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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 108

Date:  Tuesday December 22nd, 1998  10:13 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

I just received word that Bruce Mitchell is reporting on the Observer hotline
today that NBC and WCW have reached an agreement for a prime time show in the
future over this past weekend. WCW officials were not available for comment due
to many of them going home for the holidays. For anyone who wants more
information on this story, Call Bruce on option two of the hotline at 900
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Not to read into anything, but Chris Jericho's link has been taken off the WCW
site list of superstars. STARRCADE should give you the best indication of if
its stay or go time for the paragon of virtue. (Reported by:
VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with Emperor McMahon, Prince Shane and Stooges Pat Patterson
and Jerry Briscoe in the Arena parking lot. The Emperor was leaving for a
workout and left Shane in charge, giving him compete authority, with the
admonishment to keep his ego and temper in check. He said he would return later
with a bonus for the entire Corporation. He told The Stooges to keep an eye on
Shane. As soon as The Emperor's limo left, Shane rushed into the Arena saying,
"I've got a lot to do." The Stooges chased after him trying to slow him down,
seeing their lives flash in front of their eyes if Shane did something stupid.

The regular RAW opening followed and we wee greeted by Michael Cole and Jerry
"The King" Lawler. Where is Good Old JR when you really need him? Get well and
hurry back Jim, you are missed!

The Corporation, Prince Shane, Commissioner Shawn "HBK" Michaels (wearing a
Santa hat), The Stooges, The Rock, Ken Shamrock, The Big Bossman (BM) and Test
(the newest member) came to the ring. Prince Shane that Emperor Vince is taking
the night off and handed the Keys To The Kingdom to him for the night.

Degeneration-X (DX), Triple H, Chyna (wearing her new hot pants/halter outfit), X-Pac
and the New Age Outlaws (NAO), Road Dog and Bad @$$ came out. Triple H said "that
while Shane has the Keys To The Kingdom, DX has the keys to the boiler room."
With that, Mankind comes out and joined DX.

Shane ordered Mankind's music stopped, asked if there was a Losers Convention in
town with DX there and asked HBK to tell DX what kind of presents The
Corporation has for them. HBK said, first off, NAO would not get a rematch for
the Tag Team Titles, but Bad A$$ would face Shamrock for "a USDA @$$ kicking,"
and Road Dog will face The Bossman, for a "stomping" and would have the BM's
Night Stick shoved up his @$$. Additionally, Rock and Test, The Corporate
Insurance Policy will face Triple H & X-Pac in a Tag Team Match.

Prince Shane then showed his managerial expertise (and totally stupidity) as he
challenged Mankind to a match. After he dried himself off, Mankind gladly
accepted the challenge. Triple H rolled on the floor in laughter and the rest of DX
went ape at Shane's challeng. Shane said he was going to get even for what
Mankind did to dear old dad last week. A quick call to
Las Vegas to check on the
odds for this match found three bookies died of laughter, four others were
comotose and the rest were setting odds on Shane's survival, let alone victory.
Paul Bearer and The Undertaker were dusting off a slab at the same time. Mankind
told Shane he was going to kick his @$$ and called him a "Sniveling silver spoon
sucking sissy." The Stooges were discussing their employment opportunities.

Cole showed the cover of the year-end issue of People Magazine. One of those
featured in it is Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA).

We saw Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry and D'Lo Brown standing outside a locker
room door. Henry said that there were females in the room waiting for him/them.
D'Lo told him the Arena was no place for hanky panky and they had a match to get
ready for. Henry said they had time for both. Someone throw a bucket of ice
water on him.

Lawler spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out who was behind the door.
(Behind The Red Door?) Almost sounds like it might make a "good" XXX movie

The first match was Al Snow, with his "Manager and advisor Head," v. Gangrel. of
The Brood, who came out without Edge and Christian. Gangrel came out thru his
Ring Of Fire carrying his Goblet, and did his spray routine. A well fought and
even match was won by Snow using The Snow Plow. The lights went out and
Christian and Edge came out of the crowd and attacked Snow. When they came back
on, Snow was on the floor and covered in red liquid. Another "Bloodbath by The
Winner - Al Snow
Loser - Al Snow and The Blood Bank

After a commercial, we saw the rest of The Job Squad, The Blue Meanie, Dwayne
Gill, Light Heavyweight Champion (choke, vomit, hurl), Scorpio and Bob Holly out
to console Snow. Snow was not going to be soothed by an ice cream cone.

The next match for our viewing pleasure was for the Intercontinental
Championship, pitting NAO Cheerleader, Bad @$$, aka Mr. @$$ v. Ken "The World's
Most Dangerous Man / and all around Mr. Nice Guy" Shamrock (C). Mr. @$$ came to
the ring and said, "If you don't think I'm gonna look good with the
Intercontinental Belt around my waist, I've got two words for you, 'Suck It.'"

The crowd chanted, "Shamrock Sucks," and "Suck It" as the match got under way.
It was fairly even until Shamrock hurt Mr. @$$'s left knee, that was injured
last week. From that point on Shamrock controlled most of the match, with Bad
@$$hobbling badly. Shamrock kept working on the knee and ankle trying to set his
opponent up for his Ankle Submission Hold. When Shamrock went up on Bad @$$'s
shoulders for an apparent attempt at a Huricanrana, Bad @$$ managed to turn it
into a Forward Roll and pinned Shamrock for the win and Title.

HBK came out and said "I only told Mr. @$$ he could fight the Intercontinental
Champion, I never said it was for the belt," adding, "The only guy that said
this was a title match was that announcer there, and his opinion doesn't mean
squat!" He returned the Title to Shamrock. Bad @$$ mooned HBK and was nailed by
Shamrock while doing so.
Winner - Bad @$$ and New Intercontinental Champion, oops, Close is only good in
Horseshoes and Hand Granades
Loser - Bad @$$ - Just can't catch a break
Winner - Ken Shamrock - its nice to have Low Friends in High Places

We saw Hawk pacing back stage, getting set to come out and make an important

Hawk came to the ring, wearing a cast over most of his left arm. He that Droz
was trying to get him back into drugs. He called Droz, "The Pusher Man, The
Enabler." Droz came into the ring and Hawk him "the dope pusher," and himself,
"the dope." He said when he heals, he will show Droz why
LOD also means Lords of
Discipline, and will hand Droz some discipline. Droz attacked Hawk. Animal
charged down to the ring and made the save. What it boils down to according to
Hawk is that Droz set him up to make him look unreliable to Animal. Droz left
looking back at Hawk and Animal, who were looking at each other.

We again saw Henry and D'Lo outside the locker room door. Henry knocked despite
D'Lo's attempt to stop him. The door opened and Terri Runnels and Jacqueline
peeked out. They said in unison, "Sexual Chocolate, we're waiting for you."
Henry lit up like a kid on Christmas morning and went in. D'Lo just looked on in

We saw a clip from last year of SCSA hitting a "fake" Santa Claus with a

The next match pitted Steve "The Lethal Weapon" Blackman v. Everyone's Hero and
Champion for Truth, Justice and The American Way, The Blue Blazer. Wait that's
not right, that's Superman's shtick. Let's try again: The Blue Blazer,
Everyone's favorite dip stick. That's a lot better. He was followed (flushed?)
by The Nugget, aka Owen "I am not a Nugget" / "I am not The Blue Blazer" / etc.
/ etc. Prior to the match we saw a few clips detailing the history between
Blackman and The Blue Blazer (s).

Owen came out carrying a mic and called Blackman a liar for saying he was The
Blazer. He then joined the announcers and argued with Cole during the match
about him being The Blazer. Owen said the footage last week was doctored. Cole
then reminded him that RAW was live last week. During the match a fan in the
front row held up two large letter "Js." I wonder why. Owen got flustered and
went to ring side and tripped Blackman. He then went into the ring and stomped
him. The referee DQ'd The Blazer, but he and Owen continued their assault, wit
The Blazer applying a Dragon Sleeper. Goldust charged in and put an end to it.
Blackman got even with Owen and Goldie chased The Blazer up the ramp. He caught
him and held him while Blackman unmasked him to reveal this weeks Blazer to be
Double J. Owen rushed up and threw The Blazer's cape over his face. Too little,
too late.
Winner - Steve Blackman By DQ
Losers - Owen and Double J, but that goes without saying

We saw Sexual Chocolate on a sofa with Terri on one side of him and Jacqueline
on the other. Terri promised him "a seven course meal, from soup to nuts," as
her fingers walked down his chest and stomach. He wanted to get started, but the
girls told him they were going to take a shower first and he was going to watch.
D'Lo paced outside the door.

After a commercial, we saw the shadows of Terri and Jacqueline behind a shower
curtain taking a shower. Henry was watching them, smiling ear to ear. He peeked
in and liked what he saw.

We next saw a replay of tonight's opening, with Emperor Vince turning control
over to Prince Shane until he returned from his workout.

The next match was NAO's favorite announcer, The Road Dog v. The Big Bossman.
Pooch did his standard into bit and then got on BM's case, saying he had a
cousin in the Cobb County Jail who told him what the guards there do with their
Night Sticks. He goaded BM into putting up the Hardcore Title, calling the Belt
"a piece of crap." The BM said he would teach Doogie about doing hard time. He
put the Title on the line, making it a No Holds Barred, Anything Goes, Falls
Count Anywhere Match.

The match was one that ECW would be proud of. Both men employed all kinds of
toys: Sticks, a Metal Tray, an Electric Fan, Brooms, etc. The basic tools of a
New Jack Starter Kit. The match was fought in the ring, in the crowd and in the
entrance way. The BM pulled out a packet of white powder (confiscated material)?
and when he went to throw it in Doggie's face, Doggie kicked it out of his hand
and into BM's face. Out in the entrance way, BM strangled Doggie with a noose.
Doggie escaped and returned the favor. At this point, Doggie's was covered with
blood. BM again got the noose around Doggie's neck. Mankind came out and threw a
net over BM and clocked him with what appeared to be a cane, knocking him into
next Tuesday. Doggie pinned him on the floor in the entrance way and won the
Winner - Road Pooch and New Hardcore Champion. There may be some justice in the
world after all
Loser - The Corporation, especially Prince Shane and The Stooges, who will have
to explain what happened to The Emperor

Back to the exploits of Sexual Chocolate. The trio were back on the sofa. Terri
and Jacqueline were in sexy nightgowns. They helped Chocolate off with his shirt
and pants, leaving him in red boxers. Chocolate said something about it being
awkward and Terri said there was nothing awkward about it to her. The girls put
a spiked collar on him and told him he needed a massage. They put him on a
massage table and oiled him up. Terri then put a ball with a string thru it in
his mouth and tied it in place.
She covered his stomach with whipped cream and licked some off. Terri then took
out some type of vibrator and showed it to Chocolate. He was wired in to the
idea. As we saw D'Lo again pacing outside the door, Lawler said they were making
a Sexual Chocolate Sundae. Wonder how much Uncle Ted would have to come up with
if he wanted to hire Henry away? He might have to hock his Network.

We saw Double J giving a list of things that piss him off. Ugly women in
politics headed the list.

We saw Stooges Patterson and Briscoe trying to persuade Prince Shane not to go
thru with his match against Mankind. They couldn't convince him that his mouth
got in gear before his brain did. Maybe if The Third Stooge, Sgt. Slaughter was
there, he could have convinced Shane against committing suicide.

Back to the love nest where we saw the girls put a blindfold on Chocolate, tie
him to the table and put a pair of long handcuffs on him. Terri said, "All tied
up and no place to go."

The next event was another tag team match, pitting The Job Squad, Scorpio and
Bob Holly v. The Acolytes, Farooq and Bradshaw. Have you noticed that everyone
associated with The Acolytes has only one name, starting with their "Spiritual
Leader," The Jackyl? The match would more appropriately have been called a
mugging as The Acolytes pounded the crap out of The Job Squad. The referee had
two choices, either DQ The Acolytes or have them arrested. He DQ'd the,
Winners (by DQ) and Losers - The Job Squad
Losers - The Job Squad's Medical Plan

We go a glimpse of Prince Shane heading to the ring, with The Stooges making a
last ditch attempt to dissuade him..and save their @$$es.

Next up was The Challenge Match, Dumb @$$ Prince Shane v. Mankind. Stooges
Patterson and Briscoe, were still trying to talk Shane out of it but heroic
Royal that he is, went ahead with the match. Heroic - maybe, smart - definitely

Prince Shane was sorry he didn't listen. Mankind relocated his anal orifice,
nailing him with a major Double Arm DDT. The Corporation came to the top of the
ramp, but HBK kept them from helping Shane. Mankind got a chair and The Prince
cowered in fear thinking he was going to get hit with it. Mankind put the chair
down and asked Shane to hit him with it, taunting him about making daddy proud.
Shane hit Mankind in the back with the chair. Mankind didn't flinch, instead he
threw Shane into the corner, and out came Mr. Socko and Shane ate a Socko
Mandible Claw. Patterson and Brisco came into the ring and Mankind showed them
the error of their ways. Patterson charged at Mankind, who moved and he hit
Shane. Mankind then threw Brisco into the pile. Mankind applied a basic claw to
Patterson's privates making him dance. The Rock finally charged in and threw
Mankind out of the ring. DX came into the ring and X-Pac gave The Prince a taste
of The Bronco Buster. The Corporation stormed down and were chased by DX, who
continued to abuse poor Shane. Shane was finally pulled out of harms way.
Winner - Was there ever a doubt - Mankind
Loser - In more ways than one, Prince Shane
Losers, But Possible Winners - Stooges Patterson and Briscoe - The Emperor may
reward them for attempting to dissuade and then rescue Prince Shane. Nah, he
might execute them for failing to protect him, or just for being them.

We saw The Stooges in the parking lot waiting for The Emperor, worrying what how
he would react to what happened. Briscoe said they would have to do had time
again and worried about their bonus. Patterson told him the bonus was the least
of their concerns

D'Lo was seen pounding on the door, yelling to Chocolate that their match was
Henry said he was coming.

The next match was a tag team event, pitting D'Lo Brown and Sexual Chocolate v.
The Headbangers, Mosh and Thrasher. With their music repeating, D'Lo finally
came out alone. After repeatedly calling for Henry and not getting a response,
D'Lo decided to wrestle by himself, making it a Handicap Match.. A flash back to
the locker room and we saw Chocolate strapped to the table, with a vise on his
privates and the girls lashing him. The Headbangers took advantage and although
D'Lo put forth a great effort, he was no match for both men. The nailed him with
a kick from behind and a Clothesline to end it. Chocolate finally came out
wearing only the red boxers and a handcuff on each wrist. He said he tried but
the girls kept him tied up. D'Lo held his temper..barely.
Winners - The Headbangers
Loser - D'Lo Brown
Possible Winners - Sexual Chocolate, Terri Runnels and Jacqueline and Young Love

Back to the parking lot where The Stooges were sweating The Emperor's arrival
blaming each other for what happened. Patterson told Briscoe to keep quiet and
let him do the talking. As soon as the limo arrived, Briscoe told The Emperor
what happened to Shane wasn't his fault. The Emperor asked what happened to
Shane and they tried to assure him that Shane was OK. McMahon stormed into the
telling The Stooges he held them responsible for anything that happened. Briscoe
wondered about the bonus. Talk about not having a clue.

Cole showed the cover of the February 1999 edition of Tattoo Magazine. The
Undertaker is on the cover.

The next match was the Main Event. It was the tag team match between The
Corporation, with newest Member, Test, and WWF Champion, The Rock v.
Degeneration-X, Triple H and X-Pac. The NAO and Chyna came out with DX and The Big
Bossman and HBK with The Corporation. Triple H did his "Are You Ready?" bit, with the
others hamming it up, to a major pop. HBK said there were "New Rules," The
Corporation could stay at ringside, but DX had to leave. The Emperor came out
and said in the spirit of Christmas, DX could stay. He came to ringside to watch
the match. Now you have to stop and ask yourself: Can Emperor Vince be trusted?
Those with IQ's above ground level know the answer. The match was outstanding,
with both teams showing speed and power. Test reminds you of a young, healthy,
faster, raw version of Kevin Nash. He looks to have a real future ahead of him.
Anyone that ever crossed him when he was the bodyguard for Motley Crue must have
paid big time. Some of the action we saw was The Rock crotching X-Pac against
the ring post from the outside (double ouch), The Corporate Elbow on X-Pac with
a save by Triple H, a Low Blow on X-Pac from behind by The Rock (yup, X-Pac had his
lunch eaten), and The Pedigree on Test by Triple H with The Rock making the save.
There was little outside interference during the match, until the lights went
out and Kane appeared and made his way to the ring. Is Kane "The Bonus" The
Emperor promised. He has been released from the funny farm he was taken to last
week. Kane Choke Slammed Triple H, Bad @$$, Road Dog and X-Pac. The Emperor smiled
at the goings on. Kane picked up The Rock and almost Choke Slammed him, but
stopped when he was told not to. Chyna came into the ring and punched Kane. She
must have forgotten that the rules against hitting a woman don't apply to
someone who is certifiably committable. Kane picked Chyna up and was set to
Choke Slam her when the program came to an end. It looks like The Corporation
has another new member. Just so you know, after the show went off the air, Kane
was persuaded not to do it and put Chyna down.
Winners - The Corporation and Kane
Losers - Degeneration-X, Big Time
Another outstanding program. RAW scores again.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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