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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 118

Date:  Saturday January 2nd, 1999  6:01 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

There is talk of an Austin VS. Owen Hart feud after Wrestlemania,
which won't please Stone Cold.
Austin is not comfortable with

exploiting into an angle the near paralyzing neck injury at the hands
of Owen at Summerslam 1997.
(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)

Carlos Silva sends word that People Magazine is conducting another
online poll, this one to crown the unofficial online Most Intriguing
Person of 1998. He suggests that you vote for Mick Foley; either way,
cast a vote for a wrestling personality (if you feel like it, of
course!). Steve Austin & Jesse Ventura are already on the official
ballot, along with the gorgeous Vanessa Marcil, although none of the
three are listed in the top 25. Here's a sampling of portions of the
top 25:
Here are the latest results:
1. 'N Sync, 12852 votes
2. Backstreet Boys, 12741 votes
3. Hank, the Angry Drunken Dwarf, 6814 votes
10. Mick Foley, 2640 votes
14. Raven, 1420 votes
17. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch, 1158 votes
For the vote to count, it must be spelled and capitalized correctly as
shown above.
Here is the address:

There are tons of rumors that Hulk Hogan will be big time involved in
Nitro on Monday night. There are stories that the original nWo will
reform, with Nash handing the title over to Hogan. If that happens,
its so weak its pitiful. I realize that Hogan has to come back, that
NBC wants him, but WCW has to keep him away from the title. One thing
Goldberg brought to the title, even though he is still very in his
career, was credibility. He looked and acted like a guy who would kick
your butt and pin you. Hogan does not have that in him.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Reported by
World Extreme Wrestling (WXW) has released a statement denying reports
that Samu is heading to WCW as early as this Monday to feud with
Konnan. According to the statement, Samu has been contemplating offers
from both companies and is involved in something of a bidding war.
Samu himself says:

""I really can't go on the record and discuss much at this point. I
will say that I am in negotiations with World Championship Wrestling
and World X-TREME Wrestling presently. Both sides are treating me very
well and am currently weighting my options. I will let all of my peeps
know my decision first on my web site at:
Reported by

There is talk that WCW booking committee member Terry Taylor, who is
working without a contract, may jump to the WWF in early 1999. He may
even rejoin the WWF as a wrestler. He is 43 and hasn't wrestled more
than a handful of matches in the last five years. He was considered a
great worker during his early years in the sport and for a long time
was talked about as having more potential than Bret Hart because his
interviews were strong. Then came the fateful day that the WWF hired
both him and Curt Hennig; Hennig ended up with the Mr. Perfect gimmick
while Taylor got saddled with the Red Rooster gimmick.
(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)

Kanyon was offered a contract renewal by WCW of $280,000 according to
the Charleston Post and Courier (Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro
Wrestling Torch)

Reported By UMWChris
Although, not that important, those WCW Talking Trading Cards are sold
at Toys R
Us and KB Toys. They retail for I believe around $6.00, which doesn't
seem worth the money. I saw them when looking at the framed pictures
for sale, in the Starting Lineup and sports stuff section.
VISIT my Home Page:

With ECW's next PPV, Guilty As Charged (GAC) set for
January 10, 1999,
Orlando, Fl, tonight's program was used to showcase the people who
will be there.

It began with Terry Funk coming to the ring during a match between
Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible, who had his Manager Jason at
ringside. Tommy was on the mat and Funk began stomping and dissed him.
He told Tommy to be a man and get up, and then nailed him with the
mic. Funk continued his verbal barrage and Tommy just took it. Funk to
him to "do something."

The regular ECW opening was run.

Joey Styles was in the ring and welcomed the crowd, who began a chant
of "ECW, ECW.." Styles announced that ECW is back on MSG Network in
NYC and then crowd began chanting, "MSG, MSG..." He then said there is
a problem with GAC, there is no challenger for Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas for the ECW Championship. Douglas came to the ring accompanied
by Francine, The Head Cheerleader. Francine was wearing her usual (a
smile and almost nothing else).
Douglas was still wearing a cast on
his left wrist. Francine kissed Joey and gave a little T&A show. The
crowd loved it.
Douglas said he told us so, that Sabu wouldn't make it
to GAC, that he "saved" wrestling, and that Taz did the job on Sabu
that he was asked to. He then called Taz to the ring. Taz came in and
Douglas told him he could have whatever he wanted for taking Sabu out,
offering money, Francine or a spot in The Triple Threat. Taz took the
mic and said he did want
Douglas' money, didn't want Francine, as
"girls like her are a dime a dozen on 42nd
St.," and wasn't interested
in the Triple Threat. He said he wanted a shot at the Title, and won't
show any mercy.
Douglas tried to beg off, but Taz wasn't interested.
Douglas was beside himself as Taz left the ring. Francine contemplated
"a dime a dozen?"

We saw a clip from last weeks show of the unknown woman who came out
of the crowd and got involved in a cat fight with Chastity, The Blonde
Bimbo's Bimbo, and Tommy Dreamer making the save. See my ECW TV
December 25, 1998, for compete details.

The first match was Yoshihero Tajiri v. Pablo Marquez. It was a very
fast paced match, with a lot of high flying action. It began with a
Snap Mare and a Kick to the head by Pablo, both of which were repaid
by Tajiri. Tajiri threw Pablo into a corner and came in with a Back
Elbow. Pablo went to the floor and was hit with a Somersault Plancha.
Tajiri kept up his assault and applied The Tarantula on the ropes,
followed by a Kick to the head when they were back in the ring. Tajiri
hit a Leg Drop and rolled Pablo onto his shoulders trying for a pin,
but couldn't get it. Another Kick to the head followed. Pablo came
back and threw Tajiri into a corner as the match was interrupted by a
commercial. When we got back, Tajiri was on the floor and Pablo nailed
him with a Corkscrew Plancha. Back in the ring and Pablo hit a
Spinning Heel Kick. Tajiri hit another Kick to the head, followed by a
Spinning Heel Kick of his own. Pablo tried to fight back but got
caught with a German Suplex, followed by a Brain Buster, followed by
wondering why he didn't stay in bed, as Tajiri pinned him for the
Winner - Yoshihero Tajiri

The next match was picked up in progress and pitted Super Crazy v.
Anifaz Del Norte. The match was as fast as you would ever want to see,
with the action too fast to keep up with. It went to the floor where
Super Crazy hit a Corkscrew Plancha off the top turn buckle, that got
our first "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. Super Crazy hit a Huricanrana. Del
Norte countered with a Slam off the top rope and we got another "Oh,
my G-d" from our man. They exchanged several more moves and went to
the floor again where they went at it. Back in the ring and Super
Crazy hit a Fireman's Carry and a Drop from it. He followed with a
Springboard Moonsault, but missed a follow up move, allowing Del Norte
to hit a Huricanrana. Super Crazy wasn't to be denied as he hit a
Tiger Bomb and pinned Del Norte. Super Crazy will face Tajiri at GAC,
in another
Mexico v. Japan match. With these two high fliers, it
should be a heck of a match.
Winner - Super Crazy

Styles gave the card for GAC and this led into the next match as he
Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam.

The next match was for the ECW TV Title, with Van Dam (C), accompanied
by Manager Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso v. Skull Von Crush, with his Manager
Mr. Wright, resident ECW @$$hole returning after a prolonged absence.
I would guess he had a problem crawling out from under the rock he was
under. Fonzie was still wearing a cast on his left wrist. Van Dam came
to the ring to cheers of "Rob Van Dam" and played to the crowd. As he
was being introduced as TV Champion and also "1/2 of the ECW Tag Team
Champions, Van Dam took the mic and corrected the announcer to "3/4 of
the ECW Tag Team Champions." This got the crowd into a chant of "Whole
F'N Show." Skull began the match with a classic wrestling move, he
spit in Van Dam's face. Not sanitary and he will most likely regret
it. Van Dam applied a Side Head Lock and they then went into a series
of mat moves. Van Dam loaded up and loogied Skull. The crowd loved it,
but no one offered him a towel. Skull hit a Leg Trip. Fonzie was
chasing Mr. Wright out on the floor as Van Dam toyed with Skull. He
came over to the camera and told his pulse. He said that after all
that 'tough' mat action, he was still not up. We went to a commercial
as Van Dam mugged some more. When we got back, they were out on the
floor and Skull threw Van Dam into the guard rail. He charged Van Dam,
who threw him into the crowd. They fought among the fans and then
Skull picked up a chair (they never learn) and was forced to eat it as
Van Dam hit the chair with a Side Kick coming off the guard rail and
Skull ate it. He followed with a Springboard Plancha off the guard
rail as Skull got to meet more of the fans. Van Dam brought Skull back
to ring side, but got caught coming off the guard rail and was
crotched on it (double ouch). Fonzie came over to check on Van Dam and
slapped Skull in the face. As Skull went after him, Van Dam hit him
with a Huricanrana. Back in the ring and Van Dam hit a Standing Drop
Kick and Joey commented on the height of his vertical leap. Van Dam
was caught on the top turn buckle and crotched (another double ouch).
Van Dam was hung up in the corner and Skull punched him out. Skull hit
a nice Side Slam off the top turn buckle, went for a pin, but no go.
He followed with a Suplex, dropped an Elbow off the middle turn buckle
and again went for a pin. A Scoop and Slam, followed by a Leg Drop and
another failed pin by Skull. Frustrated, Skull ripped at Van Dam's
face, then a shot to the back of the head and neck, followed by a kick
to the ribs. Van Dam came back with a Power Slam, a Leg Drop and a
cover of his own, but still couldn't get the pin. Van Dam nailed a
Corkscrew Leg Drop and went for a pin, but couldn't get it. Van Dam
played to the crowd and then hit a Scoop and a Slam. He followed with
a Tumbling Senton Splash and another failed cover. Van Dam then played
to the camera. Fonzie threw Van Dam a chair, but Mr. Wright came up
from behind and pulled it out of his hands. Fonzie came into the ring
and went at it with Mr. Wright. Proving its not nice to fool with
Mother Nature or Fonzie, Van Dam came off the top turn buckle onto Mr.
Wright with a major Leg Drop, sending him back to his rock. Skull
picked up the chair and clocked Van Dam between the eyes. Skull went
to the top turn buckle, but Fonzie hooked his leg allowing Van Dam
time to recover and crotch Skull on the top rope. Van Dam went to the
adjacent top turn buckle, Fonzie held a chair in front of Skull's face
and Van Dam hit a monster Van Daminator, putting Skull's lights (and
everything else) out. Skull is probably still wishing he stayed home.
Van Dam will defend the TV Title v. Masato Tanaka at GAC.
Winner - Rob Van Dam - Retains ECW TV Title
Winners - The fans

We saw more of the clip mentioned earlier involving the unknown woman,
Chastity, Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk.

Styles again ran down the card for GAC.

Lance Storm came to the ring accompanied by Tammy Lynn Bytch, who was
dressed for the season wearing a short white shirt and top, ringed
with white fur. The crowd chanted "Show your T*ts." Storm said "No!"
and the crowd chanted "F**k you Lance." Tammy Lynn seemed upset (was
it at the crowd or Lance saying no)? Another chant of "Show your T*ts"
started and Tammy Lynn shrugged at the crowd as Lance again said "No!"
This got a chant of "
USA" started and it pissed Lance off. He then
said that at GAC he is scheduled for a Three Way Dance v. Jerry Lynn,
who he said is injured and old, and Mikey Whipwreck, who has left for
another promotion (WCW). He said Mikey left because he couldn't beat
him and the only competition there is being buried for not signing a
contract (Chris Jericho). He wanted to know if there was anyone in the
locker room who dared face him. He got his wish as Spike Dudley came
to the ring and immediately hit an Acid Drop and pinned him Spike
exited just as quickly. Spike will be replacing Whipwreck at GAC.
Winner (I guess) - Spike

The program closed with a series of clips of those who with compete at
Another fast paced, action packed hour.
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