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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 125

Date:  Saturday January 9th, 1999  5:50 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

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1. Every State Dinner would be "The State Great Dinner Ever," every
meeting would be "The Greatest Meeting Ever," every Bill would be "The
Greatest Bill Ever," Of course, his Administration would be "The
Greatest Piece Of Bull Sh*t Ever."

2. Fat Tony's autobiography, "Lying With A Straight Face" or "Whatever
Eric Wants, Eric Gets" shows that being a Toad and sacrificing your
dignity pays the bills.

3. Fat Tony once again proves the old adage "If you can't dazzle them
with brilliance, baffle them with Bullsh*t" works.

4. The top selling toys would be Ken The Shill, Bullsh*t Ken, Full Of
Crap Ken, and Dangerously Overweight, But Loving It Ken Inaction
Figures. All would available at Richard Simmons Studios everywhere, on
the Internet at www.TonyIsFOS.Com, at Fat @$$es "R" Us, or by calling

5. Fat Tony would solve the Iraqi problem by going there and eating
every drop of food in the country, calling it "The Greatest Buffet
Ever." He would then leave "The Greatest Dump Ever" on Saddam, thus
solving "The Greatest Problem Of The Century." (Not Saddam, Tony's
after breakfast, too early for lunch snack problem).

6. The National Symbol, whatever it is, would be the "Greatest
National Symbol Ever." Rumor has it that he plans on using his last
belt since it is now too small to use to measure the earth's

7. The military would be "The Greatest Fighting Force In History," but
must be back in their barracks at
11 PM sharp, since no action is
allowed after that time (at least none that is televised).

8. The National Anthem would be replaced by chants of "EAT IT, EAT IT."

9. The dollar bill would have a picture of Fat Tony on one side (if it
fits) and on the other, what else..."The Greatest Dollar Bill Ever."
Ten cents out of every dollar spent by every citizen would be used to
keep Tony in vittles.

10. The WWF would be disbanded in "The Greatest Disbanding Of All
Time," with every wrestler, referee, ring crew, office employee and
member of the McMahon family skinned, eviscerated, and frozen for use
by Fat Tony as
midnight snacks for one month.

Submitted by reader: JTa6547591
Raw- 11/11/99
Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett come out and challenge Steve Blackman,
Goldust and Dan Severn to a six man tag at the Royal Rumble, saying
that they will bring along the ' real Blue Blazer'. Blackman accepts
on the team's behalf, but Dan doesn't seem happy with the decision,
made without consulting him first; he isn't sure that his neck is
fully healed.

Heat- 1/17/99
Goldust vs. Owen Hart. Jarrett lends Owen his guitar which he smashes
over the head of Goldust to get the pin, who is enraged when he comes

Raw- 1/18/98
Goldust challenges Owen to a rematch with Blackman and Double J in
their respective corners, Owen accepts. Dan Severn is due to return
against Jeff Jarrett, but before the match, the cameras catch up with
an incident where they catch Jarrett leaving Dan's locker room with
the superstar lying on the ground, a smashed guitar around his head
and Jeff saying to him: "I told you no to p*** me off". Worries are
that his neck has been re-injured.

Owen comes down the ramp for his match but walks off as he is upset
with Jarrett for attacking the Beast, saying " you didn't have to do
that" to him as the two argue at ringside. Jarrett decides to take
over and face Goldust. After a great match, the Blue Blazer leaps
into the ring, attacking Goldust causing the D.Q. with a spinning heel
kick and sharpshooter. The commentaters keep saying how Owen Hart must
think we're all fools.

Heat- 1/24/99
Steve Blackman, in an interview, tells Michael Cole that
Severn has
had to drop out of the match that night as he is concerned about his
neck and doesn't think he is one hundred percent fit. "What will
happen to the match at the Rumble?" Jim Ross questions.

Royal Rumble
Blackman and Goldust come out and say that they are not going to back
away from their opponents, so they will fight in a 3 on 2 handicap
match. The 3 man team are disqualified when the Blazer puts on a
dragon sleeper on both men and Owen and Jarrett continue to pound on
them at the same and refuse to stop. In his uncontrollable rage, the
Blazer rips off his mask to reveal.......DAN SEVERN!!!!!!
Submitted by reader: Si316
RE: Lex Luger Spectrum incident (issue 120)
Reading of Luger's apparent conduct at the Spectrum reported in issue
120, I must say I was completely surprised to hear it. Being disabled
myself I know how hard it is to live without the looks or comments we
get from some of the ignorant dregs in society. I get that sometimes
in England but I have been to America several times and I am planning
to move there later on in life just because of the feeling of
acceptance I got from most American's I have encountered.

I would think Lex Luger would have a little more understanding and
compassion for the girl, his illness or "bad day" doesn't explain or
condone his reaction to what was simply an autograph hunter. After
all, fans like that allow Lex to get paid the wages he does. I am
also suprised that WCW did not attempt to redeem themselves, maybe
giving free tickets to another show. Disabled have enough hurdles to
get over in life and I bet the comments last a hell of a lot longer in
her mind than that of Luger's. Disabled people come up against that
sort of thing every day and because we hear a lot of it we tend to be
able to ignore it. Ignoring it is however made all the more difficult
when the comment comes from someone you support / idolize or whatever.
That, I am sure will stick in her it any wonder that she
'jumped ship' to another fed?
Submitted by reader: Andy Laudano (Hitman-Andy@xxxxc...)
I just wanted to reply to Kieth's "In Defense of Luger". That's a
great memory and in no way am I looking to tarnish it but I've met
Luger a few times and he's very inconsistant and moody. Sometimes he's
really nice and other times he couldn't be bothered. The last time I
saw him was the worst.

There was a small group of fans waiting in a hotel lobby in
before Nitro. Everyone was well behaved & polite and the

wrestlers were all being great about signing & taking pictures. When
Luger arrived some fans went to get his autograph and he asked them to
wait until he got his bags in. We had no problem with this and after
he got his bags out and went to get checked in a little kid saw him.
There were other wrestlers in the lobby at this time waiting to get
checked in but this little kid only had eyes for Luger. He followed
Lex around with a piece of paper & a pen and asked for an autograph
and Luger didn't even acknowledge the little guy. Finally Scott Hall
had enough and said "Hey, Lex! Just sign the kids autograph!" Lex
rolled his eyes and finally did and the kid was thrilled. Everyone
else just thought Luger was an asshole for doing that to a little kid
-especially being a father himself.

Now while its possible Luger was behind that nice gesture to you it
sounds more like something Sting would do. You'd think that as popular
as Sting has always been he'd have an attitude or at least try to
avoid people but thats not the case. He's really nice and thats coming
from someone whos not even a big Sting fan. I think maybe Luger
mentioned seeing you and Sting was behind inviting you over. This
isn't meant to trash Luger but to say I doubt the girl did or said
anything wrong. Being that moody normally I can only imagine him with
the flu!
~ Andy
P.S. Since I mentioned Scott Hall earlier let me say that Scott Hall &
Kevin Nash are two of the best wrestlers you can meet. I've never seen
either one turn down an autograph request and after shows I've seen
both make sure that anyone who wanted an autograph or picture got one
before they went up to their rooms. Total class acts.
Submitted by reader: Scottman65
Vince comes out and says The Rock will come in the Rumble number 3.
Followed by the rest of the Corporate Team. A surprise guest will
come in number 30. He guaranteeds
Austin won't win.

Royal Rumble
Vince comes out
Austin follows. SCSA starts too beat up Vince. The
Rock comes
in and throws SCSA. Vince tries to throw out The Rock from his
blindside. The Rock turns around and nails Vince with the Rock Bottom
and follows with the
"People's Elbow." Finally the Corporate team gets there in time and
beats up the Rock. He is thrown out. Blackman, Farrooq, Bradshaw,
Owen Hart, Jeff Jarret, etc. get beat up by the corporation. The Blue
Blazer comes in and Vince says he had enough and wants to know who is.
The Corporation holds the Blazer down. Vince rips off the mask and
Austin. He stuns everybody. Him and Vince are left but then, the
mystery guest is left. Chris Jericho comes in. He goes to hit
but turns around and throws McMahon in the LionTamer. Shane comes in
and tries to break it up but
Austin gives him a nice big stunner.
Vince gives up. SCSA and
Jericho raises each other's hand but then
Ralphus pulls
Austin out. The number 1 contender is now Chris Jericho.

Submitted by reader: TripleH99
Blue Meanie
The Blue Meanie and Duane Gill team up to face Edge and Christian. As
soon as the match starts The Meanie climbs in the ring and starts
pummeling Edge and Christian. Gangrel tries to jump in but The Meanie
gets him too. The ref eventually calls the match a no-contest cause
The Meanie won't control himself. Gill tries to calm him down but he
gets met with a fist in his face, knocking him over the top rope. The
JOB Squad comes out and eventually calm him down.

The Meanie meets Gangrel of the Brood. As the match progresses Al Snow
and Head come down to cheer on Meanie. Snow shakes Head in the air
like always and the fans start chanting Head, Head, Head but The
Meanie after seeing this snatches Head away from Snow and uses it on
Gangrel causing a DQ. The ref is nailed by Head too and Snow tries to
calm him down but he gets hit with Head as well.

The Job Squad comes out and calls out The Blue Meanie. When he is in
the ring Snow starts asking him why he did what did last night. The
Meanie grabbed the mic and Head. He started shaking it in the air like
Snow usually does and the fans start chanting Head. The Meanie
explains that this is the reason. Because Snow needs Head to get over
with the fans when quite easily Snow could easily get over with Head
some other way and certainly on his own and not with help from the
boss. Meanie tosses Head onto the ground and says "Al,you've done a
lot for my career but now I need to do things my way. I didn't come to
the WWF to be a glorified jabronie again. I came to be a star and
you're holding me back from being a star. I quit the JOB Squad and am
issuing a challenge to you for later tonight. Winner gets Head
forever." Snow accepts. Meanie later defeats Snow with help from
Scorpio who also quit the JOB Squad and is siding with the Meanie.

Duane Gill vs The Meanie-The Meanie announces that no longer will he
be called the Blue Meanie but just plain The Meanie and he doesn't
wear anything blue anymore, just a plain white shirt and tattered
shorts like always. At the end of the match The Meanie grabs Head
while Scorpio distracts the ref and Meanie nails Gill with it (Head
also has a complete makeover as well) to win the match. After all this
The Meanie and Scorpio could go onto to the Tag Belts while feuding a
little with the JOB Squad and this would hopefully get both men over
as heels but I have no clue what McMahon would do with Snow if this
actually happened.
Submitted by reader: David Isley (David_Isley@xxxxc...)
I absolutely loved the remarks made by Mark George about how low class
Tony Schivonie really is. I don't know if the remarks he made about
Foley were given to him to report on the show, but he is a behind the
scenes guy with WCW. This guy has NEVER to my knowledge ever taken 1
bump in the business and ought to be helping Klondike Bill set the
ring up and getting the boys their coffee. They should've ditched him
the same time they ditched David Crockett on the mic. You're totally
correct, Jim Ross owns you, Tony.
Submitted by reader: NUGENT316
Raw is War--
Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole announce, much to the disappointment of
the live crowd on hand, that Stone Cold Steve Austin will not be in
the building because he's "taking care of business elsewhere." Vince
McMahon comes out and then tells the booing crowd to not be upset
because, "Tonight, live, in that very ring, a major superstar, a
former WWF World Champion in fact, will pop up somtime before the
night is over."

Monday Nitro--
on the same night on TNT, it is announced that a superstar of
monumental proportions is in the building, and that he was not invited
but that he showed up anyways. They go on to say that the mystery man
will "stun" the world upon his entrance.

War Zone--
Vince McMahon comes out with Team Corporate, and enters the ring. He
grabs the mic and announes, "Ladies and gentleman, the one, the only,
Hollywood Hogan and the nWo!" Hogan comes out with Nash and Hall, and
they then enter the ring. Hogan and Rock go face to face, but at the
signal of McMahon, they both embrace. Hogan takes the mic, "Eric
Bischoff and WCW can basically kiss my @$$!" The crowd goes crazy.
Hogan than says that he and the nWo are there for one reason-- to take
over the WWF under the guidance of Vince McMahon. "nWo has gone
corporate, and making lots of money is just to sweeet!" Later on in
the night, Team Corporate's Bossman, Shamrock, Kane, and The Rock are
facing Triple H, The Outlaws, and X-Pac in a street fight. nWo
Corporate comes down and enters the ring. Nash has a chair and aims it
at Triple H as McMahon smiles. Nash then swings as Triple H ducks and
Nash takes a shot at Hogan. Hall then scoops Hogan up and nails the
Outsider Edge. Nash jackknifes Rock and Triple H covers him for the
pin. As Team Corporate, an irate McMahon, and a fazed Hogan leave, the
complete DX in its entirety- Nash, Hall, Triple H, X-Pac, and The
Outlaws, all give McMahon the crotch chop. HBK comes out and says, "DX
ain't complete without the Heartbreak Kid!" HBK then tells the crowd,
we got two words for Hogan and McMahon, and DX and the crowd yell out,

Nitro-- same night, exactly right after Raw goes off the air following
the DX bit, everything is silent as the glass breaks. And out comes
Stone Cold, beverage in hand. WCW refs surround him and tell him not
to drink it, but he flips them off and downs it. The crowd loves it.
However, a Goldberg chant begins.
Austin verbally berates the crowd,
WCW, and Bischoff before finally calling out who he calls his
wannabee- Goldberg. The two stare face to face in the ring as the
crowd goes crazy. They exchange words as
Austin flips him off and

Goldberg charges at him. The refs seperate the brawl and the show
WWF-WCW War of the Worlds... to be continued. . .
Submitted by reader: TIMEBOMBS
Why is everyone dissing Tony Schiavone? He said something out of
line, I know, but you have to think, I bet it was not his decision to
say it. He is told what to say on the air, and he probably was told to
say that. I have to say I don't like the WCW announcing team. Bobby
Henan adds a little bit of a funny touch, but Schiavone is a nerd, and
Tenay is too in depth. WWF has a great team that adds humor, and real
commentary. However WCW does get down to the dirt and find out all
the details on everything, something I think WWF lacks. But back to
the Schiavone incident, a few weeks ago, if you will think back,
during the announcment of the second name in the rumble (When McMahon
announced himself as the 2nd entrant in the Rumble). He said he was
the only thing that could save Ted Turner's "crappy" WCW. No one
disrespected him for it, yet it was another cheap shot. The Schiavone
mentioning what had happened on the pre-taped RAW was more out of
line, and I think it ruined a suprise for some of us, but it probably
ended up giving RAW more ratings. In the end I would just suggest
that if anyone from either WCW of WWF is reading this that one of you
just move your show to Tuesday, fans would be happy that they wouldn't
miss action while watching the other guy, and ratings would sky rocket
for each station because no one would be changing back and forth. In
the end both WCW and WWF have excahnged cheap shots, but it ends up
the same, so I think you should leave Schiavone alone, and get off his
back. Thank you.
Submitted by reader: Oz316
The first thing I have to say is congratulations to Mick Foley on
finally getting what he has deserved for so long. Next, what in the
world was Schiavonie thinking? If I were an average fan watching
Nitro, the first thing I would have done when I heard Mick Foley would
win the belt was turn to RAW. The last hour of Raw was one of the
best in some time in my opinion. The hardcore title match was awesome,
the best in a long time. Plus, DX pulled a Serpico on HBK, and the
great World Title match to cap it off. As for Nitro, aside from the
Saturn vs.
Jericho match, LWO match, and the ending, it was more of
the same. But the ending was without a doubt the best since '96.
What WCW needs to do is limit the nWo to Hogan, Stiener, Bagwell,
Luger, Hall, and Nash. Get rid of Stevie Ray and the rest of them.
When Bischoff let the midcarders in is what ruined it last time.
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