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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 114

Date:  Tuesday December 29th, 1998  4:48 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

by: Mark George (attkdonkey)
The following column is SARCASIM and is in no way serious. REMEMBER, "Joe Wrestling Fan" is fictional and is meant to show the lighter, yet sometimes warped, side of some wrestling fans...............
Ladies and gentleman, the long awaited return of Joe Wrestling fan has
finally come!!!! After a long hiatus, Joe returns from a cross country tour of wrestling house shows and PPV events and has submitted this report about his experience. So, without further delay, here is Joe!!!!!!!

Hello again fans, Joe Wrestling Fan here to make my triumphant return to
the Wrestling Booking Sheet. I've been on the road following all my favorite
wrestling superstars and even made a few friends with some of them, although
they don't know it yet. I scrapped and saved every penny from my minimum wage
job and left my family for the road. My first stop took me to
Las Vegas and
WCW's Halloween Havoc where I witnessed the greatest wrestling match ever, Hogan
vs. Warrior II. There I was with my painted face, rubber boots and my nWo
t-shirt screaming, "One Warrior Nation". I looked cool, despite the fact
several fans threw concessions at me and took my wallet. Too bad Hogan won.

My next stop took me to
San Antonio for a RAW broadcast. It was
awesome!!!! I made a friend with WWF superstar Mark Henry who was good enough to
give me a sandwich that HBK had made for him specially. It tasted funny, but I
like it anyways.

My final destinations were Starrcade '98 followed by Monday Nitro!!!!
Starrcade was the best PPV ever!!! Spending every last dollar on Goldberg
merchandise, I saw my hero Kevin Nash win the title. Maybe you saw me fans, I
was waving an
Austin 3:16 finger and wearing a Goldberg shirt. I think a Nitro
girl was checking me out.

My trip finally concluded Monday in
New York at Nitro when that piece of
crap Ric Flair beat the great Eric Bischoff. I had ringside seats, but it
proved to be painful when Flair hit me in the face with his loafer. You suck
Nature Poop!!! Fans didn't see it my way though. After Flair won, a few fans
kicked and punched me and one hit me in the head with a dirty diaper. That
wasn't very Christian of them.

All in all my trip was fun, despite a few bumps and bruises. I look forward
to wrestling in 1999 and beyond. Have a Happy New Year, fans!!!!!!!

VISIT my Home Page:

The program began with clips from previous programs, with Prince Shane being in
charge of things while Emperor McMahon was at a training session. Shane had his
clock cleaned by Mankind in a match he set up. We next The Emperor introducing
Kane as the newest member of The Corporation and Kane Choke Slamming every
member of Degeneration-X (DX), Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dog and Bad @$$. This was
followed by The Emperor telling Kane "he owns him" on Heat last night.

After the regular RAW opening, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler were at
the announcers table. Jim Ross is still out due to illness.

We saw The Corporation, The Emperor, Prince Shane, Ken Shamrock, The Big Bossman
(BM), Test, Kane and The Stooges (Jerry Briscoe and Pat Patterson), on their way
to the boiler room. The Emperor said that as soon as Commissioner Shawn "HBK"
Michaels arrives, he is going to "fire and humiliate him." He also said he has
something special for Mankind as The Corporation went into the boiler room
looking for him. He wasn't there, however, as they started to leave, Mankind
raced in and attacked them. No one ever said Mankind was smart. They took him
apart, and as he was being held, The Emperor told him he was giving him what he
wanted, a shot at The Hardcore Title. They left him on the floor of the boiler

As they emerged from the boiler room, Shane said there was a small problem, that
Val Venis was scheduled to face Road Dog for The Hardcore Title. Emperor Vince
said. "we'll see about that."

Road Dog came to the ring for his match v. Venis and did his intro bit to a big
pop. Venis came to the ring and did his "Hello ladies" bit as he said "one leg
was Christmas and the other New Year's, and invited the ladies to visit The Big
Valbowski between the holidays." He brought the house down. During the match
Shamrock, BM, Test and Kane came to ringside. Test got in the ring and hit Venis
with a Bulldog from behind and then threw him to the floor where the others
kicked his @$$. All of DX charged into the ring, and at the same time, The
Emperor, Price and Stooges came out on the ramp. The Emperor said the match was
over, and advised Doggie that he would have to defend The Hardcore Title v.
"DX's new found friend Mankind" later. He then told X-Pac that because he hit
Shane with The Bronco Buster last week, "we are just getting started with you
and all of DX." He said no one ridicules the McMahon family. He next turned his
attention to HBK, saying "there is some DX left in him, so he will be fired as
soon as he arrives," because he held The Corporation back, preventing them from
saving Shane. He closed by saying he would fire any one of them if he had to.

Cole gave the card, saying here were four Title matches, including Sable making
her first WWF Ladies Title defense.

We saw Al Snow, still covered in the red fluid from last weeks "Bloodbath,"
wreaking havoc backstage.

Next we saw The Emperor telling Kane he wants him to destroy another member of
DX tonight, as The Stooges looked on.

The next match was Al Snow, carrying Head, who was bloody and had tape around
"her," v. Brood Member Edge, who came to the ring thru the crowd. Prior to the
match, we saw Snow getting the Bloodbath last week. Snow had revenge on his mind
as he attacked Edge with a vengeance. He nailed Edge several times with Head,
getting DQ'd. Finally the rest of The Brood, Gangrel and Christian stormed in
and made the save. The rest of The Job Squad, Scorpio, Bob Holly, Dwayne Gill
and The Blue Meanie came down and saved Snow. Snow left them fighting as he
disappeared into the crowd.
Winner - Edge by DQ

We saw Sable warming up for her match, and looking fine doing it.

We saw a clip from earlier in the day of X-Pac talking to Dennis Knight,
formerly of Southern Justice. Knight said "he" told me to be here, but who is

Sable came to the ring for her match and a fine young blonde came into the ring
and gave her a yellow rose. The fine young thing was escorted out of the ring by
security as Sable looked on and seemed puzzled by what just happened. He
opponent, The Spider Lady, who was dressed head-to-toe in black and wearing a
mask, charged in and jumped Sable. She beat Sable with her belt, as Lawler said
the last person to portray Spider Lady was The Fabulous Moola. The Oddities,
Golga, Kurggan, Giant Silva and George "The Animal" Steel rushed in and pulled
Spider Lady off of Sable. Spider Lady removed her hood and revealed herself to
be Luna. Luna argued with The Oddities, who wondering why she jumped Sable. As
she left, Luna yelled back at them, "its about me and what I deserve."

We saw The Oddities tending to Sable, who had a big welt on her right shoulder.
Luna should be horse whipped for damaging "The Perfect 14," on The 1-10 Scale.

The next match was X-Pac v. BM for the European Championship. Prior to the
match, we saw a clip from Heat last night of Kane Choke Slamming X-Pac twice and
another of BM losing The Hardcore Title to Road Dog last week on RAW. The match
was X-Pac's speed v. BM's power. BM controlled most of the match until X-Pac was
able to land several big Kicks and followed up with The Bronco Buster, to the
delight of the crowd. Test came to ringside, and was followed by Val Venis who
jumped him. BM left the ring to help Test and soon all four men were going at it
on the floor.
Winner - None, the match was thrown out

We next saw Emperor McMahon in a workout video. Prince Shane was pumping him up
with a "Kill Austin Attitude." Lawler called him "McMuscles."

We saw a shoot of the door to the Arena as we waited for HBK to arrived. Lawler
said it was coming from "The McMahon Cam."

The next match was a team one, pitting Goldust and Steve Blackman v. Owen Hart
and Double J, who was accompanied by Debra McMichael. Debra was showing a ton of
cleavage, and if her shirt got any shorter, it could have been used as a belt.
Prior to the match we saw two clips of Blackman unmasking The Blue Blazer, once
it was Owen and the other time Double J. The crowd chanted "Nugget." Owen had
The Sharpshooter locked on Blackman when Dan Severn, wearing a neck brace, came
to ringside. Owen released the hold and went to the floor and told
Severn he was
sorry for hurting him.
Severn stalked Owen around the ring, until Double J
pulled Debra in front of him. Owen got back in the ring but was still distracted
Severn, allowing Blackman to roll him up for the victory.

Winners - Goldust and Steve Blackman

We saw Triple H and Chyna heading to the ring. Chyna was wearing a halter top,
showing ample cleavage and tight short shorts.

We saw The Acolytes, Bradshaw and Farooq beating the crap out of Dennis Knight
in the parking lot after pulling him out of his car. They stuffed him in he
trunk and drove off. We never found out who "he" is.

The next match was for The Intercontinental Title, pitting Triple H v. Ken Shamrock
(C). All of DX was with Triple H and The Corporate Team was with Shamrock. Triple H did
his "Are you ready" bit to a big pop. During the match Cole made a comment about
bringing signs to RAW. He said they were welcome as long as they were kept clean
and the WWF reserved the right to confiscate obscene ones. This was a very hard
fought and tough match, with both men landing big time blows. Shamrock went
after Triple H's surgically corrected left knee, and locked in his Ankle Submission
Hold. Triple H managed to reach the ropes, but Shamrock wouldn't release it. The
referee DQ'd Shamrock and he still refused to release it. A free for all broke
out as DX made the save and Test and BM came in. Kane stood on the floor
watching until The Stooges urged him to join in. When Kane got into the ring, DX
took of and tended to Triple H.
Winner - Triple H by DQ - Shamrock retains the Title

Kevin Kelly backstage and talked with Bad @$$, who said that Shamrock has "his"
Intercontinental (IC) Title. Shamrock came over and they traded insults.

Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry came to the ring accompanied by D'Lo Brown. He
apologized to "his girl Chyna" for what happened last week with Terri Runnels
and Jacqueline, and said he wants her back. The Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS), Terri
and Jacqueline came to the ring. Terri said Mark should get down on his knees,
as they are not finished with him yet. D'Lo took the mic and called them "Ring
Rats," and told them to "back off." Chyna came to the ring and said "Mark may be
a gentleman, but I'm not," and "this is the first, last and only time" she was
going to tell PMS to "stay away from my man." Henry went bananas. Chyna does
love him! Jacqueline got in Chyna's face and Chyna introduced her rear to the
canvas with a shove. PMS made a hasty retreat, as Chyna told them, "next time I
wont be so nice." It looks like PMS can handle a 400 pound man, but are afraid
of Chyna. Now that I think about it, I don't blame them. Chyna turned to Mark
and said, "I'll see you later." The man was smiles from ear to ear.

We saw The Emperor, Prince and The Stooges huddling backstage.

Shamrock, BM, Test and Kane were searching backstage for "someone."

A short clip was run showing the highlights of 1998 in the WWF.

Shamrock, BM, Test and Kane found who they were looking for. We saw them
destroying The Godfather, as his Ho's looked on and were not happy.

We saw a shot of the entrance to the Arena, waiting HBK's arrival.

Bad @$$ came to the ring for his match v. The Godfather and said he should be
the IC Champion and that the next time he sees Shamrock, he was going to kick
his @$$. Prince Shane came out and there was a change in the program, and that
Bad @$$'s opponent would be Kane instead of The Godfather. Kane came to the
ring, accompanied by The Stooges, and seemed somewhat reluctant about it. The
match was all Kane as he wiped the ring up with Bad @$$. When Bad @$$ was
knocked to the floor, Shamrock ran down and applied his Ankle Submission Hold,
while The Stooges distracted the referee. He released it after a while and threw
Bad @$$ back into the ring. Kane hit him with a Choke Slam and went for the
cover. The Stooges told Kane they wanted him to punish Bad @$$ some more, so
Kane delivered a second Choke Slam. The Stooges wanted Kane to hit a third and
he was set to, when the rest of DX, X-Pac, Triple H and Road Dog, charged in and made
the save.
Winner - None Announced - Loser - Bad @$$

The Rock came to the announcers table to do commentary for the next match. It
was for the Hardcore Championship, and pitted Road Dog (C) v. Mankind, in a No
Holds Barred, Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere Match. Prior to the start of
the match, we saw HBK arriving in the Arena. Throughout the match, The Rock kept
us in stitches with his funny comments about Road Dog and Mankind, as well as
Cole and The King. He is one of a kind. He called the match one involving
"pieces of Trailer Park Trash." The match quickly went outside and they went to
the top of the ramp where Mankind went and got a technicians table from
backstage and blasted Doggie with it. It looks like the technicians use Acme
Table Company's top grade tables since it didn't break. Doggie returned the
favor, and it still didn't break. Back at ring side, where Mankind pulled a Tool
Box out from under the ring and swung it at Doggie, who blocked it. Road Dog
nailed Mankind with a metal Tray he found under the ring. Back in the ring and
Doggie hit Mankind with a chair, and then DDT'd him on it, went for pin, but
Mankind kicked out. Mankind came back with a Pile Driver on the chair, placed
the Tray on Doggie's face, as he lay on the chair, and hit a Leg Drop. Doggie
kicked out of a pin. They went back to the floor and out into the crowd, and
into an equipment storage area. There Mankind threw a piece of electronic gear
at Doggie, but missed. Doggie strangled Mankind with cable. Mankind pulled Mr.
Socko out and applied The Mandible Claw. He released it and put Doggie onto a
table, climbed a six foot (or so) wall and came down on him, putting him thru
the table. It must have been a standard issue table from Acme. The Rock charged
in and nailed Mankind with Rock Bottom and rolled Doggie onto him where he got
the pin.
When Doggie saw the replay on the TitanTron, he said he didn't want the victory
that way and left upset,
Winner - Road Dog - Retains Hardcore Championship
Loser - Another Acme Table, although we got to see their top-of-the line one

Emperor McMahon came to the ring and said he wanted to handle the next matter
personally and left The Corporation backstage. He challenged HBK to come to the
ring. Any doubts he would? I thought not. HBK came to the ring and The Emperor
went into a tirade about how he made HBK a star and an Icon, spending "millions
of dollars" doing so. He ran footage from this past March, just prior to
Wrestlemania. In it, HBK was telling The Emperor that The Emperor needed him,
and another clip from last week that showed HBK holding The Corporation back
when they wanted to rescue Prince Shane as Mankind was relocating his anal
orifice. He then called HBK an "ingrate," questioning how he could do that. He
called HBK "a great Superstar, but as a Commissioner, you suck." Saying that "he
doesn't lay down for anyone " (quoting an old HBK line), fired HBK. HBK turned
around to leave, but then faced The Emperor and put his lights out. The crowd
loved it. HBK took his jacket off and prepared to continue, but The Corporation
rushed in and saved McMahon's royal butt from a severe @$$ kicking.

Another excellent program ended on that note.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Moj8681
McMahon opens RAW stating that HBK will get what's coming to him. He says that
although he is confident that his Team Corporate can handle DX and HBK and
Val/Godfather and Mankind, he admits that his forces are spread too thin. He
likens himself to the New York Yankees, that he will assemble a team of All
Stars to win championship after championship through his money. The main event
is announced to be Bossman, Kane and Test vs. Triple H, BillyGunn, Val Venis and
the Godfather (looking for revenge from their beatings) in a handicap match. The
Corporation starts off strong, but the extra man advantage takes its toll, as
everyone wonders why Vince would put his team at such a disadvantage. Then, all
is revealed. Near the very end of RAW, the Giant emerges from below the ring!
Chokeslam on the Dx-ers and on Val and Godfather. Raw ends.

Next week, McMahon announces that his newest acquisition is Titan, the Corporate
Giant (the name from some rumors I have previously heard on the net). Now, he is
happy. He says Shamrock can take care of Bad Ass, Bossman can handle Road Dogg,
Test and Kane can deal with Venis, Godfather and that runt X-Pac, and since
Triple H and HBK will kill each other anyway, Titan is just a backup plan.
McMahon also says that the Rock shouldn't worry about Mankind either. Vince has
something in store for Mick.

Over the next few weeks, the usual plot development occurs, with the Corporates
and DX escalating their feud and Val/Godfather becoming major players in this
game. Rumors fly all over as to what Vince meant by don't worry about Mankind.

At the Rumble, all is revealed once more. During the Rock vs. Mankind rematch, a
big guy dressed like Mankind, except that his costume is black, with some blue,
rather than Mankind's brown, and this guy is bigger, attacks Mickey, allowing
the Rock yet another cheap win.

The next night on RAW, the now monstrous Corporation of the Rock, Shamrock
(minus the IC belt he lost to Gunn), Bossman, Kane, Test, Titan, and this new
man come out. Vince announces his newest acquisition (Balls Mahoney of ECW) is
known as McMankind, the Corporate Hardcore maniac. And the plot thickens....
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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