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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 117

Date:  Friday January 1st, 1999  10:21 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Micasa at:
From Jim Ross:
"As many of you are aware, that within a span of about 10 days, I lost
my uncle and then my mother ... my mother dying while we were in
England during Capital Carnage, and then unfortunately I came down
with another bout of the Bells Palsy, which has paralyzed a large
portion of the right side of my face. So consequently my speech as you
can tell is a little bit slurred ... feeling a little bit better ...
certainly made some significant lifestyle changes as far as diet and
exercise are concerned., and doing everything I can to get healtheir.
I hope to be back on Monday Night Raw by mid-January, hopefully
shooting for the Royal Rumble, if not sooner, but this particular
affliction has its own timetable, and we'll just keep our fingers
crossed. But I did want to say that I really appreciate all of the
cards and literally hundreds and hundreds of get well cards .. . its
been absolutely overwhelming. I don't know how many hundreds of
e-mails that we have received on, and I really and truly, from
the bottom of my heart appreciate all the sentiments from all the fans
and their best wishes.

I had a nice conversation on Christmas Eve with Steve Austin, who gave
me a call to see how I was feeling, and certainly
Austin is injured at
this point, and is out of commission. Steve has a muscle tear in his
lower abdomen. He's doing some rehabilitation -- I don't think that
we'll see Steve back in the ring before the Royal Rumble. I think this
injury is going to take some time to heal. It can be a very serious
injury, inasmuch as it will just nag and linger and linger. It needs
to be healed for
Austin to get back at 100%. I don't think it will
happen before the Royal Rumble, but again
Austin continues to surprise
us all --- the hottest box office attraction in the history of
wrestling. Certainly, seemingly the most admired because imitation
they say is the most sincere form of flattery, so
Austin has certainly

been imitated by a lot of other wrestlers.

Also, I had over the weekend, an opportunity to chat with Shawn
Michaels. Shawn Michaels also gave me a call to see how I was feeling,
and I did appreciate that very much. Shawn Michaels ... it looks as if
will undergo back surgery at then end of January to fuse the disc in
his back, and hopefully relieve the pressure that's causing all the
pain in Shawn's lower back. So the big news is that Shawn Michaels,
looks like after attempting to let this thing heal on its own, is
going to undergo the knife and that will occur in the latter part of

its amazing that I've gotten flowers from virtually, well, every
major wrestling organization has sent ... or their emissaries ... a
lot of folks I'm sure that won't want their names mentioned here has
sent me flowers and get well cards, and I do appreciate it very very
Reported by Micasa at:

I just received word from Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch that the "Open
Letter to Paul Heyman" was not written by them, but was instead
written by imposters. Their future plans have not been determined,
and the "letter" to Paul Heyman that was attributed to them was false.
My thanks to both Chris & Tammy for clearing up this situation; their
response is printed below:
From Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch:
"Just read report #116. Please report that the "open letter to Paul
Heyman" from us, reported by Dave Meltzer, was written by
imposters.The letter is not part of our
storyline or have anything to do with us. Please report this if
possible in your next report.Thanks for sending us your reports

Sal Cornette (The Big Cheeze) has coaxed
Sweet Stan Lane (of Midnight
Express fame) out of retirement. To contact them for bookings or
appearances contact Sal at
(704) 785-8855, any calls referred to Lane will be rejected. Is it
just me, or was the Midnight Express version of Lane, Eaton (w/Jim
Cornette) possibly the best tag team ever? its good to see Lane in
the ring again.
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The Capital would be located on the steel frame work, on the top
floor of a new 110 story skyscraper. If none were under construction,
it would be on a tightrope over
Niagara Falls in the winter, and over
Victoria Falls in the summer. As a last resort, it
would be located in beautiful downtown Dudleyville, where all members
of the Government would wear, "Grandpa Dudley Sucks" T-shirts.

2. Sabu's autobiography, "Evel Knevel, What A Wuss" or "Jumping Off
The Eiffel Tower For Fun And Profit" would be the Training Manual for
ECW wrestlers and the Certifiably Insane, and used at every Orthopedic
Surgery Center in the world.

3. Appointees: Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso, Secretary of State; Rob Van Dam,
Secretary of Defense; Joey Styles, Press Secretary; Presidential
Bodyguard, New Jack; and Al Acme, President Of The Acme Table And
Chair Company, Chief of Procurement.

4. The top Christmas toy would be The Barbi And Ken Do It Yourself
Hydrogen Bomb Kit. It would come complete with everything needed to
assemble a 25 megaton bomb in the comfort of you own home. It would be
available at the ECW Arena, at Nuts "R" Us, on the Internet at
www.HomicidalWrestler, or by calling 1-800-TAZSUCKS.

5. If Saddam got out of line, Sabu would challenge him to an Anything
Goes, Bring Your Own Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Two Men Enter, Not
Much Chance Either Would, Death Match.

6. The National Symbol would be Sabu holding a ticking time bomb with
less than one-second left on the clock. Under his picture would be the
words, "Plenty Of Time."

7. The military would be conscripted from the homeless and toothless
population of Dudleyville. If they can't beat the enemy, they'll have
them over for dinner, well seasoned of course.

8. The National Anthem would be replaced by chants of "ECW, ECW.."

9. The dollar bill would have a picture of Sabu pointing to the sky,
with the words, "Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal" beneath his picture,
on one side and a picture of a Barb Wire Surrounded Ring On The Back.

10. Taz would be banished for life to WCW to job to Barry Horrowitz
and every member of the Armstrong family, and Shane Douglas would be
stripped of his ECW Title and forced to job to Sal E. Graziano and
Amish Road Kill.
1998-Don't Look Back in Anger, Hell, Don't Even Look Back
Japan Board Article by Dr. Michael Lano (WReaLano)
Other than in
Japan where most years provide memorable ring

moments;1998 was
pretty much a bust everywhere; so say many proresu writers. The
upcoming Dome card Jan 4th will still be decent, despite a less than
stellar line-up. Onita's antics alone lately have been a blast and
he's gotten the big press over there.Flushin' Roulette.

its reported in Nihongo newspapers that 70's wrestling veteran
Thunder Sugiyami's ex-wife alledgedly is being held without bail for
"selling her granddaughter to a prostitution ring in order to get
money to play Pachenko." Ouch.

Current Black Belt Magazine has wrestler Mimi Lesseos look-alike
Shannon Lee on the cover (Bruce's daughter) and she's immersed herself
in amongst other things fight-Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Rickson Gracie's No
Holds Barred is another good regular column and his brother Royce
sports a similarly shaved head at present. Lots of NHB stuff in here
as well as the current Karate and Kung Fu Illustrated newstand
magazine which takes a look at karate experts who've participated in

The Gong for 12/31 had that great Onita and Hashimoto cover as well as
a ton of
Sheik and Sabu photos over there- Sabu had another wedding for Mibu's
family and friends there; and everyone looked great. Super feature
plus other shots of the whole family at various Japanese locale.

On the Toy and Gimmick Front, while I've not seen them in the U.S.,
proresu fans are buying up Talking Portraits-little picture frames of
wrestlers that talk nonstop for at least a minute when you push the
wrestler's face. Series one has Hogan, Savage, Bret, Sting, DDP and
Giant while series 2 has Goldberg, Raven, Hall and Nash, Hennig and
Lex. WWF had a licensee do their own line over a year ago.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: TripleH99
BOOKING-Hulk Hogan's return
Eric Bischoff gets in the ring and states that later on in the show
Bischoff will bring out a special surprise returning star just like he
promised. At this point, Bischoff brings out Hollywood Hogan (its
around the
10:00 timespan) and Hogan says he's gonna fight Ric Flair
tonight whether he likes it or not because Hogan said so. The match is
set to begin at about
10:55 when Macho Man jumps into the ring from
the crowd with a chair. Hogan grabs the chair away from him and
Bischoff gets into the ring and tells him to nail Savage with it.
Hogan's about to hit him when he turns around and nails Bischoff with
it. He throws down the chair, tears off his"
Hollywood" outfit to

reveal the old yellow and red colors and the show ends with the nWo
coming out and then the 4 Horseman help out Savage and Hogan.

Hogan and Savage come out with Flair and Arn Anderson and he states
that they are forming a new group in conjuction with the other
Horseman to rid the WCW of the nWo and its called the ICONS (or some
other catchy name) and Savage later on goes onto issue a challenge to
Roddy Piper for later on. Later on in the show Piper accepts. The
match begins in the third hour and Piper beats him cleanly and Hogan
and the rest of the ICONS jump in and say that because he beat a
fellow ICON in Savage that if he wants he can be a part of the ICONS.
Piper accepts but just after this the nWo comes out and they all start
brawling until suddenly the Warrior comes out and helps the ICONS as
the show ends.

The Warrior calls out Hogan and demands a match with him later on in
Nitro for a shot in the ICONS. Hogan accepts saying that he'd love to
have him in the ICONS if he can beat him. The Warrior ends up winning
the match but when he askes if he is an ICON or not all of the ICONS
jump him and Hogan gets on the mic and says "You never have and never
will be an ICON. You're not the Ultimate Warrior but you're The
Ultimate Piece of S**t" and they continue to gang up on him and Hogan
once again gets on the mic and says "From now on you're not welcome in
WCW anymore because Bischoff said so". The show ends.Not to drag this
thing anymore and make it too long but Bischoff joins the ICONS as a
manager and quits the nWo and with this the ICONS turn heel along with
the Horseman just like I feel it should be.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: KFITZPATI
I was surprised to get the news from your newsletter and WWF.COM that
won the title from the Rock at the last RAW TV taping. But I
personally have to give him a lot of credit for his rise to the top of
the game. Most of you out there are like me and remember him starting
out as a jobber in the WWF and as the early Cactus Jack (see
SuperClash III, that '88 AWA pay-per-view for an early appearance
where he lost a six man match with the RPM's to the Guerrero
brothers). I even remember switching channels and not watching WCW TV
in the early 90s when he was thrown into title bouts. But he
perfected his craft in what seems to be the most influencial
federation in the world, ECW, and I have never seen him put on a bad
show since he joined the WWF in 1996. Bottom line: his interviews are
regularly fabulous, his brawling is perhaps the best in the business,
and the ability to sell THREE characters like he has cannot be denied.
And I feel this has been very important for the WWF too....after all
if you go back just to 1996, we have seen more injury problems (Ahmed
Johnson, HBK's back, Triple H's knees, now Austin's torn muscles) and it
has taken a lot of effort to keep the talent healthy enough to put on
even an average show. But Foley has been superb- the Hell in the Cell
match at King of the
Ring 1998 with Undertaker proved that he will do whatever it takes to
give the fans a good show. And it seems to be only positive for the
WWF, too.
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