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Vandy! (September 1996)


Beer!  (February 2006)

Issue # 133

Date:  Saturday January 16th, 1999  10:53 am

The Wrestling Booking Sheet

The rumor making the rounds right now has David Flair turning heel on his father
at Souled Out; David would then join Eric Bischoff's version of the Horseman,
joining Windham, Hennig, & Steve McMichael. I have no idea if this is true,
though nothing surprises me these days. Although I do recognize the logic, I
hope it won't happen.
(Reported in many places, including )

More new blood for ECW on the way. In the midst of word that Shane Douglas may
indeed be hanging up the boots and heading for med school, word that former
manager of The Oddities and The Acolytes is heading for Philly. Don Callis,
formerly The Jackyl, may be in as early as tonight's show at the ECW arena.
While his skills in the ring weren't showcased much on WWF television, Callis is
a former WFWA (now known as IWA) champion and feuded with such stars as Jim
Brunzell and Rick Martel. No word yet on a new gimmick for Callis. Chris
Jericho, in his latest fan commentary, hinted at Callis's ECW debut.
(Reported by Al Issacs at: )

As you all know, both Shawn Michaels & Eddie Guerreroare out of action,
recovering from their respective injuries. If any of you would like to send
them get well cards, feel free to contact them at the following addresses:
To contact Shawn Michaels, write to:
Shawn Michaels
WWF/Titan Sports
1241 East Main
P.O. Box 3857
Stamford, CT 06902

To contact Eddie Guerrero, write to:
WCW/nWo Magazine
c/o Eddie Guerrero
PO Box 44
N. Syracuse NY 13212
(Reported by
ECW - JANUARY 15, 1999
VISIT my Home Page:

Tonight's program was the first since ECW's latest PPV, Guilty As Charged (GAC),
and was used to update the fans on it. It began with a series of short clips of
the matches, including the ECW debut of Sid.

The regular ECW opening followed.

We saw Rob "Mr. Monday Night / The Whole F'N Show" Van Dam (RVD) and his Manager
Bill "Fonzie" Alfonso. Alfonso said Van Dam is still the ECW TV Champion and RVD
did his standard "Whole F'N Show" Routine, saying not only is he still the ECW
TV Champion, but also "3/4th of the ECW Tag Team Champions," mentioning Sabu as
his partner as an after thought.

Joey Styles was at his announcers position and said the show would be a recap of
GAC. He went on to say that RVD barely held on to beat Lance Storm and retain
the TV Title. Storm was scheduled for a
Three-Way Dance Match at GAC v. Mikey
Whipwreck and Jerry Lynn.
Lynn is out with a broken pelvis, suffered in a match
v. Storm, and RVD was to meet Masato Tanaka, who didn't make it back from
As a result, Storm came to the ring, accompanied by Tammy Lynn Bytch (TLB), at
GAC and challenged RVD for the Title. We then saw stills of the match, won by
RVD with a German Suplex. He retained the Title.

Steve Miserak (sic) talked with Storm and TLB about the match. Storm said he
carried the match and TLB gave up a little T&A show.

Joey said that Storm took things "to a whole new level," came very close to
winning the Title, and he is going to be the man to beat in 1999.

We next saw a clip of the ECW Championship Match between Shane "The Franchise"
Douglas (C) and Taz. During the match the lights went out just after Taz put
Douglas thru a table in the ring and Sabu came out and charged the ring. He
nailed both men and sent them to the floor. We saw Air Sabu as he flew over the
top rope onto Taz and got an "Oh, my G-d" from Joey. He put Shane on a table
that was lying across the guard rail to the apron and then put him thru it with
another aerial move, and we got another "Oh, my G-d." They may have set a record
as having been the closest two ever. Sabu then put Taz on a table in the ring
and gave him a dose of his flying skills, destroying yet another table. The cash
register at the Acme Chair and Table Company was working overtime. In the
process of his last move, Sabu appeared to hurt his ribs and he left.
seemed to be calling for The Triple Threat as he raised three fingers. Francine
came into the ring to see what he was doing. Tammy Lynn Sytch (TLS) came into
the ring and she went at it with Francine. Their cat fight didn't last long
(damn) as Chris Candido came in and held TLS back, while Shane did the same with
Francine. Candido signaled for the two of them to get Taz, but when Shane turned
towards Taz, Candido nailed him with a right. He then threw his Triple Threat
T-shirt in
Douglas face as he lay on the mat. Candido left the ring, abandoning
Douglas. At this point we went to a commercial.

Joey talked about the
Douglas / Taz Match, saying it "gave him goose bumps" and
that the history of ECW was changed by the Match. We then saw stills of the
match. It was won by Taz with The TazMission. The referee stopped the match with
Douglas unconscious because he refused to submit, making Taz the new ECW

Next up was a clip of Taz going back to his locker room after the match and
walking in on a "heel" victory celebration for him. Being the pussy cat he is,
Taz threw all out. Apparently Taz is not much of a party animal.

We then saw Miserak walking down the hall and Tommy Rich sending him into Taz's
locker room to join the party. He was lucky to get out alive as Rich wet his
pants laughing at him.

Next up was stills of the
Japan v. Mexico, Yoshiro Tajiri v. Super Crazy Match,

won by Tajiri with a Dragon Suplex. They will meet in a rematch January 16 at
the ECW Arena, at House Party '99 (HP).

Styles said Taz will make his first Title defense at HP

We saw a clip of Sid winning his ECW debut match at GAC. Styles said be was
brought to ECW by Judge Jeff Jones, and followed with some "nice" words about
Jones' ancestry.

Miserak talked with Jones in a piece taped just prior to GAC. Jones ranted on
about what Sid was going to do to everyone in ECW.

We then saw Justin Credible, along with is Manager Jason, The World's Most
Famous DNA Challenged Individual, Nicole Bass (get the barf bag), and The Afro
American Mystery Woman (one of these days we will find out her name) as he
talked about beating Tommy Dreamer several times.

Styles talked about the relationship between Dreamer and Terry Funk. Funk had
been a father figure to Tommy. This led into clips of the past three weeks
involving Dreamer and Funk. See my ECW TV Reports for complete details.

We then saw Funk in the locker room prior to GAC. He talked about how his father
raised him and why he is so pissed at Dreamer. Dreamer picked someone else as
his Mystery Partner a few months ago and Funk felt slighted. He said "Payback
time is coming, and it will be until the day you die."

We then saw stills of the Dreamer v. Credible, Stairway To Hell Match at GAC. A
Singapore Cane was hung above the ring and there were two ladders in the ring.
Fist man to get the Cane was allowed to use it. The ladders were used as weapons
throughout the match. Dreamer got the Cane, but Funk came in and nailed him with
a steel garbage can. Credible blasted Dreamer with That's Incredible from one of
the ladders and won the match. Funk then abused Dreamer, who still refuses to
fight back against Funk.

Joey mused about Dreamer's refusal to defend himself against Funk, suggesting
that he was confusing loyalty and stupidity.

Miserak was in the locker room wondering the same thing when Dangerous Danny
Doring and Amish Road Kill lumbered in. Doring babbled on about whatever and
left. Road Kill just took up time and space.

We saw a series of clips of ECW three years ago, with Paul E. doing a voice over
and saying that House Party '99 was this Saturday.

We then got our dose of The Dudley Boyz after their match at GAC. New Jack was
still in the ring being abused as Bubba Ray took the mic and issued a challenge
to Public Enemy (PE), Johnny Grunge and "Fly Boy" Rocko Rock, for a match at HP.
Looks like PE is back in ECW where they belong after having wasted time in WCW.
Bubba Ray said the ECW Arena was now part of Dudleyville and pleaded with PE to
show up for a Street Fight.

Joey talked about The Dudley Boyz as clips of the carnage they have visited upon
ECW ran. The program closed on that note.

Just a short note. I Download most of my Mail using Automatic AOL, which does it
on a preset schedule, with me not being at my computer. While this is happening,
many people have been trying to reach me via Instant Message (IM). I want you to
know that I am not ignoring you, I am not at the computer. If someone IM's me
while I am on line, I always respond.
THE WRESTLING GOD--a column by OSIRIS (burkeandhare@xxxxc...)
I am a long-time wrestling fan (40 yrs.) and I am also a big fat mark. I`m not
ashamed to admit I still get excited over a match, even though I now know all
about storylines and angles; when I first realized about all the planning that
was involved, I was very disappointed, but then I realized something that keyed
back to my
childhood. I remembered going on most Saturdays to the local theater and the
latest meeting of the Roy Rogers Rider`s Club, where we would see a few
cartoons, the latest serial chapter, and a rip-roarin` western. Now, we all
knew how the movie would end each and every time, and we knew how, eventually,
the serial would end, though with serials there was the element of mystery and
uncertainty that kept
you coming back. To me this is wrestling today: a big serial where, perhaps,
some chapters are not written as well as others, but where you keep coming back
because you like the story. After all, you wouldn`t dismiss a good play simply
because you`ve read it, you want to see how different actors handle the parts.
I look at wrestling this way now, and it keeps me coming back week after week.
Now as to which federation best writes the plays (keeping in mind the roots of
our sport) we`ll talk about at a future time-----see ya--------
osiris ``don`t look behind, something may be gaining``
Submitted by reader: DudeLuvOWW
Shattered Dreams
RAW- Near the middle of the show, Al Snow enters the ring and shoots that he
wants Head back, and he wants him now. He challenges Goldust to a match later
in the night, with the stipulation that if Al Snow wins, he gets Head back, and
if Goldust wins, he can keep Head forever. Goldust appears on the Titantron,
stroking Head and licking the side of Head with his black tongue. He accepts,
saying that Head would make a "great new Golden Director".

Al Snow vs Goldust with Head on the line
7:00 of good performing between the two, and the J.O.B. Squad runs in. The ref
is able to keep them out of the ring, but is distracted as Goldust uses Head to
deck Al Snow, busting him open. He then covers for the three count. The J.O.B.
Squad protests, bringing Head's usage in the match to the ref's attention, as
the blood from Al Snow's head is visable on Head (ignore the redundance). The
ref restarts the match, much to the dismay of Goldust, who immediately throws Al
Snow into the corner and delievers the Shattered Dreams. The ref DQ's Goldust,
who ignores him, grabbing Head and exiting the ring. He decks every member of
the J.O.B. Squad and prepares his getaway, when PMS runs out. Marlena hits him
with a golden purse. She throws Head back to the J.O.B. Squad, gives Goldust
the middle finger, and walks away.

Royal Rumble-
Sidenote: the J.O.B. Squad defeats the Brood, giving them a bit of momentum.
Goldust has forgotten about Head, and now is concerned with Marlena. Goldust
faces whoever and loses after being DQed when he delivers Shattered Dreams. Near
the middle of the match, PMS had entered to watch, and at the end, Goldust
chases them to the back.

Goldust faces Big Bossman, and, once again, is DQed after Shattered Dreams.
However, after delivering it once, he sets Bossman up and performs it again. He
then takes a mic and says "Hey Vince, that was a message for you and your
Corporation... keep them away from me, or I'll shatter their- and your- dreams".
He recieves a huge pop as he exits.

At the beginning of the show, enter the Corporation. They address DX, Foley,
and Austin, and then they address their newest enemy, Goldust. Vince states
that "Since Goldust didn't want her, I, like always, took the initiative". He
then presents the newest members of Team Corporate... Goldust's wife, Marlena!
Side note: Jacqueline begins walking a road without Terri Runnels by re-kindling
her fued with Sable, thus breaking up PMS.

Goldust vs Test
In a deliberate move, Goldust is scheduled to again face a member of Team
Corporate, and this time, Marlena, in a business suit, is at ringside. Test
wins it after Marlena trips Goldust and Test rolls him up for the win. Team
Corporate then delivers a sufficient beatdown to Goldust, until DX makes the

RAW-Team Corporate rules the night, making a big deal of Marlena, who they pass
off as a sex slave for them all (hey, its WWF), but Test seems to be having the
most fun with her. This, needless to say, pisses Goldust off, who runs in with
a chair and decks most of Team Corporate, and delievers a Curtain Call, followed
by a Shattered Dreams, to Test.

RAW-Goldust vs Test
Marlena is absent at ringside. In a rematch between the two, Goldust is
dominated until he hits the Shattered Dreams and is DQed. Lawler points out
that "If that move were legal, Goldust would probably accumulate a win streak to
rival Gillberg's losing streak!" Test regroups with the Corporation, Goldust
has DX behind him, and Goldust challenges Test to a match at Valentine's Day
Massacre. McMahon says that Test beat him twice and its time to move to higher
opponents for the Hired Gun. Goldust, however, then states that he'll file
divorce papers for him and Marlena, and allow Team Corporate to take possession
of her if Test wins... but that if Goldust wins, Vince McMahon has to legalize
the Shattered Dreams. Vince accepts for Test.

Valentine's Day Massacre-
Marlena is seen wishing Test good luck in a seductive way. Test smiles a sly
smile and prepares "demolish the Golden freak" as he mutters under his breath.

Goldust vs Test, Marlena will become Test's if Test wins, Shattered Dreams is
legal if Goldust wins
Test, again, dominates. Test hits his finisher, and it seems all over for
Goldust. Then Marlena enters, is on the apron with her gold purse. Test holds
the unconscious Goldust up for Marlena to hit him and seal his defeat, but
Goldust falls from Test's grip and Marlena strikes Test. Goldust covers for the
win, and Marlena leaves without showing any remorse. Shattered Dreams is now a
legal finisher.
Following the Too Much wedding in which Brian Christopher and ScottTaylor
promise never to tag with anyone else but each other, there is announced that
there would be one more wedding in the night.

"Shattered Dreams Productions" begins to play, and to the shock- and delight- of
the fans, Goldust and Marlena renew their vows, setting a new course for the
Golden One and his Golden Director.
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