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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 113

Date:  Tuesday December 29th, 1998  12:23 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

WCW Nitro Report for December 28th, 1998, Live from Baltimore, Maryland
By Steve Appy
Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, and Curt Hennig were shown
celebrating in a limousine, gleeful about Flair's defeat at Starrcade. With any
luck, the Horseman will get their revenge tonight. Laughing, they said
Hollywood would be proud. The video from last week aired which highlighted all
of Bishcoff's evil deeds; this guy really loves to put himself over......

Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) pinned Shiima Nobunaga (w/Chris
Jericho & Ralphus)
Miller put out an open challenge, and
Jericho tricked Nobunaga into accepting
the challenge. His commentary was excellent, dripping fake sincerity, with
promises to cover Nobunaga's back. Miller made short work of Nobunaga; is a
Miller/Jericho feud next? Can you imagine WCW jobbing
Jericho to Miller?
Unfortuantly, I can.

Norman Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. via submission in 7:42
Chavo has alot of talent, though its easy to overlook with Pepe and his insane
character. I'm not sure if Smiley is trying to be an aristocrat or a funky
dancer. Smiley put Pepe between his legs and was having way too much fun with
the wooden horse; this gave Chavo a chance to make a brief comeback. The two
men traded advantages several times when they focused on Pepe; both men ended up
looking like idiots. Smiley eventually scored the Submission victory with The
Chickenwing Submission (The Norman Conquest).

A film crew showed us Raven's return home, accomponied by Kanyon and his mother.
Raven "grew up" in a huge mansion, which he rejected; all he wanted was a

Booker T pinned Fit Finlay in
A battle of former TV champions; remember Finlay's victory over Booker T in
Booker T put Finlay away with a Missle Dropkick.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Ric Flair, with luggage in hand. Flair was ashamed
about his loss last night, and disclosed that he considered retirement. He
reconsidered, and pulled every piece of valuable clothing off his body, and
ended up in his boxers and black socks. Flair put his career and his belongings
on the line, and challenged Bischoff to a match tonight. Flair's stake; if he
wins, Flair "runs" WCW for 90 days.
Flair handcuffed himself to the top rope, and promised that if Bischoff turned
off the camera, he would be naked in retaliation.

Bischoff finally responded, and joined Flair & Okerlund in the ring. With Flair
immobile due to the handcuffs, Bischoff edged around him, taunting him. Nobody
can carry a segment like Flair; Bischoff accepted the challenge for later
A HUGE main event.

Barry Windham pinned Prince Iaukea in 3:54
Windham dominated Iaukea. The crowd couldn't care less, despite the fact that
Baltimore was classic NWA territory that Windham wrestled in front of dozens of
Windham scored the pin after a Bulldog.

A security officer showed the cattle prod that Scott Hall used on Goldberg, and
the effects were discussed. Goldberg's loss was directly attributed to the
illegal device.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. For once, DDP didn't focus on
himself, and hyped Flair over Bischoff.

Kevin Nash, Konnan, and Lex Luger confronted The Disco Inferno backstage; Nash
was angry about Disco's interference at Starrcade, and berated him. Though Nash
berated Disco, there did seem to be a relationship. Nash told Disco that he
could join the Wolfpac if he defeated an unnamed opponent later tonight. Luger,
standing to the side with his arms folded, looked like a heel bully.

Juventud Guerrera Jr. & Eddie Guerrero(w/Art
Flores) defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. &
Billy Kidman in
The highflying maneuvers were incredible, of course. Far too incredible for me
to do them justice. Eddie put Kidman away with a Frog Splash; either team, if
teamed regularly, could become the best team in the world.

WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash (w/Konnan & Luger) was interviewed
mid-ring. He had a quiet demeanor, and was upset that his title victory was
cheapened. Bam Bam Bigelow was named as Disco Inferno's opponent tonight, with
his entry into the Wolfpac at stake. Nash expressed both love and displeasure
towards Scott Hall; he demanded a World Title match against Goldberg at the
Georgia Dome on next week's Nitro. I wonder if a double cross is in the

Bam Bam Bigelow pinned The Disco Inferno in
If Disco wins the match, he would gain membership in the Wolfpac. While he put
up a valiant effort, he just wasn't in Bigelow's league. Bigelow kicked out of
a Chartbuster, and put Disco away with a "Greetings From Ashbury Park" (I love
the Springsteen reference).

Eric Bischoff was in the dressing room, shadow boxing with Curt Hennig.
Bischoff looked far more like a jackass than a fighter.......

Dr. Charles Brock, Flair's Cardiologist, revealed that Flair did NOT suffer a
heart attack two weeks ago. Instead, he was poisoned with Digitalis, a drug
that stimulates the heart. I hope at this point, everybody acknowledges this an
angle (I think we all have for a while, anyway). Bischoff acted indignent, and
denied poisoning Flair.

Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell & The nWo referee) defeated Konnan via submission
6:49 to win his second WCW Television Championship.
This was Steiner's 2nd Television Championship (he defeated Ricky Steamboat in
1992 for his 1st reign). Konnan delivered a Facebuster to the bogus nWo referee
before the match; Scott Dickinson stepped in a took over the officiating.
Bagwell continually interfered, and Luger eventually came to the ring to even
the sides. Konnan had Steiner locked in the Tequila Sunrise, and Buff's
interference broke the hold. After Steiner sent Konnan crashing to the floor,
Scott threw him back into the ring. A Steiner Recliner later, and Scott Steiner
was the new TV Champion. The announcers questioned Luger's motives, since his
save was so uninspired.

Tuesday, December 29th, from
8PM-11PM, on TNT, the best of Nitro will air. It
might be worth checking out.....

Scott Hall pinned Brian Adams (w/Vincent) in 5:33
Adams has a new look, that suits him even less than his many previous styles.
Hall was angry that Nash wasn't grateful for his actions the night before; Hall
played a heel in the interview. A Goldberg chant plagued Hall throughout the
Adams is worthless; his movements in the ring as so slow, and its not

because there's psychology involved. Hall put us out of our misery with an
Outsider's Edge off the top rope.

Ric Flair defeated Eric Bischoff via submission in 4:03
Flair's victory places him in charge of WCW for 90 days. Bischoff disappeared
when it was his turn to be introduced; he left the arena and walked to his
limousine. The Horseman were prepared, and were waiting for Bischoff in the
limo. Mongo hoisted him on his shoulder and carried him to the ring, where
Flair was waiting. Flair threw referee Charles Robinson to the mat; the nWo
tried to interfere, but the Horseman were waiting and repulsed their attack.
The Giant got through, and chokeslammed Flair. As he was about to put Flair
away, Arn Anderson ran to the ring, followed by a returning Randy Savage
(accomponied by the new girlfriend we kept hearing about) and DDP (who has to be
in the middle of every angle). Savage entered the ring, and true to rumor, was
both more muscular and had more hair. Savage wore a nWo black & white shirt,
and it looked as if him & The Giant were pals. Instead, Savage low blowed The
Giant and clotheslined him from the ring.

With all obstacles removed, Flair locked Bischoff in the Figure Four Leglock and
forced the submission. Booker T, Konnan, Dusty Rhodes, & Larry Zybyszco joined
the celebration; Flair, at least for 90 days, is the new the man in charge. WCW
presented this victory as an important one, and did it right. Of course, this
spectacle should have occured last night for the paying PPV customers.......
Dave Scherer reported what many of us found out first hand; the wrestling
message boards on the Sports Guy folder have been eliminated. They are gone,
and will not be returning. The Sports Guy site is being moved off AOL, and
there was continued problems with wrestling fans disrupting the board. No more
Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch or Danny Doring message boards; too bad, they were
always entertaining.
To find out the whole story, go to:

On 12/24, Keiji Mutoh returned back to Japan from Minneapolis (he arrived at
Narita Airport) after he received medical treatment for his knee. Mutoh says
that as soon as he captures the IWGP title, he wants to immediately defend it
overseas (
America, Germany, etc.) There's been no word why his planned angle
with Scott Norton at Nitro was cancelled. (Reported by Zach Arnold at:

Jeff Jacobsen sent along word that Scott Hudson will take Lee Marshall's place
on Thunder. (Reported by Dave Scherer of
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Potential sites include
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Swami's Weekly Poll (nwo4life4ever)
Part 1
Did you watch "Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows"?
A. Yes - 122 votes 96%
B. No - 5 votes 4%

"A. Yes, Loved it., great piece on Bret. It gave me his perspective of
wrestling and I have more respect for him." RainX69

Part 2
If yes, did you like it?
A. Yes - 116 votes 95%
B. No - 6 votes 5%

"B. No - It looked like a lot of it was staged and it was obviously slanted"

Part 3 (added in by me when I went through all of the votes)
How many people dislike Vince McMahon now?
12 votes
"Yes, I watched "Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows," and I must say that I had
no idea just how real wrestling is. I also gained a great disgust for Vince
McMahon." Chav007

This weeks poll:
What do you think of Goldberg now that he has officially lost a match?
A. I have always hated him
B. He is still "Da Man"
C. Now he is just your average wrestler

All poll responses must be sent to: nwo4life4ever f you send them
anywhere else they will be DELETED. Thanks
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
I didn't spend the $30 to watch Starrcade, and Steve, I appreciate you letting
us know that it looked to be lackluster. Norman Smiley matches? More Ernest
Miller lecturing the fans? I expected Nash to win and the possible formation of
an Outsiders reunion, but Disco Inferno trying to interfere in WCW's
"Granddaddy" of pay-per-views? And I expected DDP to beat the Giant, for DDP is
the WCW home-grown "icon" and a man who deserves credit for putting on a good
show with some good moves and stamina. But, to tell the truth, I did not expect
Flair to settle for being beat in a match BY ERIC BISCHOFF or for the age-old
angle of Curt Hennig interfering against him to take place. While I like Hennig,
fact is I wonder if many fans are wanting a repeat of an angle that dominated
WCW in late 1997 and brought a very bad Flair-Hennig bout at 1997 Halloween
Havoc. Again, I am amazed that Bischoff would be allowed to get a decision on
Flair, but perhaps- for WCW's sake- we have some interesting angles in store for
Flair and sons in 1998. I will give props to Kidman, me he is the
best worker on Nitro's right now and has come a long way since his early WCW
days in 1996. He seems to improve with each and every match, and his effort
give Bischoff a big heads up over the WWF in the Light
Heavyweight battles right now.
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