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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 130

Date:  Tuesday Jan 12th, 1999  9:55 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

Since its been a controversial subject of late with other newsletters/ web sites (thankfully not this one), I thought it appropriate to explain our news gathering techniques here at The Booking Sheet.

First of all, I do not consider myself a news reporter. I don't have sources backstage in any of the Big 3 locker rooms.  There are only several sources of truly legitimate wrestling news anywhere. There are five sources I often use for my news reports (you've seen them all credited in this newsletter). They are:

1) Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer, THE weekly bible of professional


3); You can count on both Micasa and the Online Onslaught updates for reliability.

4) Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch; the other premier snail mail wrestling source.  Keller's sources are second only to Meltzer's, and The Torch also boasts the writing of Bruce Mitchell, perhaps the most entertaining writer in the wrestling world.

5); Al Isaccs is an under-rated news reporter, and is far more reliable than some give him credit for.

Over the past week, there have been false rumors floating around online
regarding both Shawn Michaels & Ahmed Johnson. Shawn Michaels goes through back surgery today; a false rumor made the rounds last week indicating that he had already had surgery, surgery that basically destroyed his back. Since none of the above sources reported this story, we did not either. Imagine my relief at this discretion when I learned that this rumor was a lie.

An ugly, evil rumor was spread about Ahmed Johnson this past Sunday. This story allegedly was reported by CNN, and most of the newsletters on the online world gladly reported it. I will not go into the details of this story, either here or in answer to any requests. When I heard this story, I waited for a source I trusted to report it.

No such luck; I then checked out the CNN web site for any information. There was not a mention; my better instincts told me that this story was false.  Fortunately, I passed on this story as well.

The internet is a wonderful place, information gets distributed all over the world at the touch of a button. At the same time, both misleading & false information makes the rounds as well. Stories like these put a black eye on the whole internet community and any of us could easily fall victim to such lies.

There are hundreds of online newsletters, thousands of wrestling web sites. If you receive information that is not credited to a reliable source, contact the editor of the newsletter or web site in question. In the future, it would be terrific if such stories could die before a man's reputation is slandered.
1st Hour- N/A 5.9
2nd Hour- 5.5 4.9
3rd Hour- 5.5 4.3
Composite- 5.5 5.0

The 1/10 edition of Sunday Night Heat did an incredible 4.9
(Reported by Georgiann Makropoulos of

Major story breaking out today that Giant Baba has an intestinal blockage which will require immediate surgery on 1/11 JST and means that he will be gone from the 5/2 Tokyo Dome show. One media report claims that Baba has given up his booking to Mitsuharu Misawa to become the full-time "matchmaker." Another media outlet is claiming that Baba is suffering from a disease but will not disclose the details. When reached, Misawa said on the telephone, "I'm not worried."
(Reported by Zach Arnold of
VISIT my Home Page:

1. Men would be prohibited from marrying blonde Hos who take them to the
cleaners and them dump them and move on to the next sucker.

2. Mongo's autobiography, "From Champ To Chump" or "She Got The Gold Mine, I Got
The Shaft" would be the standard text for Marriage Counselors.

3. Old broken down football players would be prohibited from trying to match
skills with young talented wrestlers. Special attention would be paid to those
who "think" they are part of an 'elite' wrestling group.

4. The top selling toys would be Take The Cash And Run Barbi, Played For A
Sucker Ken, No Move Wrestling Ken, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Ken Action
Figures. It is strongly suggested that The Barbi figure be kept in a separate
room from the Ken figures, as the manufacturer refuses to be responsible if the
Ken figures are found homeless and broke. All would available at all Las Vegas
Quickie Divorce Drive-Thrus, on the Internet at www.IVEBNSCRWD.Com, at Chumps
"R" Us, or by calling 1-800-DBRAWON.

5. Mongo would solve the Iraqi problem by pleading with Debra to go there, marry
Saddam and thus bankrupt
Iraq in weeks. A fringe benefit will be that she could
then move on and do the same to rest of the
Mideast, and only have to take a six

month leave of absence.

6. The National Symbol would be an over-the-hill athlete, with his empty pockets
turned inside out saying, "This could happen to you."

7. The military would be financed with the spare change left over from Debra's
alimony checks after she goes clothes shopping.

8. The National Anthem would begin, "Oh say can you see, if she left even a dime
for me. When so proudly she does hail, If I miss a payment, I'll end up in

9. The dollar bill would be abolished in memory of Mongo never having another

10. Wives serving as wrestling valets will be strictly taboo, in order to
prevent back stabbing on the job.
POLL: Conducted by nwo4life4ever
Last weeks poll: What should the new stable in WCW be called?
nWo - 30
nWo Wolfpack - 22
Wolfpack - 9
nWo Elite - 3
New World Order - 2
jackasses - 2
There were over responses with one vote

This weeks poll:
Paul Wight (Giant) is expected to go to the WWF soon. When he does arrive, what
would you like to see him do?
Send answers to <nwo4life4ever>
Submitted by reader: Vgmastr
This booking was written before the nWo reunited on the 1/4 Nitro

This is my booking plan for the whole nWo thing. Of course, this assumes Sting
and Bret Hart would be ready to wrestle Monday, which of course, they aren't.

Konnan vs. Scott Steiner - TV Title Match - Konnan gets a rematch, and
recaptures the TV Title.

Sting vs. Bret Hart - This is hyped throughout the show as Sting's return trying
to get revenge on the guy who put him out. After Hart comes out, everyone
expects the Wolfpac music to come on, however, the Sting surfer music plays and
Sting comes out wearing neon colors. Sting wins the match; however, after the
match, the Wolfpac comes down demanding an explanation. Sting tells them that
joining the Wolfpac did nothing for his career, and he's returning to his roots,
returning to his days as champion and that he's sick of being in Nash's shadow.
He walks off leaving the Wolfpac puzzled and angered.

Nitro-1/11: Sting vs. Scott Hall - Sting is about to put away Hall, however,
Nash runs and attacks Sting making it 2 on 1. Luger runs down and attacks Nash
and Hall. Konnan runs down and doesn't know what to do. The Outsiders are
reformed and so is Sting and Luger under the WCW banner.

Souled Out-1/17: Sting vs. Kevin Nash - World Title - After the referee gets
knocked out, Hall and Luger interfere. Konnan runs down with a chair, he takes
a swing at Luger, Luger ducks, Konnan nails Nash. Sting is able to make a
cover, the ref gets up, Sting wins the title.

Nitro-1/18: Nash and Hall call out Konnan. They say they're sick of this, and
wonder which side he's on. He says he's nWo for life. All three hug in the
ring. All of a sudden, Nash and Hall attack Konnan. They say they don't need
Konnan. They also say they started the nWo, they're gonna finish it.

Nitro-1/25: Sting, Luger, and Konnan come out. They challenge the Outsiders to
a six-man tag team match at Superbrawl. The Outsiders come out, and accept,
however, only if Sting will put the World Title on the line against Nash the
next week on Nitro. Sting accepts.

Nitro-2/1: Sting vs. Kevin Nash - World Title - Sting had the advantage when the
ref gets knocked out. Hall runs down to help. Luger and Konnan run down and
Hall is no match for them, they drive him out of the ring. They drive him to
the back and it appears it will be 1 on 1 again. However, out of the crowd, the
Disco Inferno jumps in the ring wearing an OutsidersT-shirt, and he nails Sting
on the back of the head. Nash covers Sting, the ref gets back up and counts to
three. Nash gets the Title. After the match, Nash andDisco hug.

Nitro-2/8: The Outsiders and Disco come out. They laugh at how stupid Sting,
Luger, and Konnan are. Disco demands a TV Title Match against Konnan later in
the evening. Konnan comes out and accepts.

Disco Inferno vs. Konnan - There's major outside interference, however, after a
Jackknife Powerbomb from Nash, Disco pulls out the win, and the Title.

Nitro-2/15: Sting and Konnan come out, they demand a Tag match against Nash and
Disco. Only there's one stipulation, they win by pinfall or submission, both
titles go back to their former owners. Nash and Disco accept, only by one
stipulation, if they win, neither Sting or Konnan gets another Title match as
long as they are champs. Sting and Konnan accept.

Sting & Konnan vs. Kevin Nash & Disco Inferno - World Title Match - Of course,
to give a preview of Superbrawl, both Luger and Hall interfere, however, Nash
and Disco pull out a win.

Sting, Lex Luger, & Konnan vs. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, & Disco Inferno - After
the match goes both ways, Hulk Hogan of all people comes out wearing red and
yellow, no one knows what he's going to do, especially since this scene looks so
familiar. Hogan answers all the question, however, by attacking Disco, or does
he? He then attacks Sting, Luger, & Konnan. This gives them a DQ win, however,
fans are puzzled. Hogan gets on the mic and says the nWo are going back to
their roots, going back to what made it, Nash, Hogan, and Hall. He says that
don't need Bischoff, and they especially don't need the Disco Inferno.

Nitro-2/22: Hogan, Hall, and Nash come out for an interview laughing at what
happened the night before. The Disco Inferno comes out and challenges Nash to a
World Title Match later in the night, Nash basically laughs it off, but accepts.

Kevin Nash vs. Disco Inferno - World Title Match - Nash is just too much for
Disco, and retains the belt. After the match, Hogan, Hall, and Nash continue to
attack Disco, however, Scott Steiner, Scott Norton, and Horace run out and
attack them.

Nitro-3/1: Hogan, Hall, and Nash come out and challenge Steiner, Ray, and Horace
to a match at Uncensored, if they win, the jobber nWo must disband, if they
lose, they'll disband. Steiner comes out to accept.

Nitro-3/8: Scott Steiner comes out and challenges Nash to a World Title Match
later in the evening. Nash accepts.

Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner - World Title Match - its an even match, however,
it gets thrown out when the other 4 men interfere.

Uncensored-3/14: Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, & Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner, Scott
Norton, & Horace - Steiner, Ray, and Horace are no match to the three men that
made them. Nash, Hogan, and Hall take the win. After the match, they get on
the mic and say that now there's only one nWo, the three guys that started it,
and its going to be the three guys that started it, its when we started
letting in other guys that the nWo went downhill. After this, the nWo becomes
the biggest heel group there is when they go back to what made them, backstage
and parking lot attacks, taking over Nitro, spray paint, and nWo propaganda
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