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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 119

Date:  Sunday January 3rd, 1999  8:11 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Eddie Guerrero INJURED!
10pm EST - Scoops has just learned that Eddie Guerrero has been seriously injured

in a late New Year's Eve car accident. Sources say the 30 year old wrestler has
suffered a broken hip and punctured liver among various injuries. No word yet on
who was driving the vehicle, but there is currently no suspicion that the
accident was alcohol related. More details to come. The staff of The Wrestling
Booking Sheet hopes that Eddie will recover; he's one of the best, and I look
forward to seeing him for years to come. My thanks to Rich V. for first
alerting me to this story.
(Reported by )

The breaking story from the
land of Nikkan Sports is that Vader sent Kenta
Kobashi to the hospital in
Tokyo (Tokyo Meguro Ward?). Kobashi had 11 stitches

sewn over his left eye. The paper, which may be an error in translation (don't
hold me to this 100%, even my ability to figure this out is being tested),
claims that Vader and Kobashi were fighting in the waiting room where Kobashi
was located at. The report claims that Vader smashed some glass (windows?) in
the back. During the battle royal at the 1/2 All Japan show, Vader cut Kobashi's
left eyelid up with a flurry of punches. Vader screamed, "I HATE KOBASHI!"
(Hmm... I smell a stupid angle for some reason) The update was produced by
Kosuke Nagai. All Japan NEVER runs angles, so this is a big deal booking-wise
for Baba.
Reported by Zach Arnold at:
Sunday Night Heat for
January 3rd, 1999
By Steve Appy
The New Age Outlaws were interviewed. Shane McMahon complemented Road Dog,
calling him a great Hardcore Champion. Shane seems to alternate between his
Silver Spoon heel character and his bogus hip persona. Billy Gunn directed a
challenge to "Kenneth" (?) Shamrock; Road Dog challenged The Rock to a Hardcore,
No Holds Barred Title Match. The Rock and Ken Shamrock responded; Shamrock
claimed that Gunn wouldn't get a shot at the IC Title. The Rock told the world
that Road Dog would have to get through Test before receiving a stab at the

Michael Cole interviewed Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock; before Shamrock
could respond, Gunn jumped Shamrock and a pull apart brawl ensued. Gunn suffers
when having to wrestle without Road Dog; he just doesn't have the presence.

George "The Animal" Steele pinned Headbanger Mosh in 1:16
Steele issued a challenged that if he defeats Mosh, the Oddities would receive a
title shot at the bogus "WWF World Tag Team Championship of the Universe"!
Steele used a foreign object to score the victory over Mosh; Steele didn't look
even adequate out there. Is this what the WWF means when they refer to the new
WWF Attitude?

Shawn Michaels was interviewed "Live" from his home in
San Antonio, TX. HBK
showed no fear regarding The Corporation, and promised to be on RAW tomorrow
night. While a decent interview, there's something missing from the old HBK

Hunter Hearst Helmsly (w/X-Pac) pinned Mark Henry in 1:53
Triple H had to defend his ladies honor; Chyna did not accompany Triple H to the ring
before the match. As Henry had the advantage, Chyna & a mysterious female
friend appeared on the ramp. Henry was distracted, which set him up for Triple H's

Val Venis pinned Christian in 2:17
Venis was crotched, which briefly allowed Christian to take the advantage.
Venis recovered, and scored the victory after The Money Shot. The Brood took
their vengeance, and Venis suffered a bloodbath.

Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) defeated WWF World Tag Team
Champions Ken Shamrock & The Big Boss Man in
2:22 in a non-title match.
Shamrock's offense looks great, which is incredible considering he's only been
wrestling full time for less than two years. As the Boss Man was ready to
defeat Jarrett, Debra unbuttoned her blouse. The Boss Man walked over to her,
and Debra placed his hand firmly on her left buttock. While The Boss Man was in
heaven, Owen was alert and rolled him up for the non-title victory.

Michael Cole interviwed Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett & Debra. They were angry that
their victory was in a non-title affair, and seemed ready to make a run for the

Hardcore Champion Road Dog defeated Test via disqualification in 3:06

Mankind slowly walked to ringside, which caused Shane McMahon to flee ringside.
Road Dog called Mankind up into the ring, and showed him respect, promising a
future shot at the title. Road Dog gave Foley the ultimate "praise", announcing
him as Billy Gunn for the rest of the evening. Since a shot at The Rock was at
stake for Road Dog, The Rock attacked Road Dog, causing the DQ. Foley made the
save as Heat ended.....
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The Capital would be located in Never Never Land, in the
Fantasy Land section
of Disney World, in honor of "The Streak." A summer retreat would be in Larry
Land, home of the man who is a Legend In His Own Mind and well versed at
changing history to fit any illusion desired.

2. Goldberg's autobiography, "Men In Black (Tights) Can Make It" or "How To Lose
And Still Be Undefeated," would be the Official Training Manual for the
development of a "Hype Created" superstar.

3. Appointees: Hans Christian Andersen, Presidential Biographer; Dr. Seuss,
Press Secretary; Pinnochio, Secretary of State; Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs,
The Supreme Count; Rumplestilskin; Ambassador to the UN; O.J. Simpson, Secretary
of Defense; and W.J. Clinton, Attorney General.

4. The top Christmas toys would be Unbeatable Ken, Undefeated Ken, Unstoppable
Ken, Giant Killer Ken, Spear The World Ken, Jack Hammer Ken, and Their Hero
Worshipping Friend Barbi Action Figures. They would all come complete with an
assortment of Jobber Action Figures and a PA System to create and enhance room
noise when being taken out of their boxes. They would be available at every WCW
event and at all locations where illusions are sold, at all Supermen "R" Us
Stores, on the Internet at www.NASHSUX.Com, or by calling

5. If Saddam got out of line, Goldberg would go to Iraq and treat him like he
was just another Jobber: Spear, Jack Hammer, Pin and thus continue "The Streak,"
since the whole world will be convinced that the Starrcade Match against Kevin
Nash was only a figment of out imagination and never really happened.

6. The National Symbol would be a bald wrestler* in Black Tights and Black
Boots, with the Number 157, 930 beneath him, representing "The Streak" at the
time of Goldberg's retirement. *This would obviously not be Stone Cold Steve
Austin, since it is common knowledge that a wrestler fitting that description
could never succeed.

7. The military would consist of 100 Goldberg Clones, a force more than 10 times
what is needed to maintain our status as the world's only Superpower.

8. The National Anthem would be replaced by chants of "Goldberg, Goldberg.."
piped into every home on every TV Channel, Radio Station, Telephone,
Relay Tower, Electric Outlet, etc., every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a


9. Money would come in Denominations to match "The Streak" and would have a
picture of Goldberg standing atop a pile of his latest five victims on one side,
and The Fearless Foursome (Tony The Shill, The Very Old Perfessa, Larry Loser
and Booby Heenan), beneath Bischoff's thumb on the other.

10. Kevin Nash would have his behind shaved and made to walk backwards for even
attempting to sell the story that he ended "The Streak."
Below we present Chris Jericho's latest message to his fans, found at:
NP: Blind Guardian-Nightfall In Middle Earth
Merry New Year Jerichoholics!!!!
Well I hope that everyone had a happy and safe holiday. May all of your hopes
and dreams be realized in this ano.!! its hard to believe that its 1999. I
remember when I was a kid, there was a show called Space:1999. The show was the
epitome of what the future was supposed to be like and its funny...its nothing
like that. I guess we have to wait another thirty or so years until there's
commuter space travel and funky silver jumpsuits!!

It was brought to my attention that I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin in a big
internet tournament. Well thanks and you never know...maybe you'll see the real
deal some day soon!!

If you're unhappy with the amount of Chris Jericho you've seen as of late, shout
it out loud!!! If you want to see more CJ on Nitro etc,, bring out your signs.
Make up some cool
Jericho signs, flash them on TV and voice your opinion!

The movie of the week is The Faculty. A really good shocker from Robert
Rodriges and Kevin Williamson.

Just so you know, WCW/NWO magazine is holding their year end balloting. Go to
the WCW website and make sure to cast your votes!

Well I had a great trip home for Christmas and the band sounded real good.
We've got eight songs in the can and more to come. August of 99 is the debut of
the Jerichoholic Metal Nation!!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Hildebrand, Guerrero,
Irvine, Olson and
Lockhart families. God bless you guys and I'll talk to ya soon!
Shotgun Saturday Night Results for
January 2nd, 1998

By VBbys8
Gangrel defeated Tiger Ali Singh via his awesome finisher (pickup DDT)

The Blue Meanie defeated Brian Christopher via DQ- The match was short and Scott
Taylor was at ringside to cheer on his male companion. The match ended when
Kevin Quinn ran in and interfered. Then Duane Gill came out to help the Blue

Bob Holly & Scorpio won a 4 corners tag match vs D.O.A, The Acolytes,and LOD
2000 Animal & Droz- At one point Droz and Animal were the legal men and looked
like they were going to fight but Animal tagged in Skull and Droz tagged in
Faarooq so there was no fight between the two. Then all 8 men were brawling in
the ring, and soon the action went to the outside where D.O.A was brawling with
the Acolytes and Animal was brawling with Scorpio. In the ring, Droz hit the
Tiger Bomb on Holly but as he went for the pin, Hawk came out. Droz was
distracted and Holly rolled him up for the victory.
Reader Mailbag
Submitted by reader: Adam Schlosser (slush8)
Royal Rumble:
Stone Cold manages to survive after nearly getting tossed about three times.
Shamrock and
Austin are left as Vince hits the ring as number 30. Austin thinks
he has Shamrock out cold and goes after Vince. But from behind Shamrock goes
a diving tackle and sends himself and Austin over the top. Vinnie Mac wins the
Royal Rumble for 1999.

Vince hands over the $100,000 bounty to Ken Shamrock to a chorus of boos. Vince
goes on to talk about how he will face Mankind for the World Heavyweight Title
and he is sure with his Corporate power he can win. But Mick comes to the ring
in some odd super hero outfit, sort of like Batman. "What the hell are you
doing Mick?" Vince asks. Clearly more disturbed than usual Mick Foley cackles
at Vince. "I'm
MickMan. Get it, like you're MACMAN according to Gerald Brisco's speech
impediment," Mick says hysterically. Mick then bounces around like the Blue
Blazer. Vince leaves the ring very agitated. Mick grabs the mic and laughs
some more. "And you talk about so much ass kissing, kiss mine, Vinnie!"
Mankind is bending over to reveal boxers with lips all over them. Vince flips
the bird to Foley and storms back stage.

Vince goes into a tirade about Mick's actions and says tonight he will face Test
and the next night Vince will claim his title shot early. Mick comes to the ramp
still dressed as MickMan and agrees. Later in the program Mick has test under
hitting the Mandible claw with Socko even dressed in tights and a little cape.
But the corporation storms in and beats Mick, Vince helps out even and the match
is thrown out. As they retreat Mick Foley gets to a microphone. "This ain't
over Vince. You've made me very very upset. AND its NOT GOOD TO UPSET ME!"
Mick yells. The program ends with MickMan rocking himself in the ring.

Nobody has seen Mick Foley all day, and Vince is clearly apprehensive. Main
event comes and Vince is left standing in the ring while Mankind's music plays.
From under the announcers table rolls CACTUS JACK! He hops in the ring and
pounds on Vince. The corporation tries to interfere but Terry Funk chases them
off with a cattleprod. Vince is helpless as Cactus Jack hammers his way through
Vince McMahon to retain his title.
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if you're available.

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attacks, and a lot more. There is a weekly newsletter and it has match results,
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you! Ultimate Championship Wrestling has been open for 4 weeks and is free! We
have two cards a week plus a PPV every month. We have 20 members at this time,
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allowed one wrestler, real or fake. Check out our site at: Fill out an application,
role-playonce, and if you are accepted then you will be placed on the roster.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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