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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 115

Date:  Thursday December 31st, 1998  9:16 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Nitro RAW
1st Hour 4.8 N/A
2nd Hour 4.4 4.3
3rd Hour 5.4 4.6
Composite 4.6 4.9
The 12/27 Edition of Sunday Night Heat did a 3.8
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of

The St Louis Post Dispatch reports that Sam Muchnick, long time NWA
promoter in St Louis, died today (Dec 30) at the age of 93. Mr.
Muchnick began promoting wrestling in
St Louis in the 1940's and was

an influential member of the NWA Board of Directors, serving as
President of the organization for several years.
(Reported by

Next weeks RAW was taped Tuesday, 12/29 in
Worchester, Massachusetts.
This report will be at the bottom of the newsletter, titled "RAW
SPOILER", appropriatly enough. If you want to be surprised, skip that
section. SJJ of the Big 3 Newsboard was kind enough to share this
report with the world. Some wild stuff was taped.....

VISIT my Home Page:
1. The Capital would be where The Warrior believes he belongs, atop
Mt. Olympus, along side Zeus and the other mythological gods. Other
locations would include
Valhalla; Krypton; The Warriors "Ancestral
Home" among the spirits of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Cochise; and
within a cloud of smoke. In either case, no mere mortal would be
allowed to tread upon and sully these hallowed places.

2. The Warrior's autobiography, written in a language understood by no
human alive and whose Index exceeds the combined lengths of War and
Peace, The Old and New Testaments, Encyclopedia Britannica and the
December Issue of Playboy, "Manifesto On Transcendental Inspiration
Derived From An Accepted Norm In God Like Apparitions Developed Thru
Mediation And Study Of The Meaning Of Fusion Of Mind And Soul" or "I
Am God, You Are Nothing!" would be placed in the libraries of every
university and college in the country, once the $75,000,000 needed to
build a library big enough to hold it was raised.

3. Appointees: The Cabinet, The Warrior; The Supreme Court, The
Warrior; The Congress, The Warrior; The Joint Chiefs of Staff; The
Warrior; The 50 Governors, The Warrior; etc, etc. Note: Previously
elected positions (i.e., Congress) will now to appointed positions,
and given to the only one The Warrior deems capable.

4. The top Christmas toy would be a board game similar to Monopoly,
"Warrior World," whose goal is to capture the minds of your opponents.
Placing Pieces include "Hated Hogan," "Despised By All DDP," "Erratic
Eric," "Sullied Savage," "Putrid Piper," and "Wonderful Warrior," It
would be available at all places where immortals gather and may be
ordered on the Internet at www.G-d'sHomePage, or by calling

5. If Saddam got out of line, The Warrior would force him to listen to
an hour of his ranting, driving Saddam either crazy or reaching for
his gun to blow his brains out, either of which would be the lesser of
two evils.

6. The National Symbol would be The Warrior standing within The
Galaxy, holding The Earth aloft in one hand, and his Manifesto in the

7. There would be no need for a military by the
USA or any other

Nation, since the rest of the world would soon come to accept his
omnipotence and we would have,
"One world, under The Warrior, with liberty....."

8. The Country's new motto would be, "Thou Shall Have No Other G-D
Before Me."

9. The dollar bill would have a picture of The Warrior on all ten
sides with the words, "Believe In Me," written in Egyptian
Hieroglyphics beneath five of the pictures, and
"No Show? Who? Me?" beneath the other five. A bill with less than ten
sides and ten pictures of The Warrior just wouldn't do justice to his

10. A trap door and a smoke machine would be built into all stages and
platforms that The Warrior speaks from. Should either fail to operate
properly, those found responsible would be exiled to Larry Land, and
forced to watch Larry's old matches, while listening to his commentary
describing his brilliant performance in them.
THE WRESTLING GOD by OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
``God bless us, everymark`. `tis the christmas season and i`m going
to share a few thoughts with you, whether you like it or not! Did you
know that I`ve been a WCW man all my life, even back to the days when
it was the real NWA? When it was the Mid Atlantic area under the
Crockett promotion? Well, I have been, (nearly 40 years) and I`ve
seen alot of great talents come and go, alot of changes wash across
the `shore`, and to tell you the truth, I prefer wrestling the way it
was, say, 30 years ago with a lot of great moves, and not so much
sequins, feathers, and leather pants. But then you can`t turn the
clock back, you have to savor and support what you have now, or you
will not have it long.

All of the above is my way of saying that I still enjoy the hell out
of ``rasslin``, even though you`d think that by now I would know
better, what with all I`ve learned about the sport. There is, in
another favorite area of mine (science fiction) a statement (the
willing suspension of disbelief); this allows me to go into the
hokiest sci-fi movie and enjoy the p--- out of it. It is the feeling
that allows you to enjoy a lot of things you
know aren`t real. You go to a play and you know it`s not factual,
necessarily, but does that lessen the enjoyment? I think not! I
think that is why I can turn on Nitro, or RAW, and still be
entertained (that is why i don`t mind calling myself a ``mark``) Well,
that`s it for now; next time I will send down pronouncements from on
high on
which fed. I think is doing a better job with their talent. Till
then, agree or disagree, you may reply to: burkeandhare@xxxxc...
----------see ya!----- ----OSIRIS-----
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Foleyfan
STUCK ON THE ROPES (by Foleyfan)
A personal, direct letter to professional wrestlers who need help.
Today's subject: Marc Mero
Dear Mr. Mero,
You thought things couldn't get worse than Johnny B. Badd? You
thought it was bad jobbing to women? Okay, so its finally happened.
You've hit the low of your career ... losing to Duane Gill. We can
understand why you're taking the time off. Hey, if I was married to
Sable, I'd be taking the time off too. So now that you've got your
love life back, let's find out where you went wrong. Remember when
you were the no-nonsense version of 'Marvelous'Marc Mero? Come out
like ECW, take care of business, and leave? That worked for a while,
except then we all know what happened. Sable exploded, and you had to
get her over. Sure, it works for the family. Sable's a millionaire,
as are you. But we can imagine, sometimes late at night, when you
look over at that fine figure, and you think about how you got your
mansion, and how your wrestling career has gone down the drain ... you
regret how it happened. YOU JOBBED TO YOUR WIFE, Marc. Rena is over,
and you're out of a job. Not the man's way, by far.

So how will we come back? Let's try this. First off, change the
image to a point where NO
ONE recognizes you anymore. No more Sable
around ... make that no more women, period. Become what you were as
the 'Wildman' ... except perform like Kidman was in the Flock. Let's
face it, your personality sucks. Let your moves speak for you. Shave
your head bald. Wear regular tights. And drop the real name. Go by
the moniker: "Phantasm". Hell, you might need to wear a mask. Where
does this put you? Listen, you were never main event, but who needs
to be? Solid
mid-card status works for Mark Henry, and it shall work for you too.
Maybe the money's worth it. Maybe one-out-of-two being famous isn't
that bad. But Marc, one thing is for real: We wanna see you happy.
We wanna see your talent. And being Marc Mero is not gonna work.
Join the EHW Wreslting Fed! Men's and Women's Fed! Email:
oh6969 to join!

For the 1999 year, one of our readers is going the start recording WCW
stats of wins and losses for each wrestler. It will include % of wins
and losses of each individual and % of wins for each team. So if you
wanted to know if someone was undeafeted and who has deafeded a
certain person, you would know, And he would include a few extras.
He's interested in joining up with a newsletter, so all you newsletter
editors out there, here you go. Contact Thall21y if you are
interested in using his stuff.

Join the WWF Rules! wrestling newsletter. It is a WWF newsletter that
comes out every day! Best of all, it is free! E-mail
sydrat21 to join!
By SJJ of the Big 3 Newsboard, found at:
Raw Is War/Warzone
Raw Is War was filmed completely out of order. A lot of editing will
have to be done, but here's the order things happened in...

D-Lo Brown and Edge went to a no contest. PMS made their way down to
ringside, and when Terri Runnels jumped onto the ring apron, she was
accidentally knocked down by D-Lo. Terri was carried out on a
stretcher and D-Lo left with her.

RoadDog defeated Al Snow to retain the Hardcore Championship. This
match was great, and the two battled it out all the way to the outside
where it was snowing. James got the pin on Snow after using a
piledriver onto a trash can.

Mark Henry defeated Goldust by DQ when Goldust did the Shattered Dreams.

The Corperation comes down to the ring. Vince announces that Mankind
and Triple H will fight for the #1 spot in the Rumble. Shane McMahon
was announced as the referee. Shawn Michaels then comes down(which is
the beginning of Raw). Michaels stands on top of the ramp. He says
that he has a solid contract and the only way for him to not be
commisioner is for him to resign. He also says that he has control
over all of the wrestlers, accept Stone Cold. Michaels then says that
even though Vince has the Coperation, Shawn had the Army.

At this point, all of DX came down and embraced Shawn near the
entrance way. They all stood there. Shawn then announced that Vince
McMahon, since he is particpating in the Rumble(which makes him a
wrestler), would not be number 30, but instead be number 2! Michaels
concludes by saying that he has one more surprise for Vince, and that
within the next 2 hours, the surprise will drive Vince "Stone Cold

Steve Blackman defeated Ken Shamrock.

Test and Godfather got counted out. Val Venis came down and started
beating up on Test outside of the ring.

Triple H pins Mankind(with Shane McMahon as the special referre).
Triple H did a roll-up to Mankind and Shane made a really fast 3
count. Afterwards, Triple H apologizes to Mankind for winning that
way, but he says that he'll take a win any way he can. He then says
"Happy New Years Mick..." and turns around and nails Shane with a
Pedigree. Triple H says that "He's all yours."

Mankind "held Shane hostage" in the ring as Vince, Patterson, and
Brisco came down. Mankind said that since Vince said that he couldn't
get a title shot at the Royal Rumble, that he wanted one tonight
instead. Vince was forced to agree because of his fear that Shane
would get hurt by Foley.

Kane, Shane, Patterson, and Brisco come down to the ring. Shane says
that tonight Kane will be in a handicapp match...and he announced
Brisco and Patterson as Kane's opponents. Vince grabs the mic and says
that since they didn't help Shane on Raw last week, that they would
pay. Kane easily had beaten them both up. Afterwards, Patteson and
Brisco started to fight with each other, but hugged instead and left.

Mankind defeats the Rock to become the
The match was great between the two, what you would expect. It was
announced that the match would be a no DQ match. Both DX and the Corps
are at ringside. After about 10 minutes, we here the glass shatter and
Austin runs to the ring. He comes in and nails the Rock with a chair.
Mankind turns around and pins the Rock
1-2-3! The place erupted! DX got into the ring and celebrated with

Foley. Mick then gave a nice speach, and dedicated the match to his
kids. He ended it by saying "There's something I wanted to say since
1975...Yo! Adrienne, I did it!". It was a great show, and should give
WCW some competition this Monday.
By SJJ of the Big 3 Newsboard, found at:
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

Any submissions sent in by readers or columnists become the property of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, and are subject to editing due to grammar, spelling, or content. Any information taken from The Wrestling Booking Sheet must be credited properly, with our E-Mail address listed. We have no problem if you want to use our stuff; just credit it properly.

Copyright- Steve Appy of The Wrestling Booking Sheet ©1998, 1999, 2000

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