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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 095

Date:  Friday December 11th, 1998  7:13 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Word I am getting is that Mikey Whipwreck is indeed signed with WCW, two years
at about $300,000 total. WCW wants him to come in almost immediately and feud
with Kidman. Mikey wants to fulfill his committment to ECW and work the three
way match at the Guilty as Charged PPV, but if WCW calls him down right away,
he's really in no position to say no.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at

Music City Wrestling, which is negotiating for a national time slot on TNN, has
changed its name to NWA World Wide Wrestling, perhaps in an attempt to
capitalize on the current boom and have a better shot at major TV clearances
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

As you may have read elsewhere, Chastity is supposed to be coming into WCW as
part of the Raven angle. Reports say she will be either his sister or his
"Beulah", as Raven tries to capture the heat he had with his character in ECW.
As the story goes, Sandman will debut as Raven's best friend from his childhood.
They will be brought in by "Raven's mother" to get Raven out of his funk.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at

The Unk sent along the Thunder ratings for the 12/10 edition. The show did a 3.9
rating off of hours of 3.5 and a strong 4.3 for the second hour.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at

The name of the whistle blowing nWo referee is Mark Johnson.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Jimmy Hart was asked to be a part of the new Roller Derby show on the
Network, but the idea was nixed by WCW.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

The plan is for Super Nova of ECW to take off his makeup and be pushed as a more
serious wrestler and perhaps bring in some Northeast indy guys for him to work
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

When Vampiro returns to WCW (remember his one Nitro match against Brad
Armstrong), he will be returning as a heel, with purple hair and a Marilyn
Manson gimmick. The current plan is to give him a big push. Out of all the
Luchadors WCW could push, why Vampiro? I'd love to see Psychosis or La Parka
get a solid push....
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

TNM, The Wrestling Simulator, is holding their year end poll to determine the

best wrestling newsletter on the internet. The Wrestling Booking Sheet is
nominated, and for any of you who feel its deserved, I'd appreciate it if you
would vote for us. To vote, go to:
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The capital would be moved to The Mustang Ranch Trailer Park And Swinging
Retirement Village For Wannabe Centerfolds.

2. Lap Dancing would replace baseball as the National pastime.

3. The Godfather would be appointed Secretary of Human Resources.

4. Top Christmas toys would be Hoohie Mama Barbi and Big Tipper Ken and
be available at Tramps 'R' Us or by calling 1-800-IMASLUT.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Francine would send Ambassador Jenna Jameson to
pay him a visit to convince him that Making Love definitely beats Making

6. The National Symbol would a bald head resting on a pair of 38 DD's.

7. Women in the military would wear mesh hot pants and halter tops. Uniforms
for the entire force will be made from a single size 4 dress she purchased
during a K-Mart Blue Light Special.

8. The Country's new flag would be a see thru Black TEddie .

9. Every dollar bill would have E Pluribus Trampus printed on it.

10. Beulah McGillicuddi would be declared an enemy of the state, have her head
shaved bald and sent to WCW to serve a life sentence as the newest Bimbo.
WCW Thunder Report for
November 10th, 1998
By Rick Phelps (WrestleRic)
Tony Schiavone announces that Juventud Guerrera will face Rey Mysterio Jr. with
the winner receiving a title shot against Kidman at Starrcade. Also, the
Wolfpac will face members of NWO Hollywood.

Bobby Duncum Jr. versus Chris Jericho
After a hard fought battle, Chris Jericho turned an attempted powerbomb by
Duncum into a rollup using the ropes for leverage. Television champion Konnan
informed the referee of the injustice, who restarted the match. Konnan then hit
Jericho in the head with the TV title allowing Duncum to score the pinfall.
Winner: Bobby Duncum Jr. via pinfall

--Video clips are aired showing the events that led up to the signing of the
match between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff at Starrcade.

Glacier versus Perry Saturn
Sonny Onoo kicked Saturn while Saturn had Glacier hooked in the rings of Saturn
which caused the disqualification. Onoo offered Saturn money which he threw on
the mat before locking HIM into the rings of Saturn.
Winner: Perry Saturn via disqualification

Kaz Hayashi versus Norman Smiley
The English superstar won this match with a cross face chicken wing submission
Winner: Norman Smiley via submission

--The Cat orders Sonny Onoo to go in the back and beat the "crap" out of Saturn.
He also says he is getting tired of getting booed.

Rey Mysterio Jr. versus Juventud Guerrera
After an excellent high flying matchup between these two luchadores,
interference by the Latino World Order forced a disqualification. The LWO
members attacked Mysterio until Kidman made the save.
Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via disqualification

Lodi versus Booker T
Stevie Ray stormed the ring with a microphone telling Booker T that he needs to
get his act together and quit wrestling people like the "sign boy" (Lodi). He
then hit
Lodi with the slapjack giving the win to Lodi by DQ.
Lodi via disqualification

Kanyon versus Chris Benoit
Before the match, Kanyon stated how sick he was of Raven throwing pity parties
for himself. A great match was going on in the ring, but was stopped when Raven
hit Benoit with a paint can. Benoit than put a post match Crippler Crossface on
Winner: Chris Benoit via disqualification

Stevie Ray/Horace/Vincent versus Lex Luger/Konnan
This match began as a handicapped match, as Luger and K-Dogg were the only
members of the Wolfpack in attendance. As Stevie Ray was about to hit Luger
with the slapjack, Scott Hall punched Ray who fell right into the torture rack
of Luger. That gave the wolfpack the victory.
Winners: Lex Luger and Konnan via submission

Ricks Comments
Norman Smiley looks more impressive everytime he steps into the ring. There
were many five star matches on the show tonight, its just too bad that most of
them ended up in a disqualification.
Dear Wrestling Fans,
Last Friday night, on a IWA Mid-South show, Ian Rotten and Corporal Robinson
had a barbed wire, salt match. During the match, Ian Rotten hit Corporal
Robinson with a weapon that was fan made. Well, that weapon cut arteries in
Corporal's temple. It was originally thought that it was just a minor injury. He
had a few stitches, and was out of the hospital just a few days later. Well, a
day later, it was obvious that Corporal still had some problems, and went back
to the hospital.

Sadly, it was found out that Corporal had a brain anyerisum. He was rushed into
emergency surgery. Sadly, the chances of Corporal ever being able to wrestle
again are very slim, and if he is to every wrestle again, he can not wrestle
until 2000. So, basically, he can not do what he loves for a long, long time.

To ease his pain, I have decided to post this message on the internet. Sometime
next week, or the week after that, I will be mailing a big box of letter's to my
good friend Brent, who will give those letters to Corporal Robinson. If you
would like to send Corporal a get well letter, and wish him your best wishes,
email them to

You do not realize how much this would help Corporal. Please, help him out!!!
Adam Lash
VIA EMAIL. WINNERS will be posted in next issue. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
LAST ISSUE's Trivia: Big Boss Man Trivia!!!!!
1. Who did BOSSMAN beat at SummerSlam 88?
2. Who did BOSSMAN and AKEEM beat at WrestleMania 5?
3. Who were BOSSMAN's partners at SummerSlam 89?
4. Who did BOSSMAN bodyguard for in the NWA in the mid-80's?
5. Who did BOSSMAN face on Saturday Night's Main Event in Nov. 1991?
ANSWERS: 1. Koko B. Ware, 2. The Rockers, 3. Akeem & Andre the Giant,
4. Jim Cornette & the Midnight Express, 5. Mr. Perfect
LAST ISSUE'S WINNERS: clerkrats, JeBambrick, rpgfanb1@xxxxc..., PG13fan,
THIS ISSUE'S FOCUS: Latino Wrestling Trivia!!!!!
1. Name who Juventud Guerrera lost his mask to?
2. Who was Manny Fernandez's partner as NWA tag champs in 1986?
3. Who did Tito Santana team with at WrestleMania 2?
4. Who did Rey Mysterio Jr. defeat for the Cruiserweight Title in July 1996?
5. Who did Konnan beat for the WCW U.S. Title in 1996?

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Newsboard, Jenna Jameson, Sable, Debra Pics, Results Info, and MUCH more!

Attention all
AOL readers. These new chats are all that and a bag of chips, so
visit them! Both are for the EWF. There will be an appearance by an EF
wrestler soon!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Adam Schlosser (slush8)
To subscribe to The Gutbuster, e-mail: slush8

Can Eric Bischoff be impeached? Send all comments to: Slush8
We can impeach the president of the
United States, but can we impeach the
president of WCW? Look at what this man has done? All his best are unhappy and
want to leave. Egos run rampant. His Monday and Thursday programs are
continously poor. Yes, Eric Bischoff, its clear you suck. And you're not like
Vince McMahon, who is only a jerk when he is on national TV, but a nice guy
backstage and in the office. You're a jerk 24/7. You play favorites with
wrestlers. I mean, look how much you gave Hulk Hogan. Too much. Now you're
giving that to Kevin Nash. From what I know a few years ago Vince McMahon
trouble with three big egos.
Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash, two of whom work for you now. Vince
has quelled his problems with egos, you let them do as they please.

Every stable in your federation consits of something-world-order. The WWF has
stables: DX and Team Corporate who are very different. You can't put on a good
PPV because of people's egos and not wanting to do the clean job. Your Monday
night main events are the most disappointing things I have ever seen. The
Sandman has not even appeared on TV yet and he's already angry at you. Hell,
everyone is angry at you. I don't see fans throwing cups of pop on people as
they walk by on WWF RAW, or into the ring when the main event is garbage. But
I've seen tons of pop dumped on you and Hogan and lot's thrown into the ring at
the end of Nitro.

But if we didn't have you, Vince could rehash ideas and make us watch it because
there was nothing else on TV because ECW does not receive the exposure it
But if you keep your usual routine up you will go under, Ted Turner could just
let you loose. And then the WWF can show us whatever they please, it could
even turn into garbage, though I doubt it will, it might without any competition
to fight against.

So to keep WWF interesting, to keep good wrestlers like Benoit and Raven in WCW
and getting them the pushes they deserve impeach Bischoff. Start giving guys
the pushes they deserve, not give pushes to the guy's who don't deserve it. Put
the egos in a trash bag and boot them to the curb. Because then there may be no
competition to keep the WWF great. And what happens when you're #1 and have no
competition at all? You get sloppy! Impeach Eric and get a good WCW president
so we can start having good programs, good PPV's, and good decisions made for
the company. And most of all, someone who doesn't get involved with wrestlers
Hogan and Nash!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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