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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 109

Date:  Wednesday December 23rd, 1998  3:43 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

1st Hour- 4.7 N/A
2nd Hour- 3.8 4.4
3rd Hour- 3.6 5.0
Composite- 4.0 4.7
Sunday Night Heat did a 3.5 Rating.
(Reported by the Unk, Dave Scherer, of

Here are the times of the Bret Hart replay on A & E; if you can't watch it, be
sure to tape it! This may be your last chance.......
Here are the times my local cable guide, on the West Coast, lists for the replay
times. Saturday, December 26th, at
6:00 PM & 10 PM.

SamJerry, has discovered that the replay will be shown at
12 Noon, on
Saturday, December 26th, in his area. My advice: get a TV Guide for YOUR area,
and look through Saturday's section to find out when the documentry will be
shown in your area. Saturday is the only time in December (and maybe ever),
that the documentry will be shown on basic cable. Do whatever is necessary to
find out the times in your area, because its definitely worth watching; I know
non-wrestling fans that loved this film!

The first WCW NBC special will air on
February 14, 1999 going head-to-head with
the WWF's Valentines Day Massacre PPV. It will be a two hour show, and the first
one will emanate live from the
MGM Gardens Arena in Las Vegas. The current plans

are for two/three shows for the year, and if the ratings are good, we will
probably see more. This certainly adds a new dimension to the wrestling war; the
WWF and cable execs cannot be happy with such a free high profile wrestling show
going against a PPV.

The word is that Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage will probably play major roles in
the first network show. As I mentioned yesterday, the set up for this show may
take place at the 1/4 Nitro from the Georgia Dome. It doesn't look like the
special will be used to showcase much of the young talent. I think one report
mentioned that NBC only wants the big names, and to many in the TV industry, the
biggest name in pro-wrestling is still Hulk Hogan.
(Reported by Micasa at:

Sable did the photo shoot for Playboy last week in CA. She will be totally nude
in at least some pictures, and she will be using the name Sable, but her real
name will be acknowledged and the article will disclose that she's still married
to Marc Mero. Word is that Sable is set to feud with Luna once again which will
lead to a match at the Royal Rumble. (Reported by Micasa at:

Following Hollywood Hogan's departure from the day to day activities in WCW,
both the Warrior as well as Ed "The Disciple" Leslie have been officially let go
from the organization. The Warrior was said to sign an extension from his
initial agreement, which had him make numerous appearances on NITRO, and only
one actual wrestling match. The Disciple was being fashioned to follow in his
footsteps, but never really caught on with the fans. (Reported by

A reader informs us that after being at Nitro this past Monday Night, Slamboree
was announced to be coming to
St. Louis in May.
(Reported by UMWChris)

The Link to the Chris Jericho web page has been returned to WCW.COM. I don't
know why it was removed in the first place, or whether it was a technical error.
(Reported by BSmoley)
I have received a lot of mail asking if/when A&E plans to rerun the Bret Hart
documentary I have run across the following info:
Wrestling With Shadows will be rerun on A&E - 12 Noon, Saturday ,December

Visit SamJerry's Home Page
1. There would be Fifty Capitals, one at each State's Primary "Care" Center For
Rage And Stability Challenged. The Director at each Center would be the
President on days Shamrock was "resting" at his facility.

2. Shamrock's autobiography, "I Don't Hate Everyone In The World, I Haven't Met
Everyone Yet" or "Touch Me And Die - Raising Your Children To Respect You,"
would replace every book ever written on Psychology And Child Rearing.

3. Appointees: Dr. H. Lechter, Chief Of Staff; Jeffrey Dahmer, Agriculture
Ted Bundy, Human Rights Commissioner; W.J. Clinton, Ambassador To

4. The top Christmas toys would be Codependent Barbi and Pissed Off Ken, they
will be available at every Mental Health Facility and Psychiatrist's Office
or by
calling 1-800-IMZONED.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Shamrock would make a personal visit the day he
out Dan Severn was dating his 18 year old daughter and they had a secret to

share with him.

6. The March Hare, DoDo and Looney Birds would serve jointly as National
Symbols. The March Hare would serve on days Shamrock was at peace with
himself, and be available the other 365 days for other duties.

7. The crowding problem at State Mental Health Facilities would be relieved as
patients would replace all current military personnel. Access to Weapons of

Mass Destruction would limited to those that can say, "But I'm feeling much
better now," without electrical encouragement.

8. The Country's new motto would be, "$^*&*%$#$^@!#$#." There is no English
Translation, or for that matter, any language.

9. The Dollar Bill would come with the telephone numbers of three "Care"
in each State on one side, and a warm, fuzzy, cuddly tEddie bear on the

10. Mankind would be shackled in the boiler room of
Titan Towers, located in The

Primary Care Center of Connecticut. He would receive 25 chair shots to the
daily, be forced to watch Mr. Socko washed twice daily, with The Hardcore
Belt placed just out of reach on the floor.
Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch answered several more of the fan's questions on
AOL Sportsguy Message Board, found at AOL Keyword:


Question: We all know that you do not like Sable very much, and my buddies and
myself whenever we watch a WWF PPV, we have always wondered how old she (Sable)
really is?
Candido & Sytch responds:
"Sable claims to currently be 30, but we've seen her without makeup. Easily
close to 40!!! But hey, she has such a great personality why worry about her

Question: Tammy, how old are you?
Tammy Sytch responds:
"I am 26 since dec. 7---tammy"
Check out JB's Wrestling World, All Wrestling, all the time. This terrific page
can be found at:

The CWL is a great E-Fed that is a roleplay and has real WWF past or present
wrestlers. We have 2 shows a week and a PPV special every two weeks. Come and
join the fun; just email Stnc0l316 with your first two choices of past
or present WWF wrestlers!

Do you want hardcore action? Ever want to wrestle? Do you want to kick someone's
ass? Then go to:
for SPCW: THE E-

Do you like Rocky Miavia? Or do you hate him? Well then go to: for your ULTIMATE Rocky Maivia Source!
"IF Eddie GuerreroWAS PRESIDENT"
Visit SamJerry's Home Page

1. The new almost Oval Office would be the back seat of The Guerrero Family
its prize '55 Chevy, located on The Guerrero Ranchero,
El Paso, TX.
Expense to
redecorate El Presidente's new office would be kept to a minimum as the
Doggie and other rear window ornaments would be retained.

2. Guerrero's autobiography, "I Fought The Burrito, And The Burrito Won," or
Drink The Water, Montazuma Never Forgets," an inspirational masterpiece
describes how he crossed the Rio Grande on $5 a day, will be required
for all Luchadores, as well as all aspiring Travel Agents.

3. Appointees: Hector Guerrero, Mondo Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Mama Guerrero,
Guerrero Guerrero, Skipper Guerrero, and every other Guerrero. All will
serve in
the new Luchre Libre Department, which will replace every existing branch
Government. The lone exception would be Special Presidential Envoy, Speedy
Gonzalez who would be Ambassador to Taco Bell, the new long distance

4. The top Christmas toys would be Serenading Senorita Barbi and Drive By Ken,
and will be available at every Taco Bell, Casa Gallardo and Border Patrol
or by calling 1-800-GOTRUNS.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Eddie would send the entire Guerrero Clan over in
family limo for a drive by. If that didn't work, they would threaten to
move in next

6. Pepe would replace the Eagle as our National Symbol. (Pre-broken stick

7. The members of the military would each wear a different Luchadore costume,
not carry any weapons. If we ever go to war, we'll capture the enemy while
are rolling on the ground laughing.

8. In the event we are attacked by
Canada, no old missions there will be
unless our forces outnumber theirs by at least 250-1, and they are armed
Swiss Army Knives and frisbees only.

9. The Dollar Bill would be replaced by The Peso, which would begin with the
500,000 Peso Bill, equivalent to the old one dollar bill. Coins will be
required to
weigh no more than 1/2 pound each.

10. Rey Mysterio Jr., be formally charged with Sedition Against the LWO and
exiled to wrestle in Mexican Independent Promotions for life. As an
he may choose unmonitored exile in

Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Smitty731
This is just in response to Osiris' comments about wrestlers from the past
cleaning the wrestlers from now clocks. Actually, they wouldn't clean anyone's
clock unless they were told to. Don't forget that this is a business and you do
what you are told do. If they were told to lose they would lose. If they were
told to win they would win. Don't let your favortism to older wrestlers cloud
your sense of the business.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: BossBlues1
My overall thought on the Ric Flair heart attack angle is this. Internet
wrestling fans hate WCW. WCW can't do anything correct ever no matter how
interesting or spectacular it is. If it is interesting and it does have people
talking.... its offensive. Think back to the Buff Bagwell wheelchair incident.
Think back to the IV Horseman retirement parody by the NWO. Things very similar
to this have been done later on in the WWF to rave reviews. On the same note,
most internet wrestling fans would defend the WWF to the death. Why? Why
bother, its just wrestling. The
Austin crucifixion angle was stupid. I was
bored with it, and the whole Austin-Undertaker angle never really had a payoff
in my opinion. I could say the same about a TON of WCW angles, but I'm going to
keep this e-mail to the case in point of the Ric Flair angles. WWF angles.
Here's my take: Basically, I thought this was a great angle. Tasteless, yes.
But, was I on the edge of my seat? Absolutely. This was easily the best WCW
angle since the start of the nWo with Hall arriving on Nitro, and possibly the
best angle of this year in either promotion. Why is it the best angle? Because
EVERYBODY is interested in it. That's what makes a great angle. Not realism, not
symbolism, not "moral standards", not even great acting. INTRIGUE!!! Now, the
WWF Corporation Angle is a good angle in my opinion. However, I don't care
about The Big Boss Man. I never have. I'm not a huge fan of anyone in DX. Shane
McMahon isn't interesting at all. The people who intrigue me in this angle are
Vince McMahon, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Steve Austin, X-Pac and Ken
Shamrock. So, it is a good angle, but I can't honestly say that I'm interested
in every minute of it. I was interested in every minute of the original NWO
angle. I was interested in every minute of the original Buff Bagwell "face turn"
angle. I was interested in every minute of the Arn Anderson "pulling me back in"
angle. The same can be said about the Ric Flair heart attack angle. I was, and
have been all the way through, watching with baited breath. Almost everyone has,
whether you're offended by this or not.

So-called boycotters might not purchase Starrcade, but they will want to know
what happened at the event. Why? Because they're interested in the angle.
In my opinion the best moments in wrestling are when the performers play with
raw human emotion. Excitement, laugher, amazement, sadness, fear, and danger.
Those who think this is a low point in wrestling history are certainly entitled
to their opinion, but let's take this for what it is ... entertainment.
Sometimes it can get a little too real and maybe hit a little too close to home
(like heart attacks and crucifixions), but its still entertainment. And
entertainment *can* offend you. Sometimes that's the entertaining part. Think
about great gimmicks like Goldust, Col. DeBeers, and The Godfather. Think of The
Dudley Boyz and they're near-riotous acts. All of these elements of wrestling
could easily offend anybody, but most naysayers would be shouted down by the
internet masses for being a prude. As for those who think WCW cannot pull of an
angle, I agree with them. Their forte is in the ring. Most WCW angles are weak
or non-compelling. However, when they write the book on angles in the 1990s,
WCW will have #1 and #2 as far as the entertainment factor goes. Let's give
credit where its due. Even us Ric Flair marks out there. He is a performer, all
wrestlers are. He entertains us. Whether that means getting hit with a chair,
having a heart attack, or giving an interview. its
ALL entertainment.

J. R. (BossBlues1)
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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