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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 121

Date:  Wednesday January 6th, 1999  10:28 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Joe De Leon and Sister Midnight of the Big 3 Newsboard,
found at:
Pro Wrestler Questioned By Police
From Knight-Ridder
Thursday, December 31, 1998
This New Year's Eve, one professional wrestling fan might make a
resolution to pick someone else as her favorite grappler. Wheelchair
bound Kerri Wilson, age 14, had saved up two months worth of allowance
so her mother would take her to the World Championship Wrestling event
held at the Spectrum last night. Unfortunately, not all of her
memories of the event will be happy ones. Witnesses say approximately
an hour before the show, Ms. Wilson and her mother approached World
Wrestling star Lex Luger (real name, Larry Pfhol) for an autograph as
he entered the arena through a rear entrance. An avid autograph
seeker, Ms. Wilson was delighted to have one of her favorite star's
autograph. But once Wilson and her mother approached Mr. Luger, things
took a turn for the worse. Ms. Wilson's mother says Luger gave the
girl a "look of contempt" and made a demeaning comment on her physical
condition. The resilient Ms. Wilson retorted Luger's verbal assault on
her dignity, only to be given a rude gesture by Luger as he walked
away. Ms. Wilson's mother promptly filed a complaint to the local
police, who later questioned Luger after the show. The
authorities would not comment on the case, but World Championship
Wrestling management stated that while Luger's actions were
inappropriate, Luger had fallen ill and was working the night's match
with a stomach virus, which did not help his demeanor. Luger was taken
off the following weeks tour of house shows, due, according to World
Championship Wrestling officials, to the aforementioned virus.
Meanwhile, back at the
Wilson home, Ms Wilson's father, Thomas Wilson,

had this to say. "While Kerri still enjoys watching wrestling on
Monday nights, she now watches another wrestling promotion's program
because of the conduct of World (Championship) Wrestling wrestlers at
the event at the Spectrum, namely Mr. Lex Luger."
Reported by Joe De Leon & Sister Midnight of the Big 3 Newsboard,
found at:

Buff Bagwell was mocking the coach of The Atlanta Falcons, not Ric
Flair, on last night's Nitro. My mistake, I think I have tunnel
vision when heart attack angles and wrestling go together.
VISIT my Home Page:
The program opened with a clip showing Shawn "HBK" Michaels nailing
Emperor McMahon with a Sweet Chin Music after he was fired. This was
followed by a clip showing some of the highlights of HBK's career in
the WWF.

The Corporation came to the ring. Included were Emperor McMahon,
Prince McMahon, The Stooges (Pat Patterson and Jerry Briscoe), Test,
The Rock, Kane, Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman (BM). Kane had a sign
on his back that said "Briscoe's Body Shop," an apparent attempt at
humor by Jerry Briscoe. Methinks Kane wont find it funny when he
discovers it. The Emperor told the fans not to hold their breath
waiting for HBK to show up as he promised last night on Heat, saying
the one thing HBK isn't is brave, as he knows he will be "dismembered"
if he does. He said he is making an example out of HBK, just as he
will do with everyone who disparages The Prince.

HBK's picture came up on the TitanTron and he came and said "The
sheriff is back in town and has brought the cavalry." With that, DX
came out. Included were Triple H,
X-Pac, The New Age Outlaws (NAO) Road Dogg and Bad @$$, and Chyna. HBK
told The Emperor that he checked with his lawyers and McMahon couldn't
fire him since he had "an iron clad contract." The only way he would
ever leave would be if he resigned and he has had no intentions of
resigning, and McMahon would be hearing the Sweet Chin Music for a
long time. He added that McMahon himself had given him control over
every WWF superstar except Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA), and he the
exercised his power as Commissioner by making The Emperor No. Two in
the Royal Rumble. The crowd went wild and The Emperor was beside
himself. He finished by saying he is leaving to get a surprise for The
Emperor, promising to return within two hours with something that will
drive him "Stone Cold Crazy." This sent the crowd thru the roof.
Michaels and DX embraced and left together. Is the "Old DX" back
together again?

Michael "I Am Not A Todd Pettengill Clone" Cole and Jerry "The King
Lawler" were at the announcers table. Note to Good Old JR: Please get
well and come back soon. You are sorely missed.

The first match was Ken Shamrock, Intercontinental Champion, v. Steve
"The Lethal Weapon" Blackman, in a non-title match. During the match,
Dan Severn came to ringside.
Severn was wearing a neck brace, due to
the neck injury he suffered at the hands of Owen Hart. The match was
very rough with martial arts and rough house tactics throughout. When
Shamrock saw
Severn, they exchanged words. Eventually, Severn got up
on the apron and Shamrock punched him, knocking him off. He got back
up and the referee went over to chase him while Shamrock watched. Bad
@$ ran in and nailed Shamrock with The Rocker Dropper. Blackman
covered Shamrock for the victory. A very pissed Shamrock raced up the
ramp, apparently after Bad @$$.
Winner - Steve Blackman

We saw a picture of the cover of the latest Southwest Airlines
Magazine, "Spirit." It has a picture of The Rock and The Emperor on it.

We next saw Shamrock and Bas @$$ fighting in the hallway in the locker
room area. It took several referees and WWF officials to break them up.

Mankind came to the ring. He said he has learned a few things about
himself in recent weeks. For the first time in his life, he grabbed a
man's testicles, and enjoyed doing it "in a manly kind of way." He
also said it was the first time he used the words "Suck it" without a
"Please" ahead of them. He added that he has made a hobby out of
"kicking the 'McMahon's' @$$es," and likes it. He added that he made
The Prince "cry like a 2 year old with a soiled diaper" and enjoyed
bouncing The Emperor around. He next asked for a Title shot against
The Rock at The Royal Rumble. Continuing on, he said he sees signs in
Arenas saying "Foley is God," however, they must have left out a
letter, as they should read "Foley is Damn Good." Emperor McMahon came
out and told Mankind he was "a disgusting, decrepit disfigured
monster," who had blown his opportunities, didn't deserve a title
shot, and "hasn't paid his dues." He went on to tell Mankind (or
whatever name he wanted to use) that he should have listened to him
and not the fans. The crowd booed the crap out of The Emperor and
cheered Mankind when he acknowledged doing it for the fans. The
Emperor said, however, being the wonderful person he is, he will allow
Mankind to face Triple H tonight, with the winner being allowed to enter
the Royal Rumble. The referee will be fair and impartial, and will be
Prince Shane. After showing a clip of Mankind kicking the crap out of
The Prince on the TitanTron, The Emperor closed with "Have a nice
day," obviously designed to irritate Mankind.

We got a shot of Chyna talking to the Mystery Woman she came out with
on Heat last night.

The next match pitted Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry v. Goldust, who
came out to a major pop. Goldust fought hard to combat Henry's
strength advantage. Chyna and the Mystery Woman from Heat came out and
watched the match from the ramp. When Henry saw them he was
distracted, allowing Goldie to set him up for, and delivered Shattered
Dreams. Goldust was disqualified for "unsportsman like conduct." Chyna
and the Woman came to the ring to assist Henry who was rolling around
in pain. Chyna went over, kissed him and helped him up. She told him
"the other night was incredible," but "she wasn't enough woman for
Mark, and Mark was too much man for her." She went on to say that she
knows he likes "tall women and exotic dancers," and that she and
"Sammy" had something for him. With that, he fainted on the spot.
Chyna and Sammy revived him and they left together. Sammy looks an
awful like a fugitive from the Jerry Springer Show, more man than
woman. You don't suppose..Nah, not the WWF.
Winner - Mark Henry By DQ
Loser - Mark Henry Family Jewels
Winner - Mark Henry - Later, Maybe

We saw a short clip from the inauguration of Jesse "The Mind"

as Governor of Minnesota earlier in the day.

We saw Dennis Knight hanging by his arms from chains in what appeared
to be a dungeon.

The next match was The Godfather, who was accompanied by four of his
finest Ho's, v. Test. The Godfather did his "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" bit
to a big pop. Amazing what becoming a "Pimp" will do for ones
popularity. Prior to the match, we saw two clips:
the first was The Corporation attacking The Godfather, and the second
was Val Venis charging down to nail Test as he was watching a match at
ringside. This was in retaliation for Test's earlier transgression
against him. The match was short. but very high impact. It went
quickly to the floor where they bounced each other off the steps and
guard rail. The referee threw the match out. Venis raced down and
attacked Test. It took a slew of referees and WWF officials to pull
them apart. After they were separated, they broke away and went at it
again. We have not seen the last of Val and Test.
Winner - None, The Referee threw the match out (Double Count Out)

We saw HBK and DX laughing it up in the locker room area.

The next match was Triple H, accompanied by Chyna, vs. Mankind, with Prince
Shane as the "impartial" referee. Both men got big pops when they came
out. Mankind controlled the early part of the match, hitting a Face
First Slam. Triple H fought back with a Clothesline and pounded Mankind.
Mankind threw Triple H to the floor and nailed him with a Baseball Slide
and Elbow as he tried to get back in. Triple H hit a Sunset Flip coming off
the apron, but Mankind held onto the ropes. The Prince kicked his
hands off and counted the fastest three ever heard. Triple H took the mic
and said,
"I'm sorry, but business is business, and a win is a win," and he will
take it anyway it comes. He said "Happy New Year," turned Shane, and
then hit him with The Pedigree. He then told Mankind "he was all his."
Mankind took the mic and told The Prince he was going to show him a
hold he learned. He applied some type of Shoulder Submission Hold and
asked the crowd if they wanted "to hear his F'N shoulder snap." The
crowd roared approval as The Prince screamed in pain. The Emperor and
The Stooges came out, with The Emperor screaming at Mankind to let The
Prince go. Mankind said he no longer wanted a title shot at the Royal
Rumble, he wanted it tonight. The Emperor said he could have it, but
wanted him to release Shane. Mankind then said he wanted it to be No
DQ Match. The Emperor agreed and Mankind finally released the hold.
Shane rolled around in pain and The Stooges helped him out of the
ring. As they headed up the ramp, The Rock came out and said he wasn't
ready for a Title match. The Emperor screamed at him that he was the
Champ and to get ready. Neither was real happy. Shane wasn't dancing
around either. The fans mobbed Mankind as he left the ring.
Winner - Mankind, although this wasn't a match.

The next match was Brood Member Edge, who made his usual entrance thru
the crowd v. D'Lo Brown. Prior to the match we saw clip from last
weeks RAW of D'Lo calling Terri Runnels and Jacqueline "Ring Rats,"
and telling them to stay away from Mark Henry. This match pitted two
of the real good up and coming young wrestlers around today, and they
displayed some of their talent. Edge hit a Plancha over the top rope
onto D'Lo out on the floor. D'Lo hit a major Running Power Bomb, but
didn't go for the cover right away and Edge kicked out when he did.
Edge came back and hit a High Cross Body, however, when he went for
another aerial move, D'Lo was ready and planted him. The Pretty Mean
Sisters (PMS), Terri Runnels and Jacqueline came to ringside. Terri
got up on the apron, got into a screaming contest with D'Lo and
somehow slipped off as she went for the steps. D'Lo never touched her.
She grabbed her stomach in pain, having apparently hurt herself, being
several months pregnant. She was carried out on a stretcher, as D'Lo
watched, obviously very upset. Jacqueline screamed at poor D'Lo.
Winner - None, Match stopped

After a commercial, we saw Terri being attended to by a doctor, with
D'Lo and Jacqueline looking on. She was concerned for her baby,
however, the doctor couldn't tell her anything. I question the wisdom
of this angle.

Kane comes to the ring accompanied by The Stooges and The Prince. On
the way to the ring, Briscoe again put a sign on Kane's back that read
"Brisco Brothers Body Shop." In the ring, Patterson made fun of Kane
behind his back. This was a perfect example of two @$$holes proving
The Peter Principle, that one rises to their level of incompetence and
remains there. The Prince announced the next match would be a Handicap
Match, looked up the ramp and announced it would be Kane vs. The
Stooges, Patterson and Brisco. The ring crew could have been used at
this point to clean up the brown mountain building up around The
Stooges. Emperor McMahon came out and said The Stooges were
responsible for The Prince's "emotional scarring," and Kane would make
them pay. This proves that while not too bright, The Stooges are
clairvoyant. You may recall that the night The Prince had a second
@$$hole given him by Mankind, they "predicted" they would have to do
"hard time" as a result. Patterson offered Kane a cigarette and what
may have been candy in an effort to save his @$$. Kane Choke Slammed
Brisco, while Patterson went out and got a chair. He intended to hit
Kane with it, but when Kane turned around, he offered him a seat. Kane
kicked it out into the crowd, with a kick that would warm the heart of
any NFL coach. He then Choke Slammed Patterson. He next crotched
Briscoe around the ring post (ouch) and dropped an Elbow onto
Patterson's privates (double ouch). Kane then grabbed The Prince by
the throat, but The Emperor told him to let him go or he would send
him back to the asylum. Kane left the ring with Shane trying to tell
him that he isn't supposed to touch him. The Emperor and Prince
embraced (how touching). The Stooges argued among themselves in the
Winner - Kane
Losers (In more ways than one) - The Stooges
Winner - Love between a father and son

We again saw Knight hanging in the "dungeon," yelling for help. The
Acolytes, Farooq and Bradshaw came in and Knight was heard screaming

The next match was for the Hardcore Championship, Falls Count
Anywhere, No Holds Barred and No DQ's, pitting Road Dog (C) v. Al
Snow, who was accompanied by Head. Head was still wearing tape over
"her" mouth and still covered with the red fluid from the "Bloodbath"
of a few weeks ago. Snow was still wearing the same "Bloodbath"
covered shirt. Snow placed Head on the top of the ramp. He went
backstage and peeked out from under the curtain. When Doggie came out
and saw Head, and as he was looking at "her," Snow came out and
attacked him from behind. Snow stomped Doggie and pounded him down to
ringside, where Doggie bounced him head first off the ring steps. Snow
came off the apron and got hit with a chair that Doggie threw at him.
Doggie started to open a table at ringside, but Snow nailed him with a
chair and knocked him into the crowd. Snow opened the table and when
Doggie came back over the guard rail, set him up on it. Snow tried to
put Doggie thru the table with a Moonsault off the guard rail, but
Doggie moved and Snow went thru it. Both men were lying on the floor.
Doggie recovered first and went for the pin, but Snow kicked out.
Doggie hit Snow over the head three times with a Metal Tray. They
fought their way to the equipment area, where Snow thru Doggie into
the lighting tower. Doggie leaned a table against the guard rail,
threw Snow into and thru it. He followed with an Ax Handle leaping off
the stage steps. They fought backstage, where Snow threw Doggie into a
wall and strangled him with a hose. He then turned the hot water on
and gave Doggie an early bath, following that by throwing a box of
Toilet Paper at him (to dry himself)? and next Snow broke a broom over
his back. Doggie fought back as he threw Snow into a box of supplies
and then into a cart of potted plants. Snow threw one of the plants at
Doggie and missed, however, he didn't miss when he smashed one over
his head. He then threw him into a pile of steel pipes and jabbed him
in the stomach with one of them. Doggie Irish Whipped Snow into a
shelving unit and nailed him with a Fire Extinguisher, knocking him
thru an exit door and out into the loading dock area, where it was
snowing rather hard. Doggie nailed him with a shot using a Snow Shovel
(what else)? knocking him into a Wheel Barrow, which he ran into a
steel door. They exchanged punches as the referee tried to keep from
slipping on the snow. Snow threw Doggie into a chain link fence and
returned the favor with the Fire Extinguisher. Doggie blasted Snow
with a Pile Driver onto a pile of Wooden Sleds (?) and pinned him out
there. Doggie went back into the ring and got a tremendous pop. Lawler
said he thought this was a heck of a match, even though he hates Snow
and isn't too fond of Doggie. This was a match that ECW would be proud
Winner - Road Dog, retains the Hardcore Championship

Back to the saga of Dennis Knight. This time we saw him thrown into a
room by The Acolytes, who locked the door and stood guard outside.

We saw HBK lying against the broken windshield of an automobile, with
his face a bloody mask. We went back and saw what happened. HBK was
trying to get into his car. He wasn't able to, so went back to the
door, only to find it locked. As he pounded on the door trying to get
someone's attention, we heard a voice that sounded a lot like The
Emperor's call him. At the same time, The Corporation charged into
him. The camera was knocked out of the cameraman's hands so we
couldn't see what was going on. That is where we picked up with HBK on
the wind shield. He was attended to my paramedics, loaded in an
ambulance and driven to the hospital.

The next match was the Main Event for the WWF Championship, pitting
The Rock (C) v. Mankind, and was a No DQ Match. All of DX came out
with Mankind and The Corporation with the Rock. The Rock controlled
the early part of the match that soon went to the floor. The Rock
bounced Mankind off the Announcers Table and Irish whipped him into
the steel steps. He then hit a Suflex out on the floor and grabbed
Lawler's headset. He told Mankind he was "sending him to The Smack
Down Hotel, at the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabronie
Drive." When he went to nail Mankind with a Water Bottle, Mankind
reversed it and grabbed the headset. He said he was looking good
tonight. The Rock nailed Mankind with Rock Bottom, putting him thru
through the Announcer's Table (as the stock in The Acme Table and
Chair Company skyrocketed). Lawler said we will see a winner in this
match and Cole said "not like that other league." They later mentioned
that the WWF doesn't go off the air in the middle of big events. Back
in the ring and The Rock hit The Corporate Elbow, went for the cover,
but Mankind kicked out. The Bossman distracted the referee allowing
our brave Champion to introduce Mankind's head to the Title Belt. The
Rock again went for the cover, but once again Mankind escaped. Mankind
hit The Rock with a Double Arm DDT onto the belt, and went for the
cover to no avail. Mr. Socko made an appearance, however, Shamrock
came in and blasted Mankind with a chair (and Acme's stock looked even
better). The Corporation and DX got into a brawl at ringside to
absolutely no one's surprise. Enter SCSA and The Rock had an up close
and personal meeting with another chair (Why didn't I buy Acme stock
sooner?). Proving that his mother didn't raise any dummies, Mankind
covered The Rock and got the victory. You heard it fight folks,
Mankind is the new WWF Champion! The crowd went insane. SCSA gave The
Emperor a twin middle finger salute and threw his hat at him. Doggie
grabbed the mic and introduced "The New WWF World Champion" Mankind
then dedicated his victory to his children. The crowd was blowing the
roof off the Arena with the noise they were making. SCSA threw The
Emperor another salute as he left. DX held Mankind aloft on their
shoulders. Emperor McMahon was beside himself. At the top of the ramp,
he promised The Rock that he would get another shot at the Title.
Mankind went around the ring shaking hands with the fans. The program
ended with the Arena still rocking.
Winner - Mankind, and new WWF Champion - Dreams do come true

This was one hell of a show. It had to be with WCW coming from the
Georgia Dome and a match for the WCW Championship scheduled between
Kevin Nash and Goldberg.
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