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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 099

Date:  Wednesday December 16th, 1998  4:43 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Dave Scherer of reported today that he has been told
by two sources that the Flair "heart attack" incident was an angle, and that
Flair DID NOT suffer from a heart attack. Scherer reports that Flair did go to
the hospital after the show, which showed that WCW may be paying a little more
attention to details, but he was treated and released.

On one hand, I'm relieved; if Scherer is correct, Flair is fine. If this is the
case, my next reaction is anger. If this is WCW's sick idea for an angle, its
FAR more inappropriate than anything the WWF has done lately. Even the
suggestion of a heart attack is in extremely bad taste; I think we all know
somebody who has died of a heart attack.

We will examine this issue further as the week goes on; this incident is
bringing out strong emotions in many of us. Apparently, though, Flair is fine,
and has not suffered from a heart attack.
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Tonight's program was the day after the most recent WWF PPV, IYH - Rock Bottom
and began with still shots of the WWF Title Match between The Rock (C) and
Mankind, won by Mankind, although The Rock retained the Title, thanks to The
Corporation, and the Buried Alive Match between Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA)
and The Undertaker, won by SCSA.

After the regular RAW opening, we saw a sea of signs in the crowd. Michael Cole
and Jerry "The King" Lawler were at the announcers desk. Jim Ross is sick with a
reoccurrence of Bell's Palsy. We wish him a speedy recovery. This on top of
losing his mother last week.

Degeneration-X (DX) came to the ring and did one of their funniest parodies yet,
as they were all dressed up as members of The Corporation; Triple H was The Rock,
complete with a Corporate Eyebrow; Road Dog was Mr. McMahon, with two midgets,
representing Stooges Jerry Briscoe and Pat Patterson, following close behind,
with their lips and noses pressed up against his behind; Bad @$$ as Shane
McMahon, wearing a diaper and carrying a large Silver Spoon; Chyna as The Big
Boss Man (BM); and X-Pac as Ken Shamrock. They looked hilarious. Road Dog said,
"I am not an @$$hole," to a major pop, asked Bad @$$ (Shane) if he had a dodo in
his diaper, and the Brisco midget how McMahon's @$$ tasted. The crowd was in
stitches. Triple H (The Rock) said "The Rock is the only man who stick his own
corporate head up his own corporate @$$." Someone playing WWF Commissioner Shawn
"HBK" Michaels came to the top of the ramp carrying a basketball. Some joke were
then played about HBK being the biggest @$$ kisser in the WWF. He dropped the
basketball and as he chased it down the ramp, Triple H said, "You dropped the ball a
long time ago." HBK responded, "If anyone knows about kissing @$$, its me."
X-Pac went into an imitation of Shamrock losing it and going "into the zone."
Chyna did her impression of BM swinging his Night Stick. Triple H then said, "We've
got two words for you." This was a keeper if you taped it.

The Corporation, HBK, The Rock, Shamrock and BM came to the top of the ramp. HBK
called DX "a tired act." He then "awarded" The New Age Outlaws (NAO), Doggie and
Bad @$$, a rematch of last nights Tag Team Title Match v. Shamrock and BM,
saying The Corporation will have the last laugh. The Rock told Triple H that he was
going to "whip your monkey @$$ tonight," as they are scheduled to face one
another. HBK called Triple H "a mid-carder" who has never been a champion, and said
it would be a non-title match. Triple H replied that before his recent knee injury,
he had "kicked The Rock's @$$ regularly on TV." The Rock said that was because
Chyna had hit him in "The Corporate Jewels" and for that reason, he would make
their match a Title Match. The Rock then did his routine where he starts into
his "Smell What the Rock is cooking" bit, but goes thru the lines used by Hulk
Hogan (the 24" pythons), Ric Flair (Whooo routine), The Macho Man. (Oh, yeah
bit) and Bret Hart (Best there is..). Like The Rock or not, you have to admit,
he is one of a kind. He finally "got it right" with his own "Smell what The Rock
is cooking" routine.

We saw Emperor Vince and the entire Corporation huddling in his "office." He
said they would get NAO and then The Big Red Machine (Kane). Kane helped SCSA
defeat The 'Taker at Rock Bottom and The Emperor was none too pleased. He also
told them there were a few other surprises tonight.

The first match was a tag team event pitting Supply And Demand (S&D), The
Godfather and Val Venis v. The Brood, Christian and Edge. The Godfather had two
of his best looking Ho's with him. Venis did his, "Hello, Ladies" bit to a major
pop. The Godfather ask the crowd, "If you like what you are looking at (the
Ho's), let me hear you say, "Pimping ain't easy." They did and loudly. Gangrel
came up thru his Circle Of Fire and accompanied his fellow Brood members to the
ring. He didn't have his Goblet tonight. Must have "drank" his fill earlier.
Rumor has it that the Tacoma Police are looking for a body with fang marks in
its neck. It was an excellent match, that although controlled mostly by S&D,
allowed both teams to display some good moves. Venis won with a Fisherman's
Suplex on Christian. After the match, Gangrel got in the ring and said, "There
going to be a bloodbath."

Winners - Supply And Demand

We saw a shot of The Drum used to select the order of appearance in The Royal

Kevin Kelly was in Steve "The Lethal Weapon" Blackman's locker room. Blackman
swore he was going to prove that Owen Hart is The Blue Blazer tonight.

The next match was The Blue Blazer v. Goldust. Prior to the match, we saw a clip
from last week's RAW of The Blue Blazer tripping on his way to the ring during a
match between Blackman and Tiger Ali Singh. Blackman cleaned The Blazer's clock
and then was assaulted by Hart. During the match, he crowd chanted "Nugget."
Goldust set The blazer up for Shattered Dreams, but Double J stormed in and
stopped him. Blackman was next down and nailed Double J. Goldust pulled Double J
out of the ring. Blackman unmasked The Blazer. Surprise, its Owen! Will
wonders never cease. Double J rushed back in to cover The Blazer's face, but was
too late.

Winner - None Announced
Loser - The Blue Blazer's Secret Identity

We saw Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry preening. Amazing what love will do.

We then saw The Corporation and DX arguing backstage, with several referees
trying to keep them apart.

The next match was a tag team event pitting Henry and D'Lo Brown v. The Job
Squad, Bob Holly and Scorpio. Terri Runnels, who was looking great (pregnancy
definitely agrees with her) and Jacqueline accompanied Henry and D'Lo. Al Snow,
with Head, Dwayne Gill and The Blue Meanie accompanied The Job Squad. Prior to
the match, Henry said, "I'm a lover, not a fighter, and didn't come out to
fight." D'Lo wasn't real happy. He then told "a bedroom story," of the rest of
his date with Chyna. He said she invited him up to her hotel room and asked him
to "slip into something comfortable, my bed." He added that D'Lo had the camera
rolling and that "Chyna wore him out." Note to Mark: its not nice to kiss and
tell. You may be the World's Strongest Man, but Chyna is The Ninth Wonder of the
World, and might not appreciate you opening your mouth, true or not. During the
match, Cole said that Mic Foley was running No. 2 in The Time Magazine, Man Of
The Year Poll, on The Time Internet site. As the match progressed, Terri checked
out The Blue Meanie's body. While this was going on, Jacqueline climbed to the
top turn buckle and nailed Holly with a Missile Drop Kick, allowing Henry an
easy pin.

Winners - Sexual Chocolate and D'Lo Brown
Loser - Terri Runnels - The Meanie isn't exactly chiseled out of granite

The next match was the first Main Event. It was for the WWF Tag Team Title and
pitted NAO (C), Road Dog and Bad @$$ v. BM and Shamrock. Doggie did his intro
bit and Bad @$$ his "Suck It" thing to big pops. HBK came to the ring with the
Shamrock and BM. This was a rematch from last night at Rock Bottom, won by NAO.
Shamrock blasted Mr. @$$ in the left knee with a chair while BM had it around
the ring post. He and BM then worked on the knee during the entire match. Mr.
@$$ had trouble just standing up. When Doggie was able to get in, HBK nailed him
with a chair as he came off the ropes, but he kicked out of BM's pinning
attempt. Bad @$$ fought on one leg. HBK got up on the apron and Bad @$$ grabbed
him. He turned HBK loose (he is The Commissioner) and when he did, HBK nailed
him with the BM's Night Stick, knocking him into next week. Shamrock applied his
Ankle Submission and when Bad @$$ was unable to raise his arm after three
attempts, the match was called. The (Three) Stooges came out and applauded he
victory. The Corporation now has all the men's titles except the Light
Heavyweight Championship. Dwayne (choke) Gill holds that one. Maybe The Emperor
can hire some 110 pound geek to win it.

Winners - Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman - New "Corporate" Tag Team Champions.

Emperor and Prince McMahon came to the ring, where the Royal Rumble Selection
Drum was set up. The Emperor said as a result of last night, he had a bad taste
in his mouth. Mankind fed him Mr. Socko and SCSA won his match, with Kane's
help, and therefore qualified for The Royal Rumble. He said he was going to fix
Mankind and Kane tonight, as they will meet in a No Holds Barred Match. He then
said he was going to pick SCSA's Royal rumble number from The Drum. To
absolutely no ones surprise, he drew No. 1. The Prince didn't think it was fair
for SCSA to be No. 1 and since its the holiday season, said he was going to
give SCSA a second chance. A real humanitarian. He picked again, and improved
SCSA from No. 1 to No. 1! You don't suppose the drawing was rigged, do you? Nah,
The Royal Family would never do a thing like that. Purely coincidence that there
were two No. 1's in the drum and SCSA drew both. The Emperor then placed a
$100,000 bounty on SCSA at The Royal Rumble. It goes to whoever throws SCSA over
the top rope. He said the money was coming from one of The Prince's Trust Funds.
The Prince frowned. He then said he had one other participant there tonight, who
was equal in ability to SCSA, "Probably the only Superstar in Sports
Entertainment who could scare Ted Turner's 'Dubbya C Dubbya,' and will compete
in The Royal Rumble for the very first
time." He had The Prince introduce that man, "Mr. Vincent K. McMahon." The
crowd went off at it. He then had The Prince pick his Royal Rumble number,
saying he hoped for No. 2 (believe that and Santa will definitely come down your
chimney). The Prince picked..drum roll please..No. 30. Boy, isn't The Emperor
lucky! The crowd was happy and let them know it. The Emperor closed with his now
famous, "No chance in hell, SCSA will ever be WWF Champion again."

We saw Mankind in the boiler room (his favorite place). He challenged The
Emperor to a match tonight, "unless you don't have the testicular fortitude."
The Emperor appeared puzzled.

We next saw The Emperor, The Prince and The (Three) Stooges talking about
Mankind's challenge. The Stooges told him not to do it. He said he had to think
about it.

The next match was Guitar On A Pole Match, pitting Double J, accompanied by
Debra McMichael, v. Steve Blackman. The rules are that the man who get The
Guitar off the top of the pole can use it. Double J took the mic and said that
Debra wont strip tonight. Debra took the mic and said she had such a good time
stripping last night at Rock Bottom, that she might do it again tonight. Double
J wasn't amused.
During the match, Debra got up on the apron and played with the top button of
her jacket, distracting Blackman so Double J could get The Guitar. She got into
the ring, opened her jacket, and took it half way off, revealing her entire bra,
and showing a lot of her ample breasts. Double J got The Guitar as Blackman
contemplated her cup size. He swung it, but Blackman was ready and ducked.
Blackman got The Guitar and also missed a shot with it. Blackman shoved Double J
into the referee, knocking him down. Blackman nailed Double J with a
Belly-To-Back Suplex. Owen rushed in with another Guitar (from The Acme Guitar
Company, of course) and broke it over Blackman's head. Double J covered Blackman
for the victory.

Winner - Double J and The Acme Guitar Company (Sales are great)
Winner - Blackman for an up close and personal view of Debra's "assets"
Winner - The fans for their view
Loser - Blackman's head

We saw Tiger Ali Singh in his locker room. The word "BLOODBATH" was painted on
the wall in red (Blood? you don't suppose the Tacoma Police have two bodies to
search for, do you?). Singh was very upset at the word. Stooges Briscoe and
Patterson tried to talk him into his match v. Gangrel.

Emperor McMahon told The Prince he will meet Mankind, but "his way."

The next match was Tiger Ali Singh v. Gangrel. Singh's Spanked Monkey, Babu.
wasn't there. Singh went to the ring and while waiting for Gangrel, the lights
went out. Singh decided he was going home and started up the ramp. Christian and
Edge got into the ring. Gangrel appeared at the top of the ramp. Singh was
caught between Gangel, and Christian and Edge, who followed him up the ramp. The
light went out again and when they cam back on, Singh was on the floor and
covered in a red liquid. This was the "Bloodbath" Gangrel promised.

Winner - Match never took place
Loser - Tiger Ali Singh, but that goes without saying

We saw Kane getting ready for his match v. Mankind.

We saw Tiger Ali Singh carried back to his locker room.

The next match was the Mankind v. Kane, No Hold Barred Match. After a short, but
violent encounter, The Emperor came to the top of the ramp and told Mankind that
he would take his challenge, but it would be a Street Fight, in the Parking Lot.
Mankind took 1/1,000th of a second to accept the offer and left to meet McMahon.

Winner - None

We saw Kane in a straight jacket, being loaded into an ambulance. We were shown
what took place during a commercial; a group of Orderlies from an Institution
came to the ring and tried to put the Straight Jacket on Kane. He kicked their
@$$es up one side of the ring and down the other. Shamrock and BM came in and
after BM nailed Kane with his Night Stick, the Orderlies applied the Jacket.
Prince McMahon directed the operation.

We went immediately to the Parking Lot and saw Mankind tearing The Emperor a new
@$$hole. He threw him into a steel garage door, and when Briscoe and Patterson
stuck their brown noses in, ate the garage door also. Mankind then gave The
Emperor another dose of Mr. Socko and tried to stuff him into the trunk of a
The Rock raced in to save The Emperor and threw Mankind onto the hood of the
He hit him with The Rock Bottom, denting the hood of the car, a new

Winner - The Rock
Losers - Emperor McMahon, Mankind, Stooges Briscoe and Patterson, the Lincoln
and the Insurance Company.

The next match was the second Main Event. It was for the WWF Championship, with
The Rock (C) v. Triple H, who was accompanied by Chyna. Chyna was wearing her new
Shorts and Halter Leather Look and added Chaps. Triple H did his intro bit to a major
pop. HBK came to the ring with The Rock. During the match, The Rock went to the
announcers table and took Cole's headset, as Cole worried about whether his
insurance was paid up. He did commentary as he bounced Triple H's head off the table,
saying he was "laying the smack down on Triple H's candy @$$." He is one of a kind.
He warned Lawler to shut up or get his @$$ kicked. Back in the ring, we saw a
very had fought match that went back and forth. The crowd picked up a chant of
"Rocky Sucks." The Rock almost won after a DDT, but Triple H kicked out of a pinning
attempt. The Rock hit The Corporate Elbow, and again Triple H kicked out. Triple H got
into a shouting match with HBK out on the floor. When the referee intervened,
Chyna came into the ring and hit The Rock in The Corporate Privates from behind.
Triple H got back in and nailed a DDT and almost pinned The Rock. HBK got into an
argument with Chyna and the referee left the ring again to keep them apart. As
the referee jawed with Chyna, Triple H hit The Pedigree, covered The Rock, but there
was no referee to count. HBK came in and blasted Triple H with the Championship Belt,
but he kicked out of a pin attempt by The Rock. Chyna grabbed HBK and the
referee again went to separate them. A stranger came into the ring and nailed
Triple H with a move that started out as a Body Slam on his Arm, but ended like a
Driver, sending him to bed early. The Rock covered him for the victory. Lawler
spoke about the stranger, but I couldn't make out if he said who it was. The
program ended on that note.

Winner - The Rock
Loser - The Rock's Privates and Cole's Skivvies
A great show. The DX Parody was priceless.
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