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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 102

Date:  Friday December 18th, 1998  12:28 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

As many of you have informed me, Mick Foley has been taken out of The 1998 Time
Man of the Year balloting. On their website, Time released the following brief
statement: Mick Foley has no place on our list, as he has not done anything
significant for this nation, hence, we will, effective tomorrow, remove Mick
Foley from the polls, and if he is voted for again, he will be removed again.

In the mailbag we have a letter that reader Roger Niebuhr sent to Time, and this
letter sums of the feelings many of us have about this incident. If you voted
for Foley, you're vote was wasted. Niebuhr puts a very interesting spin to the

Scoops, as reliable a source as any, reports that It looks like
LOD will be

getting back to their roots shortly. Rumors of a reconciliation with Paul
Ellering are abound, and a match between Hawk and Droz in the near future could
be a blast from the past...a scaffold match! It won't be the same without Jim
Cornette up there, but I'm ready if you are. (Reported by:

Today (Friday, December 18th) is Steve
Austin's birthday. Both birthday and get
well wishes are in order.
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of
Visit SamJerry's Home Page

1. The Capital would be moved to
Frederick's Of Hollywood, with the winter
retreat at
Sunny Acres Nudist Colony and Finishing School For Proper Young Ladies.

2. Tammy Lynn's autobiography, "Dressing For Success In Bra And Panties Only,"
or "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Buying - Clothes" would be
required reading for every young girl at The Pamela Anderson School Of
at Harvard.

3. Miss Nude World would be appointed Ambassador to the United Nations.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Bare @$$ Barbi and T-Back BVD's Ken,
and be available at Tramps 'R' Us or by calling 1-800-BRALESS.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Tammy Lynn would cancel his subscription to the
Frederick's Of Hollywood catalogue and replace it with Abdul's Of Baghdad,
Latest In Women's Black Veils And Other Revealing Moslem Fashions.

6. The National Symbol would a Blue Silk 36 DD Bra, With Matching Panties.

7. Women in the military would dress in Bra and Panties to match their
Fur Lined in
Alaska, See Thru Top, With T-Back Bottom in the Tropics,
Camouflage in the Jungle, etc.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "Brains, Who Needs Them?"

9. The dollar bill would have Tammy Lynn wearing her favorite undergarments on
side, and a picture of wrestling fans shouting, "Show Us Your T*ts" on the

10. Tammy Lynn Sytch would sold to a White Slave Trader, to spend the rest of
life in a Bangkok Bordello.
Candido ON THE
Chris Candido discussed further his views on The Rock, a man he helped train.
Chris Candido's
AOL Sports Guy Message Board can be found at
AOL Keyword: aol://5863:126/mB:346527
"I will be back to fill all you fans and haters alike after sat. But as far as
my statements on Rocky, I did train him with Tom Prichard. I had his first
match in front of people in
Corpus Christi TX and worked in the school before he

went to USWA, then worked with him for nearly three months in the school.
Actually, he doesn't suck, he just has developed a huge attitude. He really
believes he is The Rock, I knew him as Duane. He isn't the same guy. We all
get our pushes, and we all put people over, you'd think coming from a wrestling
family too, he would know its a freakin work. And as far as his work, one of
the most important parts of the match for the heel is to "turn the corner" and
be agressive, but simple and calculating to get heat. All of his punches and
kicks look like he is making a babyface comeback, go watch a tape a see what I
mean. Talk to you soon." ---CC
Here's Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found at:
NP:  Rush-Different Stages
Merry Christmas Jerichoholics!!!!
First off, I'd like to thank you guys for sending all of the cards and letters
(and presents) for my Birthday and for Christmas.  Like I always say, if you
send an 8x10 SAS, I'll send you an autographed photo.  If you wait a long time
to get it, bear with me, as I do them all by myself. 
The address is
PO Box 8234, Clearwater, FL, 33758.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the Brian Hildebrand tribute show on Nov
29.   Brian is WCW ref Mark Curtis and he's battling stomach cancer.  This show
was a token of appreciation to Brian, who always works hard, is an excellent
referee and a great guy and friend.  That night was one of the most special
nights of my career.  See you back in the ring soon man!!!

I saw Motley Crue last week and they were pretty good.  Mick Mars looked like he
was about 70 years old though! I also checked out VH-1's Behind The Music
special on them yesterday. That show is my favorite show, its excellent every
single week.

Best wishes to Jim Ross for a speedy and full recovery!

The movie of the week is Bret Hart's Wrestling With Shadows documentary.  This
is a great piece of film making, whether you're a wrestling fan or not.  Check
it out this week on A&E.

Helloween returns to the
US for the first time in ten years this Sunday in
NYC!!!!  I wish I could go, but I'll be in Kansas Citywrestling.  Dagnabit!!!

Well have a great holiday and remember that Jesus is the reason for the
VIA EMAIL. WINNERS will be posted in next issue. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

LAST ISSUE's Trivia: Latino Wrestling Trivia!!!!!
1. Name who Juventud Guerrera lost his mask to?
2. Who was Manny Fernandez's partner as NWA tag champs in 1986?
3. Who did Tito Santana team with at WrestleMania 2?
4. Who beat Rey Mysterio Jr. for the Cruiserweight Title in 1996?
5. Who did Konnan beat for the WCW U.S. Title in 1996?
ANSWERS: 1. Chris Jericho, 2. Rick Rude, 3. Junkyard Dog,
4. Dean Malenko, 5. One Man Gang
LAST ISSUE'S WINNERS: Russm23391, SunsKC 21, dfedak,
rpgfanb1@xxxxc..., MEGA-TURRICAN@xxxxc..., DM5923, Diesel1701,
DogInk316, DRSmithers, Christian.Eden@xxxxc...
1. Name the last man thrown out of the 1996 Royal Rumble.
2. Who were the first two men to start the 1988 Royal Rumble?
3. Who did Ted DiBiase buy #30 from in the 1989 Royal Rumble?
4. Who was #1 in the 1990 Royal Rumble?
5. Who no-showed in the 1991 Royal Rumble?

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Roger Niebuhr (Inverse666)
The Following is a copy of the letter that I have sent to Time Magazine
regarding the Mick Foley situation and the Man of the Year voting:

I certainly hope that this is only a rumor that is circling on the internet,
because it would be a crying shame and a complete act of hyprocracy on behalf of
one of the most respected news organizations in the world if Time has decided to
remove Mick Foley contention for Time's Internet Man of the Year. What right
does a legitimate news organization, one that should be supporting freedom of
speech and expression, have to censor the voice of the American Public? By
removing Mick Foley from contention, Time is doing just that.

Time is telling the people that they have no right to vote for whomever they
choose, and that their opinions, even if it is different from those of the
editors, publishers, writers, and janitors is invalid. Time placed a write in
category so that people can express their opinion. Now that it has been
expressed, Time is attempting to silence it for what reason? Because Time feels
that Mick Foley is not a worthy candidate? What right is it of Time to decide
who is worthy and who is not worthy? Is Mark McGwire worthy of being in
contention for Time's Man of the Year? He is an athlete,
just like Mick Foley. Is Madonna worthy of being Time's (Wo)Man of the Year?
She is an actress and entertainer, just like Mick Foley. Both McGwire and
Madonna were deemed worthy of being candidates by Time, but Mick Foley is not?
By what reason? By what rationale? What have they done to be worthy?

And by the same rationale, what has Jesus Christ done in the last 2,000 years?
To remove Mick Foley from the People's Poll is censorship, pure and simple. If
the freedom of the press is to be compromised, then we may as well roll over,
play dead, start reading "Mein Kamph", and bury our heads in the sand because
the very foundation of what
America stands for is being destroyed. And you said
that Mick Foley has not done anything of any importance. If you didn't think so
before, he just has.
Roger Niebuhr
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: N8UREB0Y
I personally took the whole Flair angle with a grain of salt. Does anyone else
realize that when a man has a heart attack it is equal to a man committing
suicide. Seriously think about the ten year old kid watching WWF and seeing Hawk
fall off the Titantron. Is there any difference? Well yes, there is. The older
and younger generation were afraid for Flair, while the younger generation, not
the older, were afraid for Hawk. The only reason people were outraged is because
they thought it was real, just as the younger viewers think Santa's sliding down
the chimney and and Hawk is in a bodycast, and Val Venis is a porn star. The
only people who say they would let their kids watch the WWF have no kids, are
kids, or horrible parents. My sugestion, you and your kids watch Nitro, or you
don't let your kids watch wrestling. Get real, I myself am only twenty one, have
a one year old son, and I wouldn't know what would come first, my son drinking a
beer at the family 4th of July party, or him watching the WWF. At least my son
can see a regular red-blooded American meat eating heart-attack angle rather
than some psycho jumping off a twenty five foot T.V. The ones who were afraid
for Flair should realize their kids were afraid for Stone Cold when he got hit
in the head with a shovel, or afraid for Dan Severn when he supposedly broke his
neck. To a kid, it is all the same. Loyal reader,
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: SPDOUGAL
I agree with you completely about this Flair "Heart Attack" angle. A year ago I
almost lost my father to a heart attack and this Monday really hit close to home
with me. Ric Flair is one of my favorite wrestlers. I know that he is almost
fifty years old and is at risk of a heart attack. I can't believe that Ric
himself went along with this angle. What does it say about Eric Bischoff, Dusty
Rhodes, Double A, the entire announcing team to also agree to report this as
real? In the recent months I have been watching WWF a lot more than WCW, and
with stunts like this I can see myself not watching WCW at all. I have been a
wrestling fan for almost 20 years of my 27 and I have seen some weird stuff in
this business, but nothing will ever compare to the despicable act of faking one
man's heart attack just to get him over or to get ratings or to get a good buy
rate on the next PPV. I would urge all wrestling fans with a heart to boycott
WCW/NWO Starcade this year in protest of such a despicable angle used on Monday
Nitro this week.
Thank you for your time,
Sean Dougal
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: FUBL
I just got done watching the WWF "In Your House" Rock Bottom event and was very
upset of the outcome. I have only one question to ask : Why is Vince McMahan
acting like such an ass? It seems like everything he is doing is just a lame
copy of the WCW. Does he think having his corperation members holding all the
titles in the WWF is going to make things exciting for all the fans?

I think he needs to go back to the basics like things were 10 or 15 years ago.
Let me explain what I'm talking about : Don't let any titles revolve around only
2 wrestlers at a time, this makes things too boring. Allow a couple of
wrestlers to go after a title shot at the same time, but have them work their
way up to #1 first. Try and get more tag-teams signed up, this will make events
more exciting and keep fans watching. Another idea I have is to do away with all
those stupid ring names like the "Godfather", "Golddust", "Val Venis" and
"Mankind". All of theses guys are definitly good wrestlers but don't need to
use a gimmic like this to get reconized by the public. I have been a diehard
wrestling fan for many years and I feel like Vince McMahan has been doing a good
job up until now. I feel like he should forget this corperate thing and move on
to something different. The key to better success is to get more talent back to
the WWF and not like over the hill ones like "Terry Funk".
Being a fan for many years I have alot more ideas that I would like to talk
about if anyone is willing to listen. Reply if you wish but I will always be
sending my comments in to be read like any fan would.
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