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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 106

Date:  Monday December 21st, 1998  1:18 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman is sidelined with, among other things, a
torn rotator cuff. Early word has Eddie Guerreroreplacing him in the triangle
match at STARRCADE. (Reported by )

After getting busted open in
Tulsa on Friday night by The Giant, WCW champ Bill
Goldberg is well enough to continue the road tour. Rodney Harding fills us in
on the details:

"I just returned from the
Springfield, MO WCW house show (12/19), and Goldberg

was there and did compete in a kind-of match with the Giant. The Giant came out
in street closes carrying the Heavyweight Title claiming that he had defeated
Goldberg the night before by "splitting open his cranium" and that he was the
new champ and there would be no title match tonight. Goldberg's music then came
on, which caused the Giant to freak out. Giant grabbed Penzer and acted like he
was going to choke slam him. Goldberg hit the ring, spear, jackhammer, 1,2,3.
Just thought you might like to know that Goldberg looked just fine to me. (At
least good enough to pick up a 550 lb. man)" (Reported by )
Visit SamJerry's Home Page

1. The newly reorganized AMA (American Muscle Masters) would restrict all
surgeries to Muscle Transplants and Implants. Any other types would be
"Not In The Best Interests Of The Country and Subversive." Penalties may
include A Lifetime Without Steroids, or Being Sent To Bed Without Dinner,

2. Every male citizen would be required to have his own one-named, oddly
flunky, who will accompany him in public at all times. Acceptable names
Buff, Biff, Boff, Baff, Bluff and Golga. Consult Dr. Seuss' Names For

3. The Blueprint for running the country shall be contained in State Of The
Speech will include, and be limited to: "Failed Plans Of The WWF," "Failed
Plans Of WCW," "Failed Plans Of The nWo," and "Failed Plans Of ECW."
Original Ideas are strictly forbidden. This should not represent a problem.

4. Citizens, Aliens, (legal and those from
Mexico), those from any celestial
and Immigrants, would be required to have to be "4 life" tattooed on the
Failure to do so will mean revocation of that body part, and associated

5. Konnan would be exiled to East El Lay in order that no nWo member would
have to job to him anymore.

6. Stevie Ray would be appointed Secretary Of Defense and authorized to use
the most devastating (but dumbest named) move ever, The Slap Jack on all
"Da Punks Dere Is." Know wut ome sayin, Sucka! Ya Dig It!

7. Steroids aren't just for breakfast anymore, and would replace Milk, Meat
Fruit in the daily diet.

8. Any citizen found to have an IQ above 24, above water, or above ground,
be shipped to a
Detention Center for Redumbing. Failure there will mean
exile to
Stamford, CN, or Philadelphia, PA.

9. All male children would be required to build up their muscles up to 24"
er.. protons, er.. or something like that.

10. Horace Hogan would be named Secretary Of Education and his Book, "Success
On Three Holds Or Less," or "Damn Glad My Uncle Is Who He Is," would be
required reading in every nWo school, or at least in those whose students
identify at least two of the following: a cat, a dog, a bird, or a horse.

11. Normal names would be replaced by idioms like Big Poppa Pump, Dumb Doggie
Frying Pan, Short Hairless Ashtray, Small Momma Handlebar, etc.

12. Rick Steiner would be neutered and interred in a kennel above the

13. Big selling Christmas toys would be Bodacious Barbi and Muscle Beach Ken.
available at Roids "R" Us, or by calling 1-800-ANABOLIC.
Sunday Night Heat Report for December 20th, 1998
By Steve Appy
WWF European Champion X-Pac pinned Tiger Ali Singh in 1:50
Singh, still distracted by The Brood's attack on Monday, fell victim to The

The Corporation was shown conferring backstage, hatching nefarious plots to
destroy poor Mankind later in the evening. A fatal four way is scheduled for
later tonight, with Ken Shamrock, The Rock, The Boss Man, & Mankind squaring

Scott Taylor & Kevin Quinn (w/Scott Taylor) defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy in 3:16
Taylor provided color commentary, and hosts Kevin Kelly & Shane McMahon made
tons of gay references with Taylor & Christopher. Christopher scored the
pinfall with The Alabama Jam; an elated Too Much hugged away.

Mankind was shown in the boiler room, hatching his own counterplots against The

Al Snow pinned Droz in 1:21
Hawk walked to ringside, with a cast on his left arm. Droz confronted him, and
Hawk hit him with the cast, setting Droz up for Snow's Snow Plow. Hawk promised
that on RAW, he would tell the world "about their deep, dark little secret".

The Headbangers defeated Kurrgan & Golga via disqualification in
The Oddities brought a huge, wrapped box to ringside, as a "Christmas Gift" for
Headbangers. I half expected Abdullha the Butcher to jump out and stab someone
with a fork. The Bangers unwrapped the box, and George "The Animal" Steele
pounced out. The aggressive 61 year old (thank Meltzer for the age) scared the
Headbangers away; Steele danced in the ring with his odd spawn.

The entire roster of DX came to the ring for an interview. The NAO were angry
about their lost championships, and swore revenge. Triple H threatened both The Rock
& HBK; the stranger from Monday night (Andrew Martin), was officially named

The Rock & Test interrupted DX's interview. He ripped on the whole DX crew, but
singled Triple H out for special attention. Maivia's interviews have become pretty
Triple H responded, and proclaimed that DX is ready to meet the challenge.

The New Age Outlaws defeated DOA (w/Paul Ellering) in 3:01
DOA is not only identical twins, but they have identical wrestling skills.
Ellering tried to hit Billy Gunn with his briefcase, but missed and hit his man
accidentally. DOA kicked Ellering's ass; is a
LOD reconcilation in the works?

Mankind was shown backstage, singing "Winter Wonderland" and tearing apart the
arena. Shawn Michaels prepped the Corporation; it doesn't look good for

The Rock defeated The Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock & Mankind when Maivia pinned
Mankind in a Fatal Four Way in 6:09
Three against one; this was a non-title match. All three corporate members
destroyed poor Foley; triple teaming at its worst. Test and Vince McMahon
watched the match on a monitor, in appreciation of all the abuse Foley took. A
Rock Bottom was applied onto a steel chair; a People's Elbow later, Foley was
defeated. McMahon applied his own Mr. Socko and the Mandible Claw on Foley; DX
made the save, more to get at The Corporation than for any other reason.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
There were lots of good opinions from newsletter #101, but one constant seemed
to come up: WCW's "promotion" of the Flair-Bischoff feud doens't look like it
is being handled too well for most fans. It also brings up a lot of puzzling
thoughts: after all the legal troubles Flair had with Bischoff in 1998, the last
thing most people expected to see would be a setup of him being an UNDERDOG
against Bischoff in a major pay-per-view match like Starrcade. Nor would you
expect Flair to be angled to have a heart attack and have a son beat up, in
Charlotte, no less, which was Flair country when Bischoff was running the AWA
into obscurity- in the same week! I hate to sound negative to the WCW fans, but
with angles like this Flair situation, the Raven "trust fund" development, and
the immediate making of Bam Bam Bigelow as the equivalent of the federation's
top newcomer (Goldberg) and "uncrowned" champion (Nash), well, it looks as if
Bischoff and company may have a long way to go in this ratings war with McMahon.
Unless something is done pretty soon (like what many sites have rumored, which
is a Nash title victory combined with a Hall-
Nash reunion, for starters), WCW again may have some trouble getting back to the
top of the ratings....
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: crustacean
> thought he was going to die! At least when WWF makes you think they are gonna
kill someone, you know it is fake. Lets see...bury someone alive or heart attack
....which one are you going to believe? >
Ok, now these comments are beginning to get me annoyed. DUH. Wrestling is
booked and is FAKE
FULL STOP. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the Flair
angle, just as I saw nothing wrong with the Scott Hall drunk angle, the suicide
off the
titan-tron angle, the Austin on a cross angle, the embalming alive and and so on
and so forth. Pro Wrestling is entertainment, its a soap-opera for the boys.
People getting upset over these angles really is silly. Ok, so if it wasn't an
angle then sure you have a right to be upset and concerned for Flair's safety.
But when you think about it, this angle is actually a good thing. Its got many
a) If Flair can recover from a heart-attack and beat Bischoff he becomes that
little bit closer to the god-like status he enjoys from many of us fans.
b) If Flair returns and Bischoff wails on him like nuts it shows Bischoff is so
much more of a heel.
c) if its to get Ric's relatives into the sport and they wail on Bischoff its
an awesome debut for them.
d) it all increases potential buy-rates of the Starrcade PPV. Plain and simple,
thats what angles are for.
So all you people who get annoyed over the various "outrages" and stuff should
really just lighten up a bit, remember, this is storylined stuff we're watching,
sure the actual action might hurt a bit, and most times its not completely
choreographed (although some matches are so obviously planned). Enjoy it for
what it is. Anyone who is stupid enough not to realize that wrestling is
entertainment and not sport is basically incredibly dim witted. In any case I'm
sure if Flair had truly had a heart-attack it would have been a bit more obvious
by the treatment he recieved etc after it happened. Like the ex-paramedic said
it was fairly obvious that there was little true concern that you would expect
given he'd just had a heart-attack. Anyway I'm rambling on so I'll finish,
right now.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: TRISH97KY
I watched the Bret Hart special on A&E, boy was I pissed at McMahon. Although
Bret was never a favorite of mine the way he was treated was really sick. This
special also made me like Shawn Michaels a LOT LESS. But hey, I guess the joke
is on Shawn Michaels, since he isn't the Champ and he's working for a LOT LESS
MONEY. Like Brets wife said near the end of the show, "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES
AROUND". She sure hit the nail on that. This special has I think made me a Hart
fan. I also think I will watch WCW, I have been a WWF fan only. But how can
you want an ASS like Vince, to do anything but lose this battle. The only
really great thing WWF has anyway is the perfect man, STEVE AUSTIN. If he will
just go to WCW, I may quit the WWF ,just for the way McMahan does treat his men.
I know opionions are like assholes and we all got one. This is just the way my
feels..You go Bret and have a god like . McMahon will get his, I'm sure.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: IzzG
I just finished watching the Bret Hart Documentary and have one question. Why
wouldn't Vince let Bret lose the title in the states? How hard would it have
been to have the match in Canada end in a dq and then have Bret lose it on a
Monday night? Up until this point I sided with Vince. I figured Bret was being
very unfair in not dropping the title like any pro would and should do when
leaving a federation. I just saw Bret offer to lose the match, just not in
Canada. I also heard Vince agree to an ending and then "screw" Bret. It seems
to me that if Vince were to just let Bret lose in the states everyone would have
been happy and maybe we could have seen Bret in a WWF ring before his career
ends. In my opinion, Vince felt he had to get over on Bret. I have no idea
what his reason could be since he was the one who asked Bret to leave. I also
think that maybe Bret let this hero character get into his head a little too
much. I will keep watching the WWF and I still have alot of respect for Vince
McMahon but I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't kinda pissed. I also
have alot of respect for Bret for being able to stop at just one punch
backstage. Oh, and one more thing, I wish Vince would bring back Piper and team
him with Orton one more time. They may be old but damn were they funny together.

Israel Gonzalez

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