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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 100

Date:  Wednesday December 16th, 1998  4:43 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Nitro Ratings RAW Ratings
First Hour- 4.8 N/A
Second Hour- 3.9 5.3
Third Hour- 4.0 5.1
Total Average- 4.2 5.2
WCW did a monster quarter hour of 5.9 for the segment where Ric Flair "had his
heart attack". That’s the good news. The bad news is that they dropped to a 3.7
for the first quarter hour head-to-head, while Raw, with the great DX skit,
opened up with a super 5.5. On the plus side for WCW, they did do a 4.9 for the
over run of the three way on Nitro, to a 5.0 for Raw’s overrun for the Rock vs.
Triple H match.
The 12/13 Heat did a solid 3.8.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

The intruder that helped The Rock against Triple H on RAW is Andrew Martin, a trainee
in Dory Funk Jr.'s training camps.

Georgie passed on word that Sabu and his wife Mibu had their Japanese wedding in
Japan on 12/14. They had been married here in the states, but had the Japanese

ceremony for her family. (Reported by Dave Scherer of

As many of you already figured out, the role of HBK in the DX skit was played by
Jason Sensation.

More news on SHUTTER SPEED, the movie in pre-production that Sting will be
starring in for
TNT. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. and Mandalay Television
Pictures, who will be producing the pic, announced yesterday that if the numbers
are there in the ratings a full blown weekly series is planned. For all I know
Sting gets killed in the flick, but if not he'll be juggling a busy schedule
between a weekly series and his wrestling duties. Not unheard of as Hogan did it
during THUNDER IN PARADISE, and even managed to get a ton of work for fellow
wrestlers in the process. (Reported by Scoops at:

TNM, The Wrestling Simulator, is holding their year end poll to determine the
best wrestling newsletter on the internet. The Wrestling Booking Sheet is
nominated, and for any of you who feel its deserved, I'd appreciate it if you
would vote for us. To vote, go to:

I'm not going to make a big deal of this; still, I'm very pleased that The
Booking Sheet has made it this far. My thanks go out to both the staff and the
readers who have made this newsletter what it is, for better or for worse.
Here's looking for 100 more; I'm not going to mention anyone by name, for fear
of neglecting many people who have helped this newsletter along the way. Thank
you to you all.......

At the end of the newsletter, in the section titled RAW SPOILER, we have the
results of this coming Monday's RAW; if you want to be surprised, skip this
Ever since Monday Night, I've received many e-mails asking what I meant when I
compared Ric Flair's bogus heart attack to an incident with HBK in November
Many of you are familiar with this incident, but bear with me....

In October 1995, Shawn Michaels was injured in a parking lot brawl outside of a
nightclub in
Syracuse, NY. Michaels was accomponied by The 1-2-3 Kid (X-Pac),

and Davey Boy Smith. The public details of this brawl have changed frequently,
as have the number of attackers HBK faced. Shawn was knocked out cold, the
victim of a concussion.

Michaels missed around a month of action, and had returned several weeks before
the incident was exploited. On a November 1995 RAW, the night after Survivor
Series, HBK faced Owen Hart. After Owen hit Shawn with a kick to the head,
Shawn collapsed several moments later to the mat. Owen, the referee, and
manager Jim Cornette looked at each other in bewilderment. Vince McMahon and
Jerry Lawler immediatly stopped their commentary, and looked on in seemingly
sincere concern. Owen didn't even attempt to pin Shawn, and the match stopped
with no explanation needed. The WWF was telling us that something had gone
wrong, that the script was thrown out the window. Shawn was clearly injured

Since all the viewers knew that Michaels had suffered a serious concussion a
little more than a month before, we almost all believed that Shawn's life was in
When it was revealed to be a part of a wrestling storyline, most were relieved.
The Heartbreak Kid was going to live, and would live to prosper.

My main objection to the Flair "heart attack" angle is that WCW is trying to
tell the world that Flair really could have died, even if the message is
implied. Everybody has lost a loved one to a heart attack, and even a mild
heart attack strikes fear in most hearts.

WCW's current angle with Sting has him sidelined with an injury, and I have no
objection to this. The injury is presented in the framework of the fantasy
wrestling world where we all must choose to suspend belief; WCW tried to cross
that border and hint towards death. There are some wrestling writers I have a
great deal of respect for that aren't offended by this angle; I guess it''s a
matter of preference. Per my preference, this is by far the most offending
wrestling angle of the year, blowing away any of the questionable angles the WWF
has been involved with.
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The Capital would be moved to The House Of Babes Exotic Dance Lounge and
Quakers Quilting Emporium,
Las Vegas, NV.

2. Kimberly's autobiography, "He's Not My Grandfather, He's My Husband, or
"Making Marriage To The Elderly Work " would be given to every young girl
at the
start of her "dancing" career.

3. The Winner of the 1999 Stripper Of The Year Contest would be appointed
Secretary Of Labor.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Lap Dance Barbi and "Talking" Take It Off
and be available at Strippers 'R' Us or by calling 1-800-TOPLESS.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Kimberly would send The NITRO Bimbos to
Iraq for

NITRO Party. That is more punishment than any Sanctions could ever be.

6. The National Symbol would a Topless Bleached Blonde, wearing far too much
make-up, doing a Table dance.

7. Women in the military wouldn't wear much of anything, but would do very well
with tips included.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "Stripping. its Not Just A Job, its An

9. Every dollar bill come prefolded, making it easier to slip under a garter.

10. Marriage to a man less than 30 years older would be declared an Act Of
Treason and any woman doing so would be sentenced to "Marriage For Life" to a
Tony The Shill Clone.
I was going to begin this first column with some smart remarks and witty patter
to set the tone-----after all, whatever I write is always correct, because I am
the Wrestling God; however, before I began this piece, I checked my e-mail, only
to find a few disturbing pieces from my good friend, samjerry. One piece was a
response to an item samjerry wrote about scott steiner; the tone of the piece
was, essentially, f---you, you f------ a------, I think you get the picture, a
somewhat retarded individual samjerry refers to as language challenged. This
type of individual ruins it for all of us; it`s what gives internet wrestling
fans, at least in some people`s minds, a very bad name.

Now let me speak on something else: I was informed via e-mail, that hackers had
flooded an internet voting site devoted to some type of voting for man of the
year---Time magazine, I think. Anyway, from one letter I read people were urged
to write in
Mic Foley, which is all well and good, but then, as I understand it, the site
has been flooded electronically, to the detriment of anyone else with a
differing opinion. Again, another good indicator that wrestling fans are nuts;
we don`t need this. I have been a
wrestling fan for 40 years, and I`ve seen a lot of changes---some good, some
bad, many different----but through it all, our sport remains. Let us not give
our critics fuel for the belief that we are all wide-eyed lunatics and let us
respect the people in the game and the writers, etc.

Along this line, I have to give Eric Bischoff credit. He showed class, and
genuine concern, when he made the announcement on what had happened to Ric Flair
at Nitro on the 14th. Disagree though we may with other actions of his, he made
clutch shot. Well, that about does it. Future columns should be more
opinionated, since I am an unabashed WCW and DDP fan (I mention DDP because this
is the only area where my otherwise sagacious colleague, samjerry, is
incorrect)--see ya--
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Dale Moore (cmoore316)
To subscribe to The Wrestling Source, e-mail Dale Moore at: cmoore316
Can WCW Survive?
The past seven Monday's have shown it, World Championship Wrestling is falling,
sinking, dying, call it whatever you want they're going down the drain. How can
a company with such star power of Nash, Luger, Sting, Flair, Hart, DDP,
Goldberg, The Giant go down faster than The Titanic? There are so many
possibilties in those eight superstars that WCW should capitalize on.

It was just earlier this year that WCW Nitro dominated WWF Raw Is War in the
Nielsen Ratings each and every week. Where did WCW go wrong? Ever since Steve
Austin became World Champion back in March at Wrestlemania 14, The World
Wrestling Federation has been on an uprise. They drew closer and closer in the
ratings each week, and then a miracle happened, over a year losing streak was
put to an end as Raw won!!! I remember calling up M.L. Curley's
Detroit News
hotline and hearing these words "The Streak is finally over, as Raw has defeated
Nitro in the national Nielsen ratings!" My heart pounded, I couldn't believe it
finally had happened, but it did.

Nitro did bounce back and forth winning and losing until around October when the
WWF began to win by larger and larger margins, and that continues to happen, but
why? The answer is simple, a lack of focus by WCW. Look at these past few
weeks for example, guys like Emory Hale, Mike Enos, Bobby Blayze, and Silver
King have been put on hours two and three which puts them up against the WWF in
the ratings, go figure. WCW should have stars like Scott Hall, NWO, Wolfpac,
Four Horsemen, Goldberg, and Diamond Dallas Page plastered all over hours two
and three if they even want to compete with the stars of the WWF.

Can World Championship Wrestling survive? Can Bishoff and the bookers land the
anchor before the ship sinks? Can the WCW Superstars counter the stars of the
WWF? The answer is yes, but will WCW realize this before its too late?
Mike Sweetster sent the results for this coming Monday's RAW to Wrestlemaniacs,
which was taped Tuesday, December 15th in
Spokane WA. To read his complete

report, go to:
Shane McMahon said that Vince is taking the night off and handed the keys of the
fed to him for the night. DX comes out and Triple H states that while Shane has the
keys to the fed, DX has the keys to the boiler room. Mankind comes out and
stands with DX. Michaels orders Mankind's music to be cut off, then says he has
some Christmas presents for DX. First off, no rematch for the Outlaws, but Gunn
will face Shamrock and Road Dog will face Boss Man that night; also, Rock and
Test (Andrew Martin, the bodyguard of the Rock) will face Triple H & X-Pac. Shane
says that there'll be another match. He challenges Mankind to a match. Mankind
reacted in the way you might think he would - he and DX laughed their asses off.
Mankind does accept the challenge.

D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry v. The Headbangers: The music for D-Lo & Henry played
three times, but only D-Lo came out. He called for Henry twice before deciding
to wrestle himself, and he lost to the Headbangers. After D-Lo lost, Mark Henry
finally comes out of the back in boxers, with broken handcuffs on both his
wrists, a mix of smiling and anger on his face.

Al Snow (w/ Head) v. Gangrel: Snow by pinfall after the Northern Lights Bomb,
and right afterwards, Christian & Edge came out of the crowd, the lights went
out, and when they came back on, Snow was on the ringside mats covered in blood
and SERIOUSLY spooked.

Steve Blackman v. the Blue Blazer: Right after the Blazer came down, Owen did as
well, calling Blackman a liar. Owen did commentary and ran in to cause a DQ,
then Goldust ran in to save Blackman. Blackman and Goldust got the Blazer alone
in the aisle with Owen in the ring, and unmasked him to reveal Jarrett.

"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn v. Ken Shamrock: Gunn counters a victory roll by Shamrock
to apparently become the new Intercontinental champion, but Michaels came down
and said that he said Gunn could wrestle the IC champ, not wrestle him for the
belt. Michaels: "The only guy that said this was a title match was that
announcer there, and his opinion doesn't mean squat!" The championship was
returned to Shamrock.

Hawk comes out and says that he's OK (although he does have a cast over most of
his left arm) and that Droz was the one trying to get him back into drugs. Droz
comes down, Hawk bitches him out and says that when he heals, he'll show why
also means Lords of Discipline. Droz attacks Hawk, Animal makes the save.
Basically, Droz set Hawk up to make him look unreliable to Animal.

Scorpio & Bob Holly v. The Acolytes: After a decent match, the Acolytes are
disqualified due to excessive violence. They laid both
JOB Squad members out
before leaving.

Road Dog Jesse James v. the Big Boss Man: This match was originally non-title,
but Road Dog goaded Boss Man into making it a Hardcore title match. Great
brawling match, went into the crowd twice. Chairs, brooms, a phone, and other
stuff was used. As Boss Man was choking out Road Dog with the phone cord,
Mankind came from behind, threw a net on Boss Man, and walloped Boss Man with
something. Road Dog covered, 1-2-3, and became the
NEW Hardcore champion.

Shane McMahon v. Mankind: Patterson and Brisco tried to talk Shane out of
wrestling Mankind but he went ahead with the match. Shane should've listened.
Mankind demolished him. Double-arm DDT, then he went for Socko. Mankind had the
claw on, Patterson and Brisco came in and got taken out. Mankind went for a
chair, was about to hit Shane with it and Shane ducked in fear. Mankind gave
Shane the chair and told him to hit him and do something to make his father
proud! Shane hit him with it - decent shot - Mankind nosold it and threw Shane
into the corner. DX came in and X-Pac hit the Bronco Buster on Shane.
Corporation comes down, DX sends them out and beats on Shane a bit. Mankind then
leaves with DX and crotch chops in the ring and with them on the ramp.

Raw main event - Test & The Rock vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley & X Pac: Test is
freakin' HUGE. He has to be at least 6'10" - he was overlooking the Boss Man.
Corporation came down with Test/Rock, DX came down with Triple H/X-Pac. Shawn tried
sending DX back, but Mr. McMahon came down and said that since it was the
Christmas season, they could stay. Test wrestles like a younger and faster
Diesel. Pretty even match....then the lights go out. Kane comes down, stares
down the Corporation...then chokeslams everybody in DX. Kane almost chokeslams
Chyna, but the Corporation talks him out of it. Kane almost chokeslammed the
Rock by accident, too. DX regroups and limps to the back while the Corporation
and Kane are in the ring. CREDIT: Mike Sweetster &
Check out:
Visit the wrestling site for WWF, WCW info, rumors and more!
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Robert Troy (Osiris)
Tom Kirkbride
Columnist: Ryan S. Oaks
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

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