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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 131

Date:  Wednesday January 13th, 1999  7:55 pm

The Wrestling Booking Sheet 

Chris Candido passed on his opinions about the war of words going back and forth between the fans of Tammy Sytch & Sable, and Sable herself:
From Chris Candido:
"Steve, the Sable vs Tammy feud is getting ridiculous. Please report that before
that Ms. Wrinkle face and her husband that can't even spell "timing" were not
even employed in the WWF when Playboy approached Tammy. They offered $20,000 for
her to pose and she said no even though Vince and Lisa Wolfe (then head of human
resources) tried to force her to do so. Please print this in your next report.
We are friends with Jenna (Jameson), so nothing against that type of stuff, but
Sable said Tammy's story was untrue and she wasn't in the business at that time.
For a factual response ask vince himself.

Fans of the former champ can rest easy...
According to the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS newspaper the four hour surgery to fuse
Michaels' fourth and fifth vertebrae went well. Dr. Pablo Vasquez, who with Dr.
Thomas Kingman operated
on Michaels, says that the procedure "was very difficult and it took a lot
longer than we expected", but that Shawn was doing well enough to possibly go
home as early as this weekend.

The article still contends that any further ring action would put too much
pressure on his back and that the retirement is genuine. Michaels was quoted as
saying that he'd continue to be acting Commissioner within the WWF as well as
work on a wrestling school in
Texas with Jose Lothario.

(Reported by Al Issacs of:

There was a lot of talk that Terry Funk was supposed to come into the Raw
tapings in
Beaumont, TX last night but he did not make it. From what I have
heard, he called in and said he was too sick to show up. The word was that he
was going to work a wild title match with Mankind, which of course he wouldn't
(Reported by Dave Scherer of

The 1/18 edition of RAW was taped yesterday, and it is published near the end of
this issue, titled "RAW SPOILER", appropriatly enough. If you want to be
surprised, skip that section. My thanks to Scoops for the report...

WCW will be renewing its relationship with MTV... on Saturday, January 23, as
part of a theme weekend on MTV, WCW will present a 6-man mini-battle-royal.
Booker T, Kidman, Wrath, Disco Inferno, and others will be on hand. The event,
which will be something like "spring break in the snow," will take place at
Bear Lake in California. If you're interested in being a part of the crowd on

hand, just call (310)-752-8707. They'll hook you up with information and FREE
tickets to the event. Tell them you heard about it on WrestleManiacs.Com!
(Reported by

Steve Appy, the editor of The Wrestling Booking Sheet, has many wrestling
tapes for sale. Check out a description of each tape at:
Vince Russo, one of the head script writers of the WWF, recently printed an open
letter on Russo has emerged as one of the more influential
men in the wrestling industry, making him someone to pay attention to.
Russo Raw
By Vince Russo
We’re So Sorry, Uncle Eric

"It used to be fun to get the ratings every Tuesday morning, but now that we’re
kicking their ass so bad in the ratings every week... it’s just not that much
fun anymore."
—Eric Bischoff on Prodigy in 1997

You know, I’ll never forget him saying that. We were on the road at the time of
that Eric Bischoff Prodigy chat so somebody printed me a copy of the transcript.
Man, what an arrogant, pompous S.O.B. The guy was riding on a high horse, but
you knew that it was only a matter of time before his own spurs would carve up
his own ass.

First rule of business: What goes around... comes around. That’s why I never
brag about Raw’s ratings. Why bite yourself in the ass? Why set yourself up to
look like a fool? I mean, let’s face it, the general public is so finicky that
they can turn on you on a dime. Nothing is forever, and
Newton’s Law of Gravity
clearly states that what goes up... must come down. I even think it was the
late, great Ralph Kramden who once said—"The people you meet on the way up...
are the same people that you meet on the way down!!!"

Too bad Uncle Eric never watched The Honeymooners.

So, he bragged and he bragged, until Vince McMahon eventually turned the tide.
Now... he’s desperate. A desperate man taking desperate measures. Man, it’s so
ironic—without even realizing it, Bischoff was responsible for his own demise.
Again, I’ve not been in this business for 25 years, but it’s automatic—when the
booker decides that he wants to become a television star... the rest is
downhill. You see, Uncle Eric was on a roll, whether the early NWO idea was
his—or not—is debatable, but regardless... it was successful. Then the fatal
mistake. Uncle Eric yearned for the spotlight. When that happened and he decided
to get himself over before his talent, you knew doom was impending. The minute
he came out in black and white—I knew it was the beginning of the end. You see,
in this business... you can’t do both. It’s impossible to be the booker, and a
talent, and make it work... unless, of course, you’re Vince McMahon.

So, the Titanic began to sink. Slowly but surely, the World Wrestling Federation
turned the tide and was back on top again. Now, Uncle Eric surely couldn’t blame
himself for the failure of his company... so it was EXCUSE time.

This quote is directly from the Great One himself—Eric Bischoff.

"You see, Mr. McMahon found out that he didn’t have the ability to compete in
this industry without resorting to the type of programming that can only be
compared to an R-rated freak show."

Eric—to put it simply—get your head out of your ass.

Read and understand that statement: "Mr. McMahon didn’t have the ability to
compete in this industry..."

Compete in this industry? Uncle Eric—HE MADE THIS INDUSTRY. If it weren’t for
Vince McMahon you’d be cleaning my pool for a living!!! Vince McMahon IS
sports-entertainment. You and I are simply his disciples!!! What you’re saying
is that he can’t compete in a game that wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for
him!!! Now, let me explain what it is that you’re really trying to say because
your theory is simply HORSE S#IT!!!

What Uncle Eric is trying to get across is this—when Vince McMahon realized that
he couldn’t compete with Ted Turner’s checkbook (yes, TED’s checkbook because
Uncle Eric is no more than a minion), he decided to step his creative genius
into another universe!!! How’s that Eric, does that explain it?

Look, let’s just get this out in the open—being an EXTREMELY sore loser, Eric
Bischoff has been on a six-month campaign attempting to smear the name of the
World Wrestling Federation in order to save his own ass.

Here’s a suggestion for you, Eric—rather than attempting to smear the name of
the World Wrestling Federation, maybe you should spend more time rethinking your
own strategies. For example: On Nitro when you instructed Tony Schiavone to tell
viewers not to watch Raw because Mick Foley was going to win the World Wrestling
Federation Championship, you should have realized that you were going to send
Raw’s ratings right through the roof—which you did!!! A 5.8 that night—a record.
You see, Uncle Eric—that was plain stupid. Mick Foley is the most well-liked and
respected superstar in the business. If you tell people he is going to become a
champion for the first time after a 15-year career—they are gonna want to see
that. You see—that’s you’re fault... not ours. When, week after week, you
promise matches on NITRO that never take place—NASH vs. GOLDBERG—you piss people
off. They change the channel. They watch Raw because they know Raw delivers—your
fault... not ours.

What you should really be doing is spending your time studying tapes of Raw so
you can actually learn how it’s done. Learn from Vince, and if you have any
questions I’m sure he’ll be happy to enlighten you.

You continue to attack the fact that children watch our show. Yeah, you’re damn
right they do—they know what’s good!!! My own kids LOVE the show. They love the
show because—THEY GET IT. This is 1999. Kidz are hip. Parents are hip. Sponsors
are hip. YOU’RE NOT!!! The gray hair kinda gives it away. I mean, you’ve got
guys winning matches using a CATTLE PROD!!! A CATTLE PROD!!! Where does Scott
Hall get a CATTLE PROD anyway? Does his uncle own a ranch in Wyoming, or what?
What the hell is that?!!!

By the way, speaking of Scott Hall—on last night’s Thunder after Scott said (and
I quote), "DOWN WHERE?" the rest of the Vince-made stars said "DOWN THERE!" And
then they all pointed to their crotch areas. My oh my, what will the children
think?!!! But, hey, don’t sweat it, I won’t tell any of your sponsors about that
incident... I’ll keep it between us.

Get a life.
Found on
VISIT my Home Page:

1. The FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, KGB, ASPCA, LMNOP, RSVP and Women's Club would all be
investigating why he was cheated out of every Title he has ever held.

2. Jericho's autobiography, "F'd" or "I Keep Getting Rear Ended, Sometimes Even
When I Drive" would be the "Bible" for Lawyers and all other lower life forms.

3. Ralphus would replace Richard Simmons on all TV Talk Shows dealing with
healthy eating and lifestyle.

4. The top selling toys would be Screwed Over Ken, Ripped Off Ken, I Deserve
Better Ken and You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone Ken Action Figures, all would come
without Title Belts, which cannot be purchased separately or obtained in any
way, shape or form. All would available at future WWF or ECW House Shows, on the
Internet at www.ConspiracyVictim.Com, at Victims "R" Us, or by calling

5. Jericho would solve the Iraqi problem by sending Good King Eric and the WCW
Booking Committee to Iraq and letting them plan Iraq's future. This is a sure
bet to destroy Saddam and the entire Mideast for years to come.

6. The National Symbol would be a Championship Belt enclosed in a circle, with
a Diagonal line running thru it.

7. The military would consist of Ralphus and 1,000 of his clones. They would be
sent to the border of any country we had a problem with. One look at how well we
train our military will be all it will take to allow 100 Campfire Girls to take
over the country while they are rolling on the ground laughing their @$$es off.

8. The new National Anthem will be "I Get No Respect," written by Ralphus Gym
Buddy, Rodney Dangerfield, the only other person that can appreciate the
injustice Jericho suffers.

9. The dollar bill would be worth five cents, to match Jericho's career in WCW.

10. Good King Eric would be sent to work for Mr. McMahon, and be Pat Patterson's
room mate on the road.
Submitted by reader: Glennvolio
Here's an interesting way to end the Royal Rumble, have an interesting main
event for WM15, and not have Steve Austin win.

As the PPV opens, we see on the Titantron Chyna in her locker room preparing for
later on tonite. As she's lacing up her boots, Terri Runnels walks in and
starts to provoke Chyna. Just as Chyna grabs for Terri's throat, Jackie runs
behind Chyna and strikes her in the back of her knee with a metal pipe,
sidelining her from competing in the Rumble.

A little while later in the PPV, DX comes down the aisle without Chyna. They
enter the ring and Hunter grabs the microphone. He explains how Chyna got
attacked by PMS and that they will get revenge in some way, shape, or form. In
the meantime though, they have prepared a surprise for the # 30 entry.

Later on in the night, the Mankind/Rock match starts, BEFORE the Rumble itself.
Both men have suffered massive punishment from each other, being thrown through
tables and whacked with chairs and other foreign objects. But eventually
Mankind is able to use Mr. Socko to defeat Rocky with the Mandible Claw.

The Rumble starts. Austin enters with his usual entrance. Vince McMahon comes
out, and he is basically being forced into the ring by Patterson, Brisco, and
Shane because he is frightened. Austin, of course, beats the crap out of
McMahon as soon as he enters the ring. Time passes. Wrestlers have come in, and
have been thrown out. Vince has spent most of his time laying on the mat in the
corner, as everytime McMahon gets up, Austin gives him a stunner and he's
knocked out again. Finally its time for number 30 to come out. As the whistle
sounds, no one comes out. In the ring now is Austin, Vince (most likely on the
mat unconscious), and about 6 or 7 other wrestlers. Time progresses, and its
finally down to McMahon and Austin. McMahon stumbles to his feet, as he has
taken quite a few stunners. Just as it looks like Austin is going to chuck him
out, Austin throws himself out, collecting
the $100,000 bounty on his head. McMahon is furious. Austin leaves the ring.
Shane, Patterson, and Brisco all run out and start celebrating (even though
Vince is quite upset about having to give Stone Cold the money) because they
think that Vinnie Mac won. But then someone gets on the PA system and says,
"Hey Vince! its not over yet!!" The siren blows, and out comes Cactus Jack,
with a bat wrapped in barbed wire in his hand. Shane and the Stooges run the
hell out of the ring, and Vince is standing there ready to wet himself. Cactus
Jack enters the ring, swings and clips Vince in the back of the head, knocing
him unconscious and out of the ring. So now a Mankind/Cactus Jack match is set
up for WM15.
Glenn Davidson
Submitted by reader: HardTrippn
I would like to respond to what STINGdremr recently wrote. I totally agree with
the points she made. Wrestlers are just normal people like you or I. We all have
our bad days and sometimes we don't act like the nicest people in the world. I'm
sure Luger couldn't always be that cold, and I know I'd be P*ssed if people were
hypocritical and shunned me or my company just cause I was having a bad day.
I've met some wrestlers and I know that most of them are nice. After an ECW show
in Manchester, NH, I went to McDonald's with a few of my friends. Sure enough,
Axl Rotten, Mikey Whipwreck, Jeff Jones, and Chastity all showed up. We had a
cordial conversation along with 2 other kids who had been at the ECW show. As it
turns out, one of the kids had gotten Axl's chair with which he beat some poor
ass down with. Axl signed the bloody dented chair right in McDonalds for him. I
had a long conversation with Mikey and even taught him a few German phrases to
use against one of his opponents. It was the high point of my evening, and I've
watched ECW every weekend since. All I'm trying to say is don't judge wrestlers
too harshly, they are just people.
Dana, 16
Submitted by reader: IMTHEBST33
OH MY GOD!!!!!! THEY KILLED PEPE!!! those bastards!
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broncos for details.

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RAW SPOILER- If you want to be surprised, SKIP THIS SECTION
(This report is courtesy of Carey Minchew & )
Taped 1/12/99
HEAT for 1/17/1999
Corp comes out
McMahon challenges Chyna to an arm wrestling match later that night
Jabber Jabber Jabber
Singh over Gillberg (apparently the angle is still working)
Scorpio over M Henry (Chyna distracts Henry giving him 24 hours to make up his
mind about something)
Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart over Gangrel and Edge (Road Dog runs in to attack and
distract Gangrel)
Godfather over Goldust (Al Snow distraction)
Chyna beats McMahon after Brisco falls into McMahon knocking him down. After
this Brisco and Patterson challenge Chyna to a handicap match

RAW for 1/18/1999
Stone cold out and talks for a bit, he'll be doing some ass kicking later, etc.
Road Dog over Gangrel for Hardcore Title
Billy Gunn over Test after Shamrock interferes
**During the break 5 girls were removed for lifting their shirts to the
crowd..... this explains the booing during the next match
Steve Blackman over Dan Severn by DQ
Mankind over Bossman DQ after Rock runs in to nail Mankind with a chair
Chyna calls out Henry...... Henry admits to not touching Chyna at all ever but
Chyna shows the video anyways..... Of Sammy going down on Henry and Henry's
later discovery on Sammy's manhood :-) ....... Henry's mother was ringside
(we're 10 minutes from his hometown) and drags him backstage whipping him all
the way
Undertaker does his new thing with Knight
Chyna over Briscoe/Patterson..... Sable tries to come to Chyna's aid at one
point but is stopped by Luna
Kane over Rock by DQ after corporate run-in Mankind saves Kane from a serious
beating then SCSA sneaks up behind the Rock as he is escaping Mankind
**********After the show SCSA Gives Rock a beer and a stunner then does the same
to Shane McMahon
(This report is courtesy of Carey Minchew & )
The staff of The Wrestling Booking Sheet
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Columnist: Mark George
Columnist: SamJerry
Columnist: Fritz Capp
Columnist: Rick Phelps
Columnist: Cindy Barnes
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Columnist: Osiris
Tom Kirkbride
Darren Kramer

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