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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 105

Date:  Sunday December 20th, 1998  4:58 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Tonight, Sunday December 20th, the Bret Hart Documentary "Wrestling With
Shadows," is at
9 PM - 11 PM EST on A&E, and repeated from 1 AM - 3 AM.

A & E is on different channels depending on your area, so definitely WATCH this!
I saw it a month ago, and its incredible. If you're a wrestling fan, watch it!
My thanks to SamJerry for reminding me to keep you all updated on the

There is a lot of talk going around the WWF is working on a deal with the NBC
network to do a prime time wrestling show. As I am sure you all remember, the
WWF has done Saturday Night’s Main Event shows on NBC in the past, and even hit
prime time once. From what I am hearing, and this is all in the negotiation
stages, the two sides are talking about a prime time show, which could either be
monthly or weekly, where NBC feels it could take advantage of the WWF’s
incredible popularity right now to help sure up their slipping ratings in the
their battle against CBS, ABC, and Fox. NBC, and all the networks really, have
felt an incredible pinch from cable TV this ratings seasons. The free broadcast
networks are seeing their collective audience share slip. They know that the top
rated shows on cable are usually pro wrestling programs and that is the appeal
to them in this proposed deal. NBC has been the leader in the ratings battles
for quite a few years now, but with some of their programs getting long in the
tooth, and the loss of Seinfeld, they have seen their lead dissipate. Details
are sketchy, but the story I am getting is that the sides are talking about a
time slot for the proposed show, where graphic programs like NYPD and ER
already air. Remember, this is all in the talking stages for now. I’ll fill you
in on more when I hear more. … In somewhat possibly related news, NBC’s Dateline
was at
Titan Towers shooting footage for their upcoming piece on wrestling last

week. (Reported by Dave Scherer of

Scoops, with the assistance of Bill Williams and "Sonyman", reports that at the
12/18 WCW show in
Tulsa OK, Goldberg suffered an injury. Their report is below:
"We saw the Giant clothsline Goldberg in the corner...When he did Goldberg's
head went back and hit the side on the opened a major cut which
caused the match to end after a spear alone...Goldberg was rushed from the ring
stumbling ...They took him by ambulance to St. Johns Medical Center." At this
point there is no word on how serious the injury is; at this point, I would
assume the injury was relatively minor. If there is any more on this situation,
I'll report it in the coming days.
(Reported by: )

(Reported by
Lee Marshall issued the following statement regarding his pending departure from
World Championship Wrestling:
"About a month ago, I received a new contract from World Championship Wrestling.
As has been the case with my previous WCW contracts, this new contract was fair
to all parties. There were a couple of contract points I wanted to discuss with
WCW executives, so we began good faith discussions a few weeks ago. Money was
never an issue. In fact, I feel I have always been well compensated by WCW, and
this new contract offered me an equitable salary. As you, and many of the fans
know, I live in
Malibu, California. Consequently, time and travel are my two
biggest issues. As it turns out, WCW had the same issues.

Although WCW has been to virtually every state, it is also safe to say that 90
percent of WCW's broadcasts come from cities East of Chicago. For those living
Atlanta and Florida, it was a short plane trip. For me, it was an adventure.
In most cases, I would have to leave
Los Angeles on Sunday night so I could be
at the Nitro location on Monday. Likewise, most Thunder locations had me
leaving Wednesday night so I could be at the Thursday event. I spent more time
sleeping on L-10-11 red eyes and Marriott hotels then I did in my own bed.
Additionally, the endless travel was starting to take its toll on my health.

Unlike my colleagues, I could not move to
Atlanta. First of all, my family is
here. Seconly, I own a production company that occupied the few hours I had at
home. I had come to the proverbial cross-roads. While my responsibilities with
WCW continued to increase my geography remained the same. I was making two
round- trips from
Los Angeles each week. As I said, the travel was also a WCW

During a recent contract conversation, I was again asked if I could move to
Atlanta. I do not think WCW was unfair in asking this question. Remember I
said I was making two round-trips per week from
Los Angeles. Well, the airlines
don't fly people for free. This year, my travel expenses cost WCW $100,000. A
number that large is certainly reason enough for WCW executives to ask if I
could move.

I have not signed the new contract presented to me by WCW. I can not ask WCW to
modify their needs to fit my home life and personal business, nor can I ask them
to spend huge amounts of money to fly me around the country. WCW executives
agree. I have talked with a number of people, including Eric Bischoff, and it is
agreed that I will be leaving WCW following the January 4th Nitro and Nitro
Blast broadcast in

I hope everyone understands that these decisions were not made out of anger or
protest. As I said, my contractual dealings with WCW have always been fair. Our
collective time and travel issues are the reasons behind our decision.

It goes without saying that I will miss seeing my friends on a weekly basis.

In particular, I'll miss the friends with whom I worked the closest. Working
with Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay and Gene Okerlund
was one of the things that made my association with WCW so wonderful. And
although this may go against the grain of his "heel" personality, I want
everyone to know that Eric Bischoff is a total class act. I go back a long way
with Eric. Personally, I am so very proud of Eric for what he has done, and
what I know he'll do in the future. He's a good guy and a good friend.

My production company, which is not so creatively called "Lee Marshall
Productions" will now get my full, and much needed attention. As in the past,
we'll be concentrating on Movie, TV, industrial and commercial voice-overs, as
well as producing local and syndicated radio and tv projects.

In fact, should anyone want to reach me, here's my address:

Lee Marshall Productions
23852 Pacific Coast Hwy
Suite 653
Malibu, CA 90265

Thanks. I'll see you at the matches.
Lee Marshall"
(Reported by
Bret Hart's Movie, "Wrestling With Shadows," is on TV tonight. (Sunday)
It is on at
9 PM - 11 PM EST on A&E, and repeated from 1 AM - 3 AM.

Visit SamJerry's Home Page

1. The Capital would be at
Titan Towers. One Screw The World Road, Upper US.
Trespassers will be fed to the dogs. His first official act would be to
declare war
on the new Third World Country,
Atlanta, GA.

2. McMahon's autobiography, "You Actually Thought You Would Get Paid?" or
"How To Screw Over The World And Make Friends" would be the primary text at

his Alma mater, the Ima Bastard Memorial Business School, South Hampton
Institute of Technology, whose proud fight song is "SHIT Happens."

3. The name of the country would be changed to The Corporate States of America
CSA). Shane McMahon would be appointed Vice President; Shawn Michaels,

Chief Justice of The Supreme Court; The Big Bossman, Attorney General; The

Rock, Secretary of Defense; Ken Shamrock, Secretary of Mental Health; and
The Stooges, Special Envoys to the Sanitation Department. Mic Foley would
become First Pet.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Plastic Enhanced Barbi and Back Stabber
Ken, and be available at every store in the country. Those that fail to
carry these
and any other WWF products will fed to George "The Animal" Steele. Products

also available by calling 1-800-THECORP.

5. If Saddam got out of line, McMahon would send The Stooges to Iraq to "help"
him run the country. That is more than 500 Cruise Missiles and 1,000
could ever accomplish.

6. The National Symbol would be WWF Attitude Banner. Failure to display it
result in being placed in a Hell In The Cell Match, Anything Goes, Death
Match v.
Ken Shamrock, after he finds out his wife has been having an affair with

7. The military would consist of The Corporation as it now is, with further
family and
enlistment's always under consideration. Fertile grounds can be found at
ECW and (choke) WCW.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "Screw You, We Will If We Get The Chance."

9. The dollar bill would have McMahon's face on all three sides.

10. Stone Cold Steve Austin will be declared an Enemy Of The Corporation, and
Summary Execution scheduled whenever he appears. Degeneration-X would be
identified as Illegal Aliens and deported unarmed to Dudleyville.
Here's the short version of the results of the December 19th ECW show in ECW
Arena; the full version can be found at:
by Dave Scherer

ECW returned to the Arena on 12/19 in front of a crowd of about 1,300 fans. The
show opened with Bob Artese throwing out hats to the fans. A few seconds in,
Battlin' Bob hit the deck and "had a heart attack". His wife and a few refs came
out and Bob popped up and said, "Just kidding." Funny stuff.

After that, Justin Credible came out with Jason and Chastity. Chastity had on on
a flannel shirt but took it off to reveal a tight "nice" outfit (which Justin
hates). Justin yelled at her and she went to leave when a woman in the front row
gave her a ton of crap. Security the Chastity back in the ring and the girl
followed. The two women got into a catfight and the new girl (who Paul Heyman is
very high on) ended up on top. Justin broke them up and pasted Chastity with the
cane. The girl pasted her as well. Bob Artese came in and laid on top of
Chastity to shield her, and Justin nailed Bob with the cane as well. Tommy
Dreamer made the save, but Terry Funk followed him out. Terry berated Tommy on
the stick. Justin came in behind Terry and said that Tommy had to go threw them
to get to him. The girl came in behind Tommy and crotched him. Justin and Terry
killed Dreamer until Jason brought a big ladder out. They laid it across Tommy's
leg and Justin wailed it with a chair. Then Justin and Funk did double spinning
toe holds on Tommy. The crowd was behind Tommy, and then started to chant that
they wanted New Jack. They did not get him. The heels mugged for the camera and
then left. Great angle to start the show.

1) Super Nova (w/out the makeup) pinned Steve Corino
2) Yoshihiro Tajiri pinned Antifaz Del Norte
3) The FBI (Tracy Smothers, Little Guido, & Tommy Rich) defeated Danny Doring,
Roadkill, and the debuting Robert Gibson (Doring's "father) when Doring was
pinned. Doring's new "father", Gibson, was displeased with his "son"
4) Lance Storm defeated Rex King & Wolfie D in a Three Way Dance.
5) Spike Dudley pinned Skull Van Crush
6) TV Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Balls Mahoney
7) The Dudleys (Bubba, D-Von, Big Dick, Sign Guy, and Joel Gertner) then hit the
scene. On his way to the ring, Bubba hopped the rail and went out into the
crowd and faced off with a fan. They jawed for a few minutes and the kid did
not back down. Then they hit the ring, and D-Von cut a promo ragging on the
Philly fans. Bubba then said there were New Yorkers in the crowd. They popped.
He asked who was dumber, the New Yorkers or the Philly fans? He asked why
didn't they all fight each other. Argh. Bubba said that the Dudleys were the
toughest guys. He challenged anyone to come into the ring and fight them. After
Bubba did a funny, raunchy promo on two girls in the crowd, Gertner did his
gimmick. Then it was time for six man action as the Duds took on One Man Gang,
Rod Price, and .......Mike Lozansky? Why do I feel like singing that old Sesame
Street song, "One of these things is not like the other?" A few minutes in, New
Jack hit the scene. All six guys stopped fighting and waited for Santa Jack
(New Jack with a a Santa hat) to come out with a shopping cart of plunder. The
Duds bailed to the outside as Jack started killing all three heels. After Jack
beat the first three. Bubba and D-Von came in and played up to Jack. Jack
pasted Bubba and Bubba and D-Von briefly teased a break up before attacking
Jack. The other guys came back in and all six beat on Jack in a major cluster.
Big spot was Bubba rolling the shopping cart into Jack. They took Jack over to
the lower
stage. He came too and he, Price, and Bubba fought on the top stage. Bubba and
Price were fighting over who got to throw him off the top stage until finally,
in the spirit of the season, the decided to share and both of them threw Jack
about twenty feet from the top stage to the floor. They put Jack on a stretcher
and Bubba dumped him. The six went back to the ring and all raised their hands.
The Duds was suckering them in though as Sign Guy crotched Gang and the Duds
hit finishers on all three before pinning Lozansky. Cluster city.
8) Time for Taz's receipt, as he defended the FTW title against Sabu. Before the
match, Terry Funk came out as well. Funk gave both guys crap and asked that
they make this a three way dance. They both agreed to it. He then brought out
his new protegee, Justin Credible, who was accompanied by Jason, Nicole Bass,
and the new girl from the opening angle. Funk left. The match started on the
mat until Taz and Justin went out into the crowd. Sabu went for a springboard
splash but he slipped. Taz saved his life by walking up and catching him or he
would have been dead. The got back in the ring and Taz put the Tazmission on
Justin. Sabu went to the top, Fonzie threw him a chair, and Sabu nailed Justin
with the Arabian Facebuster from the top for the pin. It was down to Taz and
Sabu. Taz killed Sabu with a stiff German Tazplex. Taz went for a double arm
suplex but Sabu kicked him in the balls. Sabu went for a springboard legdrop
and missed again. Fonzie gave him a table and he set it up the corner. He then
threw Taz in headfirst while Fonzie set up a table on the guard rail and the
apron. They laid Taz on it. Sabu set up a chair and when he vaulted off of it,
the chair broke. Sabu managed to save it and splashed Taz threw the table. Taz
and Sabu went out into the crowd and went up the bleachers. Sabu slipped off of
the bleachers. Man, it just wasn't his night. When they made it back to
ringside, Sabu's face was a bloody mess. They came back in the ring and it was
time for receipt number three as Taz did a Dragon Suplex on Sabu that put him
threw a table. It was a sick, rude bump. Sabu was out. Shane Douglas came out
and said to put him away as Fonzie threw a towel in the ring. Taz threw it back
and made the Triple Threat symbol. He then flipped off both Fonzie and Shane,
and pulled Sabu on top of him so that Sabu would pin him, which he did making
him the new FTW champ. Douglas was stunned. Taz then left threw the crowd as
new features reporter for the company Steven "DeTruth" Prazak chased after him.
RVD came out to check on his partner and Sabu wobbled his way to the back, with
his partner's help. The crowd gave Sabu a big hand as he left.
9) The main event saw Lance Storm, with Bytch, get his title shot as he got a
world title match against Shane Douglas, with Francine. Douglas was wearing a
cast on his wrist. Shane was on the offense early, doing a lot of good matwork.
A few minutes in, both valets took out the feet of the other's wrestler. The
theme of the night continued as Lance went to vault off of the ropes and
slipped. Shane then locked on the figure four and Bytch broke it up. Francine
ran in and hit the spear on Bytch. Storm got a two with a roll-up. The finish
cane when Shane hit a Fisherman's buster into a small package for the pin.
Really good match that saw Douglas work very hard, and Storm as well.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: INARUSH999
What is going on with Bischoff? I am so throughly disgusted with him and this
Ric Flair thing, that I swear I am never gonna watch it again. We all need to
beg Jericho and Kidman to come to WWF because I refuse to condone what WCW has
done. I never gave a hoot about Flair before, but I was very upset because I
thought he was going to die! At least when WWF makes you think they are gonna
kill someone, you know it is fake. Lets see...bury someone alive or heart
attack....which one are you going to believe? I need to know how to write to
WCW and Bishoff so I can tell him just what a degrading thing he did. It is just
ridiculous. I also want to know if anyone agrees with me. I think we should all
stop watching WCW...nothing good ever happens anyway. And another thing, why in
the world would Flair agree to do this in the first place. That is why I was so
convinced it was real because I thought Flair might have a little more class
then to fake his own heart attack....I am just
disgusted with the whole thing. So please Jericho and please Kidman, find a way
to get to WWF or I will never see you again!!!!!!!
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