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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 104

Date:  Sunday December 20th, 1998  7:51 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage met with Eric Bischoff on 12/11 about angles for their
return. WCW has some tentative big plans for early 1999 that no doubt they want
to be a part of. A scenario was discussed where Hogan & Savage would return as
a fan favorite tag team to feud with Hall & Nash; I can't see Hogan getting
cheered for long at this point. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling

Sid Vicious, of Psycho Sid fame, has been wrestling (sort of) on independent
cards since his release from the WWF last summer. Sid has developed a track
record of no-showing events he's agreed to wrestle on. Sid no-showed an NWA
Dennis Coraluzzo event 12/12 in
Baltimore, on top of all his no-shows the
previous weekend.
Due to all these no-shows, the New York State Athletic Commision won't allow any
promoter in the state to advertise that he'll be appearing on a show.

A new rumor seems to come up on a weekly basis speculating that he will return
to the WWF; don't expect it anytime too soon. This is one ego Titan would do
well to avoid. While I'm sure that desperation will bring Sid back one day,
hopefully that day is far in the future.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Martin's Press is working on a biography of Jesse Ventura, which makes the
second book that we know of in production.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Sable is home training for her Playboy photo shoot which is in a few weeks. The
issue will be out in April. its not guaranteed to be on the cover, but if they
know what's good for them as far as selling magazines, it will be. She has been
given creative control of what shots can or can't go in.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Antonio Pena, the booker for Mexican based AAA, has been reported by Ovaciones
to be negotiating with both the WWF and ECW for possible talent exchanges.
Although AAA has lost many of their top stars over the past couple years (Konnan
& Rey Mysterio Jr. come to mind), Pena is still a talented booker who has some
of the better Luchadors under his banner. We'll see if a deal actually
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Some notes from Ian Rotten's IWA: Wolfie D and Tommy Rich got into a locker room
fight at the
Glasgow, KY, show on 12/11. Rich took exception to the way Wolfie

was complaining about some things. Wolfie wanted to leave but Ian Rotten told
him he would never work in the IWA again if he walked out the door before doing
the tag main event, whih ironically had Rich on the other side of the ring. The
two stayed away from each other. (Reported by Jess McGrath of MOONSAULTS
ONLINE, found at:

Keiji Mutoh is currently in
Minneapolis, MN, and is now claiming that he just
attacked Scott Norton in
Minnesota. Mutoh is claiming that he will show up for
the 12/21 St. Louis
TWA Dome Nitro show to attack Norton again.

(Reported by Wrestlemaniacs at: )

Meltzer is reporting that there is a huge deal that hasn't been finalized at
press time but if it is, has potentially huge positive repercusions as it
regards WCW's position in the wrestling war. He did not speculate what this
deal may be; still, if Meltzer bothered mentioning it, its probably both huge
and real. As soon as he reports it, I'll pass it along. (Reported by Dave
Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)
To subscribe to The Wrestling Observer, send $11 for four issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228

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The program began with an ECW Championship Match between Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas (C), with Francine "The Head Cheerleader" at ringside, v. Gedo.
The match was shown highlight style. Among the moves seen were: Gedo hitting a
Sunset Flip; a Crucifix by
Douglas; Douglas hurting his left knee when he missed
a Leap Frog, followed by Gedo working on it; Gedo applied a Figure 4 and after
being in it for some time,
Douglas was able to reverse it, but Gedo got to the
Douglas applied a Combination Abdominal Stretch/Cobra Twist, and Francine
reached in and grabbed his arm for extra leverage. It was finally broken by a
Hip Toss. Gedo went back to work on
Douglas' knee, then hit a Frog Splash and
almost got the pin.
Douglas hit a Cradle Brain Buster, leaving Gedo to
contemplate where to find his next piece of Sushi.
Winner - Shane Douglas - Retains ECW Championship

After the regular ECW opening, we saw a clip from the November To Remember (N2R)
PPV, of The Battle Of The Triple Threats. Taz had The TazMission on
Douglas and
was trying to make good on his pledge to make
Douglas tap out. Sabu came in and
Douglas and pinned him for the win, but ignited the latest feud between
himself and Taz in the process. They were in each others face, although their
team won the match.

Joey Styles was at his usual announcers position (actually he just stands in
front of an ECW Banner). He touted ECW's next PPV, Guilty As Charged (GAC),
January 10, 1999, in Orlando, FL. (The best place in the country!). He ran clips
from November 6, 1998, showing Douglas offering Francine to Taz if he takes Sabu
out prior to his match against him for the Title at GAC; the Taz v. Sabu match
held November 26, 1998, during which Taz hit Sabu with The TazMissionPlex,
intentionally injuring his neck, attacking him as he as being given medical
attention, and then calling from the cell phone in his car bragging about it;
and from a match on December 5, 1998, during with The Dudley Boyz hit Sabu with
The 3-D (Dudley Death Drop), further injuring his neck.

We next saw Manager Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso with Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole
F'N Show" Van Dam and Sabu. They will meet The Dudley Boyz (C) for the ECW Tag
Team Title later. Fonzie said that if they don't win, he will split the team.
Van Dan then did his "I am the star of the team routine, both dissing and
praising Sabu at the same time."

The next match was one that was held recently in
Ft. Lauderdale, FL (a city just
north of New York South), between Mikey Whipwreck and Jerry Lynn. It was picked
up in progress and shown highlight style. Moves we saw included:
Lynn charging
into the corner at Mikey and crotching himself on the top turn buckle, making
him eligible for Soprano at The Metropolitan Opera. Lance Storm, accompanied by
Tammy Lynn Bytch (
TLB), came to ringside. The fans looked forward to a little
"show" by
TLB. Lynn hit a Gut Buster and action went to the floor, where Lynn
air mailed Mikey into the crowd. Mikey staggered back, only to have his neck
snapped on the guard rail. Back in the ring,
Lynn applied an unusual submission
hold, but Storm distracted him and he released it.
Lynn went out after Storm and
they fought on the floor. Storm hit
Lynn with a Side Russian Leg Sweep against
the guard rail and we got our first "Oh, my G-d" of the night from Joey Baby.
Storm looked like he was helping Mikey. Back in the ring,
Lynn hit a
Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors.
Lynn went to the top turn buckle, but was thrown off
by Storm, allowing Mikey to hit a Whippersnapper, but
Lynn got his foot on the
ropes. Storm nailed Mikey with a chair from outside the ring, allowing
Lynn to
get the pin and victory.
Lynn then went after Storm. He came off the top turn
buckle at Storm out on the floor, but
TLS pulled Storm out of the way and Lynn
hit the stage that is outside the ring. Storm then abused
Lynn as he lay out on
the floor.
The three of them will meet in a Three Way Dance Match at GAC.
Winner - Jerry Lynn - Losers - The Fans,
TLS didn't give them what they wanted
to see.

We saw a clip from last weeks show of Justin Credible attacking Tommy Dreamer
with his Singapore Cane, during Dreamer's match. This was followed by a clip of
Credible's TV Title Challenger's Match v. Masato Tanaka, won by Tanaka. Finally,
we saw Credible dissing Dreamer and screaming at Chastity, who was with him,
blaming her for losing the match. Complete Details can be found in the ECW TV
December 11, 1998, on my Web Page.

The next match was from the ECW PPV, Heatwave '98, between Masato Tanaka and
Mike Awesome. Mike came off the top turn buckle with a Back Elbow. He then hit
an Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex, followed by a Shoulder Block. Mike hit a
Clothesline and Tanaka went to the floor. Mike flew at him with a Suicide Dive
off the top turn buckle. Back in the ring, Mike hit a Running Clothesline Tanaka
came back with a Release German Suplex. Tanaka hit a Clothesline and nailed Mike
with a chair shot. Tanaka was next seen running down the full 75 foot length of
the ramp and blasting Mike with the chair, with a swing that would make Mark
McGwire envious. Tanaka hit a Missile Drop Kick, went for the pin, but Mike
kicked out. Mike dumped Tanaka over the top rope to the floor. We then saw
Dueling Chairs, won by Tanaka, who then Irish Whipped Mike into the guard rail.
Tanaka was dropped over the guard rail into the crowd. Awesome went to the top
turn buckle and pulled a Sabu, leaping out into the crowd onto Tanaka. Back in
the ring, Mike hit an Awesome Bomb, went for the pin, but Tanaka kicked out. He
then hit a Combination Power Slam/Power Bomb, followed by an Awesome Splash, and
again Tanaka kicked out. Mike then hit Tanaka with three (count them..three)
chair shots to the head, denting the chair, but Tanaka stood there and looked at
Awesome. Next up, a Running Release Awesome Bomb. Awesome went to the floor to
set up a table, planning to put Tanaka thru it, rather than go for the pin that
it looked like he might be able to get. He went to the top turn buckle and came
down on Tanaka's head big time, getting us our second "Oh, my G-d" from Little
Joey. However, he skipped the pin opportunity again. Two things are now very
clear: First is that Tanaka'a head has to be made of steel, or the man is
bionic, and second, that Awesome has taken too many shots to the head or else
his mother dropped him on it, as he had several chances to win and passed them
up. Mike went for the Awesome Bomb twice and was blocked both times. Can you see
what's coming? I thought so. Tanaka made good use of the table that Mike was
nice enough to set up as he Power Bombed him thru it. The crowd chanted, "Holy
Sh*t," and with good reason. Back in the ring, Mike kicked out of a pinning
attempt. Tanaka hit him with an Elbow to the jaw, followed by a Running Elbow,
but Mike again kicked out of a pin attempt. At this point, The Fat Lady put down
her sandwich and warmed up. Tanaka carefully set up two chairs near a corner,
and nailed (and I do mean nailed) Mike with a Tornado DDT onto the chairs. The
Fat Lady did an aria, Mike watched the birds circling his head and Tanaka got
the pin. This was one hell of a match, and typical of what ECW does best -
Winner - Masato Tanaka, the fans and TV audience.
Winner - The Acme chair company, who watched its stock go up.

We were treated to a little T&A show by Tammy Lynn Sytch on the beach. Joey
called it "Gratuitous T&A." One of ECW's ads for GAC, asks the question, "Just
how much will
TLS wear at GAC?"

The next match was the Main Event. It was the Tag Team Title Match pitting The
Dudley Boyz (C), Bubba Ray (
BBR) and D-Von v. Van Dam and Sabu, with Fonzie at
ringside. It was shown highlight style and the action was too fast to keep up
It began with D-Von working on Sabu's neck (you expected different?).
BBR threw
a table into the ring and Sabu returned it, right to his head.
BBR then went to
work on Sabu's neck. Sabu hit a Slingshot Huricanrana on
BBR. Van Dam worked on
D-Von, hitting a Huricanrana. D-Von countered with punches to Van Dam's head. He
then nailed Van Dam with a Hangman's Neck Breaker (ouch!). Sabu went to his
aerial game hitting a Triple Jump onto D-Von. In came
BBR to wok on Sabu's neck
a little more (I understand he has enrolled at The Dudleyville Chiropractic
Institute and
Hog Skinning School). Sabu nailed BBR with a Triple Jump. D-Von
looked on wondering if Sabu will need a plane to get home in. Van Dam hit The
VanDaminator, using a table rather that the usual chair, on
BBR, who wished he
was on a plane home. That raised the question of whether or not there's an
airport in Dudleyville. I checked and there was at one time. It opened and
closed the same day. Grandpa Dudley was out duck hunting that day with his AK-47
and tried to bring the inaugural (and final) flight down, thinking it was big
enough to last the winter. Meanwhile, back at the match, Van Dam and Sabu hit
D-Von with Stereo Rolling Thunder. D-Von was set up on a table at ringside and
Sabu flew over the top rope and put D-Von half way back to the USA, via the
center of the earth (cheaper than flying). Next up,
BBR Power Slammed Sabu. Van
Dam hit
BBR with a Frog Splash (I warned you the action was fast). Salto Suplex
BBR by Van Dam. BBR hit Sabu with a chair. Sabu threw the chair to BBR, who
caught it (Big Mistake!). The next thing he caught was a major VanDaminator,
followed by being pinned and waving bye bye to the Title. Fonzie joined Van Dam
and Sabu in the ring to celebrate.
BBR and D-Von watched the celebration from
the floor. they were not happy campers.
Winners - Rob Van Dam and Sabu - New ECW Tag Team Champions (for the 2nd time).

The program ended with clips of the match just concluded.

Another solid hour of action from ECW. It would be great if ECW could land a
National Network TV program.
WCW Saturday Night Report for
December 19th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Mike Tenay & Scott
Hudson acknowledged the death of referee Brady Boone; in a
few moments, they gave the situation far more attention than the live Thunder
did Thurday night.

Glacier defeated Mike Sullivan via submission in
An Icepick (Asiatic Spike) scored the submission over Sullivan.

Lee Marshall interviewed Norman Smiley; Smiley talked of all the women chasing
him; his interview was solid, a little better than his wrestling skill.

Kaz Hayashi defeated Barry Darsow via disqualification in 0:49
Darsow tried to treat Hayashi like an idiot, and it worked! Kaz eventually
tired of Darsow's abuse, and tipped over his golf bag. An enraged Darsow beat
on Hayashi until he was DQ'ed; you'd think his opponents would wise up to the
routine after the last five or six weeks. At least they keep this garbage on
Saturday Night; what's next, Thunder?

Wrath pinned Al Greene with The Meltdown in 1:12

It was promised that Flair's personal doctor will appear on Nitro this Monday; I
wonder if it will be a bogus referee, like Scott Steiner's and Buff Bagwell's.

Chris Jericho defeated Booker T via disqualification in
Jericho tried to hit Booker with a chair, and Stevie Ray responded by pulling
the rope down, which propelled
Jericho over the top rope. Although Jericho had
a chair, Booker T was still DQ'ed; the announcers didn't even try to explain
this one. Booker T was angry that his brother cost him the match.

Lee Marshall interviewed The Disco Inferno. Disco again claimed that Kevin Nash
gave him a Wolfpac shirt; he also talked to an imaginary Konnan off screen.
Disco really is a great interview, especially when given something to talk

Kanyon pinned Barry Horowitz in 3:55
Kanyon called Horowitz "Obi Wan Jabroni"; Kanyon pinned Horowitz after The

Kenny Kaos pinned Prince Iaukea in 5:38
Iaukea played the heel, showing disdain for the fans on his way to the ring;
Kaos upset Iaukea after a Springboard Clothesline.

A video of Raven aired, where he claimed that his mother never loved him, and
that he was a life long victim of his mother's neglect. Okay.

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Vincent & Bryan Adams in

Benoit & Malenko are so good that the match actually looked good; Malenko forced
Vincent to submit after applying The Texas Cloverleaf.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Suavelo12
In response to the comments in issue 101 in reference to Ric Flair going along
with the angle... I too agree that the only logical answer for him going thru
with this is to set the stage for David to enter the sport and perhaps have him
defend the family honor. However, Eric did go too far in kissing Beth. I can
not see Flair going for someone kissing his wife. Second comment, where is Liz
these days ? The stage has been set for David to enter the sport, but the match
with Eric may be a bit too much for him to bite off right now with no pro
wrestling experience, even if he is a Flair.
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