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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 124

Date:  Friday January 8th, 1999  9:12 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The first is The Undertaker. We're happy to report that UT returned to
action over the weekend in
Caguas, Puerto Rico, where he faced Kane in

the main event only to end up destroying Kaentai who ran in, making
the whole thing a no contest. It appears that he'll be back on the
live RAW next Monday...and will be the "Him" behind the Acolytes.
(Reported by Al Issacs at:

Odd story coming out now... apparently Masato Tanaka is having trouble
getting his work visa and will now work the FMW tour in January (why
do I have trouble believing this story? Hmmm... first the Candido
no-show, then FMW won't pay the ECW guys, and now this.) I really
have to wonder what this does for his status on the ECW PPV as well.
(Reported by Zach Arnold of

Thunder saw the long awaited debut of Sandman & Chastity. For those
of you not familiar with ECW, Sandman was James Fullington, Raven's
friend who pushed Kanyon in the pool; Chastity was Raven's sister.
While I know that the skits are pretty campy, I am enjoying Raven's
trip home. Scott Levy is a terrific actor......

Scott Norton is said to be unhappy with his loss of the IWGP title.
Apparently he was promised a longer title run. Reports are the New
Japan - WCW relationship is on the rocks again. Reported by Micasa

Six time NWA World Champion Lou Thesz suffered a major car accident on
1/2, totalling his car about 100 miles from
St. Louis, driving in from
Virginia in a blizzard to attend Sam Muchnick funeral. Fortunatly, he
was fine.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

Kenta Kobashi of All Japan Pro Wrestling talked about The Rock or
Austin as potential opponents for this year's Tokyo Dome event. At
this point negotiations haven't even been opened for this to happen.
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

The working idea for Randy Savage's new female valet is Gorgeous
George; the two are slated to feud with Bischoff & Elizabeth, among
others. It may be a month or two before Savage is ready to wrestle,
(Reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer)

The main event for the 1/17 Souled Out PPV looks to be Goldberg VS.
Scott Hall with a taser on a pole. (Reported by Dave Meltzer of The
Wrestling Observer)

Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer is THE best source for wrestling
news anywhere.
To subscribe to his weekly newsletter, send $11 for 4 issues to:
The Wrestling Observer
P.O. Box 1228
Campbell CA 95009-1228


VISIT my Home Page:

1. The Capital would be change weekly and be located at a "No
Happening" place that has nothing better to do than stage a "NITRO
Party." Care would be exercised not to conflict with other exciting
events at these locations such as "The Annual Watching The Grass Turn
Brown Ball" and "The Winter Watching Our Dogs Turn The Snow Yellow

2. The Bimbo's joint autobiography, "T*ts Beat Talent Every Time" or
"Someone Has To Keep The Viewers Awake" would serve as an inspiration
for every young girl that ever tripped over her own feet at the Junior
Prom. One chapter, "How To 'Bare Your Bosom On National TV And Not Get
Fired," brings goose bumps to the reader.

3. Appointees: All positions in the government will filled by The
Bimbos themselves, with Chastity, The Ultimate Blonde Bimbo's Bimbo,
available for consultation and support, and Debra McMichael only a
phone call away.

4. The top Christmas toy would be Dancing Bimbo Barbi's Broadway Stage
Show, complete with each of the NITRO Bimbos in various Short Shorts
and Tiny Tops outfits; Choreographer Ken not included, but available
with all of his friendly dancing buddies at additional cost. It would
be available at Dance Schools everywhere and at The NITRO Announcers
Desk. Note: Those purchased at the Announcers Desk cannot be returned
just because they have tongue tracks on them. They can also be found
at all Bimbos "R" Us Stores, may be ordered on the Internet at
www.KimsBims or by calling 1-800-2LFTFEET.

5. If Saddam got out of line, The Bimbos would threaten to go to
and stage a NITRO Party. In a Man On The Street Segment, CNN quoted
Iraqi citizens as saying they would prefer Desert Storm pick up where
it left off.

6. The National Symbol would be a group picture of The Bimbos holding
up their IQ Test Scores. This would also prove that each of their
scores do in fact exceed their bra sizes.

7. New rules for NITRO Parties would be introduced. Parties would be
held monthly instead of Quarterly. The "winning" entry would have a
catered party hosted by Mumbles, and the runner-up would win two

8. The military would be would consist of enlistees signed up at each
NITRO Party. After all anyone hard-up enough to tape themselves having
their very own NITRO Party definitely needs to get a life and can use
a change of scenery.

9. The dollar bill would have Shae and Whisper's Picture getting down
on one side, and Kimberly laughing all the way to the bank on the

10. The women of the WWF would have contracts put out on them by the
Bimbos, who say this country isn't big enough for both of them.
WCW Thunder Report for
January 7th, 1999

By Rick Phelps (wrestleric)
The events that led up to the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair becoming the
President of WCW were shown. Eric Bischoff being demoted to broadcast
journalist on Monday night was shown. The events on Monday Nitro which
saw Hollywood Hogan becoming the WCW champion again was discussed and
the clips were shown throughout the night. A clip was shown from Nitro
when the cameras went off the air and members of the
Atlanta Falcons
football team joined Goldberg in the ring as he challenged Nash to get
in the ring.

--Mean Gene interviews President Ric Flair. Flair says that everyone
in that arena was there because of tradition. Flair said that it his
fault that Hogan became the champion because he allowed Nash to
"wrestle" Hogan. He told Luger that he had no leadership skills and no
guts for turning his back on Goldberg. He said that Friday morning
Eric Bischoff will be in HIS office to discuss what we will be done
with Hogan and Nash and said the the two WILL PAY THE PRICE.

-- A clip of Chris Jericho telling referee Scott Dickinson that he is
the general of the ring and should not allow any wrestler to lay their
hands on him.

The Cat w/Sonny Onoo versus Ernest Miller
Chris Jericho pulled referee Mickey J out of the ring as Saturn
covered Miller. When J confronted
Jericho on the outside, Ernest
Miller rolled up Saturn (pulling his trunks) allowing referee Scott
Dickinson to jump in the ring and make the worlds fastest three count,
giving the Cat the win.
Winner: The Cat via pinfall

--The black and white NWO members met the new "Wolfpack" in the garage
of the
arena to ask what was going on within the ranks of the NWO.
told the Giant that Hogan would meet with the members the black and
white NWO
to in a "few minutes" to discuss business and to just "watch their

Psychosis versus Kidman
Juvi interfered which caused the disqualification. Rey Mysterio came
to the aid of Kidman when out of the back came the '"new" Wolfpack.
They attacked Psychosis, Kidman and Juvi but allowed Rey to walk away
from the ring. They put the stun gun to Pyschosis. Hogan said the new
Wolfpack (Hogan, Luger, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, Nash, and Buff
Bagwell) are going to bring everything back to the NWO where it
belongs. The NWO members wearing black and white NWO shirts (Giant,
Horace, Brian Adams, Scott Norton and Vincent) then come to the ring.)
The Giant then asked Hogan why he left all of them in the back. Hogan
told the Giant that it his fault that Flair beat Bischoff, because the
Giant fell "sucker" to the Macho Man Randy Savage. Hogan said that
there is only room in the NWO for one Giant. Hogan told the Giant that
if he could beat Nash on Monday NItro...that he could take the spot of
the Giant in the NWO.
Winner: Kidman via disqualification

--Raven at home. His mother told him that he needed to go back to the
doctor and finish his treatment. His sister told their mother to leave
him alone while Grandma was telling Mom to let Raven leave and not to
let him come back. Raven said that all he wanted was to be left alone.

Bam Bam Bigelow versus Jerry Flynn
Bigelow easily and quickly defeated Flynn with the jumping tombstone
Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow via pinfall

--Mean Gene interviewed Barry Windham and Curt Hennig. The two said
Flair made a mistake by allowing his son to tag with him in the tag
team match at Souled Out. Hennig said that they will end Flair's
career and finish off his son.

--Mean Gene attempted to interview Juventud Guerrera but was
unnsuccessful as
Juvi ran through the parking lot screaming "Wolfpack"

Disco Inferno versus Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Norman Smiley grabbed Pepe and was practicing his dance moves on the
horse which distracted Chavo Jr. This allowed Disco to hit
the"chartbuster" for the win. Winner: Disco Inferno via pinfall

Super Calo/Lizmark Jr. versus Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor
This was the first matchup in the tournament to crown new WCW World
Tag Team
champions These two international teams battled until Taylor pinned
Lizmark after an over the top butterly suplex. The NWO came to the
ring again and attacked the four combatants. (Using the stun gun once
again.) Scott Hall said the reason for the disollution of tag team
wrestling is because no one could beat the Outsiders. He then said
that the tournament WOULD NOT happen.
Winners: Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor via pinfallLa Parka versus Booker T

Booker T was victorious after he nailed Parka in the face with the
Harlem Side
Kick. Winner:Booker T via pinfall

--Back at the Levy (Ravens Mom) home, brother James (who appeared to be
Sandman from ECW) showed up which infuriated Raven who said his mother
neglecting him and showing attention to James.

--La Parka was out cold in the back of the arena with the RED letters
NWO spray painted above his head.

Chris Jericho w/Ralphus versus Konnan
Jericho attacked K-Dogg quickly in this match.
Jericho nailed Konnan
with a foreign object. As referee SCOTT DICKINSON attempted to make
the three count Saturn pulled
Dickinson out of the ring who ran to the
back. Konnan then planted
Jericho face first as Saturn made the three
Winner: Konnan via pinfall

Barry Windham versus Chris Benoit
Benoit fought former horsmean
Windham in this contest. Hennig ran in
the ring and became a victim of the Crippler Crossface.
Windham kicked

Benoit in the back of the head and then pinning him for the win. Steve
"Mongo" McMichael then ran in and cleared the ring.
Winner: Barry Windham via pinfall
Submitted by reader: Michael Harsha (Fanged_one)
Nitro-11 Jan:
Ric Flair calls Goldberg out to the ring to apologize to him for what
happened last week. Flair says he will do everything in his power to
make it up to him. Goldberg says that the only thing Flair can do is
to give him a title shot against Hogan and for
Flair to stay out of the way after that. Flair says he will make it

Thunder 14 Jan:
At some point during the course of the show it comes out that the
Executive committee has ruled that because Nash was the last title
holder, he is the number 1 contender. The committee also rules that
Goldberg has to "climb the ladder" to get another title shot.
Goldberg confronts Flair and the rest of the Horsemen backstage
concerning the Exec Committee ruling. Flair tells Goldberg not to
worry about it and that he has everything under control. We find out
that Goldberg is going to meet Scott Hall at Sold Out. Flair tells
Goldberg it is the perfect match to not only take a big step up the
ladder, but to make Hall pay for what he did at Starcade. Goldberg
likes the idea and accepts the match.

Sold Out:
During the match the NWO presence is definitely felt. Goldberg stays
in the middle of the ring most of the time to prevent then from
interfering. Hall manages to get Goldberg to the ropes and then
distracts the ref while Nash gets in some cheap shots. At this point
Mongo and Benoit come down, followed by Arn and Ric. The match is
paused and Ric says that the NWO has to leave the ringside area. With
some prodding the NWO members leave. Goldberg ends up winning the

Nitro 18 Jan:
Goldberg against Stevie Ray. Instead of not allowing nWo members to
be at ringside, Ric sends the Horsemen out with Goldberg. During the
course of the match there is some minor distractions by the nWo.
Chaos finally erupts. Mongo goes after Stevie Ray but accidentally puts
Goldberg down. Stevie Ray makes the
pin and gets the win. Goldberg gets in Mongo's face about it.

Thunder 21 Jan:
Mongo ends up costing Goldberg a match against Horace Hogan.

Nitro 25 Jan:
Goldberg and the Horsemen interview in the ring. Goldberg is still
upset that Mongo cost him the match against Stevie Ray. Mongo
apologizes and then says there is no love lost between us from when
you first came to WCW but on my honor as a Horsemen, I will help you
get your title. Later that night, Mongo helps Goldberg get a win over
Horace Hogan.

Thunder 28 Jan:
Backstage The nWo are talking with someone about Goldberg. They are
saying things like how they have him fooled and what an idiot Goldberg
must be to think that he will ever get the belt back. In a match
later against Bryan Adams, Mongo screws things up and Goldberg looses
the match.

Nitro 1 Feb:
Goldberg comes out to the ring for an interview with Gene about the
losses he is accumulating thanks to Mongo. Goldberg calls Mongo out.
Mongo enters the ring and wants to know what is going on. Goldberg
challenges Mongo to a match at the PPV. The rest of the Horsemen
appear. Flair asks Goldberg if he knows what he is
getting into challenging a member of the Horsemen. Goldberg says he
doesn't care and that he wants Mongo. Mongo agrees to the match. On
the shows building up to the PPV The Horsemen constantly run in and
beat Goldberg. Mongo, Benoit and a now healthy Malenko start beating
the big man down before the PPV.

Benoit and Malenko are at ringside to watch the match. The match
isn't 5 minutes underway when the nWo appear. They storm the ring and
begin taking care of the Horsemen outside the ring. Nash gets into
the ring and helps Mongo beat on Goldberg. Arn comes out with a
baseball bat and starts hitting home runs, starting with Mongo and
Nash! Beniot and Malenko eventually overpower their attackers and
come in the ring, roll Nash out and start pounding on Mongo with
Goldberg. Once the three are satisfied, Goldberg raises his hand in
the sign of the Horsemen.

The next night on Nitro, Mongo comes out to the ring with the nWo
wearing an nWo shirt. Hogan cracks jokes about Goldberg trusting
Mongol. He then turns to Mongo and says, "But you know what Mongo?
You are even dumber for trusting us!" NWO attacks Mongo, leaving him
face down on the mat and spraypainted.
Michael Harsha ---From the Desk of the Fanged One
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Rick Phelps
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