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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 129

Date:  Tuesday January 12th, 1999  11:12 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Taka Michinoku will probably make his ECW debut at the ECW Arena show on 1/16;
As for the Public Enemy, it looks like they will be in for a little while at
least. They were in negotiations with the WWF, but they kind of up and stopped.
I don’t know any more about it than that.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at:

Sid is scheduled to be coming in to ECW for an extended run. Heyman plans to do
a lot of marketing with Sid and thinks it could be a gold mine. I'm skeptical
that Sid will ultimately be more than a disaster.
(Reported by Dave Scherer at:



VISIT my Home Page:

The program opened with Michael "Making You Miss Good Old JR" Cole and Jerry
"The King" Lawler at the announcers desk welcoming the viewers.

Degeneration-X (DX), Triple H, X-Pac, The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Bad @$$ and
Chyna came to top of ramp to a big pop. Doggie did his intro bit, but it was
Mankind, the new WWF Champion that he introduced, and Mankind came out to a
major pop. Bad @$$ did his "Suck It" bit for Mankind and DX left. We saw Mr. and
Shane McMahon watching on a monitor backstage.

Mankind went to the ring and said he needs new entrance music; music that
doesn't show him getting his @$$ kicked. We saw The Rock watching backstage.
Mankind said he "takes a licking and keeps on ticking." He talked about winning
the WWF Title last week being the greatest thing in his 15 years in the sport,
and said the WWF refused to let him in for many years and that it was thru the
efforts of Jim Ross that he finally did gain entrance. He wished Ross a speedy
recovery. He went on to say that he realized he didn't win the Title without
help from DX and Stone Cold Steve Austin (SCSA) and thanked both, and got major
pops on each, with the one for SCSA taking the roof off. He then said that a
Wrestlemania without SCSA in the Main Event wouldn't be Wrestlemania and wants
to face him for the Title there.

The McMahon's and The Rock came out to a round of boos Shane called Mankind "a
disgrace to the WWF Title," and "while the fans may support him and there is
nothing The Corporation can do about it, The Corporation can schedule a
Corporate Royal Rumble tonight, with DX facing The Corporation, with the winner
getting No. 30 at The Royal Rumble (RR)."

The Rock took the mic and he began dissing Mankind to a chorus of "Rocky Sucks."
He said Mankind never beat him, but did so with the help of "that piece of
Trailer Park Trash, Bone Headed Jabronie, SCSA," who he promised to "lay the
smack down on later." He said he was sick of seeing Mankind with the Title and
called him the result of "a Monkey taking a crap in the middle of the ring." He
went on to say that the people wanted him as Champion, to more boos. He said the
least Mankind could do was to give him a Title shot at RR. Mankind responded
that he has beaten The Rock twice and there is no third time, adding that The
Rock "wasn't Championship material." The Rock offered a No DQ Match. Mankind
said "he smelled what The Rock was cooking and it didn't smell good," saying
there would be no match. The Rock then added No Count Out and was again
rebuffed, with "No DQ, No Count Out, No thank you, you're not good enough." The
Rock kept trying by saying that no members of The Corporation would be at
ringside. Mankind suggested that he "check into The Smack Down Hotel, and walk
his Monkey @$$ down to the corner of Know Your Role Blvd. and Jabronie Drive,
because you're not getting a Title shot" mocking what The Rock said to him
during their Title match last week on RAW and pissing The Rock off.

The Rock told Mankind to take Mr. Socko and put it between his legs because he
doesn't have anything there. Mankind asked if The Rock was questioning his guts
and "testicular fortitude." He said he would get Mr. Socko and put him between
The Rock's legs and "stuff him where the sun don't shine and that would give him
a good idea of what The Rock is cooking." The Rock was about to give up when
Mankind said he would accept the match, but it would be No DQ, No Count Out, No
members of The Corporation at ringside and would be an "I Quit Match," and there
"would be no stopping the match because of excessive blood loss" and he promised
there would be excessive blood loss. He added that if he knocked The Rock down,
he would pick him up and make sure he said "I Quit."

Mr. McMahon took he mic and said "Now that The Rock is the No. 1 Contender at
RR, what makes Mankind think he'll still be the Champion at the time of the RR."
He then said that Mankind would face Kane for the Title tonight and this pissed
The Rock off and he was in Mr. McMahon's face. Mankind said "he is the
Champion," as he pulled Mr. Socko out, and continued, "If you know what The Sock
is cooking."

We saw SCSA arriving in the Arena.

The first match was a No. 1 Contenders Match for the Tag Team Titles, pitting
NAO, accompanied by Chyna (wearing her Leather Shorts and Halter outfit) v.
Double J and Owen Hart, accompanied by Debra McMichael. Prior to the match we
saw a clip shot earlier of NAO discussing how they are going to approach the
match and ignore Debra if she tries to "entice" either of them. We also saw a
clip of a match from Heat last week of Debra distracting The Big Bossman (BM)
and costing him a match. Bad @$$ had Owen down and was about to pin him when
Debra got up on the apron and showed him her ample chest straining against her
bra. Bad @$$ went over to her and gave her a Crotch Chop, and she wasn't real
pleased. Debra and Chyna got into a shouting match a ringside (I don't like the
Debra's chances). At the time, Bad @$$ and Double J were outside the ring and
went over to keep them apart. Chyna shoved Debra and she landed about five feet
away (I told you I didn't like her chances). This distracted Road Dogg and
allowed Owen to pin him.

Winners - Double J and Owen Hart
Winner - Bad @$$, who got a great view of Debra's "assets"

We saw Tony Garea, WWF official and a bunch of police officers outside the door
of "Gillberg's" locker room, as Cole and Lawler wondered who Gillberg is.

After a commercial, Gillberg was escorted from his locker room to the ring by
the convoy of police as we heard the repeated chant "Gillberg" over the PA
System. Cole and Lawler commented that no ones lips were moving but we were
hearing the Gillberg chant (Hmmm, methinks this sounds familiar). Gillberg came
to the top of the ramp and was surrounded by The Job Squad (The Blue Meanie, Bo
Holly and Scorpio) holding Sparklers over his head (This looks familiar too).
Gillberg got into the ring and said "Gillberg doesn't want to know 'Who's Next,'
he wants to know "Who's First." Luna came to the ring to face Gillberg. Gillberg
went for 'The Spear' (Now I am positive I recognize this) but Luna blocked it.
He nailed 'The Jackhammer' but Luna got right up. Luna then bopped Gillberg and
pinned him. Cole said "Gillberg is a one move wrestler, whose record is now 0-1"
This was a funny parody and will not make Good King Eric too happy. A fine
looking young blonde thing attempted to get into the ring, but was restrained by
a security person. It was the same girl who tried to get involved when Sable
made an appearance several week ago.

Winner - Luna
Winner - The fans and viewers

We saw a clip of Shawn Michaels being attacked last week and a clip from last
night's Heat of Michaels' mentor Jose Lothario being called to the ring,
refusing to accept Mr. McMahon's apology for Michaels injury, telling Mr.
McMahon that he sucks and getting stomped by The Stooges for his efforts. Cole
said Michaels will be undergoing surgery tomorrow.

Dennis Knight was at the announcers desk saying "He is here" over and over. The
Acolytes, Farooq and Bradshaw, came down and told Knight "He is waiting," as
they led him away.

Val Venis came to the ring and did his "Hello Ladies" bit to a big pop. He went
out to ringside and gyrated for a foxy young girl in the front row. Ken Shamrock
charged down and jumped Venis. He pounded the crap out of him, telling him "not
to mess around with my sister." Bad @$$ came to the ring. Shamrock was at the
top of the ramp and while Shamrock watched, Bad @$$ mooned his sister. Shamrock
charged the ring and attacked Bad @$$, and was joined by The Bossman. Shamrock
took the mic and told Bad @$$ he could have an Intercontinental Title shot at
RR, but warned him what he would do to him. Shamrock went over to his sister and
told her he wasn't happy about her choice in men.

We got a shot of Mankind and SCSA talking in their locker room.

The next match was for the European Championship, pitting X-Pac (C) v. Al Snow,
who was "Headless," as Head was stolen by Goldust last night on Heat. Prior to
the match, we saw a clip of Head's kidnapping. The match was fast and pretty
even until Goldust came to ringside and gave Snow "a little Head" upside his
head. X-Pac then hit The X Factor and pinned Snow. Goldust left with Head, with
Snow was right behind him. Goldust gave Snow "a little more Head" on the ramp.

Winner - X-Pac - Retains Title

We saw Mr. McMahon pumping up Kane for his Title match v. Mankind. He told him
he would be by himself and he wanted him to destroy Mankind.

The next match was for the WWF Championship, pitting Mankind (C) v. Kane.
Mankind started fast, blasting Kane into and with the ring steps, as they fought
on the floor. During a very hard fought match, Mankind blocked a Choke Slam and
pulled out Mr. Socko, but was unable to get it in Kane's mouth account his mask.
Kane hit a Pile Driver and covered Mankind. The Rock charged in and broke it up.
He then nailed Mankind with a chair shot. SCSA ran in and faced The Rock.
Mankind pulled the chair away from The Rock and he took off. SCSA then nailed
Mankind and Kane with Stunners and the crowd went wild. SCSA and The rock
exchanged glares.

Winner - None Announced, but Mankind retains the Title

We next saw Mr. McMahon in the locker room asking The Rock why he prevented Kane
from winning the Title. The Rock said he wasn't going to let Kane have "his
Title," that he would win it at RR, and then he left still pissed.

The next match was Triple H, with Chyna, v. Brood Member Edge, who came thru the
crowd as usual. Triple H did his "Are you ready" bit to a major pop, stating "Mr.
McMahon is waiting in the back for DX to kick The Corporations @$$." The match
was an excellent one by two of the better athletes in the WWF, as was won by Triple H
with The Pedigree. The other Brood Members, Gangrel and Christian, stormed in
and jumped Triple H, with DX making the save. The lights went out and when they came
back on, Road Dogg was at ringside, the latest victim of a Bloodbath.

Winner - Triple H
Loser - Road Dog

We heard chanting and saw The Undertaker's Symbol and a Throne at the top of the
ramp. Dennis Knight was unconscious on a table, with The Acolytes alongside. A
bunch of Druids came out, followed by Paul Bearer, carrying a knife, and The
Undertaker in a Druid style robe. The Undertaker sat on the Throne talked long
his Ministry, saying there was no place to hide from it. He talked about the
Power Of Darkness being given to a chosen few and that "Hell has relocated to
Earth." He went over to Knight and cut his wrist allowing the blood the flow
into a goblet, using the knife Bearer brought. He told Knight is name was now
"Median" and poured the blow onto Knight's lips. He then carved his Symbol on
Knight's chest, chanting as he did so. He returned to his Throne and said "We
are all afraid of the dark," as his Symbol burst into flame. Median's body began
to rise from the table. Spooky stuff.

D'Lo Brown came to the ring accompanied by PMS, Terri Runnels and Jacqueline.
Cole said that as result of last weeks fall, Terri had lost her baby, as we saw
a clip of the fall and Terri being cared for afterwards. D'Lo apologized to
Terri for what happened and said he would do anything for her to make up for it.
Terri whispered in his ear and D'Lo said he would do anything but that. She
wanted him to wrestle Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry, who came to the ring. As
Henry spoke to D'Lo, Terri hit him with a low blow from behind, putting him down
like he was pole axed. Chyna and Sammy came to the ring to comfort Henry. Terri
took off and Jacqueline got clocked by Chyna and took off (She's just a little
slower than Terri, and I don't mean in a foot race). Chyna and Sammy helped
Henry back to the locker room.

After a commercial, we saw Chyna and Sammy still comforting Henry. Chyna left to
get Henry something. Will he be true to Chyna? What is Sammy up to?

We saw a short video of Mr. McMahon being trained by Shane for the RR. He had
him chase a chicken (Do you think he got the chicken from Amish Road Kill?) and
punching sides of beef, ala Rocky. Mr. McMahon questioned Shane's training
regimen promising to make him pay later.

The next match was The Main Event, An Over-The Top-Rope Corporate Royal Rumble,
pitting The Corporation v. DX, with the winner getting No. 30 at RR. Every one
of DX has had a match earlier tonight, giving DX the advantage. Shane McMahon
joined the announcers. The first man down was Ken Shamrock. He was followed by
Bad @$$. When Bad @$$ got up on the apron, Shamrock leaped at him over the top
rope and they both went to the floor, eliminating Shamrock. They fought on the
floor and then in the ring as Shamrock refused to leave. The BM was next in and
he jumped Bad @$$ as Shamrock finally left. Next down was Test to make it 2-on-1
on Bad @$$. X-Pac was the next one in, evening the odds. Test eliminated Bad @$$
and it was 2-on-1 v. X-Pac. Road Dogg followed and it was even again. They
fought until Kane joined, making 3-on-2 for The Corporation. Kane quickly
eliminated Doggie and the three Corporate Members drilled X-Pac a new rectal
orifice. Triple H came down to make in 3-on-2 for The Corporation. Test nailed Kane
by mistake and Kane responded by throwing him out, making it 2-on-2. Kane and
X-Pac went out soon after, leaving BM and Triple H alone. Mr. McMahon came out,
flanked by The Stooges.
He slowly went to the ring and when BM and Triple H were both leaning on the ropes,
threw them both over. Thinking he won, he ripped his shirt off Hogan style and
showed his upper body off. Chyna came to ringside and wanted to get in the ring.
The Stooges tried to stop her and she blasted both of them. SCSA came to
ringside and Mr. McMahon went over to face him. Chyna came up from behind and
threw him over the top rope to win and become No. 30 at The Royal Rumble. Mr.
McMahon was beside himself with anger and SCSA just laughed at him.

Winner - Chyna - Who is No. 30 at The Royal Rumble.

Another great show ended on that note

Just a short note. I Download most of my Mail using Automatic
AOL, which does it
on a preset schedule, with me not being at my computer. While this is happening,
many people have been trying to reach me via Instant Message (IM). I want you to
know that I am not ignoring you, I am not at the computer. If someone IM's me
while I am on line, I always respond.

Submitted by reader: Mortis65
Monday Night Raw 1/18-
De-Generation X comes out and announces the still WWF World Heavyweight
Champion, Mankind. He comes out and talks about how much happier he will be
kicking Steve Austin's ass now. Then he says how the Rock stopped Kane from
winning the World Title because he knew he couldn't beat Kane. Then he says if
he can't beat Kane he has no chance in hell of beating him. Triple H takes the mic.
He says how he's sick of all the crap the Corporation has been pulling and
challenges Shamrock, Bossman, and Test, to a 6-man Hell in the Cell Weapons
match at the Rumble, against himself, Billy and Road Dog (X-Pac is out injured).
Vinnie Mac, Shane, The Rock, Shamrock, Bossman, Test, and the Stooges make there
way out. Oddly enough they get a round of boo's. The Rock says that he would
join in kicking DX's ass in the Hell in a Cell match, But... Triple H cuts him off by
saying, But you'll be too busy getting your ass kicked by Mankind. The Rock
shrugs it off and states that it won't matter since they have a big suprise for
DX anyway. They start to leave but DX tells them that they are big and suprises
and gives them two parting words to
leave with.

Royal Rumble 1/24- Royal Rumble-
its the end of the Rumble. Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, and VinnieMac are left.
Triple H goes after Vince and the Rock and
Austin get it on. Mankind runs down
to the ring. Steve Austin is about to eliminate the Rock but Mankind hits him
with the belt. Triple H, stunned, looks at Mankind and Vince eliminates him. The
Rock and Vince beat down on Austin. Austin gains a little momentum and whips the
Rock into the ropes. Mankind pulls down the top rope and the Rock is eliminated.
They start fighting on the outside. Vince is scared to death and Austin just Lou
Thesz Presses him and pounds on his head. The Bossman runs down and nails Austin
with the nightstick. Mankind has knocked the Rock out with a chair by now. The
Bossman tosses the nightstick to Vince. Mankind jumps on the apron, turns Vince
around and locks on the Mandible Claw with Mr. Socko. Then he pulls Vince over
the top rope. Austin wins. Mankind pulls a table in the ring and sets it up. He
puts Austin on the table and climbs up there himself. He is about to piledrive
him through but the
Undertaker and the Acolytes make there way to the ring. Faarooq, Bradshaw, and
Median chew up Mankind. Then Taker picks up Austin and tombstones him through
the table.

6-Man Hell in a Cell Weapons-
The Fans are eating this one up. They love the carnage. All six men are busted
open except Road Dog who's only been fighting the whole match. Road Dog is
beating the Bossman in the corner, Billy and Test are still going back and forth
and Triple H has Shamrock set up for the Pedigree. All of a sudden Road Dog runs
at Triple H and attacks him before he hits the Pedigree. Bossman, Shamrock, and Road
Dog go to work on Triple H. Billy tries to help but is pumbled by Test. X-Pac
comes out and grabs a microphone. "Hey", gets the
Corporations attention.

"That was your surpise?", he asks. "Here's DX's surpise." The Giant and Chris
Jericho come to the ring in DX shirts. The Giant snaps the chain on the door and
he and Jericho get in. X-Pac tries to tie the chain back up. Road Dog starts
climbing the cage but the Giant pulls him down and gives him a massive
chokeslam. Jericho has Shamrock locked in the LionTamer and the Giant grabs
Bossman and Test and gives them a double chokeslam. Chyna and X-Pac get in the
ring and checks on Billy and Hunter. All 6 of them stand in the ring (Triple H,
X-Pac, Chyna, Billy, Jericho, and The Giant) and hold each others hands up high.
Triple H takes the mic. "Road Dog, you can just" and the crowd replies, "SUCK

Rock vs. Mankind Title Match
its near the end of the match. The new DX is surrounding the ring. The
Corporation hasn't dared to come down yet. Pieces of tables, mashed up chairs,
broken canes, deformed cookie sheets and other things they used lie around and
in the ring. Mankind is bleeding like a faucet and the Rock is just the same.
Mankind grabs something from under the ring. its a bag of tacks. He dumps them
in the ring. All of a sudden. Austin's music plays. All of DX looks towards the
entrance way but he comes through the crowd. He drops the Rock with the stunner.
Then Mankind runs at him but he backdrops him on the tacks. He quick runs out of
the ring. DX looks in confused about what happened. Mankind gets up first and
puts Rock in the hold that he used on Shane a few weeks ago. The referee
(microphone in hand holds it up to Mankind) "I'LL BREAK YOUR F&*%
SHOULDER!!!!!". (He holds it to the Rock). "ATriple H. I QUIT I QUIT".

Wrestlemania 15-
Austin is doing on interview about his upcoming match when Taker and the
Acolytes attack him. They put him through a table and beat on him with some
chairs. Taker says he's taking Austin's spot in the match. Mankind is
interviewed about it and says that Taker won't fight Mankind, but he will fight
someone just as good.

Mankind(??) vs. Taker: Title Match
Taker comes out with the Acolytes. Cactus Jack's music plays and he walks out.
With weapons in hand. Taker doesn't seem disturbed... Taker has the upper hand
and as told the Acolytes to set up a table outside the ring. They do as
instructed. Taker lifts Cactus for a Chokeslam but he blocks it and suplexes the
Undertaker through a table. Then he motions to the back about something and the
Cat Walk lowers down to the ring. Cactus pulls Taker up there with him. The
Acolytes get up there too. Lucky for them they are all knocked off at only about
10 feet. Taker and Cactus are up there at about 25+. Cactus is about to throw
him off by Taker knocks him off first. Cactus falls to the ring. Everyone has
crapped their pants. The lights go off and when they come back on Taker is in
the ring. He lifts up Cactus and tombstones him down. The lights go off again.
When they come back on Austin is in the ring behind Taker. Taker turns around
and Austin stuns him. He says its his match. Cactus gets up and Austin stuns
him and pins him 1...2...3... New Champ, Stone Cold Steve Austin.
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
Editor: Steve Appy
Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
Columnist: Josh Hewitt
Columnist: Swami
Columnist: Tom Misnik
Columnist: Nate Pelley
Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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