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Issue # 097

Date:  Monday December 14th, 1998  12:26 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WWF Rock Bottom Results for December 13th
By Andrew Jones
1) Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown defeated Val Venis & The Godfather

2) The Headbangers defeated Kurrigan & Golga

3) Steve Blackman defeated Owen Hart via countout when Hart just walked away
from the ring.

4) The Brood defeated The J.O.B. Squad

5) Goldust defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification. After Jarrett & Debra
used foreign objects and low blows, Jarrett pinned Goldust. Per the
stipulations, Goldust was supposed to strip, but Commissioner Shawn Michaels
saved the day. HBK reversed the decision and DQ'ed Jarrett, and Shawn ordered
Debra to strip. She happily went along, and stripped down to her bra and panties. As
she prepared to strip those off as well, Jarrett & The Blue Blazer rushed the
ring and wouldn't allow Debra to finish the job. definitely a tease.

6) The New Age Outlaws defeated Ken Shamrock & The Big Boss Man. Road Dog
did wrestle despite his injury. Shawn Michaels tried to help the Corporation,
but the interference backfired and Billy Gunn ended up pinning Shamrock.

7) Mankind defeated The Rock via disqualification. Mankind applied The Mandible
Claw on Rocky, and the referee stopped the match. The Corporation ran in and
destroyed Foley, and Vince ruled that there was no title change because he
claimed that The Rock never submitted. A strange non-finish.

8) Steve Austin buried The Undertaker to win a Buried Alive Match. The two
brawled in a makeshift graveyard; Kane interfered, and was about to be
destroyed by UT.
Austin took control of a bulldozer, and proceeded to bury UT
alive with it. A Stevewieser or two later, Rock Bottom ended. Stone Cold's
victory guaranteed him a place in the Royal Rumble in January.

On the December 13th FMW card at Korakuen Hall, Sabu & Rob Van Dam defeated the
The Dudley's to regain the ECW World Tag Team Championship. I would guess that
this will be a short title reign, with The Dudley's regaining the championship
once ECW returns stateside.
(Reported by Koji & Dave Scherer of

I've received many e-mails asking for Jim Ross's address. I was able to obtain
it for you. Jim Ross & Family @
19 Juhasz Road, Norwalk, CT. 06854-1605. Jim's

mothers funeral was yesterday. His bells palsy is back, effecting the other side
of his face. So if you want to send a get well card or sympathy card, you now
have his address.. All our thoughts and prayers go our to the Ross family.
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of

Dave Meltzer reports that Steven Regal is still under contract to the WWF, and
is just under a leave of absence. I'd love to see Regal return, and hopefully
in top shape this time. (Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of
WWF Sunday Night Heat Report for
By Steve Appy
Vince McMahon claimed that there is "no way in hell" that Stone Cold will ever
be the WWF World Champion again. Vince insulted the fans and Canadian heritage,
ripping on the fans of
Vancouver, Canada. Vince mentioned an injury to The
Rock; I have no idea yet what's he's referring to. Shane McMahon was introduced
as Kevin Kelly's broadcast partner.

WWF Lightheavyweight Champion Dwayne Gill pinned Matt Hardy in
After the referee ordered Jeff Hardy and The J.O.B. Squad to the back, The Blue
Meanie stormed the ring adn DDT'ed Hardy, enabling an easy victory for Gill.

Debra McMichael (w/Jeff Jarrett) was interviewed, and she promised that she can
tease and still please. Cool......

Mankind interrupted The Rock's interview and beat the hell out of The Rock,
nailing him with every object in the ring. A doctor told The Rock that he
wouldn't be able to wrestle in the main event, which sent Mankind to the ring.
Foley had a contract in hand, which stated that if The Rock couldn't wrestle
tonight, Mankind would be awarded the title. He threatened to exercise the
clause, unless Vince met with backstage. The Rock was shown, refusing to
forfeit the championship.

Kevin Quinn pinned Brian Christopher in 2:21
Taylor joined Christopher at ringside, still on crutches. The commentators made
some inferences about their bond, and
Taylor wasn't too embarrassed to answer.
Quinn took Christopher by surprise and scored the victory with a roll up.
Taylor consoled a heartbroken Christopher; they are funny together. Still, its
a pretty bad stereotype.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly pinned
LOD Droz in 1:35
Droz quickly nailed Triple H from behind, and got an early advantage. Triple H quickly
took control, and pinned Droz after The Pedigree. Animal was disgusted by
Droz's quick defeat.

Shawn Michaels (w/The Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock) announced that The New Age
Outlaws would have to defend their belts tonight against The Boss Man &
Shamrock, along with a "warm up" match against unnamed opponents on Heat. HBK
also announced that if any member of DX interferes in tonights match, The
Outlaws would be stripped of the Tag Team Titles.

Stripper music played, and Jarrett "previewed" Debra's fabulous figure. A great
teaser for tonight; Jarrett promised that Debra's body was for his eyes only.

WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated The Acolytes via
disqualification in

The Outlaws were distracted early, not prepared for action. Shamrock & Boss Man
ran in to cause the DQ, which resulted in all three teams brawling. DX made the
save, and the lights went out. The Undertaker appeared on the video wall,
promising vengeance, bloodshed, etc. Most of the show was so well geared
towards the PPV,
the ending came off pretty flat.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: DXGirl316
My letter is going out to Jim Ross, because this guy is one of the biggest parts
to WWF's success. This guy, to a lot of people, is just a small part of the huge
WWF. But to me, Jim Ross is so important. So you may be asking why. Well, I
don't know about you, but Raw just doesn't seem like RAW with "Good Ol' JR".
Michael Cole just doesn't cut it for me. Now, to hear that Jim Ross even
commentating again is questionable makes me so very sad. The guy is like the
last puzzle piece to the WWF puzzle. Without him, it just isn't complete.
Michael Cole or Jim Cornette, they're good, but not good enough. I am so very
sad to see Jim not be able to commentate, and really sad about his mother dying.

I'll never forget the time Hawk said to Jim Ross, when he was drunk, "Hey, is
your mom still the champion?" And now we'll never hear that again, nor will we
hear him saying sorry to his "momma" for saying something "bad". I'm really
going to miss hearing the word "slobberknocker" around the WWF. Jim Ross getting
Bells Palsy again is just very horrible, and if he does not return, I beg of
everyone to please pray for Jim and his family each night, praying and hoping
Jim will get better, and to his family for this great loss of his mother. Thanks
for listening, its just one of the many sad things that happens everyday in the
world. "Take care of yourself, and each
other". (Got that from Jerry Springer)
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
Adam Schlosser's points from the #95 READER MAILBAG brought up a lot of good
points to me, particularly because they show a lot of reasons why the WWF has
been bery dominating in the 1998 ratings war. I personally have refused to go
to WCW Thunder tapings near me simply because I do not want to spend big money
to see Luger-Stevie Ray main events, and I agree with Adam that the WCW product
has been very lacking for months. Some of the matches I have seen have been
down right awful, and Bischoff seems to be more obsessed with the Nash
phenomenon and bringing in talk show hosts to pay-per-views then getting his
talent good angles or paying them what they're worth. Raven again comes to
mind- they have let him go from a potentially great feud with Page to being set
up to be a "victim" for young Goldberg to now just sitting in the ring twice a
week on national TV. With Sandman having troubles before even hitting a WCW
ring as well and the backfiring of the Warrior comeback (combined with the
Austinmania that has been dominating pro wrestling this year) it looks that Adam
makes a very true point: Bischoff needs to get his act together if WCW is to
come close to their 1994-96 momentum. And more Sting-Luger matches will
probably not be the answer for a lot of folks, either.....
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