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Vandy! (September 1996)


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Issue # 123

Date:  Thursday January 7th, 1999  3:55 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Reported by Micasa at:
Jim Ross, on the WWF Hotline, addressed WCW's comments from RAW.
Ross on Bischoff:
"its interesting that we are having so many sellouts and we have so
much to be thankful for in our lives here in the wrestling business,
and that a so-called, self-proclaimed, "how in the heck did he get the
job" wrestling executive with another company predicted the fall of
the WWF in 1998, and I just don't think that's going to happen. It
didn't happen ..."

Ross on Schiavone:
"Somewhat of a humorous ... but it is really sad when you stop and
think about it. I'll not exclude myself from saying stupid things.
I've done it before. I probably will do it again. I hope I get the
opportunity to do it again. But my former understudy, Tony Schiavone,
once again embarrassed himself Monday night revealing that Mankind
would win the WWF title on Raw's taped broadcast, in what many folks
believed was an attempt to keep viewers from tuning out of Uncle Ted's
program on Monday night, and hurting the Raw show. But instead, this
whole situation is being ... Tony Schiavone is being taken to task by
fans on the internet for such an amateurish and uncreative attempt at
negative broadcasting. I really feel sorry for the very insecure
Schiavone, because of the direction he receives, it really doesn't
give him any good choices to go the right way. However, we do
appreciate Tony's generous and thought provoking reference to Raw on
Uncle Ted's network Monday night. We appreciate your business."
Reported by Micasa at:

Chris Jericho has a decision to make. The word going around is that
WCW is going to play hardball with him and they are almost, if not
completely, demanding that he re-sign with the company by the time of
the Souled Out PPV. If he doesn't, he can expect to no longer be part
of Monday Night Jericho, because they will keep him off of their main
show. (Reported by Dave Scherer of

There will be a tournament to crown new WCW Tag Team Champions, since
Rick Steiner is still recovering from his shoulder injury. Chris
Benoit and Steve McMichael's match on Monday was initially supposed to
be part of a tournament to crown new WCW tag champs (at least they
realized they have to do it after Judy Bagwell held a belt) but due to
the injury to Dean Malenko, it was scrapped because they wanted Dean
and Chris as a team.
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

Eddie Guerrerowill be out of action anywhere from
3 to 6 months. As I
understand it, Eddie is very lucky to be alive. The story is that he
went out driving on New Year's Eve, and he fell asleep at the wheel.
He totally wrecked the car, and he was actually thrown several (maybe
as much as a hundred) feet through the sunroof. According to Meltzer's
report, the only reason why Eddie survived was because he landed on
soft sand. If the sunroof wasn't opened, he would have been crushed in
the car, and if he had his seatbelts on, he certainly would have been
killed. Eddie suffered a lacerated liver and a broken pelvis.
Reported by Micaca at:

Both Ryan McGowan & Andy Laudano helped me with the following report:
"Yes, Triple H and X-Pac said those comments; Triple H said "Maybe, Maybe not"
X-Pac said, "What comes around goes around". But they were not in on
the attack, the one that looked like Triple H, was Kane, and the one who
looked like X-Pac, was The Rock. That comes from someone at the
tapings, they did the scene three times before they got it right, it
was fake blood, but it is a great set up to the HBK injury/ Surgery
thing, But DX did help set it up, they gave Shawn the wrong keys, and
if you heard what HBK said before he was attacked, "Hunter, you gave
me the wrong keys, you left me out here.", and then we hear Bossman
say "Hey Shawn" and Shawn said "Oh No!" a big set up from all ends,
and a well done scene. Does this set up HBK vs. DX fued when HBK gets
back? Does it set up a heel turn for DX, the break up of the group?"
I received MANY letters regarding this, and I apoligize that I didn't
have time to respond to them all. I hope this clears up the issue.....
The Big 3 Newsboard was a source both Ryan & Andy used for this
report, found at:
VISIT my Home Page:

In my
January 4, 1999, RAW TV Report, I commented on the "fall" that
Terri Runnels took when she confronted D'Lo Brown during his match.
Here is what I wrote:

"...The Pretty Mean Sisters [PMS], Terri Runnels and Jacqueline came
to ringside. Terri got up on the apron, got into a screaming contest
with D'Lo and somehow slipped off as she went for the steps. D'Lo
never touched her. She grabbed her stomach in pain, having apparently
hurt herself, being several months pregnant. She was carried out on a
stretcher, as D'Lo watched, obviously very upset. Jacqueline screamed
at poor D'Lo.

After a commercial, we saw Terri being attended to by a doctor, with
D'Lo and Jacqueline looking on. She was concerned for her baby,
however, the doctor couldn't tell her anything. I question the wisdom
of this angle."

I have received a bundle of mail asking what I meant by, "I question
the wisdom of this angle." Most thought I was talking about the
possibility of Terri having a "miscarriage" as a result of her "fall."
While that is certainly a possibility of how the angle could be played
out, it wasn't only that that I was referring to.

I think the WWF made a big mistake allowing a pregnant woman to stage
a fall. No matter how well practiced she is at taking falls, there is
always an inherent danger of something going wrong. Putting Terri and
her unborn child at risk can't be justified under any circumstances.
As I said after the Ric Flair "heart attack" took place, I was a
paramedic for a long time, and therefore understand the risks involved
when dealing with pregnancy. This clearly crossed the line.

I have no problem with most angles, since wrestling is really a well
orchestrated Soap Opera, no different from General Hospital and Days
Of Our Lives. I didn't have a problem with the Austin / Undertaker
"hanging," that many feel was offensive, nor did I think Hawk's
jumping off The TitanTron was a big deal. Both were very obvious
angles and anyone watching knew that when they saw them. Because of my
training, I knew Flair's "heart attack" was staged, but most people
didn't and were concerned about him. I have seen comments that it was
a "good angle" because it fooled so many people. That view defies
rational thinking. Likewise, exposing Terri Runnels to the slightest
risk was wrong.

It may very well turn out that they will play up the miscarriage angle
and it ultimately lead to her taking time off near the end of her
pregnancy to deliver her baby, but I am positive there are many better
ways to approach it. For shame, Mr. McMahon.
Reported by Al Issacs at:
A fairly common opinion appeared in Monday's letters section of
TODAY, and Vince McMahon took the time to answer it...

Wrestling Promotions Go Beyond Ridiculous
Professional wrestling, as promoted by Ted Turner's World Championship
Wrestling (WCW) on TNT and TBS cable channels and by Vince McMahon's
World Wrestling Federation (WWF) on USA Network, has an enormous fan
base and following for its entertainment value.

Children of all ages are influenced by the barrage of television
programming, action-figure toys and video games that depict these
performers. As a boy growing up in
Indiana, I was enamored of such
wrestling "heroes" as Dick the Bruiser. It was always good vs. evil,
and that has prevailed to the present.

I still enjoy watching wrestling as entertainment on television, and
my 11-year-old son also is caught up in the wrestling rage that exists

Recently, however, there has been a disconcerting turn of events
brought out by McMahon, owner of the WWF. After viewing a recent
Monday night RAW IS WAR and WAR ZONE, I think any parent would be
appalled by the despicable promotion of wrestling. McMahon seems to
think sex, exploitation of women, sadomasochism and domination belong
in family viewing. I do not.

The one example that can be mentioned portrayed a pimp--The
Godfather--who wanted to enlist another woman into his "whore train."
When she refused, he shouted to the crowd, "Pimpin' ain't easy." I
understand from a recent (PBS) documentary that McMahon thinks he has
to resort to such filth to attract a fan base.

To Turner's credit, his WCW promotions do not employ these lurid
displays of sex and filth. The Nitro Girls' dance at the beginning of
the show is tastefully done, and the overall theme is still the good
guy vs. the bad guy.

Professional wrestling is a good theatrical sporting event that has
endured both good times and bad. Its resurgence in recent years,
however, needs to be monitored by TV executives to ensure it retains
its entertainment value for children and does not erode into displays
of sexual exploitation, exhibitionism and moral degradation. And
parents need to be aware there are promoters like McMahon who don't
care what is presented, as long as it helps his ratings.
Paul Fuller
Satellite Beach
, Fla.

From the WWF website, Mr. McMahon Responds:
Dear Mr. Fuller:
It’s obvious that you just don’t Get It! Much like Hollywood Studios,
the World Wrestling Federation produces programming for different age
groups. At 10 AM Eastern on Saturday and Sunday mornings on USA
Network, the World Wrestling Federation produces programs that are PG
rated. Sunday at 7 PM Eastern, Sunday Night Heat, the rating is PG LV.
Next Monday night primetime, 9 PM to 11 PM, the rating is TV 14. Let
that be your guide as to what is appropriate for your 11 year old son.

However, as far as your opinion as to what you think professional
wrestling should be, good vs. evil, good guy vs bad guy, your taste
seems to be stuck in a time warp, the same time when you were
"enamored of such wrestling heroes as Dick the Bruiser".

If you want this type of simplistic intelligence insulting
programming, we suggest that you watch Ted Turner’s WCW. However, if
you’re looking for contemporary sports entertainment which treats
"professional wrestling" as an action/adventure soap opera, then the
World Wrestling Federation is your ticket. With the sexuality of
90210, the subject matter of NYPD Blue, the athleticism of the
Olympics combined with reality based storylines, the World Wrestling
Federation presents a hybrid of almost all forms of entertainment and
sports combined in one show.

I regret that your misquotes and one sided commentary is so biased as
to not see the World Wrestling Federation for what it truly is.
Obviously, you just don’t Get It!
Vince McMahon
Reported by Al Issacs at:
The following message was taken directly from http://www.WWF.COM
By Bill Banks
In recent weeks, the Internet has been abuzz over the situation
involving Pablo Marquez, better known as Babu to World Wrestling
Federation fans. According to a report first released on WWF.COM, the
former man servant of Tiger Ali was apprehended and awaited
extradition to Ecuador on undisclosed criminal charges. This past
week, Marquez’s situation was finally cleared up, despite false rumors
he had been arrested. I spoke with him by phone on Monday morning
about his recent experience.

According to Marquez, he was on his way back from Ecuador when he was
detained by Immigration authorities at New Jersey's Newark Airport.
Apparently, he was unable to prove that he was a United States
citizen, and a bigger problem arose when a check of his records
revealed a past issue he thought had been expunged.

"I had committed a crime in Ecuador in 1991, and it came back to haunt
me," Marquez said. "It’s not something I am proud of, and I thought it
was over with. But I guess there were just some problems with the
paperwork. When I was in the process of being signed by the Federation
a few months back I was very up front with Jim Ross about my past. I’m
24, and I had spent the past five years busting my ass for peanuts. My
past was behind me, and I have so much to look forward to."

From Newark, Marquez was transported to Louisiana where he spent three
days in jail awaiting extradition to Ecuador. His incarceration was a
scary time for the superstar, while fellow inmates offered horror
stories of what might happen to him.

"It was like a big nightmare," Pablo said. "These guys in there were
telling me all kinds of things—like what they do to people who can’t
prove their citizenship and how I would never get back to America. I
honestly didn’t know what was going to happen to me. In those few days
I actually lost weight because I wasn’t able to eat anything."

During his incarceration, Marquez phoned Federation International
Talent Liaison Victor Quinones and informed him of the situation.
Quinones immediately spoke to Senior Vice President of Talent
Relations, Jim Ross, who then contacted Marquez.

"JR told me that the Federation was behind me, and that they would be
there for me if anything happened," Pablo said. "If I needed any proof
of my employment in the States, JR said it wouldn’t be a problem."

According to the superstar he then contacted his attorneys, who got
him out of the hot water. Authorities released him after three days,
but with an order to return. Fortunately for Marquez, he received a
letter after the incident informing him that there were no longer any
problems and that everything had been straightened out. It was all a

"As far as I know, I was never even arrested the entire time," Pablo
said. "The letter also stated that I was free to go back to Ecuador
anytime I wanted to. Presently, my attorneys are helping me get the
passport situation taken care of. As far as my return to the ring, I’m
not sure. I haven’t had a chance to talk to JR since they went to
England, but I’m just happy it’s all over with. I can go on with my
life now."
This report was taken from
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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