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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 120

Date:  Wednesday January 6th, 1999  9:17 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

About a month ahead of schedule, Sting returned to action for WCW over
the weekend. Replacing the still-injured Bret Hart in matches against
Wrath, Sting got huge crowd reactions at the spot shows throughout the
south. Reports are, however, that Sting was a bit out-of-shape and
not up to his usual level of performance at these shows. ( Reported
by )

Dean Malenko injured his ankle at the WCW house show last night in
Columbus, GA. It was initially thought to be a break, but it turns out
it was just a severe sprain.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Eddie GuerreroUPDATE
To give a quick update on the New Year's Eve one car accident
involving Eddie Guerrero, he is doing better. His liver is responding
well, and his fractured hip may not be as bad as initially feared.
From what I have heard, the accident occured near his home in the
middle of the night. I have heard no reports of any foul play.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Reported by Zack Arnold of
he attendance for the 1/4 show was announced at 62,500. The organizers
of the event announced that the next Tokyo Dome show will happen on
Saturday, April 10th, at 5 PM JST.

In the first match, Manabu Nakanishi defeated Kazuyuki Fujita with the
Torture Rack at the
11:10 mark. A lariat was apparently used before
the rack.

In the second match, the team of Tadao Yasuda, Osamu Kidoh, and
Tatsumi Fujinami defeated the team of Michiyoshi Ohara, Tatsutoshi
Gotoh, and Kengo Kimura when Yasuda used a Liger bomb (then a body
press?) on Gotoh at the
9:17 mark to get the pinfall.

In the first title change of the night and the 3rd bout of the
evening, the team of Kendo Ka Shin and Doctor Wagner Jr. win the IWGP
Jr. Tag Team Titles over the team of Tatsuhito Takaiwa and Shinjiro
Ohtani when Ka Shin used an avalanche-style juji-gatame on Ohtani to
get the tap-out at the
16:53 mark.

In the 4th bout of the evening, Jushin Liger successfully defended his
IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title by defeating Koji Kanemoto with a vertical
brainbuster at the
23:11 mark. For Liger, it is his 7th successful
title defense.

In the 5th bout of the evening, Kensuke Sasaki won by disqualification
when Atsushi Onita threw fire at him at the
5:55 mark. The special
referee of the bout was Kotetsu Yamamoto. Onita and Sasaki did a
pile-driver spot on a table and exchanged lariats outside the ring.
Yamamoto stopped the bout once the fire spot occurred.

In the 6th bout of the evening and the 1st of 3 UFO vs. New
bouts, the New Japan team takes a 1-0 lead when Yuji Nagata defeats
Dave Beneteau via submission from a triangle lock.

In the 7th bout of the evening and the 2nd of 3 UFO vs. New
bouts, the UFO team ties up the series at 1-a-piece when Don Frye
defeats Brian Johnston when the referee stops the match.
immediately attempted to attack the UFO members but Frye proved to be
too much.

In the 8th bout of the evening and the final bout of the UFO vs. New
Japan series, it ended in a screwjob. The match between Shin'ya

Hashimoto and Naoya Ogawa was declared invalid when referee Masao
"Tiger" Hottori took a bump and the ring announcer, Hideyuki Tanaka,
rang the bell to declare the match invalid. When Tiger Hottori took
the bump, Ogawa gave Hashimoto a bloody nose. Hottori was soon
"revived" and declared a no-contest. Choshu will now mediate between
both sides.

In the 9th bout of the evening, the semi-main event, the team of
Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeat the team of Shiro Koshinaka
and Gen'ichiro Tenryu to become the new IWGP Tag Team champions.
Tenzan got the pinfall on Koshinaka.

In the 10th and final bout of the evening, Keiji Mutoh wins the IWGP
Heavyweight Title by using a Figure-4 Leg Lock to get Scott Norton to
submit. As Norton attempted a shoulder breaker, Mutoh focused
on the leg. He tried a dragon screw and drop kick to the leg and
focused on Norton's legs.
Reported by Zack Arnold of

February 20, 1999 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Knights of
Columbus Hall
Jericho Tpke. Mineola, NY

Appearing:Val Venis, Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown, Droz, Jim Cornette, Iron
Sheik, King Kong Bundy, Jimmy Snuka, Nikolai Volkoff, Doink the Clown
and many other legends of pro wrestling. Admission is $5. There will
be dealer tables.
For more info call 800-582-5541
GOOD, BAD and the UGLY.........
by: Mark George (attkdonkey)
The time has come for the first installment of the "Good, Bad and the
Ugly" for 1999. For those of you who forgot, it is a segment that
reflects my opinion on what is good, bad and ugly in the world of
professional wrestling. Enjoy!!!!
THE GOOD...........
One of the best gets his just due. It may be for a short time, but
Foley is definitely one of the most respected and well liked wrestlers
around and he deserves the spotlight as WWF World Champ.

WHOOOOOO!!! The final Nitro main event in 1998 was awsome!!!!
Watching Flair humiliate Bichoff was pure satisfaction and the respect
other wrestlers gave him when they joined him ringside was pure class.
Flair's first order of business should be to throw Mongo's ass out on
the street.

3) BRET HART DOCUMENTARY, " Wrestling With Shadows".
That was a quality 2 hour program. I am not a big Bret Hart fan, but
like many other people I have new found respect for the man. The
reality of life backstage was intoxicating.

THE BAD.........
What a joke!!!!!! Nash, you look like a bitch. I am not opposed to a
reformed nWo, but why does Hogan have to be the title holder or even
involved for that matter. Hogan probably realized that his acting
career is obsolete without wrestling as a crutch. The WCW World title
is becoming as big a joke as the Tag Team Title. Look for Nash & Hall
to get that soon.

Michaels going under the knife is a necessity, but I for one will miss
him dearly. Hopefully he will wrestle again. There is nothing more
entertaining than watching "The Show Stoppa" rape a man of his dignity
and self respect!!!! Get well soon.

You fat piece of trash!! It is nothing new for the WCW/WWF to take
shots at each other, but for Schiavone to disrespect Mick Foley by
name on Nitro was piss poor. Jim Ross owns you!!! Oh yeah, get off
Flair's jock and stop talking about your mythical friendship with him.
He probably keeps you around for little Reid to slap you around.

THE UGLY.............
Need I say more? (Editor: This was Mark's call, so if you think it
was mean, e-mail him, not me).

Oh looky here!!!! Leave it to WCW Monday Nitro to give a group of
losers their own skybox and airtime on a top rated cable show. Why??
Looks like all of you young ingrates who wasted an entire school year
to make your "Nitro Party" tapes all got punked by a bunch of 40 year
old men with no jobs. That entire skybox was filled with "Joe
Wrestling Fans". Maybe in 1999, WCW will try for a $79.99 pay per
view bonanza promising us Nash/Goldberg II, but instead give us a tag
match: Nitro Party Winners, Hogan & The Cat vs. DDP, Punky Brewster &
Gary Colemen. Go away LOSERS!!!!!!
WCW Nitro Report for
January 4th, 1999, Live from Atlanta GA
By Steve Appy
Nitro opened with Tony Shiavonie hyping "The biggest rematch in
wrestling history", Goldberg VS. Nash. Hollywood Hogan was announced
as appearing, with the intention of thanking his fans. There was an
announced 40,000 + in attendance at the Georgia Dome.

The winners of the Grand Nitro Party were shown partying in a luxery
suite. its good to keep this garbage in the first hour......

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) pinned Glacier in 2:38
Morrus scored the upset with "The No Laughing Matter" Moonsault.
While I didn't mind seeing Glacier lose, it was strange to see his
recent push end so suddenly.

Flair's victory over Bischoff was reviewed; the announcers speculated
about what moves Flair will make as the new President of WCW.

WCW President Ric Flair entered the building, accompanied by wife
Beth, sons David & Reid, and Arn Anderson. Benoit, McMichael, and
Dean Malenko (on crutches) joined the procession as they walked to the
ring. Flair demanded that Bischoff join them in the ring, and he
"demoted" Bischoff to working under Tony Shiavonie in the broadcast
booth. In addition, he re-hired Randy "Pee Wee"
Anderson as a
referee, and doubled his salary in the process.

Flair announced the main event for Souled Out on 1/24 as a handicap
match with himself against Curt Hennig & Barry Windham; David Flair
interrupted and asked to be his partner at Souled Out. Ric initially
refused, fearing his son wasn't ready. Arn Anderson interrupted, and
advised Ric that David "knew what he was doing". Ric & David Flair
VS. Curt Hennig & Barry Windham will headline the PPV. On a side
note, there was a woman in the background who looked like Flair's
daughter; very attractive. I believe she's 24 or 25 years old. When
motivated, NOBODY can talk as well as Flair, and he was motivated

Booker T pinned Emory Hale with a Missle Dropkick.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned Norman Smiley in 3:58
There was no mention made of Eddie 's injury; another upset, with Chavo
surprising Smiley. A nice surprise, since Chavo has twice the talent
of Smiley. Smiley was enraged and broke Pepe over Chavo in
retaliation; with any luck, Guerrero will forget to replace him.

Chris Benoit defeated Horace Hogan via submission in 3:56
Horace actually hit Benoit with a nice Suicide Dive on the floor;
although Benoit sells as well as anyone, I hate to see him sell for
Horace. At least Benoit wasn't forced to job to him; Benoit made the
comeback and applied the Crippler Crossface for the submission
victory. Bischoff sat with Zbyszko & Shiavonie and refused to say a

Bill Goldberg was served with a warrant for his arrest; he pleaded
both innocence and ignorance, and actually seemed pretty unlikeable.
He bragged about his community service, and didn't come across as
heroic at all (which wasn't the intention). He left the arena in
handcuffs in the back of a police car.

Kevin Nash was upset that his opponent was removed from the arena, and
encountered a laughing Hollywood Hogan. When asked what was so funny,
Hogan started spouting off about law and order and that he was sure
that Goldberg was guilty.
Elizabeth spoke to several police officers
in the background......

Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) defeated Perry Saturn via submission in
Is Jericho's victory a sign that he may remain with WCW? Saturn threw
Jericho around so much that he looked like the Human Suplex Machine
(sorry Taz). Ref Scott Dickinson was knocked out, and
Jericho hit
Saturn with a low blow and followed up with The Liontamer. Dickinson,
who hates Saturn, called for a quick submission.

Goldberg was shuffled around the Police Department; he was informed
that he was arrested for stalking Elizabeth Lebowsky (the
Elizabeth of
Macho Man fame). He denied it, and was blindsided by the accusation.

The Nitro party winners were once again shown (in the second hour,
nonetheless). The party winners looked drunk (though no alcohol was

Two police detectives interviewed
Elizabeth, and she claimed that
Goldberg is following her everywhere; one detective was skeptical.

A hilarious LwO video aired of Eddie throwing a party; he was the stud,
capturing the attention of the babes in attendance. He took pains to
humilate each member of the LwO in front of the ladies, and declared
himself at the top of the Latino World. His subservient LwO
colleagues are beginning to resent their bondage. This was the most
personality Eddie has shown yet; hopefully he can return from his
injury shortly and at least continue building his character.

Pyschosis & Juventud Guerrera Jr. defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy
Kidman in
Although under sad circumstances, its nice to see Pyschosis get a
push. This was a Texas Tornado Match, and all four men brawled all
over the ringside area. Pyschosis looked great, and made the most of
his opportunity. Kidman kept up with The Luchadors, and earned his
title as the breakout worker of 1998. A misaimed Kidman Dropkick
disabled Mysterio, and Pyschosis scored the pinfall.

Goldberg defended himself to the police detectives, but was unable to
put forth a bulletproof defense. The title match is in jeopardy......

Gene Okerlund interviewed WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash.
Nash claimed that Goldberg was screwed at Starrcade; Nash claimed that
Hogan was behind the garbage tonight. Nash asked Flair to order a
Hogan/Nash World Title match later tonight; Flair granted the request.
Standing next to the legit 7 foot Nash, Flair looked like a midget.

Elizabeth was once again interviewed; she claimed that Goldberg made
harassing phone calls and constantly harassed her. She got defensive,
and her credibilty took a beating. The detectives no longer seemed to
believe her.

Gene Okerlund interviewed Hollywood Hulk Hogan. He accepted Nash's
challenge for later tonight; Hogan's trademark charisma just doesn't
work anymore. I smell a setup....

Tony Shiavonie, in one of the more tasteless actions of the week,
announced to the television audience that Mick Foley wins the WWF
World Title later on RAW; he mocked Foley, hinting that he wasn't a
draw and "wouldn't put butts in the seat". The sad part is that the
WWF is just as capable of a cheap shot.

Earlier today, a video was shown of Chris Jericho complementing
referee Scott Dickinson, pumping
Dickinson up against Saturn.

Konnan defeated WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner (w/Buff Bagwell)
via disqualfication in 3:59
Steiner did his usual routine, which is evolving into a cross between
Triple H & Rick Rude (though both men do it better). Bagwell mocked
Flair's "heart attack", which got the expected result. Shiavonie
again mentioned Foley's WWF title victory; he sounds pathetic. He's
almost warning viewers to turn into RAW so they don't miss seeing a
title change. Shivonie kept harping on the fact that RAW isn't always
live; just sad on Tony's part. Konnan was about to apply The Tequila
Sunrise, and Buff stormed the ring to cause the DQ. No Wolfpac
members were in sight to make the save, so poor Konnan took a beating.

Wrath defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via disqualification in
Wrath cut a promo that made him sound like a heel, demanding an
opponent and citing a lack of competition. Bigelow responded, and
neither monster was able to dominate the other. The two brawled to
the outside, and generally looked lame. Neither man complemented the
other, and they both came off as slow, plodding giants. Bigelow
eventually shoved the referee and was DQed. A feud looks to be on the
horizon, which will stall the careers of both men.

The detectives once again interviewed
Elizabeth, and poked holes in
her story. Threatened with perjury, she recanted her story. its
10:29, can Goldberg make it back to the arena in time?

Diamond Dallas Page pinned Bryan Adams (w/Vincent) in 8:56
Dusty, I mean DDP, dominated the nWo jobber. After Vincent
Adams briefly took the advantage. DDP used his Diamond
Cutter off the top rope to vanquish the lumbering
Adams. Putting a
match like this on for so long near the end of the third hour is
ratings suicide. Did Page book this himself?

The police officers informed Goldberg that
Elizabeth admitted she was
lying; Goldberg ordered the officers to bring him to the Georgia Dome
for his title shot.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan (w/Scott Steiner) "pinned" Kevin Nash (w/Scott
Hall) in
to win his 5th WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 1:35
Hogan is like a parasite, and he'll milk his notoriety as long as
possible. Hall joined Nash and was wearing a Wolfpac shirt. The
crowd loved the reunion of The Outsiders, though their joy was short
lived. Both men stalled, and violent contact was never made. Hogan
tapped Nash, and he dropped and allowed Hogan to pin him for the
title. I will repeat myself: Nash ALLOWED himself to be pinned.

Goldberg finally arrived at the arena, and he stormed the ring and
cleaned house on all four men. Lex Luger arrived, seemingly to assist
Goldberg, but he ended up attacking him as well. Goldberg was stunned
with the infamous Taser, and nWo was spray pointed onto the title
belt. Nash has lost all credibility at this point; from a creative
standpoint, why would he willingly give up the World Title? Is the
WCW World Championship worth so little?

The new nWo looks to consist of Hogan, Nash, Hall, Steiner, Luger,
Bagwell, Bischoff, and Elizabeth. I'm not sure what role Stevie Ray,
Norton, and the other jobber members will play; although its value
has been diminishing for years, the WCW World Championship has reached
a new low point. The lineage of Ric Flair, Lou Thesz, Terry Funk, and
Ricky Steamboat has never seemed so far removed from the current
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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