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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 116

Date:  Friday January 1st, 1999  12:30 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The reason they did the angle turning Shawn Michaels babyface stems
from the latest medical opinion on his back from the week before
Christmas. Michaels was told in no uncertain terms that he needed to
have back surgery to fuse disks. He's undergoing the surgery in a few
weeks so the firing and subsequent injury angle after he superkicked
McMahon was a late storyline change to get sympathy for him so he'll
have an issue for his return. There is no way he'll be able to
wrestle at Wrestlemania, and it is still very questionable if he'll be
able to return to the ring, and how limited he'd be if he can.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

The expectation seems to be that Nash will give the belt to Hogan at
this Monday's Nitro from the Georgia Dome. The idea looks to be to go
back to what put WCW in this position in 1996, and that is a strong
WCW led by the Horseman VS. a strong nWo, which at this point appears
to be Hogan, Nash, Hall, Scott Steiner & Luger.
We'll all find out Monday if WCW goes forward with this plan.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

In # 115, I reversed the third hour ratings for RAW & Nitro. Nitro
scored a 4.6 for the third hour, and RAW scored a 5.4. What can I
say, the error was fully on my side.  Georgiann Makropoulos reported the ratings correctly, and I muddled
them up.

Al Isaacs of Scoops received a letter from Chris Candido and Tammy
Lynn Sytch which was an open letter to Paul Heyman. My opinion is
that this is an angle, though I don't know that for a fact. Take it
for what you feel its worth. Here's their open letter to Paul Heyman:
"From Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch:
Mr. Paul Heyman, we are sick and tired of your constant insults
directed at us, and we both want out of our contracts immediately so
that we may pursue other options such as WWF and WCW. You do not treat
us like human beings like we should be treated. Therefore we want out
of contracts as of right now.
thank you,
tammy and chris"
(Reported by

Sable's had two different sets of prospective cover shots done for
Playboy. One was in the black catsuit and the other was wearing
nothing , hiding strategically behind her WWF Women's title belt.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

It looks like Disco Inferno is about to undergo something of a gimmick
change. Look for him to join Scott Hall as a fellow WCW misfit without
a home.
(Reported by

Shinya Hashimoto of New Japan has been suspended by NJ, effective
after the 1/4 Tokyo Dome show. Hashimoto openly criticized NJ for
booking a # 1 contenders tournament in Febuary, feeling that the
tournament would dilute the prestige and drawing power of the G-1
tournament in August, traditionally the company's peak period every
year. When the story first broke, most of us assumed this was an
angle. It is not an angle, and Hashimoto will be expected to be out
of action until April. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling

Keiji Muto (The Great Muta), after returning to Japan this past week,
apologized for not going to St. Louis for the 12/21 Nitro to do the
planned angle with Scott Norton to build up their IWGP World title
match at the 1/4 Tokyo Dome. He said his knees were killing him from
his treatment. The planis for Muto to win the title and Eric Bischoff
is said to be unhappy about it.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Billy Kidman's WCW contract is coming due shortly; it is expected that
WCW will do what is necessary to keep this rising star.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Samula Anoia (Samu of The Headshrinkers and The Samoan Swat Team) is
headed into WCW to play a urban hoodie type role.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

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1. His first official act would be to rename every Arena in the
country The Rob Van Dam Arena Of Wrestling Arts, and have a 50 foot
marble statute of himself erected outside each of them, with a 10 foot
statute of Sabu along side. The inscription below would read, "I'm The
Whole F'N Show," in large letters and "Oh Yeah, Sabu too" in very
small letters.

2. Wrestlers would be required to make a least one death defying leap
off the top turn buckle in each match, preferably out into the crowd.

3. ECW would be named America's Official Wrestling Federation and all
other promotions would be required to provide action packed matches
like ECW or be converted into Broadway Musical Ensembles and Touring
Ballet Troupes.

4. Chants of "Whole F'N Show" would replace The National Anthem.

5. The Dudley Boyz would be required to register as Undesirable Aliens
and carry a Green Card at all times. Failure to do so would result in
Three Van Daminators followed by immediate exile to South Dudleyville,
which is considered "The Other Side Of The Tracks," and revocation of
Dudleyville Dump Privileges.

6. If Saddam got out of line, he would be dressed in a Pink Tutu and
forced to perform Lap Dances at The Dudleyville Social Club on
Saturday Night.

7. Appointees: Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso, Secretary of State; Sabu,
Chairman of the FAA; The ECW Arena Crowd, The National Police Force;
Taz; Ambassador to Upper and Lower Slobovia; and Shane Douglas,
National Pooper Scooper.

8. Van Dam's autobiography, "I'm Great, Just Ask Me" or "Modesty Is A
Word For Losers," would be found on every book shelf, in every
library, in every school, in every House of Worship, in every gym, in
every woman's purse, in every automobile's glove compartment, in every
kitchen, and just about anyplace it can be set on or in.

9. The top Christmas toys would be I'm Wonderful Ken, I'm The Man Ken,
The Whole F'N Show Ken, Sabu's Buddy Ken, Van Daminator Ken, and I
Love Rob Barbi. They come complete with Adoring Groupies and Fawning
Fan Figures, and are available at every ECW event and at all locations
where anything is sold, at all Mondays "R" Us Stores, on the Internet
at www.MrMondayNight.Com, or by calling 1-800-THESTAR.

10. The calendar would be changed so that Monday is the only day of
the week. Those caught with the old calendars will dressed in
"Philadelphia Women Are All Butt Ugly" T-shirts and thrown to the ECW
Arena crowd after they are told that the only wrestlers that showed up
are Dangerous Danny Doring, Amish Road Kill and
Rod Price.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Brian Bishop (deep_freezee)
With all thing things going on with The Brood right now. This is what
could happen with their little "bloodbaths." And I think this could
be really cool. We all see what is happening with the Brood and Al
Snow. Well, with Al Snow getting a major bloodbath scare, Gangrel,
with Edge and Christian in tow, could come out next time Al Snow has a
match. Al Snow could be really spooked. The lights could go out,
and when they come back on, Al Snow would be in the middle of the
ring, covered in that "viscous fluid" that the all time great Jim Ross
(best wishes to him and his family) refers to it as. He would also
have 2 "bite marks" on his neck as well. Gangrel, Christian, and Edge
could all carry Al Snow to the back. Next Raw, it is announced that
Al Snow will be having a match against Tiger Ali Singh (the first
victim of the bloodbaths). When Al Snow is about to come
out...GANGREL'S MUSIC starts to play!!! Gangrel does his little
appearing in the ring of fire. And then Al Snow comes walking out
acting in his screwed up little special way. As he's going down to
ringside, Ganrel, Edge, and Christian flank him on both sides. The
camera gets a closeup, and we see that Al Snow now has those vampire
fangs, just like Gangrel (just imagine a vampire as psychotic as Al
Snow, and I think that makes a pretty screwed up little picture in
your head). Al Snow could go on to dominate Tiger Ali Singh, and
then, at the end, the Brood attacks Ali Singh, and the same thing
happens to him.

After the little "recruiting mission" by the Brood happens, the JOB
Squad comes running down to ringside. Gangrel, Edge, and Christian
brawl with them, and in the corner of the ring, the vampirized Al Snow
sits there with Head, looking all weird with that fanged grin. After
that, The Brood could start picking on Road Dogg or X-Pac, since they
have titles. Brood and DX could be in an all out war, and the
Corporates could be loving every minute of it. After a while, Bad@$$
could win the Intercontinental title from Shamrock, and could defend
it against any one of the "New Brood" (comprised of Gangrel, Edge,
Christian, Al Snow, and Tiger Ali Singh). Corporates could come down
and screw Bad@$$, Mankind style, and the Brood gets a title for once
(they are way underrated). They start to beat on everybody in sight,
and DX/Brood all fight back, which turns into a street fight that
takes all the security in the building to break up. Brawls in the
stands, in the ring, in the aisleway, and everywhere else!! The fans
would eat it up!!! The Brood could feud with the JOB squad and DX for
a while, but then they begin to focus on the Corporates, like DX. We
all remember when Gangrel went after Kane, right? Well, with The
Brood and DX battling the corporation, Kane eventually is "saved" and
joins in the battle. The Giant comes in as the new bigman for the
Corporation. So...that
huge brawl could go for so long. Imagine what it would be like when
Royal Rumble rolls around again?!?!?! That would be a HUGE

The Job Squad could also be feuding with the Corporates. Feel free to
think of any way that it could happen. I dont want to make this thing
TOOOOO long. Think of it!! Steve Austin vs. Corporates (and
everybody else in the WWF, besides Kane), DX vs. Corporates, New Brood
vs. Corporates, Kane vs. Corporates, Steve Austin vs. Undertaker, DX
vs. Brood, Kane vs. Brood (since there could still be bad blood
(pardon the pun) between them), Corporates vs. Job Squad, Brood vs.
Job Squad ........ALL IN THE SAME RING!!! I know I left tons of
possibilities out, but IMAGINE THE BRAWL!!!! That would be a HUGE box
office draw!!
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