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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 098

Date:  Monday December 14th, 1998  11:17 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Nitro Report for December 14th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Scott Putski defeated Raven via forfeit
Raven once again mentioned his mother and his childhood of neglect. Kanyon, fed
up with Raven's apathy, interrupted Raven and revealed to the world that Raven
has a large trust fund, and hinted that he did receive love when growing up.
Raven wanted no part of it, and walked to the dressing room, ignoring poor Scott
Putski. Is this Putski's greatest victory yet?

Villano 5 defeated Eddie Guerrero via disqualification
Eddie had Villano defeated after delivering a Frog Splash, but stopped the pin
right before the three count. The LwO filled the ring, and Villano accepted
their invitation to join the Latino World Order. Are there any remaining
Luchadors not in the LwO yet? Maybe Super Calo and Lizmark Jr.

Wrath pinned Al Greene
Wrath quickly destroyed Greene with The Meltdown (was anyone surprised?)

Gene Okerlund interviewed Eric Bischoff, who made a big issue of Flair's age and
played up his own karate achievements. Flair stormed the ring, and Bischoff
quickly bailed out and ran to the back. Flair followed closely behind until
Bischoff scurried
behind some television equipment. Flair joined Okerlund, and gave a very
emotional interview. At the conclusion, Flair sunk to the mat, clutching his
left shoulder.

This is SCARY! Flair is my all time favorite, and this situation looks real.
From appearances, Flair may have had a heart attack (although that is worst
case). Arn Anderson joined his best friend in the ring, and a medical team
quickly loaded Flair onto a stretcher and into an ambulence.

Was this real, or a sick angle? Okerlund mentioned Flair's shoulder that was
operated on in 1996, and speculated that his injury may have been related to
that. If this is an angle, its a sick one, because it looks like Flair may be
truly injured. I hope The Nature Boy is okay; I sit here shocked, in real
concern. Since the camera's followed the whole scene, I think its possible
(I'm hopeful here), that this was just an angle. If it is, this is as
inappropriate as it gets.

The camera quickly cut to the back of the arena, where Bam Bam Bigelow was shown
beating up poor Scott Hall. Kevin Nash made the save, and was followed by
Goldberg. There was mutters about a three way dance later tonight; after last
week's disaster, maybe not a good idea.

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman fought Rey Mysterio Jr. to a No Contest
Gene Okerlund interviewed Kidman. Kidman asked Rey Mysterio Jr. to join him in
the ring, and challenged him to an title match. Shiavonie announced that Flair
was taken to a local hospital. The WCW trainer, Danny Young, informed us that
Flair suffered from shortness of breath and mild chest pains. While Kidman &
Mysterio are truly two of the best, I find it difficult to give them the
attention they deserve.
The LwO attacked both men to end the contest, and Kidman & Mysterio worked
together to fend off the Luchadors. Superior numbers changed the story, though,
and the LwO laid out both men.

Chris Jericho once again proved his magic. In a scene straight out of the
Warren Commision,
Jericho presented exhibits that showed how Konnan cheated to
Jericho. He brought out a skinny latino to imitate Konnan, and claimed
an injustice/conspiracy, etc. He ended up beating up the Konnan imitator, and
briefly locked him in The Lion Tamer. My descriptions here can't do

Barry Windham pinned Emory Hale
Windham destroyed Hale with a Superplex; he didn't look very impressive, though.

Norman Smiley pinned Perry Saturn
Either Saturn really pissed someone off, or Smiley finally impressed somebody.
Smiley did some of his goofy dancing, and Saturn was still angry at the
officials, with a stern word for referee Charles Robinson. After Robinson was
knocked out, Saturn had Smiley set up for the
DVD; Ernest Miller took advantage
of the situation and kicked Saturn. Referee Scott Dickinson, angry about his
beating last week, ran to the ring and gave the fastest three count in history.
Dickinson simply angry at Saturn, or on Sonny Onoo's payroll?

Gene Okerlund interviewed US Champion Bret Hart, who challenged DDP to a
title match on the spot. Gene asked Hart about Flair, and Bret kind of blew off
the question. This would have been a good time to break kayfabe. As DDP
stormed the ring, the Giant nailed DDP, who was chokeslammed through a wooden
(cardboard?) ramp. Hart looked on, finding it amusing that The Giant was doing
his dirty work.

WCW Television Champion Konnan pinned Stevie Ray (w/Booker T)
Disco Inferno pestered Konnan again about joining the Wolfpac; K-Dawg had no
idea what he was talking about. After Booker T stopped Stevie Ray from hitting
Konnan with a foreign object, Konnan made a comeback and hit Stevie with a

Eric Bischoff gave a "seemingly" sincere interview about Ric Flair. Bischoff
showed respect for Flair, and announced that Flair has suffered "what seems to
be a mild heart attack". He acknowledged Flair's accomplishments, and he
apologized to both Ric & his family. Bischoff got a mixed reaction, with cheers
in appreciation of his sincerity, and boos on principle. This is seeming

Gene Okerlund interviewed Booker T. Booker T wished Flair well; Booker T
expressed misgivings about his brother having joined the nWo, and Stevie Ray
joined them in the ring to respond. He blamed Booker that he had joined the
nWo, since Booker T wasn't teaming with him anyway.

Raven's "mom" tried to enter the arena, and Kanyon vouched for her. She was
young looking, maybe 40 years old. As Kanyon led "Mrs. Levy" away from the
arena in search of Raven, he demanded $50 for his troubles. She refused, and
told "Chris"
to take her to her son.....

Scott Hall defeated Horace Hogan via disqualification
The announcers sold the idea that Hall was weakened from his brawl with Bigelow
earlier in the evening. The nWo attacked Hall for the DQ, which led to The
Disco Inferno, wearing a Wolfpac shirt, to try to make the save. The nWo black
& white stomped both men, with no signs of the real Wolfpac.

Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell) defeated Van Hammer via submission
Steiner's whole act is improved with Buff by his side. Scott applied the
Steiner Recliner, and the nWo referee signaled for the bell. Steiner called out
Lex Luger, and offered him a spot in the nWo black & white. Buff claimed that
the Wolfpac is mistreating Lex, and Luger just walked away without saying a
word. Luger looked amused; the black & white does need some new talent......

WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Kevin Nash fought to
a No Contest in a non title Triple Threat Match
Nash & Bigelow double teamed Goldberg with some real weak looking offense;
Goldberg looked like a monster. As Goldberg had the advantage, Scott Hall
entered the ring and attacked both Goldberg & Bigelow. Eventually, the show
ends with Goldberg & Nash brawling inside the ring, and Hall & Bigelow brawling
on the outside.

Notes: At this point, I don't know if Flair really did suffer a heart attack.  As soon as I hear anything from a reliable source, it will be printed. It seemed legitimate, and I hope something like this wouldn't be angle, although that's what I'm rooting for right now. We all remember what the WWF did with HBK in November 1995.  Isn’t this too sick & desperate to be an angle, even for WCW?
The rumors have been confirmed directly from the parties involved; Chris Candido
& Tammy Sytch (Sunny) have officially announced their intention to leave ECW.
They posted the following message on their
AOL Sportsguy Message Board, found at

AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:346527
By Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch:
"Firstly, let me say I have been friends with Paul Heyman since I was 8 years
old. He gave Tammy and I a fantastic opportunity after we quit the WWF. However,
the time has come for a change. It is not a money issue, we actually make more
w/ ecw then we did in the WWF. However, we were offered deals from the WWF and
WCW, and Paul, being a good friend and boss gave us the month off to decide and
to move into our new home.

ECW is where our hearts are, but it is hard watching guys I've trained having
ppv's named after them that can't work a lick. Making this choice is hard, but
now it was made alot easier. Joey Styles, who has no knowledge of contracts,
said that not only we were not on vacation, but not in negotiations with anyone
else has made our minds up. ECW had gotten Tammy a great deal to distribute a
calander and posters, and train me to be the ass. booker, but because of Joey's
insubordination we are definitely not returning to ECW. We have not made our
choice of which company we will go to, but, there are too many things stacked in
the leaving pile.

Paul has not returned our calls all weekend, so we are NOT STAYING WITH ECW. He
is losing the only worker who can be a baby and a heel on the same show, and
easily the best woman ever in the business. I will miss the people that I
brought there, Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn, Balls, Justin Credible, and mostly the
man who put me on the map, Tracy Smothers. You know Jim Ross was fired for
insubordination from the WWF his first time, well Paul has Joey to blame. There
is alot more I want to say, like making RVD the top baby even though I can't
stand him, I was a company man, and Tammy still under WWF contract was a great
asset to our locker room.

We will miss everyone, but we have been taken for granted. Just for your info
we have gone on vacation. See you on USA or
TNT/TBS soon. Thanks for your
support, we will still keep this board up."

Today, on, Dave Scherer of the Wrestling Lariat had
some strong words about Candido. Candido was outraged, and posted his response
below. I won't be printing Scherer's words here, so if you want to check them
out, go to While I'm a big fan of Candido & Sytch, I
do respect Dave Scherer as well. its a judgment call as to whose view you may
go along with.
Either way, both men are worthy of respect in this business; it would be a shame
for a flame war to ensue.

Once again by Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch:
"Firstly, my previous post was done in haste. I would like to respond to Dave
(Scherer) whatever the hell his name is, making a living off of all our bodies,
I am not a liar. #1 Tammy was not released from the WWF, she publicly quit off
the air at Heatwave in Dayton Ohio. Her letter of getting out of her contract is
even dated AFTER the PPV. So, god damn it don't talk unless you know what you
are talking about. Secondly, if you think i would lie about my Grandmother being
deathly ill you're a sick son of a bitch.

#3-I spent two months in the damn WWF warehouse with Tom Prichard helping train
Rocky Maivia. Don't ever mention me in your piece of shit newsletter
(The Wrestling Lariat) again. And mostly don't defame the character of my fiance
or I promise I will find you and beat the living shit out of your parasite ass.
Now, down to business.

CAN'T BE DELIVERED UNTIL EARLY JAN. So thanks to this business we could afford
to go on a few various short vacations. We had to return home to close on the
house and see my grandmother. Joey Styles has no idea, of my travels, we just
plug the lap top into the phone jack. He also has no ideas of our contacts, our
friendship with Paul said if we really wanted to get out at anytime, we could
get out. Now it is Joey called us liars, and his pissed me off. We have
friends in both organizations that have been the middle men for us as to not
cause contract tampering of any sort.

I finally spoke my piece with Paul today as I did with Bam Bam and someone else
from WCW. Last evening I shouldn't have spoken for Tammy, as her contract is
different then mine or anyone elses. She has a merchandise contract already
putting out 4-5 posters, a poster book, and a calender, so SHE IS STAYING FOR A
WHILE, even if only to do her outside of "wrestling" commitments, but is totally
up to Paul E. I apparently caused a problem with our ppv carrier over my
statements. My main statement is that if Paul requests my services at GUILTY AS
CHARGED I will fulfil my commitments and be there!!!! I do not want to cause
the company a loss again, that is up to Paul. My problem is mainly with the
people that didn't believe what we were saying was the truth. The only thing I
said in haste was that I was leaving for good. I am still upset at Joey, I want
to kill Dave whatever the hell his name is, but I thank everyone who supported
us and said they would continue too.

I could go on forever, but I'll end this by making it public that I will
confront Paul during his usual too long speech at the QUEENS
SHOW!!!!!! If you
want to think this is an angle and I'm trying to be Brian Pillman then I'll
argue with you in another post. For those
REAL fans who believe the truth thank

you. We will make our decision by Jan.1st, but if I'm required I will be at the
ppv.again. Tammy will be here to fulfill her merchandise deal, and branch out
of this business. I'm sure I'll be back here soon."

And one more post by Chris Candido........
"A simple thank you to the people who believe us. And let me clear up the RVD
thing, we are friends now, but you people aren't supposed to know that. But we
didn't get along when we met in Memphis in 91, and we were not friends when I
said he should be a babyface, and our world champion in the future.
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The Capital would be moved to Las Vegas, where Six-Week Residency would
be required before any official action would be legal

2. Debra's autobiography, "Becoming Rich Thru Divorce" or ,"From The Other Side
Of The Tracks To Owning The Railroad," would be given to every girl upon
thirteenth birthday.

3. Lorena Bobbitt would be appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Stick It To Him Barbi and Taken To The
Cleaners Ken, and be available at B*tches 'R' Us or by calling

5. If Saddam got out of line, Debra would marry and then divorce him, thereby
bankrupting Iraq and at the time turning him into a wimpy pussy cat.

6. The National Symbol would a plastic enhanced female, digging her 5" spiked
heels into her 110 pound weakling husband.

7. Women in the military would wear tailored suits with skirts that are at
least 15"
above the knee, and jackets that show more cleavage than Pamela Lee showed
in her home movies with Tommy Lee.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "I got the Gold Mine, he got the Shaft."

9. Every dollar bill would have..Heck, there wouldn't be any dollar bills.
would begin with the $50 dollar bill, and have Debra's picture on both

10. Mongo would be declared an Enemy of the State and sentenced to Life Without
Parole in WCW. A reduced sentence of being castrated with a dull razor,
smeared with honey and staked to an Army Ant hill, would be considered
five years of time served without incident.

If you like these "If XXXX Were President" and want me to continue doing them,
give your Newsletter a "Hell, Yeah."
Results of Last week's poll, What wrestler should retire? (If you did not send
your response to nwo4life4ever, it was deleted).
Ric Flair 38 votes S. McMicheal 3 votes Sonny Onoo 1 votes
Goldberg 20 Marc Mero 2 The Warrior 6
Savage 19 Steve Austin 3 LWO 2
Farooq 15 Meng 2 Goldust 2
B. Horowitz 2 Jim Ross 1 Vincent 3
Lex Luger 6 DDP 3 The Disciple 2
Hogan 3 Vader 1 Norman Smiley 2
Terry Funk 4 Taco Bell Dog 1 Eric Bischoff 3
22 tied with 1 including WWF, nWo, Giant and Bret Hart

This weeks poll:
Who is your favorite member of the Clique?
A: X-Pac
B: Scott Hall
C: Hunter Hearst Helmsly
D: Shawn Michaels
E: Kevin Nash
F: Justin Credible
Please send all poll answers to: nwo4life4ever
Answers sent to any other address will be deleted. Thanks!
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: JAGray3
I just dropped by to cast my daily vote for Mick Foley as man of
the year, and it appears that the web site has been hacked. When one tries to
read the message boards pictures of Mick Foley pop up everywhere. Internet
Explorer dialogue boxes pop up saying Mick Foley rules.
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