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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 094

Date:  Thursday December 10th, 1998  1:53 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Dave Scherer is reporting that Jim Ross is once again suffering from Bells Palsy
syndrome. There is no word yet on how serious this outbreak is; hopefully, all
will work out okay. With the recent death of his mother, I think we should all
keep Jim in our thoughts (and for those of you so inclined, your prayers).

Scoops is reporting that WCW is confident that Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch will
be signing with them shortly; he reports that WCW claims that there is a 75%
chance that they will sign and perform in Atlanta.
(Reported by Scoops at

Scott Steiner went back to court in
Atlanta yesterday and pled guilty to the
charges of hitting the
Georgia state worker with his truck. He was not sentenced

yet. The
court wants to investigate the incident further before doing so.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Kenta Kobashi announced that he will be going to
Vancouver, BC, Canada to fly

with Baba and find out about receiving a try out to work in the WWF. Baba also
wants new American talent. (Reported by

From Mercury News wire services
Jesse "The Body"
Ventura will celebrate his inauguration as Minnesota's governor
next month by leading a crowd in calisthenics, sitting down to a potluck dinner
with farmers and releasing an eagle into the wild, it was announced Monday.

"We did not want it to be a traditional, formal ball because we are not
traditional formal people," said the former pro wrestler's wife, Terry, head of
the inauguration committeee.

Instead of a black-tie bash, she said, there will be "a party that encompasses
all of Minnesota, an event that celebrates the people of this state and gets
them involved in that celebration as much as possible."

There will be a formal swearing-in ceremony in the capital building at
January 4th. But because space is limited inside the building,
Ventura plans to
throw open the doors afterward for anyone who wants to come by and shake his
hand, his wife said.

Instead of a formal ball, there will be a music-filled "People's Celebration"
January 15th at the
Target Center, a sports complex in downtown Minneapolis, she

Headbanger Thrasher posted his thoughts on the Insane Clown Posse at The
AOL WWF message board, found at: aol://5863:126/mB:333131
From the keyboard of WWF Thrasher:
"I want everyone to know why ICP is no longer with the WWF. Bottom line is they
are bigger than the WWF; Just ask them. They said they did not sell any more CD
now, How, We are in 10 million houses a week. They are a waste of time for you
and me. We still love our fans and we will always talk to our people. I love
you guys".

TNM, The Wrestling Simulator, is holding their year end poll to determine the

best wrestling newsletter on the internet. The Wrestling Booking Sheet is
nominated, and for any of you who feel its deserved, I'd appreciate it if you
would vote for us. To vote, go to:
By popular demand, the list you've all been waiting for......
VISIT my Home Page:

Jericho's first acts as Chief Executive would be: Stuff Larry Loser up his
@$$, burn down Larry Land and have it declared a toxic waste dump.

2. Whining would replace baseball as the National pasttime.

3. Every Championship that was ever "stolen" from him would be returned and
that "won" them be required to watch twelve uninterrupted hours Tony
calling matches, or self immolation. Their choice.

4. Top Christmas toys would be Conspiracy Barbi and Double Agent Ken.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Ralphus would pay him a visit after eating six
a Triple Order of Refried Beans and a Six Pack of Steveweiser.

6. The National Symbol would be a picture of
Jericho with a knife in his back,
Jo Jo Dillion standing over him smiling.

7. The army would swap their tanks for JerichoMobiles; 1955 Chrysler
with 10 foot blonde tresses flowing from their rears.

8. The Country's new flag would be a Monday Night Jericho T-Shirt.

9. Ralphus would be named Secretary of Defense.

10. Jo Jo Dillon would be declared Persona Non-Grata and deported to the new
Third World Country,
Atlanta, GA. This assumes he is ever heard from again

after having his useless @$$ fired.
Below are some more of The Honky Tonk Man's postings, found on his
AOL Sports Guy message board, which can be found at
AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:356735


While many of HTM's views are extreme, and
he's very blunt, he does provide a sometimes entertaining perspective into the business.

All of the following is directly from The Honky Tonk

Could you tell us what you think of the following wrestler's ability in the
ring, as well as their attitude as you know/knew it to be: Bam Bam Bigelow,
Shawn Michaels.
Bret Hart, Mankind/Mick Foley, Ric Flair......
They are all very good, but please leave Flair out of the list, he is horrible,
same upside down bump and slam off the top in every match for 20 yrs.

I was wondering who you thought were the best workers today and who you thought
would led wrestling into the year 2000......
Rocky in WWF and Goldberg has the potential to be great in WCW if Nash doesn't
let his own ego kill the guy off.

Do you feel your gimmick, if just starting now, would fit in with the current
realm of the WWF Attitude? What's up with Sherri Martel? Has the deaths of
Brian Pillman and Louie Spicolli sent a 'shockwave' to all wrestlers? Or is it a
case of it can't happen to me?......
Wouldn't fit now. Haven't seen Sheri in a while, and the deaths didn't shock
most of us. We knew what they were doing with the drugs.

Who are some of your closest friends in wrestling? Who are some people you just
dislike in wrestling?......
I don't have a lot of friends in the business and neither does anyone else. They
are all business associates. I dislike Savage, Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, Ross,
Lawler, and the "Rip A Charity Off" Nash. Then there is Strongbow and Lanza and
the list goes on.

What do you think was your most memorable match while working for the WWF?
Your IC title win over Steamboat? I heard you weren't even supposed to get
the strap.......
Thats right, it was going to Butch Reed but he went AWOL.

I was wondering your thoughts on Randy Savage. I have met alot of wrestlers over
the years, and I have found him to be very pleasant, and most of the other
wrestlers I have talked to think he is a good guy. I remember the feud that
ya'll had together a while back, and I was just wondering what your thoughts
were on him.......
Savage is a different animal. I really can't describe him. He thinks everyone is
out to get him.

McMahon or Bischoff--who's the best guy to work for and why? The way you see
it, which of the Big Two will be on top in five years? While with WCW, did you
ever want to Shake, Rattle & Roll Schiavone through a table?......
Tony is a really nice guy. Unless WWF can come up with better talent then WCW
will be on top. McMahon was the better guy, at least you knew he would lie to
you. Bishoff was just learning to lie when I was there. They are equal now.

How does it make you feel when The Rock claimed to be the best IC champ? What do
you think of Afa of The Wild Samoans and Headshrinker Samu?......
He might be the best, but he hasn't reached greatness yet. I like them.

HTM, did your exposure during your WWF stint get you alot of groupie type girls
following you around? If you got any good stories e-mail me with them!......
There was never too many girls hanging around, it was mostly gay young boys at
that time that hung around looking for Patterson and Garvin.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: PicaboLyxx
Not that this makes a major difference, but that "symbol" thing Undertaker hung
up SCSA on is not a "T", a "V", or a cross, or an "X", or anything of the sort.
Clearly, it says "UT", as in Undertaker. If I'm not mistaken, it even appears
on the TitanTron every week. -Joseph "Squirrel" Meloy
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: MIDEVILCO
This whole Undertaker-Austin Cross Deal is annoying me, as well as many others
I'm sure. On a personal level, I thought it was a lame ending to a good show.
Not lame because of religious content, but lame because he was strapped to a
piece of
wood and raised up into the air.

As far as it being a cross, give me a break. It doesn't even look close to a
cross. Lighten up people. its sports entertainment. If you're looking for a
cause to protest or boycott go save the rainforest or something .
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