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Issue # 127

Date:  Monday January 11th, 1999  12:38 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Goldberg was upset last Monday when he found out that WCW originally planned to have
Elizabeth accuse him of raping her. Goldberg felt
that was going too far and put up a strong protest. After discussions with management, the angle was changed to him merely being accused of stalking Liz, although he still wasn't crazy about the idea.
(Reported by Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch)

The latest on that WCW/NBC TV deal, by the way, is that WCW will probably still get 6 specials on the network, but that with the NBA coming to terms to start a season on February 5, the original head-to-head-with-WWF-PPV dates are likely to be changed. To be frank, it wouldn't surprise me to see the deal postponed or altered to NOT include prime time telecasts if some of what I'm hearing from the TV side is true (which is a sketchy proposition).
(Reported by Rick Scalia at: )

DPK in
Pittsburgh heard Kevin Nash on the Mark Madden radio show on
Friday night.... some of the more interesting comments:

Chris Jericho had a verbal agreement with Bischoff about six months
ago, but then saw the salary structure change radically all around
him. Now he's more over than ever, and looking for the deal that
would reimburse him fairly.

Said the Giant has a 180 day no-compete clause in his contract. This
runs 100% counter to every other reliable report I've heard. But Nash
said it.

Nash gave big time props to Vince McMahon; he said Bischoff was an
alright guy to have a beer and hang out at a bar with, but said Vince
was a smooth business operator. Bischoff loses his temper too
easily. Nash also said, to paraphrase, that the only way WCW would
win back the ratings title like they did for all of 1997 would be to
"assassinate Vince McMahon." Ouch.
(Reported by Rick Scalia at: )
The Jackyl (Don Callis), writes a weekly wrestling column in the
Winnipeg Sun that is widely regarded as extremely insightful into the
psyche of the business. After his column recently appeared on the
Wrestlemaniacs site, Don was gracious enough to allow me to reprint
his column as well. Here you go:

Jackyl (Don Callis)
January 8, 1999
Wrestling was front page news in the mainstream media this past week
as several Winnipeg teachers urged school board officials to lobby to
have pro wrestling shows aired later at night, ostensibly to prevent
children from viewing the x-rated mayhem.

Apparently tetherball and hopscotch are no longer the craze on school
playgrounds, and the little darlings have taken to using the DX "Suck
It" gesture to greet one another. Don Teel, president of the Winnipeg
Teachers Association, who obviously is not hip to the DX lingo,
actually described the gesture as "Suck This", which of course is a
whole different can of irrate teachers…I mean worms, but I suppose
that's just semantics and the larger issue here is that our wayward,
younger generation just does not know how to communicate. This is of
course the fault of television and our million channel universe where
most kids today think War and Peace is the name of a rap band.

Teachers, who by and large are a grossly underpaid and
underappreciated bunch, now apparently not only have to deal with the
daunting task of educating and babysitting these little yardapes, but
according to the article have also taken it upon themselves to teach
them how to "talk through their differences" (just like Vince McMahon
does every Monday night).

Unfortunately, after hearing this mantra preached to them in the
classroom, these poor wayward souls venture home, and after getting a
sugar rush from coke and poptarts, they hunker down for a night of
wrestling, where, according to the article the wrestlers "resolve
their difference by brute force". (Did anyone see the Hogan-Nash
title match??)

First off, I seriously doubt that children take their behavioral cues
from wrestling anymore than they do from pro hockey, which is much
more violent, or football (more violent and boring to boot).
Secondly, pro wrestling is, of course, sports-entertainment, (a fact
not lost on most teens who watch the shows) and shouldn't be judged
anymore harshly for content than say NYPD Blue where people get shot
on a daily basis. As TSN spokesmen David Rosenbloom stated, kids have
been fighting on playgrounds for generations, a valid point. Of
course, Mr. Rosenbloom is not exactly an unbiased voice or reason, as
his employers make millions of dollars a year off pro wrestling which
draws huge ratings.

So, what do we as responsible parents and educators do about this?
Perhaps the punishment should fit the crime, and any child who is
caught doing the DX sign should be forced to watch the Hogan-Warrior
match, or worse yet, watch Kurrgan and Giant Silva dance. Should we
even be wasting our time telling these little rebel reprobates not to
do something (we all know the reverse psychology of that), or would
our time be better spent getting them interested in Shakespeare,
(oops, that's more violent and x-rated than wrestling!).

In all seriousness, much of what is shown on both Monday night
wrestling shows is questionable viewing for young children, because
that's not the demographic the shows are aimed at. What this comes
down to of course, is that the parents should monitor what their
children watch. The argument against this is (other than that it
makes too much sense), that many parents are not around to censure the
television. Well, WWF Raw in Canada (which, by the way, is a censored
version of the one in the States on USA Cable) often airs at 11pm, and
never before 8pm, and to me, if a child is old enough to be left
unattended during these mid to late evening hours, than that child is
probably old enough to figure out that wrestling is like many shows on
television at that hour…entertainment.

Winnipeg teachers have, I'm sure, the best of intentions, and I am

on the same page with them when it comes to television being a pox on
humanity, specifically the younger generation. It seems to me,
however, that we are looking for a complicated answer to a simple
question. Let me help you…TSN is very unlikely to alter programming
that is making them money, so lets just do the common sense thing and
monitor our own children, after all, you can't give them back.

You and your children can e-mail me at wwfjackyl.

VISIT my Home Page:

1. Mooning would be the accepted form of voting in Congress: A "Full
Moon" for Yes, and a "Flash" for No, with members required to wear
bright skivvies in case the proceedings were being televised.

2. NAO's autobiography, "See Mom, I Told You Jobbers Could Make It" or
"How Do You Spell @$$Hole: Vince McMahon," would serve as an
inspiration to Mid-Carders everywhere proving there is hope for them.

3. Appointees: Triple H, Secretary of State; Chyna, Secretary of Defense;
HBK, Press Secretary; Mankind, Boiler Room Inspector, with Fat Tony
his Special Assistant and Bitch; and Shane McMahon, Special
Presidential Interface To Pampers, Used Products Division.

4. The top selling toys would be Amazon Queen Barbi, Flasher Ken, Suck
It Ken, and Untrained House Pet Ken, all available at WWF House Shows
everywhere, at DX's "R" Us, on the Internet at
www.TheCorporationSux.Com, or by calling

5. NAO would solve the Iraqi problem by going there, whizzing on The
Republican Guard and stuffing Saddam up his own @$$hole.

6. The National Symbol would be a big DX atop a pair of Crossed Super

7. The military would consist of DX and the Jeep they used to invade
WCW. After all, if they could stand up to Uncle Ted with his
Quad-Zillion dollars, 250 TV Networks, and Hanoi Jane as his
Commander-In-Chief, what country would screw with us?

8. The National Anthem would be replaced by chants of "SUCK IT"

9. The dollar bill would have a picture of all the members of DX on
one side peeing on Mr. McMahon, and the words "SUCK IT" on the other.
The larger the denomination, the bigger the puddle Mr. McMahon would
be immersed in. Mr. McMahon has pleaded that there not be a $100 Bill.

10. The Corporation would be banished for life to WCW to job to Norman
Smiley, Glacier and Silver King. They would also be required to clean
up the pile of manure around the announcers desk every week on NITRO,
with special attention directed at Fat Tony.
Submitted by reader: ShortDDork
Raw 1/18/99--
Vince & Team Corporate come out to start off the show. Vince
announces that he has all sorts of surprises planned for the Royal
Rumble. He says that he will do whatever it takes to get SCSA
eliminated from the Rumble. Of course, he won't have to use all the
tricks up his sleeve.

Heat 1/24/99--
Vince comes down to the ring and says that he has trained diligently
(adding that he has said his prayers and taken his vitamins). He says
that he will not only eliminate SCSA before the third participant
comes to the ring, but that he will go the distance and win the
Rumble. Rumble time arrives and the glass shatters. SCSA comes to
the ring and awaits Vince's arrival. Vince comes down to the ring and
the Rumble begins. Austin immediately beats Vince from pillar to post,
hitting the Stunner only 1
minute into the Rumble. SCSA picks Vince up and heaves him over the
top rope, but Vince holds onto the top rope and crawls back in. He
attacks SCSA from behind and shows off his newly acquired wrestling
skills by executing a Stunner of his own. He gorilla presses SCSA
over the top rope just as the buzzer sounds for #3 to enter.

One by one Vince pummels every WWF superstar and tosses them over the
rope, finding himself with time to rest in between intervals. #28 is
Kane. Kane beats Vince mercilessly. He hoists Vince up in a
chokeslam and holds him over the top rope. The buzzers sounds for #29
to enter and Kane is stunned by the sudden interruption in his work.
He spins around and drops Vince in the ropes. Vince does a great job
of getting himself tangled in the ropes. Down the aisle comes a
wrestler wearing a plain black mask and long black trunks. He enters
the ring and fights Kane back into the opposite ropes. He whips Kane
to the buckle. Kane stumbles out and receives a kick in the stomach
and a Stunner from the masked wrestler. He picks Kane up and tosses
him over the top rope. He walks slowly over to Vince, who looks as if
he just sh*t a brick. The masked wrestler gestures to the fans,
asking them if they want him to remove the mask. The fans respond
wildly, as they think it is SCSA. The wrestler slowly pulls of his
mask to reveal-- Atom Bomb AKA Wrath. He laughs wildly as he lets
Vince free from the ropes that have held him for the last
two minutes. The buzzer sound for #30, but no one leaves the dressing
room area. Vince calls for the mic. He takes the mic and calls the
newest member of the Corporate team to the ring, the thirtieth
participant in the Rumble--the Giant!!! The Giant emerges from the
entrance wearng a SCSA shirt and carrying a cooler full of beer. The
Giant gets in the ring and he and Atom Bomb climb over the top rope,
making Vince the winner. The two climb in the ring and down a few
cold ones and mock SCSA, raising their middle fingers and taking turns
giving each other mock stunners.

This sets up a possible tag match with Kane & SCSA vs. the Giant &
Adam Bomb
at Valentine's Day Massacre and singles matches between those
individuals at
WrestleMania 15. This also allows for DX, Mankind, the Rock,
Undertaker & others to get some of the spotlight at WrestleMania 15
without having Stone Cold play show-stopper.
Submitted by reader: BStealer22
Jan. 11 Nitro-
At the end of a great night for the Wolfpack, all the members come out
in the ring. As they address the crowd, Goldberg, Bret Hart, Savage
and DDP come out. They say they want the nWo and they brawl. nWo has
the upper hand and starts laying out all the WCW members. Suddenly,
from the rafters, Sting comes down dressed in white-and-black. Hogan
and Nash tell everybody to go after Sting, but Sting fights them all
of, and they get out of the ring. Sting still almost goes after Bret
Hart, but Page holds Sting off. Sting then points at Lex Luger. Page,
Goldberg, Hart, and Sting are left in the ring as the show goes off
the air.

Jan 17 Souled Out- Hart and Sting battle it out for the US Title. This
is a great match, but Luger makes his way down. He tells Hart to go
after Sting and gives Hart a chair. Hart then drills Luger with the
chair. Sting then rolls Hart up for the win, and the Wolfpack make
their way to the ring. Sting and Hart fight them all off, and have
united under WCW.

Jan. 25 Nitro- WCW stars come out: Goldberg, Page, Sting, Savage and
Hart. Sting
demands a match with Luger. Goldberg wants Nash. Savage vs. Bischoff.
Page wants Scott Hall, and Bret Hart wants a World Title Match with
Hollywood Hogan. All at Superbrawl.

Feb 1 Nitro- Team WCW come out for an interview, and is confronted by
the nWo.
nWo ambushes all of them and start spraypainting them. Suddenly,
Flair, Benoit, and Malenko come out and give chair shots to all of
theWolfpack. WCW is reunited.

Nitro before Superbrawl- 8 man tag match Sting, Hart, Goldberg, Page
vs.Luger, Hogan, Nash, Hall. What a great match. Steiner comes
running down to help the nWo, but Savage comes down, and takes out
Pump. As everyone goes after their rivals, Warrior comes out and makes
a short appearance. This distracts all of the nWo, and Sting sneaks up
and delivers a Death Drop on Nash.

Superbrawl: Sting vs. Lex Luger: Sting defeats Luger with a Death
Drop on a chair, and spray paints WCW on him.

Page vs. Hall- Page sneaks up and delivers the Diamond Cutter,

Goldberg vs. Nash- Nash hits a Powerbomb on Goldberg, but Sting comes
out, and hits Nash with a tazer. Goldberg hits the Jackhammer.

Hogan vs. Hart- Hogan accommpanied by nWo. Hart by WCW. This match
went back and forth. As both factions got in the middle, they all
brawled in the ring.
Suddenly, Roddy Piper comes from under the ring, and drills Hogan with
a chair, and WCW takes out the nWo. Hart locks on the Sharpshooter and
wins the World Title. Page brings out spray paint and a towel. They
wipe off nWo on the belt, and write "WCW". Hogan gets up, but Goldberg
and Page hold him down, and spraypaint WCW on Hogan. Sting, Piper,
Goldberg, Page, and Savage celebrate with the new World Champ.
Nitro-next night: Go on a streak and beat Raw in Ratings
Just returned Saturday, from my most recent trip to Japan. Have all
kinds of new Magazines, Barbed wire Baseball Bats, All Japan Figures,
Posters, Programs, and much more. Regarding videos, I brought back
over 30 new videos, most ARE NOT available in this country right now.
Included in this batch, is the 12/13/98 FMW - ECW Pay Per View. This 3
hour, 3 minute video contains Douglas vs Gedo, Dreamer vs Douglas,
Sabu & Van Dam vs Hayabusa & Dreamer, Sabu & Van Dam vs The Dudley
Boy's, along with interviews from Douglas & The Dudley's. The complete
listing of Videos and available Japanese Merchandise won't be ready
until 1/14/99. Contact me at gmayfield@xxxxc... for ordering details.

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