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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 107

Date:  Monday December 21st, 1998  11:14 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Nitro Report for December 21st, 1998, From the St. Louis TWA Dome
By Steve Appy
Early clips of the nWo & Bischoff opened the show; the theme is to emphasize
what a weasel Bischoff is. Many clips were shown of Bischoff alongside Kevin
Nash; necessary or the future? One thing about Bischoff; he truly is terrific
at being a miserable human being.

David "Fit" Finlay pinned Scott Putski in 13:21
Putski's still wearing his New Wave Pirate outfit, proving someone doesn't like
him in the costume department. After a laborious stalemate, Finlay finally put
Putski away with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Ernest Miller did his usual routine, challenging the fans and anyone in the
locker room. He eventually verbally a Santa Claus walking around ringside;
Santa applied the
DVD, and was revealed to be Perry Saturn. He suplexed Miller
all over the ring, until Miller retreated to the locker room.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Kaz Hayashi in
Chavo scored a quick victory with The Tornado DDT; Hayashi is being placed into
the category of total jobber, which is unfortunate considering his ability.

Kevin Nash was interviewed in the ring; Nash mentioned Goldberg's 173-0 record;
he mentioned his own former reign as a World Champion, and claimed to have
defended the title (the WWF World Championship) 197 times without losing. Nash
drew parallels between their own careers, claiming that all he was missing was a
victory over Goldberg. Payin homage to Ric Flair, Nash used the "To be the man,
you have to beat the man" line. A solid interview, with the right mix of
history and energy.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Raven & Kanyon; Raven gave his best interview in
months. Okerlund came off as a heel, asking Raven about reports that he has
been in therapy. Raven claimed that the only reason his mother has appeared is
to get her face on TV, since she was jealous of Judy Bagwell. Raven eventually
lost his temper and attacked Kanyon, and Raven's mother made the save. Although
Raven was initially reluctant, he agreed to begin "seeing his doctor" again.
Raven's manner & delivery was very effective, and this was probably his best
interview since his return to WCW.

Eric Bischoff was interviewed, and gloated about his recent actions. Ric Flair
& Arn Anderson stormed the arena, Arn carrying a Slapjack. Benoit & Malenko
joined them (Mongo wasn't present), and they destroyed Scott Norton backstage;
this is vintage Horseman, reminiscent of the Horseman back in Jim Crockett
Promotions. Flair charged the ring, and Bischoff fled the ring sprinting. A
huge "We Want Flair" chant errupted.

Flair returned to the ring; the announcers claimed that Flair must not have
suffered a heart attack, since he appeared so fit. unfortunately, Flair didn't
address the subject himself. A denial would have meant the world. Flair swore
on the graves of Dick the Bruiser and Bruiser Brody that he would take care of
Bischoff if he got his hands on him tonight.

Wrath pinned Lizmark Jr. in 3:48 with The Meltdown

Eddie Guerrero(w/Art Flores) pinned Rey Mysterio Jr. in 16:05
Eddie , incensed about Rey's rebellion, brawled with Rey, hoping to damage him for
Starrcade. Eddie attempted to tear Rey's mask off, and almost tore the mask
entirely off his face. Eddie focused on Rey's already injured knee, and both men
rarely left the ground, with grappeling and submissions the focus of the match.
Once Rey made his comeback, the aerial fireworks began. After a ref bump,
Flores held Rey for a Guerrero Dropkick; Rey ducked, and Flores took the bump.
Kidman stepped onto the ring apron and begged Rey for a chance to hit Eddie ; Eddie
ducked, and Rey took the blow, making Mysterio easy prey for a cover. Kidman
pulled Rey from the ring before the LwO could bully the unconscience Luchador.

Scott Steiner was interviewed; he announced his special guest would be..........
Mark McGwire. Buff Bagwell, accomponied by the nWo referee, joined Scott,
dressed badly as McGwire.

Here's where it became funny; Scott claimed that McGwire was only able to hit 70
homers because of androgen (sp?), the muscle enhancer Mark took last season.
Considering Steiner's own "natural" physique, this was poor judgment on the
part of WCW. Buff & Steiner burned a Cardinal's jersy; this is what you call
cheap heat. Does this mean that McGwire really might get involved with WCW?

Norman Smiley defeated Prince Iaukea via submission in
1:46 with the Chicken
Wing Submission.

Barry Windham defeated Van Hammer via disqualification in 0:34
Flair immediatly stormed the ring and destroyed
Windham; this was the return of
The Nature Boy! Flair dismantled
Windham, and poor Barry showed no offense.
Adams, Vincent & Horace tried to save
Windham, only to be intercepted by The
all went well, but that riduculous Bryan Adams refused to sell for the FAR more
talented Benoit. The Horseman were back in a serious way!

Flair was crying in the ring; he was almost as emotional as he was in September
for his return. I can't give justice here to Flair's intensity; when inspired,
Flair is the best interview in the business. Bischoff came to the ramp and
baited Flair, who was arrested by arena security. As much as I disapprove of
the whole heart attack angle, Flair's follow up reaction tonight was both
inspired and credible.

Booker T pinned Jerry Flynn in
2:20 with a Missle Dropkick.

Lex Luger defeated Kenny Kaos via submission in 3:38
Rage distracted Kaos, which enabled Luger to trap Kaos in The Torture Rack.
Rage & Kaos looked like a couple on the verge of a breakup; a subtle homage to
Too Much?

WCW Television Champion Konnan defeated Alex Wright via submission in
Disco Inferno once again confronted Konnan, claiming membership in the Wolfpac.
Konnan didn't buy it, though Disco seemed sincere. Konnan defeated Wright with
The Tequila Sunrise, though Wright denied submitting. Wright threw a tantrum,
which enabled Chris Jericho to sneak behind Konnan and to beat him with his own
TV belt.
Jericho placed the belt over Konnan's face and Lionsaulted directly on
Jericho eventually walked away, though not before first stealing the TV belt.

The Giant pinned The Disco Inferno in 2:53
Disco, wearing his Wolfpac shirt, foolishly sent an open challenge to any member
of the nWo black & white. Of course, The Giant (looking fatter than ever)
Disco showed valor, but was simply overwhelmed. A Chokeslam sent Disco to
another world.

The Giant challenged DDP, who appeared in the stands with a microphone. Of
course, DDP swore revenge for last weeks attack. Is it just me, or is DDP
reminding you of Dusty Rhodes in 1988; the focus of every feud, the main man.
Not the best man, just the main man.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg defeated Scott Hall via
disqualification in a Non-Title match in
The opening bell rang at
11:02 PM. Hall seemed almost intimidated by Goldberg.

Of course, Kevin Nash made his way to ringside. Goldberg taunted Nash, which
enabled Hall to make a limited comeback. Too little too late, as Goldberg
speared Hall. Nash quickly pulled Hall out of the ring, as Bam Bam Bigelow
attacked Goldberg from behind as Nitro ended at 11:05 PM.
A lot of you emailed me that you saw TEddie Long reffing last night on Sunday
Night Heat. He is now in the WWF because he fell into disfavor in WCW when he
took up for Bobby Walker when he unsucessfully sued WCW for racial
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

To answer this age old question, Chris Candido posted his thoughts on his
Sportsguy message folder. While some of Candido's comments are controversial,
this one is right on. His folder can be found at: aol://5863:126/mB:346527
Candido responds:
"All of us on here, all of us in the business
ARE MARKS. I grew up in the
business and I'm still a mark (in today's sense). It used to mean a sucker, who
we would take advantage of.-------CC

We received around 60 letters today about the "Wrestling With Shadows"
Documentry shown on A & E last night. At least 80% of the responses were
solidly in Hart's corner; the funny part is that Bret is not one of the more
popular wrestlers that we cover. This film created quite a few new Bret Hart
fans; this was an incredible piece of storytelling.
Visit SamJerry's Home Page

1. The Capital would be at Dr. Feelgood's Mood Enhancement Clinic For The Less
Fortunately Endowed Female and Institute For Better Living Thru Plastics,
, CA.

2. Sable's autobiography, "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Mammary" or "My Pair Beats
Any Full House," would be the primary text for all Plastic Surgeons.

3. Any Congressman or Senator voting against any of Sable's proposals would be
banned from buying and/or reading Playboy the month she is the Centerfold.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Barbi's Really Fun Playhouse, complete with
Two Hundred Horny Ken Dolls, and be available in the men's department of
department store in the country. They would also be available by calling

5. If Saddam got out of line, Sable would cancel his membership in The Sable
Club, and replace it with Girls Of The Mosque Monthly. If that didn't work,
would pay him a visit and treat him to a Sable Bomb.

6. The National Symbol would be a pair of Supple Pink Breast Implants on a
Blue Silk Background.

7. The military would be strictly females, who would be required to meet
physical standards," or visit Dr. Feelgood's clinic. No weapons other than
soldiers own .38 Specials would be needed.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "Boobs. Got Some."

9. Coins would have a picture of Sable taken at the PPV where she "wore" her
painted top on one side and ten men with their tongues hanging down to the
floor on the other. Sable's side would obviously be Tails.

10. Vince and Shane McMahon would have their behinds shaved, an eyeball painted
on each cheek, a semicircle drawn across their butts and be required to
backwards. Failure to comply would get them sent to the new
Third World
Atlanta, GA, where they would become Tony's Bitches.


Last weeks poll:
Who is your favorite member of the Kliq?
Shawn Michaels: 51 votes 38.6%
X-Pac: 14 votes 10.6%
Justin Credible: 7 votes 5.3%
Triple H: 22 votes 16.7%
Scott Hall: 14 votes 10.6%
Kevin Nash: 19 votes 14.4%
All: 1 vote .8%
Big Boss Man: 1 vote .8%
Darth Vader: 1 vote .8%
None of the Above: 1 vote .8%
Hollywood Hogan: 1 vote .8%
Total number of votes: 132

This weeks poll:
Did you watch "Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows"?
A. Yes
B. No

If yes, did you like it?
A. Yes
B. No

All polls should be sent to nwo4life4ever If you send it anywhere
else, it will not be counted; it will be deleted. Thanks
THE WRESTLING GOD by OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
``GOD SAVE THE MARK and other things``
In the most recent column I wrote, I actually fell for the storyline! I got
sucked in hook, line, and stinker. What I`m talking about is the Bischoff-Flair
angle (Flair's ``heart attack``, Bischoffs` abject apology, and then the
piece-of-work attack on the
Flair family). I mean, for a moment there I bought the whole thing; me, an old
warlord who should know better. But then I guess they`re really doing their job
when you get emotionally drawn in. It`s like when I was a kid: the big thing to
do was to go to the local theater on saturday morning and see a western film,
several cartoons, and chapter 3 of ``Buck Rogers``, or ``Flash Gordon`` or
whatever serial was currently playing. We knew we were in for a hell of a ride;
you see, we knew who were the good guys and who were the bad guys and we could
cheer and boo like little maniacs. All this is a round-about way of saying how
easy it is to get drawn into the
story, even if you know it is ``made-up``, it can get exciting and make you
forget your troubles for a while, and that is what sports entertaiment is
supposed to do.

But here`s a good question: how would the ``sports entertainers`` of today stack
up against the pure wrestlers of years gone by. I could name many individuals
tag-teams who would clean the clocks of today`s grapplers with no trouble at
all; but then times have changed and we can`t turn the clock back. We must
appreciate what we have and work hard to keep it. Next time, I think I`ll throw
out some names of old timers,and some of my favorites just to give you a little
history lesson (we should apreciate what we have now, but not forget where it
came from)
--------see ya---- osiris ``don`t look behind, something may be
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BABilly5
First off I would like to say thank you for reminding me to tune into the Hart
Documentary. I have been looking forward to seeing it ever since it came out.
Yesterday when I was watching the documentary it completely changed the way I
thought of wrestling. I used to believe that Bret Hart was a sellout that never
wrestled. But now I realize that he has been busting his balls for us people
for 14 years. Bret deserves more money and he doesn't have to wrestle as much
because he already proved himself to us earlier in his career. Even though I
love the WWF, I realized after the documentary that it really is intended for
viewers of 17 and up. This kind of irritates me when I see a porno star (yes I
know its just a gimmick) wrestling with a pimp. Can I ask you a question: why
in the hell does the WWF try to market this through children's toys, when they
know that they intend for children's viewership? I recently attended Judgment
Day and there was a 8 year old kid in the seat behind me screaming "Stone Colds
gonna F**king win." To me that is sick, and in that aspect I agree with Bret
Hart. I learned that Vince Macmahon is really an
a**hole. What a coward to tell the ring announcer to ring the bell and then go
hide in his office. One last thing I enjoyed in the documentary were the five
minute segments of Bret breaking his sternum and Stu applying pain with torture
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Weelz14
A few weeks pass and Mankind is being completely destroyed by the Corporation.
He announces on RAW that in next weeks show, he will unvail his new tag team

Foley makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. He says he's spent alot of
time pondering in his boiler room about a man who could help him overcome the
Corporation and beat Vince's ass. He says that this is a man who has alot in
common with himself; that this man is deranged, maybe more so than Mrs.Foley's
little boy. He and Mankind think along the same lines. They try to bring the
world pain and suffering, as a way to diminish their own. Mankind says: "So
without any further adieu, I give you my tag team partner.........WAYLON MERCY!"

Mercy walks out slowly, his face like stone. Mankind says "Nice to see
youWaylon." He gets no response. Mercy is handed over the mic. After a period
of silence he grins devilishy from ear to ear. "Lives are gonna be in Waylon
Mercy's hands"............
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
I watched the Hart documentary last night, and two things came out to me- one
from the program itself, the other as a direct result of the program's events.
First of all, what was said in the program: at one time Hart said "Vince McMahon
made me". No matter what side you're on in the Hart-McMahon feud, the fact is
McMahon booked Hart to rise from tag teamer to mid-carder (remember the Bad News
Brown battles of 1988) to I-C champ to the Federation's top face in the
post-Hogan era.

While the PWI magazine purists were happy with that, many people I knew were
not- one friend of mine once said "the WWF sucks because they have that f--- in
the pink tights wrestling that damn Midnight Rocker f--- (good King Michaels) in
every match." ..which leads me to the second point caused by the program's
chronicled events (all in 1997 WWF details)....while Hart is indeed $9 million
richer, so is the WWF when it comes to the ratings war with WCW and Bischoff.
As Hart has become the Lex
Luger of 1998 (good guy? feud with Hogan? team with Hogan? respect Sting? feud
with Sting?) a lot of internet followers are not thrilled with the act, not sure
what to think or whether to care to think. After all, how is Bischoff supposed
to make a face out of a man who spent 1997 insulting American's and is a
Canadian fixture even though WCW runs shows in Canada about as often as ECW
matches last without foreign objects? Oh...the Hart angles of 1997 helped mark
the rise of Austinmania and Degeneration X, perhaps the WWF's top two selling
gimmicks of recent years. And, unfortunately for Hart, McMahon's post-Hart WWF
involves record TV audiences, soldout pay-per-views, and Austin 3:16 as a common
part of Americana. Again, no matter what side you are on, it looks like Hart's
career has taken a turn for the worse, just as his fellow family members Bulldog
and Neidhart, the latter who have become little more than a Nitro jobber
Check out The World Wrestling Newsletter, a wrestling newsletter/webpage with
great news and rumors. Find it at:

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through my eyes. Effective January 1st, go to my web page at for daily articles titled "An
American Wrestling Fan, In Japan" You'll get the latest on the 9 shows I'll be
attending, new original videos & merchandise I've purchased, where, and whom
I've dined with, and much more. If you're interested in the video version, it'll
be available after January 20th, Should include lots of sites & sounds from
Tokyo, including hand held footage from the 1/4/99 Tokyo Dome show, that won't
be found anywhere else. Contact me at gmayfield@xxxxc... for details.

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AOL, and have been around
for more than 3 years. If you can RP a minimum of 80 lines, and are looking for
a fed that isnt going to close down anytime soon, contact ATYCA1 for
further information.
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