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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 126

Date:  Sunday January 10th, 1999  9:53 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

By Dave Scherer of
They will show Paul Heyman early in the show doing a promo where he
says that the card has been changed due to the fact that Masato Tanaka
is not at the show. He also will say that Jerry Lynn's fractured
pelvis has not healed enough to work. He will also say that they don't
Lynn to work hurt, since he is a great wrestler. He promises that
Lynn will be back by 3/21, at Living Dangerously. He said that they
will change the card around, and bring the fans the best show they can.

They preview for the show went live at
7:30. Word filtered back to the
building that the C Band satellite distributor TVN was not airing the
pre-show. I know that phone calls were made to fix it.

Before the show started, they did promos with Taz, and then Shane
Douglas and Francine. I noticed before the show that Shane had a
contusion on his head. Dunno where it came from.

The show started at the building at
7:37, when The One Man Gang and
Rod Price hit the ring. Their opponents were Nova and Chris Chetti.
Standard tag match which saw the heels get heat on Chetti for the
first five minutes. Nova came in and had the match won, but Bill Wiles
did his "time limit has expired gimmick". Gang attacked Nova and hit
the 747. Wiles said that time was back in, and Gang got the pin.
Chetti got into it with Wiles. Wiles came in the ring and said he
could have first shot and said he would turn his back. When he did,
Nova nailed him with a cool facebuster and Chetti covered him. Nova
counted a pin on Wiles.

At 6 minutes of, Paul Heyman came out to ringside. The crowd loudly
chanted his name. He fired them up with a mix of profanity and ripping
on the WWF and WCW. It was typical Paul, and the crowd ate it up. He
then made them aware of the injury situation that the fans at home on
PPV would learn about in a few minutes. The fans did not really react
about Jerry Lynn not being here, but booed when he told them Tanaka is
not there. He said that RVD got to pick his opponent and the fans will
be happy with who he chooses. He then brought out Joey Styles, to a
huge pop. Joey worked the crowd up, until they went live.

The opener will have Danny Doring and Roadkill vs. The FBI (
Smothers, Little Guido, Big Guido, Sal E. Graziano, and The Big Don,
Tommy Rich). Two minutes in, out came Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten,
with their chairs. Axl took the mic and said he was sitting in the
back and it looked like "a homosexual dance party." Never seen one of
them so I will just have to take his word for it! He said they were
going to make this match what put ECW on the map, an elimination three
way dance, and off it went. Good stuff, with guys all over. Balls got
the first "ECW" chant when he did a splash from the top onto all the
FBI guys on the floor. Roadkill got a two seven minutes in with a nice
splash on Smothers. Guido made the save. The FBI eliminated Doring and
Roadkill when they hit a double fisherman's suplex on Doring in eight
minutes. The faces got the pin when Axl hit severe skull trauma on
Tracy while Balls hit the Nutcracker on Guido in ten minutes.
Afterwards, Big Guido and Sal came in the ring, before they could do
anything, the faces wasted them with chairshots to the head. Good
opening match.

They cut to a video package where Terry Funk did one of his cool
parable interviews, where he talked about how his daddy slit the
throat of his jack ass. He said his father did that because his jack
ass turned on him. He said he is going to do the same thing to Tommy
Dreamer because he chose Jake Roberts as his partner at the N2R
instead of him. He said he would "juice" Tommy and see how much blood
he had to bleed. He told the cameraman to get out.

Time to get crazy as Yoshihiro Tajiri took on Super Crazy. If you want
a blow by blow on this one, read Tim's report tomorrow. I am gonna sit
here and enjoy this one. It was a very good match that Tajiri won with
a Dragon Suplex.

John Kronus came out, followed by Jeff Jones, who was wearing a
judge's outfit. He said that he was the Judge, Jeff Jones. He said
that he has already decided that Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson were
Guilty as Charged. He said that Kronus was Guilty too and he was here
to face charges. He said that Kronus laid him out last week in
Lebanon, PA and he is Guilty as Charged. He said that he will face his
executioner. He said he was a little but Psycho. Kronus said no one is
as crazy as him, and out came Sid Eudy, to a big pop. Sid took a few
shots from him and then chokeslammed Kronus over the top rope, through
a table on the floor. Sid killed him with chairshots on the floor. The
fans chanted powerbomb and he obliged, killing Kronus. Fans loved it.

They then aired a video package which chronicled the Taz vs. Shane
Douglas feud, along with Taz taking out Sabu.

Out next were the Dudley Boys. Bubba said to send out anyone they
want, and they will nail them with 3D. New Jack and Spike Dudley took
them up on the challenge. Joel Gertner cut a fabulous, profane,
Orlando based tirade that was just super. The Crowd popped huge for
it. Bubba then told the crowd that they did not have a match on the
show, and they were not supposed to be on the PPV. They said that the
people don't deserve to see them fight. They challenged anyone in the
building to fight them Dudleyville style, get out there now. New Jack
and Spike took the challenge, to a big pop. Spike came out dressed up
like Mustapha. Wild violence early. Bubba pressed
Spike WAY into the
crowd. They bodysurfed him a bit. Bubba got him and threw him into the
other side of the crowd, but the fans let him drop. Ouch. The teams
faced off chairs against guitars, but Big Dick got nailed. The heels
then took the faces out with chairs. Bubba KILLED Spike with a Tiger
bomb off the second rope. Jack piledrove D-Von in the floor. Jack was
fighting both on the floor when D-Von hit Bubba by accident. Somehow,
the Duds hit a variation of 3D on Jack on the floor. Dick went to hit
Spike with a chokeslam, but Spike hit the Acid Drop on Dick, then
D-Von. Then Bubba. He went to the well on Dick and missed. They hit 3D
on Spike and got the win. Good match.

Afterwards, they handcuffed Spike to the ropes. They picked up Jack.
Dick held him. D-Von read the commandments of Dudleyism and Bubba
nailed him with a chair after all three of them. Jack juiced buckets.
There were puddles in the ring. D-Von hit Jack with the 187. Bubba
took the mic and said Spike and Jack were dead. He talked about every
tag team that they had run out of ECW and then said that RVD and
Sabu's days as tag champs were numbered. They said there is only one
tag team left for them to beat to prove they are the greatest tag team
in ECW history, and they challenged to the Public Enemy to show up at
the ECW Arena on 1/16, which all signs point to happening, since the
PE has reportedly agreed to work at least that date.

On TV they aired an RVD video package. At the building, Damage Control
and Dr. Marque Allen came out to attend to the fallen Jack and Spike.
as Jack was walking to the back, he fell off of the rampway.

Joey Styles came back and said that Lance Storm will now take on RVD
in the match for the TV Title.

And out Lance came, with Tammy Lynn Bytch. Lance took the stick and
said that there would not be a Three Way Dance with him, since Spike
already took a beating and that Jerry Lynn was in the back crying
about a cracked him that he gave him. He said that he is a champion
Calgary, and he wants a belt. Then RVD came out, to a huge pop.
Toward the end, the ref took an erreant Van Daminator and Storm had
the pin. RVD then hit a Van Daminator from the top, but only got a
two. A few minutes later, at about 18 minutes, RVD got the pin with a
German Suplex, with no release. Good match, with a lot of strong spots.

After a cool video package covering the Justin Credible vs. Tommy
Dreamer feud, Justin came out with Chastity, Jason, and Jazzmyn (who
ECW has not given a name to yet but will probably be calling "Jazz").
No Terry Funk though. Tommy came out next, dragging the ladder which
would lead to the "Stairway to Hell", a.k.a. the
Singapore cane that

was hanging over the ring. Lots of psycho stuff as you would expect,
and an enjoyable bout. They did a cool spot where a bloody Tommy got
another ladder and both men climbed them to get the cane and Tommy hit
a Stunner on Justin. Finally, Tommy got the cane and tied up JC in the
ropes and was about to cane him when Terry Funk came out and nailed
Tommy with a trashcan shot to the head. Justin hit "That's Incredible"
on the ladder, and got the pin. Funk began beating him senseless with
the trashcan. Funk chewed him out. Joey Styles begged Tommy to fight

Steven Prazak then did his interview with Taz, followed by Shane's bit.

They killed the lights and brought out Taz, in a good intro. Shane
Douglas, with Francine, followed. At this point, they had 27 minutes
left of airtime. They brawled all around the building, stiff and wild.
Both got busted open, and some of the fans were getting a little too
active, enjoying it a little too much, if you know what I mean. They
finally came back to ringside and Shane placed a table upright in the
corner. Taz eventually took a great bump into the table, breaking it
in two. Shane brought another table in and Taz suplexed Shane through
it. At this point, the lights went out and pyrotechnics lit the
building up. Amidst them was Sabu, who hit an AWESOME double
springboard clothesline on both men. He hit a springboard moonsault on
Taz. A springboard legdrop on Shane, putting through the table. He
then did a nice twisting splash on Taz, putting him through a table.
The crowd was popping huge, chanting ECW. Sabu left, and Shane got a
two count. Just then, Chris Candido and Tammy Sycth came out of the
crowd, into thr ring. Tammy and Francine faced off. Their "men" pulled
them apart. Francine was damn near naked. Candido nailed Shane and he
and Tammy left. Taz stood up and locked on the choke on Shane. Shane
tried to fight his way out but Taz finally choked him out. The ref
dropped his arm three times, leading to the NEW ECW Heavyweight
champion. Great match.

After the show went off the air, Francine helped Shane too the back as
the fans clapped and chanted ECW. Overall, a really strong show. I
got to watch the show on monitor and unless their were system farts in
the uplink, this show was leaps and bounds better than the N2R in
production. And as a show too. Good rebound for the company.
By Dave Scherer of
January 10, 1999.
San Antonio, TX.

by: Mark George (attkdonkey)
HEAT opens with a recap of Mankind's victory over The Rock for the WWF
World Title on the previous RAW.

The Corporation (Vince, Shane, Patterson & Briscoe), come to the ring
for the customary in-ring intro. Still angered over Mankind winning
the belt, Vince vows action against Mankind on RAW. The Stooges then
get their usual lecture about being obedient as the Titan Tron shows
the beating they received from Kane last week. Vince then mentions
that Triple H will face "Hard Time" tonight. Not one of Vince's better
interviews, as he seemed a bit off kilter.

Before leaving the ring, HBK's mentor, Jose Lothario, is spotted at
ringside by Vince and is asked to come up to accept an apology for the
beating Michaels took on the last RAW. Unwilling to accept, Lothario
tells Vince "He Sucks" which results in an attack from Team Corporate.

Christian defeats Al Snow w/Blue Meanie via pinfall.
Still upset over the Bloodbath, Snow gets distracted when Golddust
appears and steals Head allowing Christian to deliver a reverse DDT
for the win.

Michael Cole interviews Sable from the River Walk in
San Antonio.
Discusses her rise from former valet to Triple H, to WWF Women's Champ.
When asked about Shane McMahon she mentions "What comes around, goes
around". She then says she will meet Luna @ Royal Rumble for the belt.

Steve Blackman vs. Owen Hart. (Dan Severn special referee)
In a Lion's Den Match, Blackman and Hart engage in a "submission only"
match that ends in a no contest. The ring appearance reminded me of a
UFC setup. After the two trade submission holds,
Severn rips off his

neckbrace and attacks Blackman. A group of referees enter the Lion's
Den and save Blackman from further damage.

Oddities defeat Head Bangers via pinfall.
In a match for the mythical "Tag Team Champions of the Universe",
Golga pins Mosh to gain the title. Sometimes I wonder why this sorry
act is allowed t.v. time at all.

A video tribute to Mick Foley is shown. EXCELLENT. Some clips from
his video "Three Faces of Mick Foley" are shown. A brief timeline
from his days as a young boy to where he is today gives us a
perspective on how dedicated Foley truly is. No matter how often you
see clips of his matches, Foley never fails to amaze.

Triple H vs. Big Bossman.
A match that takes place in the Lion's Den ends in a no contest. Triple H
dominates Bossman early until Shane McMahon arrives with the
nightstick. The two beat Triple H, before DX comes for the save. Kane
joins the malay as an all out brawl insues. Patterson and Briscoe
pull Shane from any harm as HEAT goes off the air.
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