg is fighting UT, Austin's fightin
The Rock, and Shamrock is still on the ground. A spotlight shines on the crowd,
its Mankind, he's coming down to the ring with Mr. Socko in one hand, and the
leaf blower in the other.

He slides into the ring and swings it at Shamrock's head and hits him right in
the temple, Shamrock goes over the ropes onto the floor. Kane is holding
Goldberg while Mankind beats on him and gives him a couple blows with the leaf
blower to the gut. Kane picks up the fallen Greenturd and gives him a choke
slam, and he tries a pin but X-Pac breaks it up....Meanwhile Austin has beaten
Rocky with the nightstick ...kick...stunner!!! Austin throws the Rock over and
onto a chair on the ground. The Rock, BossMan, Flair and Shamrock are all out so
far. Kane, UT, Austin, Goldberg, X-Pac and Mankind are left. X-Pac goes after
Goldberg with kicks left and right. Then UT continues the punishment by knocking
Goldberg in the corner and sending knees to his gut. Kane goes after X-Pac and
delivers a tombstone and gets a three count. X-Pac is out. Austin goes after
Goldberg but Mankind breaks it up and hits Goldberg with the leaf blower.

Austin waits for Mankind to turn around...kick....stunner!!! Austin tosses
Mankind over but the leaf blower is still in ( and on ) only Austin, Kane, UT
and Goldberg are left. Goldberg gets up and manages to grab a chair from under
the ring. Kane runs after him, and Goldberg smacks him with the chair...but Kane
just stands there and looks at Greenberg. Goldberg spears Kane and Kane hits the
ground. GBerg signals for the Jackhammer, no fans cheer as he does that arm
thing. when he turns around....kick...stunner! Goldberg is out, and Kane sits
up. UT comes back and hits Austin with a clothesline. Kane then chokeslams and
tombstones the Taker ...1....2...3! Taker is out!

Austin grabs the chair from the ground....and whacks Kane...knocking him down
....after the chair shot Austin says to Goldturd " that's how its done, son!"
Goldberg picks up Kane and tries a Jackhammer but Kane reverses it. Just then,
Mankind comes back in the ring and hits Kane with the leaf blower....Austin
stuns Kane and
throws him out. Austin gives Kane the finger...when he turns around Goldberg
whips him and then Goldberg bounces off the ropes too. Kane grabs Goldberg's
foot ..and drags him out..Kane then hits him with a choke slam...slides him in
the ring...Austin picks him up...kick...stunner!! Austin throws Goldberg out!!
Austin wins, he's the new World Champ, and Kane goes after McMahon and is still
at the top of the stage..but Shamrock cuts him off and gives him a
belly-to-belly on the walkway. But here comes Mankind from behind VM and hits
him with the leaf blower over the back of the head " have a nice day"
From the above title you can see the title of my page has the ending UK on it.
This site (I hope) will be pretty big for UK fans but before I can get it
started I need HELP and quite a bit of It, I need people who can supply me with
results i.e Raw, Heat, Shotgun, Nitro, Thunder and WCW Saturday Night and the
various tapings. I also need someone who can provide me with the monthly PPV
results and perhaps a few House Shows as well! I need some people who can also
give me the latest news and rumors on the two federations. Column writers are
also welcome as well. I also need bio's on all the WWF and WCW superstars, so
If anyone can help then please do! As I am In the UK I get little coverage of
wrestling. I get Raw, Thunder, Nitro but they don't air until the Friday. I
also get the WWF PPV's and thats about it. I know the above is alot to ask but
I am determined to get this show on the road and make It the best UK based
WWF/WCW site on the web. I will send out full details to people If they apply,
I will also send you Jackie with her t*t's out a Capital Carnage. So if you are
interested or can help out in anyway please contact edmac
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