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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 112

Date:  Sunday December 27th, 1998  10:37 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Results from STARRCADE '98.............
Washington D.C. @ MCI Center.

By Mark George (attkdonkey)
The PPV opens with the announcement that The 4 Horsemen are banned from the
arena by Eric Bischoff, a stipulation that Ric Flair agrees to.

In an entertaining Triple Threat match between Kidman, Juvi and Rey Mysterio
Jr., Kidman retained the Cruiserweight Title despite interference from Eddie Guerrero. Kidman reversed an inside cradle on Juve after Mysterio made the
save. Eddie Guerrero, disgusted by the efforts of Juvi and Rey, challenges
Kidman and he accepts.

BILLY KIDMAN defeats Eddie Guerrerovia pinfall.
Kidman showed no signs of an injured rotator cuff and proved to be a stud by
wrestling back to back matches that dominated the first hour of the PPV. With
assistance from Rey Mysterio, Kidman delivered the Shooting Star Press for the
win and defends his title twice in one night.

NORMAN SMILEY defeats PRINCE IAUKEA via submission.
Why?? A match that is unwatchable even on Nitro somehow made Starrcade. Smiley
dominated most of the action and claimed victory with the Norman Conquest.

Scott Hall appears and mentions how he and Nash had always talked about being
The Headliners. He takes blame for his 1998 problems and vows that 1999 will be
his year.

The Cat spent more time ringside jawing with fans than he did inside the ring.
An attempted kick by Sonny Onno hits Miller instead and allows Saturn to deliver
the Death Valley Driver and the win.

Gene Okerlund interviews Ric Flair. Classic Ric Flair on display as he talks
about payback and kicking Bischoff's ass. Then a promo is shown building
Bichoff as the evil power monger he is.

Another lackluster matchup not even worthy of PPV status. The most important
part of this match is the announcement that Goldberg/Nash is NO DQ. Norton
Powerbombs Flynn to get the win.

Gene Okerlund interviews Eric Bischoff. More hype for his match against Flair
with a sarcastic apology to Flair and his family. Then mentions Flair is broke
and needs to wrestle for the money.

KONNAN defeats CHRIS JERICHO via submission.
Does this mean
Jericho is on his way out of WCW? A decent match saw Jericho
fail to get the win despite hitting Konnan with the belt while the referee was
down. K-Dawg applied the Tequila Sunrise to gain the win and the TV Title.

ERIC BISCHOFF defeats RIC FLAIR via pinfall.
A fired up Ric Flair delivered punishment to Bischoff for most of the match
despite showing signs of bleeding. Inadvertent contact by Flair knocked the
referee out. An attempt at the Figure 4 was denied when Curt Hennig ran
ringside and gave Bischoff a foreign object which he used to knock Flair out
cold. The ref revived and gave the 3 count. Very disappointing finish.

DDP defeats THE GIANT via pinfall.
The Giant dominated the entire match and even delivered a few nice power moves.
Bret Hart came ringside and hit The Giant accidentally with a chair. DDP
reversed a Choke Slam by using a variation of the Diamond Cutter from the top
rope and got the win.

KEVIN NASH defeats GOLDBERG via pinfall.
The main event of the night held its own. The two traded submission holds and a
few 2 counts when Goldberg seemed to go for the Spear while Nash was down. Then
Disco Inferno in Wolfpac gear runs to the ring and gets dispatched. Then Bam
Bam Bigelow steps in and Goldberg diposes of him. Then Scott Hall, dressed in
security clothes, attacks Goldberg with a stun gun and lays him out. Oblivious
to all of this, Nash rises only to find Goldberg down. He delivers the
Powerbomb and gets the 3 count and the WCW Heavyweight Title.

Overall a mediocre PPV. Billed as the premier wrestling PPV by WCW is far from
true. Scott Hall vs. Bam Bam Bigelow never took place and Lex Luger vs. Scott
Steiner never happened either despite showing backstage scenes. WWF still gets
more out of less, even in PPV's.
WWF Sunday Night Heat Report for
December 27th, 1998
By Steve Appy
Vince McMahon introduced Kane, the newest member of The Corporation. Vince
acknowledged Kane as a menace to society, a man with no redeeming social
qualities. Vince spent a good three minutes insulting him, warning him that if
he turned on the Corporation, he would be sent back to the institution. For the
main event, it was announced that Kane would face X-Pac. In an attempt to
humiliate Kane, Vince demanded that Kane thank him, an eerie sound coming from
the electronic voice box. How long until Kane chokeslams McMahon?

The stooges offered to get Vince some coffee, but he demanded that Kane retrieve
the coffee himself. An enraged Kane left to get the coffee......

The Headbangers defeated Golga & Kurrgan in via disqualificaton in
George "The Animal" Steele accomponied The Oddities to the ring; for no logical
reason, Steele charged the ring and hit Mosh with a foreign object. Steele &
The Oddities destroyed The Headbangers, and looked pretty lame in the process.

Jacqueline and Terri Runnells joined Michael Cole in the ring for an interview;
they announced that their partnership will be known as PMS (Pretty Mean
Sisters). While both Terri and Jackie look great, they lose it when they open
their mouths. Interviews aren't their specialities. Poor Michael Cole, the
WWF's new answer to Howard Finkle, took a low blow and was left laying on the
mat. The kind of pain Cole experienced is the only way for men to truly
experience PMS; a little teasing leads to plenty of pain.

Jerry Brisco & Pat Patterson tried to bully Kane into getting them coffee as
well, which led to Kane giving them a look that froze them in their tracks.
Brisco truly is hilarious.

Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (w/Debra McMichael) pinned Val Venis & The Godfather
(w/The Hoe's) in 3:07 when Jarrett pinned Venis
Debra's shirt complemented her ample bosom; The Godfather offered Debra a job as
one of his hoe's, which she turned down and declared that she was out of his
Debra teased removing her shirt, which distracted poor Venis. Jarrett took
Venis down with a Front Russian Leg Sweep; a little bit of cleavage is all it
takes to kill Venis. Then again, I was distracted as well.

WWF World Tag Team Champions Ken Shamrock & The Big Boss Man defeated Matt &
Jeff Hardy vis submission in 1:55
It was announced that Shamrock & The Boss Man would face the #1 contenders, and
it was inferred that they would face The Acolytes or The New Age Outlaws. Of
course, what we got was The Hardy's. Shamrock forced Jeff Hardy to submit to
the Anklelock submission, and The Acolytes immediatly charged the ring and
destroyed the tag team champions, with both Shamrock & The Boss Man unconscious
on the mat.

A highlight video aired of all the WWF superstars over the past year; very well
While it hinted at talent depth that the WWF doesn't truly have, perception is
just as good as reality.

Kane (w/Vince McMahon & Shawn Michaels) pinned European Champion X-Pac (w/Triple H &
The New Age Outlaws) in
1:21 in a Non-Title bout.
HBK ordered DX back to the locker room, which they were reluctant to do. X-Pac
hit Kane in the knee with a chair to take an early advantage, and ended up
hitting the facebuster for a near fall. The size advantage was too much to
overcome, though, and Kane hit the Chokeslam for the pin. Kane was ready to set
X-Pac up for a
Tombstone, and DX stormed the ring and made the save.

VISIT my Home Page:

The program opened with Announcer Joey Styles in the ring welcoming the crowd.
Taz came in carrying the FTW Title Belt and said, "Receipt No. 3 will happen to
Sabu tonight." Taz and Sabu will meet for the FTW Title tonight. He added that,
"He does the hype, Douglas (ECW Champion Shane Douglas), pays the price."

After the regular ECW opening, Justin Credible came to the ring accompanied by
his Manager Jason and The Blonde Bimbo's Bimbo, Chastity. On their way to the
ring, Chastity got into a shouting match with an Afro American woman in the
crowd. When she finally got into the ring, Chastity removed her long shirt and
was wearing a black dress that showed just a "bit" of cleavage. Credible was
pissed at her about in and chased her out of the ring, telling her to go back to
the locker room.

On her way back, Chastity again got into it with the woman. The woman came over
the guard rail and got into a verbal and shoving match with Chastity. They got
into the ring and a cat fight erupted, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Justin
and Jason pulled them apart. Justin talked with Chastity about what was going on
and then smashed her over the head with his Singapore Cane. Justin gave the
woman the Cane and she got a few shots in on Chastity. Ring Announcer Bob Artese
came in to protect Chastity, but was nailed by Justin with the Cane for his
efforts. Tommy Dreamer stormed in and made the save. Terry Funk came out and
called him "a yellow chicken %$^&," and offered to face him "with one hand
behind my back." As he continued his verbal barrage, Justin came back into the
ring and said that if Tommy wants "to get to him, he has to go thru Terry Funk,"
The woman came back in and hit Tommy with a low blow from behind. Justin then
cleaned Tommy's clock, and Funk said, "Meet my new protege." With that Tommy
finally went after Funk, but Justin stopped him in a hurry. Jason brought a
steel ladder into the ring and laid it across Tommy's left leg. Justin smashed a
chair into the ladder as Tommy screamed in pain. This got us our first "Oh, my
G-d" of the night from Joey. Justin and Funk then applied Double Spinning Toe
Holds on Tommy.

We saw Joel Gertner, advisor to The Dudley's Boyz, with Bubba Ray, D-Von, Big
Dick and Sign Guy. He did his usual funny bit and said now that The Dudley Boyz
aren't the ECW Tag Team Champions, they will be badder than ever. Bubba Ray said
they have nothing to lose, so at the next ECW PPV, Guilty As Charged (GAC), they
will be out for blood. The Dudley Boyz have to be the best "heels" in the game.

Styles was at the announcers position and gave the card for the show: Taz will
defend his FTW Title v. Sabu; Rob Van Dam (RVD) "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole
F'N Show" Van Dam will defend the ECW TV Title v. Balls Mahoney; and Yoshihiro
Tajiri will face Antifaz Del Norte, in a
Japan v. Mexico match.

The first match was the Tajiri v. Del Norte match and was shown high light
style. Following are some of the moves and action we saw: After a feeling out
period with a series of chain moves, Tajiri hit a Side Kick to the head, the
first of many big Kicks he would land, and then a High Cross Body, followed by a
Back Elbow. Tajiri nailed an Asahi Moonsault and a major Kick to the head, that
got our second "Oh, my G-d" from Mr. Joey. Tajiri applied a Tarantula, which is
a punishing move performed on the top rope, a new move to Joey and me. Tajiri
followed that up with a Camel Clutch, but missed a Moonsault, allowing Del Norte
to get back into the match. Del Norte hit several hard blows to Tjiri's face,
followed by a Corkscrew Plancha. Del Norte missed a Tornado DDT, however, he
nailed a Huricanrana and a Springboard Corkscrew Plancha. Tajiri kicked out of a
pin attempt. Del Norte hit a Flying Elbow off the top turn buckle, but again
Tajiri kicked out. Del Norte hit a top rope Huricanrana. Tajiri came back with a
Leg Sweep, and followed up with a Brain Buster. Del Norte kicked out of a pin
attempt. Tajiri hit a Dragon Suplex and Del Norte went off and dreamed of his
next dish of refried beans and rice. A great match between two high fliers. Note
to WCW and WWF: Take notes. This is how this type match should be done.
Winner - Yoshihiro Tajiri

We saw Van Dam and his Manager Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso back stage. Van Dam did his
standard "I am the Whole F'N Show" bit. As many times as I have seen him do it,
I still find it interesting to watch.

We saw Dangerous Danny Doring, with his pet Amish Road Kill, welcoming Robert
"I must be 75 years old" Gibson to ECW. Steve "De Truth" Prazak, ECW's answer to
Michael Cole was there also. Doring went into a tirade, talking about Road
Kills' interest in murdering chickens. Gibson listened (his hearing aid was on
high) and didn't know what to make of Doring or Road Kill. Prazak took up space.

Joey talked about Doring's lineage and said Gibson must be his father, going
thru a funny bit on about it.

The next match was the Van Dam v. Mahoney ECW TV Title Match. Fonzie was with
RVD and Balls had his chair. The match started fast and never slowed down, as
RVD came off the top turn buckle at Balls, who looked like he was going for The
Nutcracker Suite right away. RVD blocked it. Action went to the floor, where
Balls pounded RVD with his ham hocks and threw him into the guard rail. Balls
picked up a can of soda and planted it between RVD's eyes. RVD whipped Balls
into the guard rail and it looked like it bent with the force of the impact. RVD
threw Balls into the crowd and hit a Springboard Moonsault off the guard rail
onto him. RVD went to the top turn buckle and flew off it with a Corkscrew
Moonsault onto Balls, who was still out in the crowd. If he had gone any
further, RVD would have needed a Passport! It was Un-F'N'-Real! You had to see
it to believe it. He landed on Balls and the concrete and apparently hurt his
left leg. Joey was to stunned to even give us an "Oh, my G-d." Back in the ring
and RVD hit a Scoop and Slam, followed by a High Frog Splash, but Balls kicked
out, something not often done after a RVD Froggie. Balls came back with a
Clothesline and a Slam. He then hit a Frog Splash (considering his size, more
like a Bull frog Splash) of his own, but RVD kicked out. Balls punched RVD
several times, Irish Whipped him into a corner and followed him in. RVD went for
a Van Daminator as Balls came at him with a chair, but Balls stepped back and
the referee took the kick in the face, knocking him down. Styles said it
appeared that his nose was broken as he bled profusely. Balls hit a Clothesline,
but the referee was still down so he couldn't get the pin he tried for. Balls
went over to the referee to try to rouse him. Balls nailed RVD with a Superkick
to the chin. He laid RVD on a chair, went for The New Jersey Jam off the top
turn buckle, but RVD moved out of the way. He then planted RVD with a Pile
Driver on the chair, but RVD kicked out. RVD hit a Side Kick into the chair that
Balls was holding, but Balls kicked out. The crowd picked up a chant of "Whole
F'N Show" as they sensed RVD was set for the kill. Balls hit The Nutcracker
Suite, but no gold as RVD again kicked out. What does it take to pin him? How
about a direct hit from a cruise missile. Balls nailed RVD between the eye with
the chair, and we got another "Oh, my G-d" from good old Joey. Alfonso came in
and hit Balls with a chair to break up his attempt at a pin. Balls got up and
turned to Fonzie. Note to Balls: Not a smart move. Fonzie threw him the chair
and you just know what came next. Yup, Balls met The Van Daminator and it was
almost Show Time. RVD nailed a major Frog Splash and the Fat Lady went to work.
Winner - Still ECW TV Champion - Rob Van Dam

We saw Santa Francine in the locker room and she gave us a little T&A action.
The audio was speeded up so we couldn't make out what she was saying, but who
cared. Joey had a few choice words about it, including a question about what was
next, "seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus in a 'compromising position.'"

More RVD and Fonzie, with RVD plugging GAC.

The next match was the Main Event, pitting Taz v. Sabu, who was accompanied by
his manager Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso, for the FTW Championship. Taz went right to
it with a German TazPlex, who blocked Taz' next move and countered with a
Clothesline and a Slingshot Side Kick. Fonzie handed Sabu a table and he leaned
it against a corner. He threw Taz into it and put him thru it. Sabu charged in
after and we got another "Oh, my G-d" as both men appeared hurt. A table was set
up from the ring apron to the guard rail. Sabu set Taz on the table and we saw
Air Sabu off a chair in the ring (that broke as Sabu came off it, lucky he
wasn't seriously injured), to the top rope and down onto Taz, putting him thru
the table, as The Acme Chair and Table Company saw its profits soar. Both men
were down on the floor and stunned. Taz threw Sabu into the guard rail and hit
him in the head with a metal plate of some kind. They went into the crowd and
Taz dragged Sabu to the top of the bleachers and threw him off. He then slammed
him face first into a wall, busting him wide open. Taz took Sabu on a tour of
the ECW Arena and when they reached the concession table, introduced his face to
it. They finally made it back to ringside and Taz promptly smashed Sabu in the
face with two heavy blows. Back in the ring and Taz set a table up against a
corner, but Sabu fought back as Fonzie threw him a chair. Taz wasn't to be
denied as he hit Sabu with a Dragon Suplex into the table, putting Sabu threw
it. Replays showed Sabu coming down on the back of his head, and once again
jamming his neck. We got our final "Oh, my G-d" of the evening with that move.
Shane Douglas came to ringside and urged Taz to finish Sabu off. Fonzie threw
the towel in to stop the carnage and the match, but the referee was facing the
other way and didn't see it. Taz threw it back in Fonzie's face. Taz then laid
down on the mat and pulled Sabu on top of him. The referee counted and Sabu won
the match, although unconscious.
Douglas was beside himself as Taz left the

We saw Prazak following Taz into the parking garage asking him why he did gave
Sabu the win and Title. Taz repeated his line about doing the hype and
paying the price. He never gave a straight answer.

Back in the ring, Van Dam was checking on Sabu and there was a crowd of people
trying to help him. The program ended on that note.
Winner - Sabu and new ECW FTW Champion

This was a fantastic action packed hour, with more going on than RAW and NITRO
combined. Heyman, you did good.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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