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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 096

Date:  Sunday December 13th, 1998  6:19 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

As you may know, every year Time magazine lets the people vote for "Man of the Year". Well, this year, It looks like Mick Foley himself is #3 on that list, beating people like John Glenn, Mark McGwire, Madonna, Bill Clinton, and Jesus

If your so inclined go to:
Mick is a write in candidate, so make sure you type Mick Foley exactly. My thanks to Justin for informing me of Foley's "success".

Stevie Ray refused to do a job (job means to lose your match) for Konnan at World War 3. When an over pushed mid carder can get away with refusing to lose a match, it begs the obvious question: Have the inmates really taken over the asylum?
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Dory Funk Jr. appeared at the 11/29 ECW show in
Tampa and was asked to be a part of the Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer angle. For whatever reason, he didn't go for the idea. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Mikey Whipwreck, soon to be in WCW, posted his thoughts on the subject in his
AOL Sports Guy Folder, found at AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:304929
Hey guys sorry I have been gone for so long but as I am sure you can imagine it
has been a very hectic week. I have agreed to a two year deal with WCW.
Leaving ECW was not a decision that came without a lot of time and thought. For
the past 5 years ECW has been a great place to work and I had a lot of fun being
there. To be perfectly honest I was contemplating leaving the business almost
completely aside from working with Taz in the school. When I received the offer
from WCW I called Paul right away and let him know. The conversations between
Paul and myself will remain just that but I will say that he gave me his
blessing in whatever my ultimate decision would be. As far as selling out goes
all I can say is to get a clue. Why should I go to the school 4 days a week, go
on the road, make sure the ring crew gets to building on time, has new canvases,
clean canvases, ring skirts, banners, tables, chairs, hotel reservations,
directions to the building, getting the entrance way up, getting the building
ready for tv, being sure they have guardrails that protect the buildings floor,
Those ugly blue mats that surround the ring in New York, and by the way, how do
you think Taz and Bam Bam went through the ring and the runway? And on top of
that I had to wrestle and get beat to death. Now I'm not complaining and it
probably doesn't sound like much but believe me it is. In WCW all I have to do
is wrestle and now hopefully I can dedicate my time just to wrestling. For
those of you who still back me and support my decision, Thank You very much and
for those who don't tough s#@xxxxc!!!!

VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with ECW Champion Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas in the ring,
along with Taz. He asked if the fans wanted to see Taz apply the TazMission,
said he was saving it for Sabu.

After the regular ECW opening, Joey Styles was at the announcers desk as gave a
run down of late breaking news in ECW:

Douglas suffered a broken wrist in a match in Florida recently, however,
completed the match as will not miss any action.

Douglas lashed out at The Dudley Boyz, saying they had not held up their end
the agreement to take out Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole F'N Show" Van
Dam and Sabu.

A reporter in the crowd in
Buffalo questioned The Dudley Boyz about not
doing the
job on Van Dam and Sabu and was attacked by them as a result. Charges have
been filed against the Dudley Boyz.

Three-Way Dance Tag Team Championship Match pitting The Dudley Boyz (C)
Douglas and Taz v. Van Dam and Sabu, was won by Van Dam and Sabu after
they dominated the match. They isolated
Douglas, took him apart and Sabu
pinned him to win the match, but not the Titles.

The Dudley Boyz attacked Sabu after the match, nailing him with The 3-D
(Dudley Death Drop) and then Taz struck again, and once again injuring

Styles said that tonight's Main Event is an ECW TV Title - No. 1 Contenders
Match, with Masato Tanaka v. Justin Credible. The winner will meet Van Dam for
the Title at the next ECW PPV, Guilty As Charged (GAC),
January 10, 1999, in
Orlando, FL.

We saw Justin Credible, along with his Manager Jason, The World's Sexiest Man
(if that's the case, Nicole Bass is The World's Sexiest ?), and Chastity. He was
ranting on about being better than anyone else.

Next up was a little T&A show at the beach by Tammy Lynn Sytch, shot when ECW
was in
Florida recently. No too shabby!

Styles said the Full Blooded Italians (FBI) have a new member and we will find
out who in a moment as we went to the ring for the first match. FBI Manger Tommy
"The Big Don" (or is it The Big Dumbo?) Rich was in the ring, along with FBI
Members Little Guido and Tracey Smothers. He introduced the newest member. The
One Man Gang (
OMG), or should we now call him Uno Gangio Senor (Hey, Oma no
Italiano, so you no picka on my speakin, Ok). The FBI,
OMG and Little Guido were
to meet the team of Chris Chetti and Super Nova. The match was shown in a high
light format. We saw Super Nova perform a Plancha over the top rope onto The
FBI, who were out on the floor. This got is out first "Oh, my G-d" of tonight's
show from Joey. Not to be outdone, Chetti followed with one of his own, but
didn't rate an "Oh, my
G-d." Must be that move is only good for one a match. Smothers came into the
ring and made it 3-On-2 (a major shocker, who would have guessed?).
OMG hit a
747 Splash on Super Nova sending him into another galaxy. They picked him up
with a blotter and carried him back to the locker room. As Chetti was following
him out, Smothers challenged Chetti to find a replacement and come back. As the
suspense built, Chetti returned with a new partner, Tommy Dreamer. Looks like
the level of violence is going to pick up. It did. The match resumed and we saw
Stereo Spiccoli Drivers by Chetti and Dreamer, followed by Stereo Double
Moonsaults by them. Justin Credible hit the ring and nailed Dreamer with his
Singapore Cane, parting his hair and head. Poor Tommy was then pinned. Doesn't
it strike you a bit odd that the only Italian (and I'm not really 100% positive
he is either) in the ring was Chris Chetti and he was opposing the FBI? Oh well,
this is ECW.

Winners - The FBI - Losers - Super Nova and Tommy Dreamer's Head.

Lance Storm came to the ring accompanied by Tammy Lynn Bytch (
TLB) for a match
v. Mikey Whipwreck. He was holding a tape of Bret Hart's new video. He took the
mic and said that Canadians are better than Americans, yada, yada, yada. He also
said that he would never tap out to The Sharpshooter. He closed by saying he
didn't plan to work tonight and was leaving. He then left with
TLB following,
depriving the crowd of
TLB's "talents" for the evening. Mikey was not a happy
camper and challenged anyone in the locker room to a match. Rod Price came to
the ring and Mikey said he wanted to wrestle and not fight, so he was leaving.
At this rate, we will be down to the hot dog vendors facing each other. Price
then challenged anyone in the locker room (its apparently contagious). New Jack
came to the ring with a trash can full of his toys. I guess we are going to see
a fight, not a wrestling match. Give me the Gold ring, I was right. New Jack
nailed Price across the skull with a Stick, followed by a Road Sign and a
Telephone. After garroting Price with the cord on the telephone, New Jack jammed
a piece of the Stick, which broke when he nailed Price, into Price's face. He
then placed what looked like a
VCR over Price's Privates and scored a goal with
it as he smashed the
VCR (?) with a Hockey Stick. This got us our second "Oh, my
G-d" of the evening from little Joey. New Jack went to the top turn buckle and
came down on Price's head with the Hockey Stick (or at least that's what I think
it was), knocking Price into next week and pinning him. Only in ECW can a
scheduled match between Lance Storm and Mikey Whipwreck and up with New Jack
defeating Rod Price!

Winners - New Jack and His Toy Manufacturer /
Loser- Rod Price's Head and Privates

The next match was the ECW TV Title No. 1 Contender match, pitting Masato Tanaka
v. Justin Credible, who was accompanied by Jason and Chastity. The crowd chanted
"Justin @$$hole" at Credible as he walked around the ring. Chastity, The Blond
Bimbo's Bimbo, took off her long shirt and whooo, she's really a girl!! She was
wearing high heels, a mini-shirt, halter top, and she was hosed down and had her
hair done! The crowd ate it up. Credible was
PO'd at her and told her to cover

up. Either she's his sister or he's a prude. She strutted her stuff in the ring
and had the crowd going wild. Credible looked like he was going to kill her. The
match eventually got underway and began with a series of chain wrestling moves.
Tanaka hit a Power Bomb and a Missile Drop Kick from the top turn buckle.
Credible hit a Side Kick, Tanaka knocked Credible to the floor and slammed him
into the guard rail. Tanaka then hit a Russian Leg Sweep and again put Credible
into the guard rail. He got a chair and placed it between Credible's eyes. Back
in the ring, Tanaka hit a Drop Kick and went to the floor for a chair. he
brought it into the ring, but Credible took control and hit an Inverted DDT onto
the chair. Tanaka watched the little birdies circle his head for a while and
then took a series of Knife Edge Chops and a Snap Mare. Credible dropped an
Elbow off the middle turn buckle and applied a Headlock, as he kept Tanaka down
on the mat. Jason and Chastity were whispering sweet nothings to each other on
the floor and paying little attention to the match. Credible kept the pressure
on as he hit a big Clothesline. He went to the top turn buckle with a chair and
came off, but Tanaka got a boot up and Credible ate the chair. Tanaka went for a
Tornado DDT, but Credible blocked it and hit a Running Tornado DDT of his own
and went for a Suplex. Tanaka reversed it into a Whippersnapper. Tanaka hit a
Tornado DDT onto the chair, went for the cover, but Jason came in and made the
save. Jason went for a Kick, missed it and paid the price as Tanaka planted him.
Chastity came in and tried to distract Tanaka. He grabbed her and planted a big
wet one on her. Jason took the opportunity to go and get his Singapore Cane. He
was set to nail Tanaka with it, but Tommy Dreamer hit the ring and blasted
Credible over the head with what looked like a Metal Tray. Tanaka hit a Rolling
Whippersnapper and pinned Credible for the victory.

Winner - Masato Tanaka - Will meet Van Dam for the ECW TV Title at GAC.

Styles said Sabu's condition is worst than last time. He also said The Dudley
Boyz will be defending the Tag Team Title in Japan v. Van dam and Sabu, if Sabu
is able to wrestle. He told us that Credible was tearing up the locker room. He
is PO'd over losing the title shot because of Dreamer's interference. Credible
will face Dreamer at GAC in a match with Stipulations to be announced. He
reviewed the card for GAC.

We next saw Van Dam in the locker room, along with Manager Bill "Fonzie"
Fonzie talked about Van Dam and Sabu going to Japan and facing The Dudley Boyz
for the Tag Team Title. He said if they don't come back with the Title, he will
split Van Dam and Sabu up. Van Dam chimed in that that might not be too bad an
idea. He went into his bit about carrying Sabu before, will do so again if he
has to, and being The Whole F'N Show. He said he hopes Sabu isn't hurt too bad,
he's worried about him, however, he is looking out for Number One.

We then saw Super Nova in the bathroom. He was complained about being abandoned
by Raven and others, and his partner The Blue Meanie leaving him. He said its
time to get tough.

Next up were The Dudley Boyz, D-Von and Bubba Ray. D-Von had just a few words to
mumble, talking tough. Bubba Ray on the other had had diarrhea of the mouth. He
talked about life growing up as a Dudley, about being "Inbred," and how tough it
He talked about Van Dam and Sabu in Japan, saying we shouldn't sell The Dudley
Boyz short, that they "don't lay down for anyone." They liked splitting teams
up, citing The Gangstas and The Eliminators. He went on to say that Big Dick,
Sign Guy and Joel Gertner wont be in Japan, but they don't need them. He warned
Van Dam and Sabu that they better be ready and that The Dudley Boyz were going
to do something that will make people hate them even more then they do now. He
said they snapped wrestlers necks and Beulah McGilicuddy's also, warning Van Dam
and Sabu.

We had to listen to Dangerous Danny Doring flap his gums, while Amish Road Kill
looked on. He said the Road Kill liked to snap the necks of chickens and pluck
their feathers. He called Road Kill "sick and twisted," concluding by calling
him The Angry Amish Chicken Plucker.

We then saw Justin Credible in the hallway with Chastity. He told her to "shut
up" before she had a chance to say anything. Addressing Tommy Dreamer, he wanted
to know what his problem is, asking if its that the fans are following him now
(the guy is clueless), if its that he ran Tommy's partner (The Sandman) out of
ECW or if its because he dissed Tommy's grandfather. He said he was "pissed"
because Tommy cost him the match v. Tanaka and will pay for it. He then said
its all Chastity's fault as he turned to her again and told her to put some
clothes on. He wanted to know why the clothes (?) that Jason and he had bought
her weren't good enough anymore as she put a shirt on. He stormed out of the
building and the program ended on that note.

While a good show, it was not as good as some recent ones. A lot of time was
spent setting the stage for GAC and the Japan trip and that's the main reason
the action was somewhat limited.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BronxBmbr2
I've been reading the recent mini-controversy about the "crucifixion" of Steve
Austin with interest.

As often seems to be the case, the term "freedom of speech" is being bandied
about when freedom isn't the issue at all. The issues are responsibility and

This isn't the first time in the last few years the WWF has ventured into the
gray area of appropriateness. I called into question the use of a handgun in the
Brian Pillman/Steve Austin plot line a couple of years ago.

Did the WWF have the right to use the handgun? Of course. Poor taste and a
callous attitude do not fall outside the boundries of the first amendment.

Now, the question becomes, does the WWF have the right to use what is obviously
from the public response -- easily interpreted as a religious symbol to further
its story line? Again, this falls within the boundries of the first amendment.
But, is it appropriate? Is it a responsible use of the medium (television)?

I think not. The WWF can issue all the disclaimers in the world about its
product being "sports entertainment" and being not suitable for all age groups,
but the fact is that the WWF markets itself to a great extent to a young market.
It hypes WWF-based toys, among other things. The disclaimer is indeed a rather
weak, self-serving way to attempt to justify its content.

The problem, I think, seems to be that the WWF writers shoot from the hip first
and think afterwards. After the handgun issue arose, the company was quick to
end the plot, and issue a statement that maybe it had gone too far. Now, I
realize that among responses to this will be: 1. its up to parents to monitor
their children's television activity, and 2. "I'm 15 and the handgun thing
didn't make me go out and shoot someone, and the crucifixion hasn't made me hate

In fact, it is indeed parents' responsibility to monitor their children's
television. But it is also the responsibility of producers to make programming
age appropriate. If the WWF wants to be adult programming, then it should not
market itself to children. And, that there hasn't yet been a tragedy spawned by
the WWF, still doesn't make what its doing right. It merely makes the WWF
luckier than the animals killed by children who took Beavis and Butthead too

Finally, if there were a freedom of speech issue here, one would do well to
remember that freedom of speech is NOT an absolute. The
constitutionally-guaranteed rights of one individual end where another's rights
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: LongDaddyT
Concerning the Undertaker's cross deal...The only thing wrong with it that I see
was how Stonecold was positioned. Not the fact that he was hung on a cross but
that he was spread-eagle like Christ was. Although I did like the ending, it
made the Undertaker's character that much more evil. He has been my favorite
wrestling since the beginning. But I have never seen him as evil as now. The
eyes get to me everytime. The ending of RAW last week was spectacular and
really pushed Taker as evil incarnate.
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